General VOICE Meeting from 08/20/2001

<crimso_ By the way, Walter. I talked to several people over here regarding the price for a VOICE CD.
<crimso_ The common opinion was that about US$3.50 would be acceptable.
<MADeCSPro I uploaded it, but it's not html, so it's one big paragraph
<MADeCSPro what is a .dwp file?
<crimso_ Describe
<crimso_ The word processor..
<MADeCSPro Ah, I don't have that installed at the moment. But I think LWP reads those. Actually it looks like plain text
<Walter Describe.
<mandie how about just posting one item on the agenda at a time right here
<MADeCSPro OK, I saved it as HTML in LWP it is readable now
<Walter OK, Let's FINALLY call this meeting to ORDER.
<Walter Is Sector taking the log?
<Sector But of course
<Walter Thank you Sector!
<Walter 3. The Directors have discussed the possibily of reducing the advertising fees in the Newsletter.
<MADeCSPro That's sponsorship fees, not advertising, though in the end I suppose it's about the same.
<Walter I apolozie--sponsorship fees.
<crimso_ Good idea. We may want to have a look at the way OS/2 eZine does it though.
<crimso_ At the moment developers can pay for adversiting by giving licenses of their programs which then can be won by the authors.
<Walter You may look up the suggest rate of fees on the Agenda at . This URL works on my system using the latest refresh of Netscape 4.61 .
<crimso_ We could use licenses as a giveaway at SpeakUps, for instance.
<crimso_ Hm, looking at the prices I think that we could use a category that is even cheaper. Say, $10.
<Walter I'll give everyone a few minutes to read the web page.
<MADeCSPro I had also proposed a free page for small ads for freeware developers and general users seeking other OS/2 users to meet with in their area.
<mandie I like that idea
<Walter b. The Chair will entertain a motion to accept the above rates (or a modified version thereof) for sponsorship in the Newsletter.
*  Sector motions
<Walter Is there a second?
<MADeCSPro second
<mandie_ I motion that we accept the rates as indicated on the agenda with the addition of the free page per Marks specification
<Walter Discussion.
<crimso_ mandie_: I second that.
<Walter What motion are we talking about?
<crimso_ Walter: To add the page that Mark suggested.
<MADeCSPro The one on the rates. judy is asking to add my proposal as well to it
<Walter I believe there was already a motion on the table when Mandie made hers.
<Sector The motion on the table had been seconded before mandie_ made her motion
<Walter Are agree to change Sector
<Walter 's motion to include Mark's addition?
<Sector Ok with me
<mandie addition of the free page per Marks specification
<crimso_ As I said before IMHO an additional, lower rate would be useful.
<Walter crimson_, do you have any stipulates on the "lower"?
<crimso_ What about $10 per month? I don't think that the average shareware author would like to pay much more.
<Walter Does any one second the modified motion?
<MADeCSPro crimso: Our current proposal is $25 for two months. that's pretty close to that
<crimso_ MADeCSPro: That would be ok with me.
<crimso_ I hereby second the modified motion.
<Walter Is there really a modified motion now?
<mandie Walter: you asked me to restate the "modified" motion and I did
<mandie I motion that we accept the rates as indicated on the agenda with the
<mandie addition of the free page per Marks specification
<Walter Mandie, As I understand it there is currently (under considersation) a rate of $25 for two months which crimso_ accepted.
<Walter Are you saying there is also a free page?
<MADeCSPro Walter: That is what the modified rates call for. $25/month, with 2 months for one for limited time.
<MADeCSPro Did I not mention the free page earlier?
<mandie Walter: Mark had suggested a free page for freeware developers and ppl that would like to communicate with others in their area
<Walter Under what terms will a person be eligible for a free rate?
<mandie Mad: yes, you did
<Walter OK, now everything's clear.
<Walter Any further discussion?
<Walter Are we ready for the vote?
<mandie yes
<crimso_ yep
<Walter All in favour of the modified motion, please type Aye.
<mandie aye
<crimso_ Aye.
<MADeCSPro Aye
<Walter All opposed to the modified motion, please type Nay.
<mandie there are no nay's
<Walter I wonder how many are "officially" abstaining.
<mandie or have just wandered off
<crimso_ yeah
<Walter I suppose the motion carries, but I'm uncomfortable seeing such
<Walter an important motion carrying with that many potient abstentees.
<Walter Motion Carries.
<Sector Ok ok, Aye
<Walter If I could vote, my vote would be Aye as well.
<Walter 5. Next Order of Business.
<Walter Someone poke me gently if this belongs at the Board level, and not here, but VOICE has receive a letter from Tom Nadeau in which he wants to initiate a "Campaign to Improve Sound Card Support for OS/2"
<MADeCSPro No, it belongs here, but Tom is not here to tell us why he wants to do this.
<Walter The question is, Do we as Voice want to be associated with or involved with this?
<MADeCSPro Honestly I think we have enough on our plate that isn't getting done.
<Walter OK, so how do we set this up? Invite him as a guest.
<Walter I completely agree.
<MADeCSPro If Tom wants to discuss it he can come to a meeting.
<Walter OK, sounds good to me.
<Walter Anyone else have any opinions?
<crimso_ Basically it's a good idea IMO. Multimedia is the weakest point of OS/2 and many PCI sound cards either are not supported or have crappy drivers.
*  Sector agrees with MADeCSPro
<Walter And ISA sound cards are becoming extinct, I know.
<MADeCSPro crimso: but isn't that more a job for Scitech or Netlabs?
<crimso_ But as Mark said, we should try to get other things done first.
<mandie I agree with Mark
<Walter Ditto.
<mandie our focus needs to be on WarpDoctor
<Walter We can't do everything at once.
<crimso_ MADeCSPro: The problem is resources.
<crimso_ At the moment the only role I can see VOICE play is a supportive one.
<Walter I'm trying my best to get that message out to anyone who might be interested in VOICE.
<Walter Next Items of Business.
<Walter Again, these might belong at the BOD level.
<Walter 6. Status of WarpStock 2001 Support.
<MADeCSPro One interjection on Warpstock 2001. Warpstock is now accepting checks in CDN funds -
<Walter The cheque has been sent to the Treasurer for the booth. We have yet not received notification of receipt.
<Walter WarpStock Event Team has received notification of our intent to rent/buy a boot.
<Walter We still desperately need people to man the booth.
<crimso_ And the Warpstock Europe Event Team has likewise received notification of our wish to attend.
<Walter That I know of Mark, Walter, and I believe Sector have agreed to help out in this area. However, we still need more.
<Walter Mark, what do you have for us?
<Walter Maybe I should say what can you add? :-)
<MADeCSPro Have in regard to what?
<Walter Our Warpstock 2001 support status.
<Sector Ummm, couldn't have been me...
<MADeCSPro Warpstock? nothing other then people have to start registering or there won't be a Warpstock 2002
<Walter Item 7. New Business.
<Swanee Because of circumstances... I may not have a booth but will be trying to get there anyway... If I do... I'll be available to help out.
*  mandie has just sent an invitation to the Warpstock team/bod for a speakup
<Walter I repeat: is there any new business?
<mandie none here
<Swanee None here that I know of
<mandie Walter: are you still with us?
<Walter Mandie has suggested "that we hold the Warpstock tickets as a door prize when we have the Warpstock speakup." That's fine with me.
<Swanee I'll second that emotion
<Swanee I'll also donate something for a prize for that speakup.
<mandie I think that we will have more people attend the speakup that will actually be attending Warpstock
<Walter All in favour, type Aye.
<Swanee AYE
<crimso_ Aye.
<mandie aye
<MADeCSPro aye
<Ltning Did anyone consider that a warpstock ticket may be worthless to a vast amount of the people joining a speakup?
<Walter Opposed,
<Ltning (sorry for mixing in..)
<mandie Ltning: yes, but it can be priceless to those that want to attend but haven't bought a ticket yet :)
<Ltning Well I still think that for the majority of people even interested in going to warpstock, the ticket itself isn't the obstacle..
<Walter Carried.
<Ltning So while it's a 'nice price', it should have an alternative or something.. Just my 2 cents ;)
<MADeCSPro Ltning: Unfortunately that is all we have to offer.
<Walter Meeting adjourned.