SpeakUp with the Warpstock Event Team from 08/12/2000

<DCasey VOICE is happy to welcome members of the Warpstock Team for this Special Edition Speakup
<DCasey We'd like to wlcome Stan Sidlov, John Ratti and David Ameiss to this Special Edition Speakup
<DCasey Stan, would you like to start things off?
<Stan Sure,
<Stan First I want to thank VOICE for being one of our longest supporters
<Stan and giving us this opportunity to meet with some people prior to W2k
<Stan This year's warpstock is going to be terrific (sp)
<Stan we have lots of presentations that should interest all members of the OS/2 community
<Stan we have a lovely location in the heart of Old Philadelphia so that everyone's wife/SO's can have something else to do while we huddle around the OS/2 campfire so to speak
<Stan Of course everyone is interested in what IBM has to say, and the E-Boss, Steve King will be there
<Stan Timur Tabi will continue his programming lectures for the third year
<Stan and the networking presentations this year will talk about how to use DSL/Cable and firewalls at home
<Stan so we are as up to date as we can be.
<Stan Beyond the usual, we will see some amazing stuff from the Netlabs folks
<Stan I was truely awed at WarpTech and I think that everyone will be again at Warpstock
<Stan We will be having Netlabs take over a vendor booth so that everyone can see for themselves what ODIN can do
<Stan all during WS2K
<_hugh_ stan: Why is there an presentation at the same time as the ODIN presentation?
<Stan The posted schedule is preliminary
<Stan and I will promise that it will be moved to a different slot, just as those opposite STeven King will be
<_hugh_ If I remember Warptech it would simply be unfair for the other presentaion
<Stan yup
<Stan But unlike Warptech you will be able to go up and talk to them during the entire confernece at the booth
<Stan John or Dave, do you want to add something?
<Stan sorry Ratti
<Ratti ;->
<_hugh_ Well I won't as I'll be at this booth answering all this question about ODIN ;)
<Ratti Its always hard to schedule everything that Warpstock has to offer into a 2 day conference.
<MarkDodel_hugh_: You will be one popular guy there ;-)
<DavidA We should also mention that Mark has been a big part of the event team as our hotel liason!
<_hugh_ Well actually we'll invade the US with a SWAT-ODIN team ;)
<MarkDodel I'd like to hear from anyone that has had any problems with making hotel reservations. there have been one or two problems with Warpstock getting credit for rooms.
<Ratti Good thing the RNC is over. Too many real swat teams.
<MarkDodel The protestors have moved to the West coast now.
<MarkDodel Philly should be well prepared for Two days of Peace, Love and OS/2 ;-)
<Stan as has been the case for the lst couple years, the rates that WS is charged for the conference are based on how many people stay at the hotel
<Stan The reserved rooms blck is going to be freed up next week on the 18th, so you should make your reservations now
<Longstaff madodel: - the hotel had a complete handle on it when i booked last week
<MarkDodel Also there were a few problems with getting the Warpstock 3 days prior/after the weekend.
<MarkDodel Warpstock rate that is
<MarkDodel yes after the 18th, the Warpstock rate is no longer guaranteed.
<Stan does anyone have any particular questions or statements regarding Warpstock or WS2K ?
<MarkDodel Any word on whether Daniella Engert is attending?
<DCasey Who is the contact person for Registrations?
<Stan me
<DCasey Stan OK .. Thanks ...I need to make sure that the info for the VOICE registrations is correct .. as in who will be using the 2 passes
<Longstaff is there going to be entertainment on saturday night? the website was ambiguous on that at one point
<Stan and the name doesn't ring a bell, but we are behind with our lists asfaras Mensys is concerned
<DCasey Longstaff No, there is none planned
<Longstaff DCasey: - i just wondered.....i'm looking forward to the FOOD anyway :)
<_hugh_ Mark: Not that I know of but you can surly met her at Warpstock Europe ;)
<Stan just good food and good talk
<Longstaff ahhh, yes, yes :)
<MarkDodel No one offered to co-sponsor the event. VOICE's sponsorship is paying for extra's in addition to the price which just pays for the food.
<DCasey We still may have a door prize drawing, but without a co-sponsor this year, we couldn't afford the entertainment while keeping the cost to the attendees low
<DCasey So, we decided that "entertainment" was expendable :-)
<MarkDodel _hugh_: Last I spoke with Daniella she said she was trying to attend both. :-)
<DCasey Speaking of The Social Event .. do we know how many people are signed up for it?
<Stan I'm still trying to figure out if I can split the OS/2 out of a Enterprise Java VA......
<_hugh_ Well I would love 2 see her again
<Rat-Salad might be a good time to bring it up... me and my girlfriend want to try to attend.. but not 100% we will get to.. would it be acceptable to pay up our registrations at the door?
<MarkDodel We do have Ulrich Moeller of XWorkPlace fame attending and giving at least one presentation I believe. Be nice to have Dani there as well. She could autograph people's IDE drives. ;-)
<DCasey LOL
<DavidA Rat-Salad: Sure. It'll cost you more, and we'd prefer have your money ahead of time, but..
<_hugh_ Ulrich will give 2 session iirc
<DavidA there will be a number of walk-ups, so no problem
<Stan^ sorry, I just froze -- I just finished moving 5 disk partitions on three different drives to new locations...
<Rat-Salad I'd just hate to pre-register and end up not going and lose my money
<MarkDodel Understood
<DCasey Rat-Salad well, you can pre-regsiter up to the 31st of August ... 9 days prior to the evnt
<DCasey Unless your're cutting it closer than that :-)
<Rat-Salad thats true
<DCasey BTW ... Did you get a Server for use at the show?
<Stan^ I believe that IBM is going to supply us with one...
<Ratti We can always use an extra...
<DCasey Ratti :-)
<Rat-Salad just gotta see what happens between now and then
<DCasey My WSeB box has been a bit flaky this past week ... still working on that .. but I do have the ISDN TA in my possesion
<Stan^ I have some server NICs and such,
<DCasey Someplace in this mess I have a High-Speed Serial Card .. I'll have to try and find it
<DCasey Ahhh .. there it is :-)
<Ratti C'mon, there must be more questions out there.
<Stan^ why do you need a serial card?
<MarkDodel For the ISDN connection
<DCasey The ISDN TA wants to do 128Kbps transfer rates ... typically, onboard Serial Ports only support 115k
<DCasey So, you need a Serial Card with 16650 UARTS on it
<Stan^ I have one of the those 4port cards....
<DCasey I've got a 2-Port SIIG here .. 16 bit ISA
<DCasey Anyone know if the com.sys driver in WSeB will support the 16650 UARTS?
<Stan^ it should, wasn't that fixed about FP5?
<DCasey I haven't paid attention .. I've been using Ray Gwinn's SIO2K (beta level) drivers with mine
<DCasey In digging around for this serial card .. I found the list of equipment rental places in Philly .. that I completely forgot about
<DCasey I'll try to call them each early this week .. and see if I can get them to FAX me the info
<_hugh_ DCasey: about the ODIn presentaion will there be PCs in the both?
<Ratti Sorry to type and run, but I have to go. See y'all on the listserver!
<DCasey hugh I'm not sure .... I don't have anything to do with that .. other than get a price on rentals
<_hugh_ Well unfortunally Achim and Patrick are not online
<Stan^ hugh you have to tell luc what you need. Although I am tempted to drag mine in, so that you can load all that stuff on it.
<_hugh_ Never the less a PC with a voodoo II card would be nice
<Stan^ matrox g400 w/32mb
<MarkDodel I'd like a PC with a Voodoo II card also.
<DCasey Stan I've been thinking the same thing :-)
<TimurHome I have a Voodoo 1 I can spare
<DCasey Be worth lugging it to Philly to get Odin installed and working on it :-)
<_hugh_ DC: well if we have multiple PCs with a voodoo II wou could try 2 play a little quake3
<Stan^ why a voodoo ii - give me a good reason, please
<MarkDodel How much is a Voodoo II card?
<TimurHome stan: odin support hardware 3D on voodoo 1 and 2
<TimurHome only
<_hugh_ HW OpenGL
<TimurHome HW glide actually
<DCasey Mine's got an Elsa Gloria Synergy 8 meg AGP card in it
<_hugh_ ok Glide based apps
<MarkDodel Perhaps we can appeal to the Philly people to see if any have such a combination and would be willing to have the experts install Odin on it
<Stan^ and that's with the SDD drivers?
<TimurHome no
<_hugh_ Stan: Nope the Voodoo I and II are addon boards
<TimurHome what makes v1 and v2 special is that they can't overlay the image on the desktop
<_hugh_ so they work with any driver as they don't use one
<TimurHome they're only full-screen cards
<MarkDodel So you can only run 3D stuff in full screen?
<TimurHome with odin, yes
<TimurHome that's how glide works, I think
<_hugh_ Mark: well for games this makes sense.
<MarkDodel I'm an OS/2 user _hugh_, I like to multitask, even when playing games.
<TimurHome Does anyone have any questions for me or about my presentations? I have errands to run so I'd like to take this opportunity.
<_hugh_ even with 2days new card you get a performance penalty if you run the game in a window
<_hugh_ Mark: You don't want to multitask if you are playing a 1st person shooter in a network match, believe me ;)
<MarkDodel TimurHome: have you actually used the Windriver GUI driver builder under OS/2?
<TimurHome Mark: it's a win32 app. Once I get Windows installed on my test machine (later today), I'll be trying it under Odin
<TimurHome I tried installing it with Odin, but it's a combined 16/32-bit installation
<TimurHome which Odin doesn't support
<MarkDodel Hmm, They had told me that they were porting the GUI builder to OS/2
<TimurHome that's news to me. It doesn't even exist for *nix
<TimurHome who told you that, and when?
<_hugh_ Timur: an other qestion does the windriver on OS/2 come with their USB stack support ?
<TimurHome no, no USB as far as I can tell
<_hugh_ good ;)
<MarkDodel They also promised USB support when I interviewed them
<TimurHome when was this?
<MarkDodel April 2000 - http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL0400H/vnewsf6.htm
<TimurHome This was in an email I got recently:
<TimurHome Since we had few requests for a complete tool, WinDriver OS/2 has a few
<TimurHome features missing:
<TimurHome - It does not have an Hardware Debugger.
<TimurHome - It does not includes a Kernel Plug-In.
<TimurHome - It does not supports USB boards.
<MarkDodel "* The Wizard is not yet supported natively. You can run the Wizard on a Windows
<MarkDodel machine, generate code, and compile on an OS/2 machine. We are currently working on
<MarkDodel porting the GUI to OS2."
<MarkDodel "Ms. Rutzky: The current version supports ISA, ISA PnP, PCI and Compact PCI. We are currently
<MarkDodel working on adding support for USB and PCMCIA."
<_hugh_ Mark: currently working on porting means we look if there is an easy way 2 do it and if not we won't do it
<MarkDodel Course that was when they were called Kraftech
<MarkDodel They promised the GUI Driver Wizard in two months time back in April.
<MarkDodel No wonder I never heard back from them
<TimurHome Anyway, I need to go
<TimurHome see you all at Warpstock!
<Stan^ fwiw: a voodoo2 1000 is about $70
<MarkDodel And it works with all existing display cards?
<_hugh_ MArk: yes you only need a free PCI slot
<Stan^ fwiw: found a different dealer $31
<_hugh_ the card comes with an sort external kable which ou connect the the video out of your card and the voodoo
<_hugh_ you then plug the moitor into the voodoo card
<MarkDodel $31 maybe I'll give it a shot
<Stan^ http://www.zones.com/cgi-bin/zones.exe/zones/scripts/product/product.jsp?srchStyle=RESULTS&productID=140763#specs
<_hugh_ whenever the voodoo goes into fullscreen mode it switches the signals routed to then monitor
<_hugh_ if you have a monitor with 2 connector like SUB-D and BNC you can also use 2 cabels one 2 the voodoo and one to the normal card an then switch the signals on the monitor
<_hugh_ thats better if you run your desktop in a hires like 1600x1200 because the signal doen't get better when you route it through the short kabel and the voodoo
<_hugh_ Mark: for max. performance you can install 2 voodoo cards and use SLI
<_hugh_ each card then renders only either the odd or the even lines
<_hugh_ gives you higher speeds and higher possible resolutions then 1 card ;)
<MarkDodel So you Odin guys can set all this stuff up and actually get Quake running?
<_hugh_ well sure Quake III runs quite fine
<_hugh_ I think even unreal works
<MarkDodel I just play with RealPlayer 8 under Odin.
<MarkDodel So if you get the hardware you can demonstarte all this at Warpstock in Philly?
<_hugh_ sure
<MarkDodel Cool
<Stan^ I know where I am goign to be hanging out, if they let me....
<Stan^ Anyone else have a question about Warpstock?
<Stan^ One thing that everyone may not be aware of is that the Board of Directors are looking for nominations for new board members
<Stan^ there are several board members due to retire this year
<Stan^ you have to work on Warpstock to be eligible to be nominated....
<DCasey Stan How about a Location Search for Next Year?
<Stan^ well, we hope to formally announce that at Ws2k, Mssrs Mike & Jeff were suggesting Austin at WarpTech......
<Stan^ It might be nice for all our Canadian friends in Toronto to get together and bid.....
<DCasey That'd be a GREAT location, inho
<DCasey imho, even
<Stan^ Austin or Toronto?
<Stan^ better bang for the buck in Toronto...
<MarkDodel Both would be great. Austin we have the developers, Toronto we have the exchange rate suggests Juneau
<Projects :)
<MarkDodel How about the North Pole Peter?
<Stan^ only if we move it to July 4th so it is above freezing
<Projects Juneau's a little closer :)
<MarkDodel Are Santa and the Elves OS/2 users?
<Projects deal!
<Stan^ FWIW, we have a significant number of people comming from the northern plains and Northwest of the US
<Stan^ I guesss a lot of people have something they want to do around Philly
<Stan^ I also know that one of the journalists from News400 is going to attend....
<MarkDodel Stan: Any mention of Warpstock on that AS/400 site?
<Stan^ no, it came about due to a letter that I wrote him about an article, in the additional emails, we found that we were both on Canopus and exchanged what we were doing,
<Stan^ and I invited him to warpstock, and he sent me a check....
<Stan^ the article did mention OS/2
<Stan^ and he was a user, and he wants to see what's up with it
<Stan^ IBM notwithstanding
<Stan^ well, while we have all this talent here, anyone know of an easy way to make a new c: drive?
<MarkDodel Any idea if IBM will mention Warpstock again this year in their news flash or whatever it's called?
<MarkDodel Sure, get WSeB, and use LVM to re-assign C: drive
<Stan^ there is no Warp Flash any more and we have not gotten a response about taking WarpTech spot
<_hugh_ san: you mean drive object ?
<Stan^ I have WSeb but I don't have software choice for it, they think they want $956 for SC, if they can figure out how to give me a part number
<Stan^ I just moved 3 logical partitions from my primary drive to a second physical drive. I have 3 gig free, I want to move my C: drive contents to the newer bigger space
<Stan^ I can't simply expand, since Boot manager is smak in the middle of the drive, it ether needs to be moved to the end of the drive to allow me to use Partition Magic
<MarkDodel just boot to floppy and xcopy C:\*.* /h/o/t/s/e/r/v
<MarkDodel Is a pratition created already on the new drive?
<Stan^ to do that, the drive must be created as a logical extended drive not a primary, you cant change it to primary later
<MarkDodel You can use
<_hugh_ well you can pq magic 5 can change form logical to primary
<MarkDodel pQM's partition copy function as long as there is sufficient free space
<Stan^ which version?
<MarkDodel I'v never used anything beyond 3.0x
<_hugh_ also why don't you enlarge/move the partion with pqm ?
<_hugh_ hmm I guess thats in v 5.0
<Stan^ can't do it with an active C drive unable to get locks
<Stan^ I'll give it a try with a floppy boot....
<_hugh_ stan: shoudl work if pqm is not started from drive c
<Stan^ when I floppy boot rather than F2 at the square.....
<MarkDodel But if C: is booted it can't be copied can it?
<Stan^ seems to be correct
<Stan^ PQM is on my G drive
<Stan^ I wonder -- any limitation on Boot Manager on SCSI drives as to the location? I have one system wehre it is at 500mb on the drive and this system has it at 1500mb... could it be at 3.5g?
<_hugh_ mark: he doesn't need to copy it simply resize it so that the BM fits in fromt and then enlarge it
<_hugh_ do a fdisk /query to see the maximum boot partion size of you bios
<Stan^ I don't have IDE, I have scsi
<SiuueD g'day one and all
<Stan^ it says BIOS:8032MB
<Stan^ fwiw, I deleted the BM partition I had and had PQM put a new one at the end of the free space on my primary.... that puts 2,823mb of free space next to my OS/2 partition.
<Stan^ I guess I can have it move and resize OS/2 when I boot from a floppy.....thxs
<_hugh_ Stan: well this says that you boot partions can be in the first 8GB of an HD
<_hugh_ Able: You'll be in Phili right ?
<SiuueD Hey Abel, has my sign-up email filtered through to you yet?
<yrvyzz_ MarkDodel: nice, you are here at this early time ;-)
<Stan^ well, if there are'nt any more Warpstock questions....
<Stan^ David you want to wrap it up?
<DCasey VOICE would like to thank our guests from Warpstock for attending this session, this affternoon
<DCasey Warpstock, even
<TheSeer afternoon.. hmm..
<TheSeer it's 0:22 ;-)
<yrvyzz_ TheSeer: correct ;-)
<Stan^ thank's for having us!