General VOICE Meeting - 4 September 2004


There was no agenda sent out before the meeting.

Summary - Decisions/Announcements Made

1. Election results
       President - Roderick Klein
       Vice-President - Walter Metcalf
       Secretary - John Edwards
       Treasurer - Gordon Snider
       Marketing/Liaison - Roderick Klein
    The results of the vote for the VOICE elections can be seen at
2. Lottery/raffle for members of VOICE
       Proposal with the following guidelines:
          1. There are 6 prize draws each year.
          2. Every member has 1 ticket.
          3. First time members get 2 tickets (more chance on prizes).
             This offer is only valid if you have never been a member
             of VOICE.
             This 2 lottery ticket expectation is only first for the
             first year of membership.
             The 2 chances for a new member will include a returning
             member, who has been gone for over a year.
          4. When you win something you will skip the lottery 1 prize draw.
          5. The prizes will come from Sponsors.
3. Announcement correction the SpeakUp will be on Saturday, 11 September
    NOT on Tuesday, 14 September. The full announcement is being resent
    with the correction.
4. Next meeting will on the 18 of September. You will
       A) Receive an announcement at least 2 days in advanced.
       B) With an agenda.

Meeting Log

Chairman of the meeting Roderick Klein called the meeting to order at 15:18:28 EDT

<eCSNL> I hereby declare this meeting opened.
<eCSNL> Now no agenda
<eCSNL> First I hereby would like to announce the results of the VOICE election first.
<MADodel> What ever became of the VOICE1 server at Internet WalkAbout?
<WalterOS2> It arrived at my place yesterday afternoon from Ken's. :-)
<WalterOS2> I will set it up as soon as I get some other work out of the way.
<eCSNL> The chairman of this meeting would to point to everybody present to keep these kind of topics to the end of meeting.
* MADodel notes he did say "no agenda"
<eCSNL> :-)
<eCSNL> OK I have a hidden agenda :-)
<eCSNL> The outcome of the elections can be found here:
<eCSNL> Hmmm I can't find the link.
<eCSNL> Ken send a link to admin list of VOICE.
<eCSNL> About 1/3 of the VOICE members voted
<eCSNL> Thank you
<eCSNL> Well that's what should have announced
<eCSNL> by the secretary anyway.
<eCSNL> So thank you for that.
<eCSNL> Ken could you send an E-mail to VOICE members please?
<MADodel> Ken's not here
<eCSNL> Ooops yes I see.
<MADodel> hello Bill
<crimso> hi Bill
<wdl> Hi Mark. Lurking...
<WalterOS2> Hello Bill
* crimso wonders if Roderick suddenly fell asleep.
<MADodel> its still early over there isn't it?
<eCSNL> I'm still there...
<crimso> 9:30 p.m.
<eCSNL> My pmmail had to startup
<MADodel> uh oh
<MADodel> crimso nothing to do on a Saturday night?
<Rat-Salad> hey
<Gord> Hi Rat Salad
<MADodel> RatBoy
<MADodel> What's up with Ken's server?
<Rat-Salad> want to let you all know that I'm very unsure of how long FL is going to be online
<eCSNL> hello
<eCSNL> Well sorry for dropping our
<wdl> Jeremy: Thanks for sure.
<eCSNL> out
<crimso> Ah, the man's back.
<eCSNL> but I guess its Friday the 13th here
<eCSNL> My laptop
<eCSNL> just decided to on vacation.
<eCSNL> The hard disk did some weird and it hang
<eCSNL> Its now going threw a long chkdsk
<wdl> Jeremy: Good luck to you!!
<crimso> eCSNL: JFS hang?
<eCSNL> Where is Walter?
<eCSNL> Nope...
<crimso> eCSNL: He lost connection the same moment as you.
<MADodel> Rat-Salad: I know its more center, but its closer to the West then the East
<MADodel> WalterOS2 has left
<eCSNL> my E-mail on my laptop
<eCSNL> so also the three agenda points you put forward
<eCSNL> could you please mention the agenda points again ~?
<JWE> From last meeting - support for NetLabs
<eCSNL> You send me some E-mails
<eCSNL> Or where there also E-mails from you Gordon ?
<Gord> There were.
<WalterOS2> Hello again.
<MADodel> Is there any plan to discuss VOICE at Warpstock?
<JWE> 2. From the last meeting - decision on lottery/raffle
<WalterOS2> My IRC client disconnected, and while I was offline, the ongoing electrical problems in my house forced me to leave my computer. :-(
<JWE> 3. Comments about pdf format for newsletter
<WalterOS2> Roderick called, and apparently the hard drive in his laptop died. :-(
<WalterOS2> He's been having modem problems all day.
<WalterOS2> Not a good day for any of us.
<WalterOS2> Roderick hopes to be back online in about 10 minutes.
<eCSNL> I'm just back
<JWE> Roderick I just resent the E-mail.
<Gord> Is anyone logging?
<WalterOS2> I am but I missed some of the meeting.
<MADodel> I may have logging on here. I'll have to check
<Gord> OK. I believe I have a complete log up to this point.
<JWE> Yes I have the log so far.
<Gord> Good
<WalterOS2> Hi again, Ken.
<KenKrchnr> Sigh, did I knock anybody off?
<Gord> OK here.
<MADodel> just Roderick and Walter
<MADodel> They've both been back since though
<MADodel> KenKrchnr: What happened?
<WalterOS2> long, though.
<KenKrchnr> My notebook nic had a problem, I mistakenly though HyBrid had ceased to function, so I rehashed it. That wasn't the problem :-(
<MADodel> Roderick seems to be having a really hard time with everything today anyway
<MADodel> You running IRCD on a notebook?
<KenKrchnr> No, but I'm at work next to the voice server.
<WalterOS2> long, though.
<WalterOS2> be off-line for most of Tuesday and Friday. :-(
<eCSNL> hello
<WalterOS2> Hi again eCSNL.
<eCSNL> I will just forget this day tomorrow
<KenKrchnr> Last thing I saw was eCSNL saying he had a hidden agenda. Anybody have a brief synopsis of what I missed?
<WalterOS2> You're REALLY having a bad day.
<eCSNL> will make my day better....
<MADodel> KenKrchnr: Not much as I recall. Walter and Roderick left shortly after you.
<MADodel> We discussed the Hurricane in Fla.
<Gord> Got a link for the election results.
<MADodel> And Walter and Gord talked about the Agenda items to discuss.
<WalterOS2> I'll never understand why people live in hurricane-prone areas.
<Gord> And wdl dropped in and left again.
<MADodel> Though Fla certainly gets more then its share, pretty much the entire East coast can get hit.
<WalterOS2> Agenda items---me? Never.
<KenKrchnr> Better a hurricane area than earthquake. At least hurricanes you have warning time ;-)
<MADodel> Maybe it was JWE then. You Canadians all look alike
<MADodel> :-)
<WalterOS2> Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland) usually get hit too, although nothing like FLa.
<Rat-Salad> hey... there hasn't be a hurricane come through this area in years.. and when it rains it pours.. we've had two in three weeks :)
<Rat-Salad> despite having a couple big trees in my backyard courtesy of Charley... it hasn't changed my mind about living here
<JWE> Roderick: Did you get the agenda items?
<eCSNL> yes
<eCSNL> OK...
<eCSNL> Well next item on the agenda
<eCSNL> (I'm very grumpy with these delays)
<eCSNL> OK last switch
<eCSNL^> my laptop is back on track
<eCSNL^> and I have the agenda points running.
<eCSNL^> Ohoo visible
<eCSNL^> since my pmmail is running.
* crimso applauds
<eCSNL^> OK the first item I had in.
<eCSNL^> It's lottery
<eCSNL^> for members.
<eCSNL^> I put forward a proposal on one the last meetings.
<eCSNL^> 1. There are 6 price draws each year.
<eCSNL^> 2. Every member has 1 ticket.
<eCSNL^> 3. First time members get 2 tickets (more chance on prices). This offer is only valid if you have never been a member of VOICE.
<eCSNL^> This 2 lottery ticket expectation is only first
<eCSNL^> for the first year of membership.
<eCSNL^> When you win something you will skip the lottery 1 price draw.
<eCSNL^> That are the rules
<eCSNL^> So where do the prices come from ?
<eCSNL^> Sponsors.
<eCSNL^> I would guess.
* MADodel hopes VOICE does better then Warpstock is doing with Sponsors.
* eCSNL^ would need to give MaDodel a phone call
<eCSNL^> Send me an E-mail so I can talk to you about this.
* WalterOS2 wonders if MADodel is twisting arms hard enough.
<MADodel> eCSNL: There are almost no commercial vendors left that are interested in OS/2. We have a license from RSJ, and maybe something from Norman but nothing definite yet.
* eCSNL^ would also like to report the FTP server is working again
* MADodel wonders if everyone can be kept off the FTPD until his d/l completes
<eCSNL^> I have made some changes to demon settings
<eCSNL^> so the bandwidth is better balanced.
<crimso> What about shareware?
<MADodel> WalterOS2: Any ideas who to ask? besides VOICE, Serenity has said they will sponsor Warpstock.. That's pretty much it besides the RSJ license. And we asked several people several times.
<eCSNL^> But anyway for the lottery
<WalterOS2> Let me think about it for awhile.
<eCSNL^> I guess I should first start looking for sponsors.
<eCSNL^> And MaDodel
<eCSNL^> drop me a note.
<MADodel> crimso: What shareware is left? Most of it has been abandoned or made freeware. There is DFSee. I can ask Jan.
* eCSNL^ would like to remind people Mensys will soon post a PDF with all its OS/2 and eCS applications.
<crimso> MADodel: What about Peter Koller? Maybe he would donate a Maul license.
<crimso> And there's Rich Walsh's DragText.
<MADodel> I can ask him. Thanks for the suggestion
<eCSNL^> Ohoo ohoo beeps from my laptop
<eCSNL^> again
<crimso> Maybe Trevor Hemsley and the guys could donate a Pronews license.
<eCSNL^> Sounds like the Daniela driver is detecting data corruption :-(
<MADodel> Pronews is pretty much freeware at this point. The license fee is just collected as a donation.
<WalterOS2> MADodel: You could also try Frank Fortson, author of ZipCntrl. He has definitely NOT left the OS/2 market. He is doing a major rewrite of ZipCntrl.
<crimso> MADodel: But you don't a registration code for free, or can you?
<MADodel> WalterOS2: Have an E-mail for Frank?
<MADodel> crimso: You don't really need one, its just a nag screen
<crimso> Yes, and what's-his-name of FileStar fame is still developing FileStar and has recently stated that he has plans to update UniMaint.
<WalterOS2> MADodel: Hang on.
<MADodel> Jim Read
<eCSNL^> Could we please return on topic.
<eCSNL^> Sorry about that. I also like chatting. But because of the time I need to start speeding things up a bit :-)
<eCSNL^> So my view on the sponsorship.
<eCSNL^> I put forward the
<eCSNL^> idea
<eCSNL^> for the sponsorship. What do you all think of the rules ?
<eCSNL^> I will look for sponsors.
<eCSNL^> I guess Mensys will join with any problem :-)
* MADodel notes that eCSNL can contact the mentioned potential sponsors as well.
<Gord> I would like to see the 2 chances for a new member expanded to include a returning member, who has been gone over a year.
<WalterOS2> Mark: I E-mailed you FF's information.
<crimso> Sounds good to me, including Gord's suggestion.
<eCSNL^> OK...
<Gord> but I don't want it to turn into an excuse to leave the group.
<WalterOS2> :-)
<Gord> Maybe just a one time thing.
<eCSNL^> OK I will look for sponsors.
<eCSNL^> OK so this is stuck for now.
<eCSNL^> I need to go after
<eCSNL^> sponsors.
* MADodel too ;-)
<eCSNL^> I was just looking at the speak
<eCSNL^> That is next week.
<eCSNL^> I will send out an announcement again
<WalterOS2> Yea!
<eCSNL^> The first Saturday (the 14th in the message)
<eCSNL^> Its Saturday the 11th!
<MADodel> I have to go. BBL tonight.
<eCSNL^> OK next meeting will on the 18 of September.
<eCSNL^> You will
<eCSNL^> A) Receive an announcement at least 2 days in advanced.
<eCSNL^> B) With an agenda.
<eCSNL^> Sorry for this chaotic meeting.
<eCSNL^> But I basically had a Friday the 13th kind of day.
<eCSNL^> Who is in favor to close this meeting, say Aye ?
<WalterOS2> Aye
<crimso> Aye
<eCSNL^> aye
<JWE> aye
<eCSNL^> Anybody against this closing the meeting ?
<Gord> aye
<eCSNL^> Say Nay
* eCSNL^ should wait for Nay
<eCSNL^> ...
<eCSNL^> Going once
<eCSNL^> going twice
09-04-2004 16:57:57 EDT
<eCSNL^> meeting closed

Note: Due to communications problems, the meeting was truncated.
       This log was edited to contain only the relevant information.