General Meeting from 08/16/99

<mandie>  ws99 or wew
<Abraxas>  WS99
<Abraxas>  So far, Dave is the only firm volunteer for WEW
<mandie>  did you contact Lynn Maxton?
<Abraxas>  But ... he's going to do IRC with many guests ... Web Cam, etc
<mandie>  Maxson even
<Abraxas>  Nope ... not yet :-)
<mandie>  well, I'd put dave in charge of rounding up volunteers to help him there
<mandie>  he can't be expected to man the booth all day by himself
<Abraxas>  OK ... I have 7:02 (8:02 EDT) ..... Time to get this show on the road :-)
<mandie>  and I can't afford to fly there to help him :)
<Abraxas>  mandie I agree ... I do have one other name ... but he's a maybe
<Projects>  phil?
<Abraxas>  I'll call this meeting to order, now
<dervish>  Hi everyone!
<mandie>  dervish: hiya!!
<Abraxas>  First order of business is a Treasury Report
<mandie>  it IS Phil!!!
<dervish>  Sure is.
<Abraxas>  Projects ... if you please :-)
<Projects>  2989.24 in bank
<Projects>  cdn...
<mandie>  american?
<Abraxas>  MODE +nt
<Abraxas>  EX rate?
<Projects>  147 members
<Abraxas>  1.5?
<mandie>  I need to fix that
<Projects>  1.444
<mandie>  aww, take your time ....
<Projects>  hehe
<Projects>  need lessons from wayne on one-finger typing...
<Abraxas>  2075.86
<Sector>  Let baby to the typing
<mandie>  are members renewing their memberships?
<Projects>  80y 7iugjhk5tkln;
<dervish>  Get VoiceType working!
<Abraxas>  Projects is this AFTER the WS99 expenses?
<Projects>  i'd say about 60% of them are
<Projects>  abraxas: hotel hasn't gone through yet
<Abraxas>  Projects OK .... that's another 89.00 (+13% hotel tax)
<Abraxas>  No more T-Shirts to print ... printing costs will be added later as well as misc things
<mandie>  wonder where Mark is
<Projects>  and brochures/misc...
<Projects>  heh... can't "one-finger" fast enough...
<Abraxas>  Just thought I'd mention that I received e-mail from Redoaks this morning offering to volunteer to man the booth for a few hours at WS99 .... anyone else want to kick in a few hours?
<mandie>  Redoaks: thanks for your support!
<Redoaks>  You're welcome. my pleasure
*  Sector plays with the light switch *
<mandie>  lol
<mandie>  next on the agenda
<Projects>  whoa... strobe!
<mandie>  now that's aging yourself :)
<Projects>  hehe... whoops :)
<Abraxas>  Well, We have 2 shows coming up ... Warp Expo West (Sept. 18th) and Warpstock 99 (Ictober 16th and 17th)
<Abraxas>  October, even
<mandie>  thought that was CA spelling for a minute ;)
<Projects>  Ictober describes the month better... at least up here :)
<Abraxas>  lol
<mandie>  <---was right :)
<Abraxas>  So far ... we have 1 volunteer to represent VOICE at Warp Expo West (WEW)
<mandie>  have we asked for any in the membership mailing list?
<mandie>  for either event?
<Projects>  not that I can recall
<Abraxas>  I'm not sure :-)
<mandie>  Mr. Secretary
<Projects>  for wew at least... think we did ask for ws99 once
<Abraxas>  I know I asked in the membership list for WS99
<Projects>  <-- was right :)
<mandie>  LOL
<mandie>  touche :)
<Projects>  hehehe
<mandie>  we need to get a request out for WEW
<Abraxas>  We need to get a flyer done for WEW ... and Sector has volunteered to do the flyer ... we just need to tell him what we want on it :-)
<mandie>  like, hey if you live in us out
<Projects>  hahaha
<mandie>  excellent!!!
<mandie>  Sector: thx ;)
*  Projects tries to imagine mandie as a valley girl :) *
<mandie>  Abraxas: I feel that by doing it with a voice specific brochure and event specific flyers...we'd save money
<Abraxas>  mandie I agree :-))
<mandie>  projects: not in your WILDEST dreams :)
*  Projects agrees *
<mandie>  or nightmares :)
<Abraxas>  So ... what do we need to have on the Flyer?
<Abraxas>  WEW specific
<Projects>  would be a nightmare... Valley Goddess???
<mandie>  once I know the discounts we have to offer to our members, I'll post and Sector can work from there
<Abraxas>  They'll have Brochures with the membership app
<mandie>  right
<Abraxas>  OK ... that'll work
<mandie>  but in the "goodie" bags..will just be the flyers
<Projects>  mandie: you have any current email addresses for panacea? I don't think I do anymore...
<Abraxas>  mandie yep
<mandie>  we can mention on the flyer to stop by and register for our free drawing :)
<mandie>  we can give away a VOICE t-shirt
<Abraxas>  Flyers in the bags ... brochures on the table ... Dave said maybe 50 brochures and 250-300 flyers
<mandie>  sounds good
<mandie>  send him 100 brochures and what's not used can be sent to ws99 with the banner
<Abraxas>  mandie yep ... that's what I was thinking
<mandie>  better too many than not enough
<Abraxas>  absolutely
<Abraxas>  Projects I don't think Panacea is a "viable entity" these days
<Projects>  Abraxas: me either
<mandie>  the flyer should give them some info, but it should also be an invitation to stop by our booth
<mandie>  we want to entice them :)
<mandie>  FREE drawing should be sufficient :)
<Abraxas>  entice=bribe???
<mandie>  hog tie! :)
*  Projects read it that way too :) *
<Projects>  rope 'em in, sign 'em up
<Abraxas>  Stop by the booth ... join VOICE and get entered in a drawing
<Projects>  sounds like a cattle drive...
<mandie>  provide the line ___________________
<Abraxas>  VOICE members only :-)
<mandie>  no, I disagree
<mandie>  the drawing should be open to everyone
<Projects>  yes
<Abraxas>  OK
<Abraxas>  I'll go along with that
<Projects>  as long as it's only the T-shirt
<WarpHoss>  I concur.
<mandie>  if we'd like to make a members only drawing ...then that's a different ball of wax
<mandie>  we can do that in addition to the open drawing
<Sector>  Limiting thet drawing to just members might reduce the traffic to the booth
<Abraxas>  How about a T-Shirts a free 1 year membership in VOICE?
<mandie>  no membership
<mandie>  we want ppl that WANT to join
<mandie>  that will just be another # sitting there and contributing nothing
<Projects>  heh
<Abraxas>  Good Point
<dervish>  Agreed
<Redoaks>  Ditto
<WarpHoss>  Agreeable.
<Abraxas>  I have an idea I'd like to toss out
<mandie>  I think our Marketing director should come up with a good promo to attract ppl to the booth and make them want to join VOICE :)
<Projects>  let us hear it first...
*  WarpHoss dons protective catcher's gear... *
<Abraxas>  Projects :-)
<Abraxas>  OK
<Abraxas>  We have a fairly nice software package that was donated by IBM .... Warp Server Advanvced (SMP)
<dervish>  Mandie, what do you have in mind - in general terms?
*  Projects says toss it this way... *
<mandie>  dervish: if I knew...I'd be the Marketing Director silly :)
<Abraxas>  I'd like to give it to the "Most active VOICE Member" .....
<mandie>  well, which one on the board is most deserving, then
<Abraxas>  BoD excluded, of course
<mandie>  that wouldn't fly
<Projects>  Abraxas: that narrows the field down too much, unless it's sometime in the future
<mandie>  we don't have enough that are that active
<Projects>  waaay in the future
<Abraxas>  mandie my point exactly
<Projects>  yeah, what mandie said
<mandie>  we'll need to come up with some other criteria
<Abraxas>  mandie such as?
*  mandie thinks that that software is "wearing a hole in Abraxas' pocket" :) *
<mandie>  err...burning a hole that is :)
*  Projects says "toss it here!" *
<mandie>  I don't have a clue
<Projects>  :)
<Abraxas>  Keep in mind that this is a "one time deal"
<Sector>  Maybe Abraxas needs a non smoking pocket?
<Projects>  hahahaha
*  Abraxas already has a copy of it :-) *
<WarpHoss>  I think that copy could be put to use for eveybody, if we could find the machine....
<mandie>  I say we have a speakup with Tim Sipples and give it away as a "door prize"
<Abraxas>  benefit of IBM BestTeam
*  Projects likes mandie's idea *
<Abraxas>  How about an IBM Speakup?
<mandie>  NO
<WarpHoss>  That's not to say that I'm not open to suggestion.
<Abraxas>  Don't limit it to Tim ... invite ALL the IBMers who have provided support for us
<WarpHoss>  Were their any conditions associated with the "Prize" from Mr. Sipples?
<mandie>  Tim works for IBM, but...he comes to us as an OS/2 advocate...not representing IBM
<Abraxas>  WarpHoss no
<Abraxas>  mandie same as with Scott, Mike, Sam, and all the others :-)
<mandie>  right
<Abraxas>  Get them all together ....
<WarpHoss>  Ok and what was the last offer the Voice BoD made about it's distribution before I came onboard?
<mandie>  we are trying to work on too many things at one time
<Sector>  Hi Mark
<Abraxas>  Sam may not be interested .. since he's no longer in the OS/2 "arena" ... but Tim, Mike Kaply, Mike Persell, Scott Garfinkle .... and maybe Irv Spalten would join in
<Projects>  hey Mark
<mandie>  why don't we focus on the two events right now and worry about the other things later
<MADvirc>  Sorry I'm late, Had to put the beasts to bed.
<mandie>  lol
<mandie>  MADbeasts
<Projects>  hahahaha
<Projects>  guess that makes mine "Projectiles"?
<mandie> don't wnat to know what I vision :)
<mandie>  envision :)
<Projects>  mandie's mind is in the gutter tonight...
*  Sector thought thats where it always was *
<mandie>  no no...projectile as in who's mind is in the gutter!
<Projects>  oh... hehe
<Abraxas>  OK ... events
<Projects>  it only went there after YOU suggested it :)
<WarpHoss>  WEW is first.
<Abraxas>  Are we going to give away diskettes again?
<Projects>  how was the diskette giveaway last year?
<Abraxas>  We should supply Dave with diskettes with IRC Clients, and mandie's HTML
<Abraxas>  Projects we gave away quite a few
<MADvirc>  Will VOICE have a table at WEW?
<Projects>  and any of the discounted shareware we can fit on a diskette
<mandie>  I believe we have about 120 diskettes remaining
<Abraxas>  MADvirc Yep
<Projects>  Abraxas: I'd say yes then
<Abraxas>  Out of how many?
*  MADvirc has a box of 100 Diskettes if we need them. *
<mandie>  I think 200
<mandie>  or was it 125 :)
*  Abraxas is trying to get an idea of how many we gave away *
*  Projects can dig out the receipt to find out how many were purchased *
<Abraxas>  hehe ... I gave away more than 50 myself :-)
<mandie>  we should get those little plastic pockets and put one on the back of each brochure
<Abraxas>  "blink"
<mandie>  then put the floppy in it of course :)
<Projects>  150 diskettes, and a box to hold 200 were purchased
<Abraxas>  What ever happened to the idea of the keychains?
<mandie>  went by the wayside...
<Abraxas>  ok
<mandie>  I'll see if I can still get them from that guy...
<mandie>  I haven't been to a show in about a month
<Abraxas>  Kinda late, now .....
<Projects>  mandie's keychain guy...
<mandie>  but, that would be for WS99
<mandie>  lmaxson!! welcome :)
<lmaxson>  Whew?
<MADvirc>  I still like my idea of the "Running at OS/2 Warp Speed" Foil stickers.
<Abraxas>  So .. we can send Dave about 50 diskettes?
<mandie>  abraxas: 100
<Projects>  that leaves us with 0 for ws99
<mandie>  he can send left overs back with the banner
<WarpHoss>  mandie > yes 100. I agree.
<MADvirc>  Were labels printed?
<mandie>  thought we'd already hit on this topic
<Abraxas>  OK
<mandie>  mad: yes
<Abraxas>  100 Diskettes, 100 Brochures ... 300 Flyers
<mandie>  they are all labeled
<WarpHoss>  yes abraxas.
<mandie>  uh oh
<Abraxas>  uh-oh???
<mandie>  I'll need to put a text file on each floppy regarding GTIRC and fp11 :(
<Abraxas>  eewwww
<WarpHoss>  eeeewww nasty lil job....
<mandie>  tell me about it!
<Abraxas>  A link in the HTML to the fix maybe??
<mandie>  that would work better
<Abraxas>  Well, we await word from the ISVs on the software discounts .... and WS99 team on the Presenattaion schedule
<Abraxas>  presentation, even
<mandie>  I'll work on the ISV's this week
<MADvirc>  besides Dave, is anyone else going to WEW from VOICE?
<Abraxas>  Possibly, Tim Brown
<mandie>  lmaxson: I recall that you offered to help with the VOICE booth at Warp Expo West?
<lmaxson>  mandie, you bet.
<mandie>  thx!!!
<Abraxas>  lmaxson GREAT!!!
<Abraxas>  hanks
<Abraxas>  Thanks, even
<lmaxson>  Can't do it during my presentation time, but otherwise ok.
<mandie>  lmaxson: Dave Watson is going to be setting up the booth, so could you get in contact with him and let him know that you are willing to assist
<mandie>  understandable :)
<Abraxas>  lmaxson send me your e-mail addy ... ... and I'll add you to the mailing list
*  Ironhead like stickers *
<mandie>  although, if you did it at the voice would draw a crowd :)
<lmaxson>  I'll talk with him after this later this evening during the scoug help desk chat.
<mandie>  thx
<lmaxson>  welcome.
<Abraxas>  Sector we'll get you the info for the Flyers ASAP
<Abraxas>  Still some details to iron out :-)
*  Sector hands Abraxas an iron *
<mandie>  warphoss: ?
<WarpHoss>  yes
<mandie>  can you get an announcement out to the membership requesting assistance at WEW, plz
<WarpHoss>  yes. ASAP .
<mandie>  be sure to tell them it's FREE
<mandie>  and each will receive a FREE t-shirt
<Abraxas>  BTW, any VOICE BoD member atending WS99 is automatically signed up as a volunteer :-))
<mandie>'s an incentive abraxas
<mandie>  those that are planning to go to WS99 and help with WEW
<MADvirc>  Well thank god I'm not on the BoD :-)
<mandie>  we will put into a drawing for a free pass to WS99
<Abraxas>  Yep ... but Dave requested a color other than "that atrocious PINK" :-)))
<Projects>  hahahahahaha
<Abraxas>  MADvirc you're close enough :-)))
<MADvirc>  Abraxas: Wasn't it a chick that pushed for that colorĘ
<mandie>  <---chick :)
*  Sector pushes MADvirc further away... *
<mandie>  hey, it got everyone's attention :)
<Abraxas>  actually, I think it was me :-(
<mandie>  they saw us coming in the dark :)
<mandie>  anyway
<Abraxas>  mandie yep .... and that was the raeson behind the madnes ... hehehehehehehehhe
<mandie>  what do you think of the idea of the drawing for the pass to ws99
<mandie>  exactly
<Projects>  mandie: good plan
<WarpHoss>  very good idea.
<Abraxas>  mandie I like it :-)
<mandie>  ok, let's include that in the announcement to the members
<Abraxas>  Pass and Party Ticket (don't forget) :-))
<Projects>  party ticket's gone no? (Zoltan)
<WarpHoss>  Pass and Party ticket seperate....
<Abraxas>  Oh , yaeh :-)
<Abraxas>  Pass ONLY
*  Abraxas forgot :-) *
<Projects>  and it was your idea...
<Abraxas>  Hey ... it's been a LONG summer .....
<Projects>  no, wait... I remember now... it was MY idea! :-)
<WarpHoss>  PArty Ticket 's gone?
<Projects>  WarpHoss: yes, long ago...
<mandie>  yes..just 2 day pass is available
<WarpHoss>  hmmm....
<mandie>  and FREE t-shirt and FREE OS/2 event
<Sector>  Boo
<Projects>  ya scared them all off...
<Sector>  Maybe just scared em to death
<Projects>  hehe
<Abraxas>  Speaking of "the party" ....
<mandie>  take alot more than that to scare off OS/2 users :)
<Sector>  Ok, I'll throw out mickysoft windoze...
<mandie>  your mind is wandering again
<Projects>  or is that "still"?
<mandie>  can we move just a tad faster :)
<Abraxas>  I still haven't seen an "official acknowledgment" of our sponsorship of this party
<WarpHoss>  I'll handle that also.
<WarpHoss>  If you so desire.
*  Projects received notification that the money order made it finally... *
<MADvirc>  SDD/2 Beta 6 is now out if anyone cares
<mandie>  WarpHoss: can you do this.....
<Abraxas>  Warpstock was supposed to issue a Press Release
<WarpHoss>  Evermind he was talking acknowledgement.
<mandie>  contact Gordon Roland,
<mandie>  let him know that you would like something officially announced
<lmaxson>  Anyone heard from Mark?
<mandie>  we are holding off with our announcement due to the fact that we don't want to publish anything until we are sure how the Atlanta team will acknowldege our contribution
<Abraxas>  Seems to me this (sponsorship) created quite a ruckus .... is this a one time "fly in the ointment"?
<MADvirc>  Ę
<Abraxas>  Was Warpstock not prepared for a "donation"?
<mandie>  water under the bridge
<mandie>  they were prepared
<mandie>  they received donations last year
<Abraxas>  OK
<Abraxas>  I'd like this to ba an annual thing ... but not if causes problems :-)
*  MADvirc has donated the price of a ticket the past two years *
<Abraxas>  be, even
<mandie>  lmaxsno: which Mark?
<mandie>  abraxas: I say we play it by ear...
<Abraxas>  MADvirc you actually gonna use that ticket this year?
<lmaxson>  Dodel.
<MADvirc>  Haven't seen him
<MADvirc>  :-)
<Projects>  lmaxson: Look at MADvirc :)
<Abraxas>  lmaxson MADvirc is Mark Dodel
<mandie>  with more than one OS/2 event taking place now, we might want to consider donating elsewhere also
<Projects>  hehehe
<lmaxson>  NotMe, yes, you changed the title of my article.
<MADodel>  Did I? i'm sorry what was it suppsoed to be?
<Abraxas>  mandie yes ... we might ... but I still feel that Warpstock is "The Premier Event"
<mandie>  abraxas: we'll just have to put it to the members for a vote when the time comes
<mandie>  what's the hold up here?
* mandie* PING 934852150
*  WarpHoss wonders what is left on the agenda tonite :-) *
<mandie>  if the mtg is over..I'm going to get back to work
<Abraxas>  I have nothing else on my agenda ....
<dervish>  And I'm going to sleep!
<mandie>  ya'll remember the #SCOUG help desk in 45 minutes :)
<lmaxson>  yep.
<Abraxas>  We'll await confirmation on Software discounts for the Flyers
<mandie>  I'll take care of that this week
*  MADodel has been up since 5AM. Time for bed. *
<mandie>  how easy is it to setup a temp mailing list for WEW
<Abraxas>  Anyone planning on attending WS99 and can spare a few hours, e-mail
<Abraxas>  Anyone planning on attending WEW and can spare a few hours, same e-mail address :-)
<mandie>  that way we can communicate there with lmaxson, sector, Dave etc
<Sector>  Who me¨
<Abraxas>  mandie I do it in PMMAIL with a GROUP
<mandie>  I can't commit to times, but I'll help out as I can
<lmaxson>  abraxas, I'm going to be there (WS99). You need a few hours. You got it.
<Abraxas>  mandie I know you;ll be there to help ... and I know you're unable to commit yourself to specific times
<Abraxas>  lmaxson Thanks :-)
*  mandie thinks that lmaxson will look good in Raspberry :) *
<MADodel>  And we know that Abraxas and Swanee will have the bar covered. :-)
<mandie>  no doubt in my mind! :)
*  Abraxas missed ALL the presenatations last year *
<mandie>  I've missed them all for the past 2 years :(
<WarpHoss>  Hey that's my job ... Covering the bar ... ,, Dan and Swanee can cover the tab ....
<mandie>  hehe
<MADodel>  Will they be serving beverages at the presentations this year?
<Abraxas>  hehe
*  Projects missed them all too *
<mandie>  LOL
<Sector>  Is that where Swanee is now¨
<Abraxas>  Projects you need to BE THERE before you can miss them :-)
<mandie>  ok, I'm out of here...
<mandie>  nytol :)
<Projects>  oh
<Projects>  :)
<WarpHoss>  mandie Stay in touch! ;-)
<Redoaks>  nite mandie
<Abraxas>  lmaxson I need your e-mail address to add to the GROUPs ... WEW and WS99 Volunteers
<lmaxson>  Avraxas, I sent you my email address ( There I've said it again.
<Abraxas>  K ... I just need to hit the refresh button :-)))
<Abraxas>  Thanks, lmaxson
<lmaxson>  Have to make dinner. See you at 7pm PDT for scoug help desk.
<MADodel>  Appears if you are downloading a file in 4.61, don't try to drag a URL anywhere. Keeps locking up comm/2 here
<Redoaks>  Abraxas-if there is any other way I can help with WS99-let me know.
<Redoaks>  I'm gone
*  WarpHoss wishes to thank all tonights attendees and looks forward to serving os2Voice. *
<MADodel>  You serving drinks?
*  Projects thought it was snacks *
<Sector>  Of course, isn't that why he was picked¨
<WarpHoss>  Not tonight.... Virtual Keg is empty ;-)
<Sector>  Ok, then pass out the snack tray
*  WarpHoss throws nabs all round the webbnet. *
*  Projects drinks nabs *
<Abraxas>  Thanks to all who attended ....
<Abraxas>  More info will follow
*  Projects is out like the lights then... *
<dervish>  I think I'll get an early night (only 2:25am!)
<Abraxas>  This meeting is officially adjourned ... feel free to talk amongst yourselves :-)