General Meeting from 09/06/99

*  Sector turns on the floodlights (it's showtime!) *
<Redoaks>  Hi Swanee
<Swanee>  Hi Redoaks
<mandie>  g'evening
<Redoaks>  Hello Mandie
<mandie>  hiya Redoaks
<Sector>  Hi there
<mandie>  Swanee: uh it wired!
<mandie>  SEctor: hi :)
<mandie>  Peter!!!!1
<mandie>  lol
<Swanee>  mandie: Would I do that to YOU? :-)
<VoiceBot>  MODE +o Projects
<Projects>  Judy!
<Abraxas>  hey .. hey ... the gangs all here :-)))
<Swanee>  Hi Peter
<mandie>  hmm...what are all of those leg and arm straps for...and how about that blindfold! are we playing pin the tail on the ......... :)
<Projects>  hey Wayne
<Swanee>  mandie: Continue... on the what?
<Swanee>  hehe
<mandie>  LOL
<mandie>  I take the fifth!@
<mandie>  ammendment that is :)
<Sector>  We are playing pin the lightning bolt on mandie...
<Swanee>  lol
<Projects>  heheheh
<mandie>  I had my systems down for about an hour this afternoon...we had a bad storm
<Projects>  hrm... large turnout :p
<Abraxas>  Geez ... everyone around me is getting rain ...
<Projects>  mandie: ok, now I see where you guys are coming from :)
<Sector>  Looks about like the usuall crowd
<Projects>  we *always* have rain :(
<Abraxas>  As I told WarpHoss, yesterday ... my lawn looks like a brush fire waiting to ignite :-)
<os2hq>  Howdy, neighbors!
<Swanee>  Hi os2hq
<Abraxas>  Hiya, Tom :-)
<os2hq>  Howdy, y'all.
<os2hq>  Heh, this place is a tinderbox.
<os2hq>  The leaves are starting to fall, even tho' it's 99 degrees outside.
<Abraxas>  os2hq do us all a fovor an get rid of that lame autogreet, wouldya?
<os2hq>  Abraxas: why, we're all neighbors on the Web, aren't we??
<Abraxas>  os2hq I know ... I have a naked crabapple trtee :-)
<Projects>  leaves are starting to fall here too, and we haven't even had summer yet :(
<os2hq>  ugh.
<WarpHoss>  Greetings From Greener Pastures.
<os2hq>  We're actually considering taking the laundry into town.... don't want to use up the well water.
<Swanee>  Projects: This year summer fell on a weekend :-)
<Abraxas>  os2hq yes, we are all neighbors (not sure of the CA spelling, Peter) ... but AutoGreets are passe'
<os2hq>  Hey, hoss, how's the water level at the Ponderosa? ;)
<Projects>  Swanee: no such luck... a sunny day around here is usually called Monday
<os2hq>  Abraxas: it's not auto, I've got to click it each time.
<os2hq>  Howdy, neighbors!
<os2hq>  Howdy, neighbors!
<WarpHoss>  After the rain fri and saturday wuite deep.
<os2hq>  Howdy, neighbors!
<os2hq>  3 clicks.
<Abraxas>  WarpHoss' water level is just about flood stage about now :-)
<WarpHoss>  oops quite deep.
<os2hq>  Hmmm....
<Projects>  you need a "u" in there :)
<os2hq>  we could use some of that.
<Swanee>  My water at the shop is about two feet above basement floor level. The pumps have been working!
<os2hq>  Hmmm....
<Redoaks>  We just had some of that
<Projects>  NO NEED! NO NEED!
<os2hq>  '/msg
<VoiceBot>  MODE +o mandie
<mandie>  KICK os2hq :guess what....1 click
<Projects>  hehehehe
<mandie>  took me long enough to get ops!
<os2hq>  Huh?
<mandie>  os2hq: I couldn't resist :)
<Swanee>  Lemme DCC a hose and I'll pump anyone as much as they want
<os2hq>  Well, as you can see, i didn't click .
<TheSeer>  ok folks.. i'm gone for sleep..
<mandie>  good thing :)
<mandie>  g'nite TheSeer
<TheSeer>  cu around ! :)
<os2hq>  Gneti
<TheSeer>  n8 everyone..
<os2hq>  Well,
<os2hq>  let me tell you.
<Swanee>  TheSeer: Just when the gettin gets good?
<os2hq>  I'm working for a Windoze consultant shop now.
<os2hq>  And these guys are slick.
<os2hq>  They call all the women customers & secretaries "girl."
<os2hq>  Good grief.
<TheSeer>  Swanee: i'm sorry but i guess if it comes to problems reading the stuff on the screen its time to get some sleep..
<mandie>  everyone one some hot off the press news?
<os2hq>  You'd think they were selling PCs to streetwalkers or something.
<Swanee>  hehe, G'nite TheSeer
<os2hq>  News is always welcome.
<madodel>  mandie: and that is?
<mandie>  Dirk Terell has taken a job in CO and sold out to BMT
<WarpHoss>  sure. It's not on the agenda ... nothin else so far has been iether so do it mandie.
<Swanee>  mandie: You go girl
<os2hq>  Ah.
<os2hq>  Interesting.
<Swanee>  Really?
<mandie>  I've emailed and asked him where were at on the helpdesk project
<mandie>  said it was an offer he couldn't refuse
<os2hq>  So Tom B. is the Big Cheese now.
<os2hq>  I heard about some high-paying OS/2 jobs in Colorado.
<os2hq>  The area didn't suit me, tho. too much snow!!
<mandie>  well, now I guess there's one less :)
<os2hq>  Well, I have a new "OS/2 marketing initiative" I'd like to get some support for. Maybe VOICE would like to help??
<Swanee>  os2hq: Got to have a little bit-O-snow to make life interesting
<os2hq>  The "phase 1" is up on my website. I've already bought a bus bench ad in Nashville.
<mandie>  os2hq: that's how we felt when you were our Marketing person :)
<Projects>  os2hq: too much snow?? You want too much snow? We had 50+ inches in less than 24 hours here last year.
<os2hq>  I was shocked. It's only $100 per month.
<os2hq>  Right in front of a bank teller drive-thru line!!!
<os2hq>  Anyway, I wonder if some bus bench space in Atlanta is available???
<Swanee>  Projects: WHAT? 50+ in 2 hrs? WEW!
<os2hq>  Advertising warpstock, of course.
<Projects>  Swanee: er... less than 24, but a few more hours than 2 :p
<os2hq>  It's not the 50 inches of snow, it's the 1 inch of ice underneath that gets you.
<mandie>  I don't think that advertising for Warpstock is our financial responsibility
<mandie>  we've contributed to the event itself...
<os2hq>  Well, anyway, it's a thought.
<os2hq>  The "phase 2" I'm working on.... I want to attack the education market head-on.
<WarpHoss>  nope mandie it's not but assisting in opening up that info to the warpstock board is. imho
<Swanee>  Projects: hehe, OK, I misread but that's still 2 times our all time record
<mandie>  os2hq: suggest it on the warpstock mailing list...that sounds like an inexpensive way to advertise
<os2hq>  okay mandie.
<madodel>  Os2hq: We have already comitted $1000 to WS99. I don't see any more in the budget for it this year
<os2hq>  Right.
<os2hq>  But in the future.... it's an option.
<os2hq>  For phase 2, I'm looking for one volunteer in each of the U.S. states. And perhaps one for each Canadian province....
<mandie>  WarpHoss: I am a part of that board..suggestions go to the Atlanta team..they have their budget for advertising :)
<WarpHoss>  mandie> good. pls make sure they get that information whether or not they use it it is up to you and the board.
<os2hq>  *** bookmark ***
<mandie>  WarpHoss: that's what I'm's not up to the's up to the atlanta team
<WarpHoss>  k mandie.
<Projects>  os2hq: 1) there's only about two bus stop benches in this town, both occupied by realtors, and b) even if there was a free one, it wouldn't reach enough people (boonies up here)
<Swanee>  Anybody think about what SUN is doing? Give away software to sell the hardware and support. They may be onto something.
<madodel>  Swanee: well that's how m$ drove netscape out of business.
<Swanee>  I know others have done somewhat this type of thing but SUN will be a large scale situation
<Redoaks>  Yeah-I think Sun is taking a shot at Office, MS's bigget moneymaker
<Redoaks>  Try Biggest
<Projects>  good
<Swanee>  madodel: Yes but better... MS has only software. They can't give it ALL away.
<Sector>  Let's wish them luck
<Abraxas>  I KNOW Sun is taking a shot at M$ .... but will they succedd?
<Redoaks>  Well-I have an MS mouse :<
<Abraxas>  Long, uphill road to follow :-(
<Swanee>  Abraxas: Don't know yet but what about other hardware suppliers thinking the same way? This could get VERY interesting
<Projects>  I do to, and I specifically ordered a logitech... stoopid computer guy said "this one's cheaper" :p
<Redoaks>  If Sun doesn't succeed, MS is no better off.
<madodel>  But will other pc manufactureres preload SO5.1?
<Swanee>  Redoaks: Haha, Yeah, they could give a free os and office suite away with every mouse sale. :-)
<Projects>  argh... I gotta run. Kids... go somewhere by themselves, but can't make it home again... "Dad, can you come and pick me up?"
<Abraxas>  Swanee I don't think it's about Hardware as much as it is about breaking M$'s stranglehold on the PC platform
<Swanee>  Projects: They need you. :-)
<Abraxas>  I'm going to do something completely different, here, tonight .....
<Swanee>  Abraxas: I agree that is the intent but they are doing it in a way that will be very hard for ms to defend against
<Abraxas>  I'm going to go and eat my dinner, enjoy the company of a freind, and relax .....
<Swanee>  Abraxas: What's her name?
<Sector>  What??????????
<Swanee>  hehe
<madodel>  Is there a meeting tonight?
<Swanee>  madodel: General
<Abraxas>  One of the topics was "getting involved" ..... so I'm going to be "un-involved" .... but logging, so no coup attempst or I;ll have ta send Guido lookin for ya :-)))
<Redoaks>  dats Uncle Guido
<madodel>  Just asking since everyone is leaving and nothing has started yet
<Swanee>  We can't even spell "coo day ta" so how could we do it? :-)
<Swanee>  OK, I'll call this meeting to order. Now how can we get people involved? (hehe)
<Sector>  Involved in a coupł
<Swanee>  Sector: No, Remeber? Wee kant even spell itt
<Swanee>  Am I still here? I lost you all last night...
<Sector>  How did you manage that?
<mandie>  I think that's one of the first signs of senility!
<Redoaks>  no-old age is
<Swanee>  Actually... I had my machine do a spontanious boot for the third time yesterday. It happened saturday to and I see a note in the ng's that the new gradd .80 may be responsible
<Swanee>  I was disgusted. :-( I thought it was the new NS I just installed but I just updated to gradd .80 also
<os2hq>  Projects: "Phase 2" is not about bus benches.... but I can't say what it is yet.
<Swanee>  It makes me very unhappy to have trouble when everything ran so well for so long
<os2hq>  Anyway, gotta go.... tube has a show about middle school textbook errors... like 6 pages for Marilyn vs. 6 lines for Geo. Washington.... and saying the Statue of Liberty is bronze! Idiots!!!
<os2hq>  bye all.
<Swanee>  I did have trouble in Jan or Feb but whatever that was had been cured somehow
<Sector>  Till next Jan or Feb
<Swanee>  Statue of Liberty is copper right? Or am I all wetł
<WarpHoss>  It's copper.
<mandie>  I'm going to take off...if there's anything important that comes up..please post in email
<mandie>  nytol :)
<Swanee>  There were only a couple of things we were going to discuss tonight weren't there? Looks like it'll just be a social hour for those of us remaining. :-)
<Redoaks>  Ok Where's the bar?
<WarpHoss>  Swanee that's all it's been so far :-(
<Swanee>  Thanks for the drink WarpHoss
<WarpHoss>  No sweat exchanges are allowed.... just stay away from the Dom Perriogne and the croivoissier ..
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: And by the way... what IS croivoissier?
<WarpHoss>  Expensive Cognac.
<Swanee>  OH, I haven't got a good cigar ha=ndy anyways
<WarpHoss>  anyhoo.. Anyone got anything to discuss from the agenda?
<WarpHoss>  swanee u will.
<Redoaks>  What agenda?
<Swanee>  I'm an advocate of a tiny bit-o-whiskey in a lot of coke makes it taste good and NOT get me all messed up. :-)
<WarpHoss>  Tonight's agenda includes : 1> What do you want VOICE to do "To get all of it's member's involved"? 2> WarpStock : Do we Present or Not? 3> "The ORG" - A continuing discussion of Lynn Maxson's proposal from the Speakup on Aug28th.
<Swanee>  Involvement, WarpStock, ummm...
<WarpHoss>  4> Anything else of importance to the members .
<Swanee>  By "present" are we talking about the time they give to do a presentation for all exhibitors?
<Redoaks>  What CAN voice do to get all members involved?
<Swanee>  Redoaks: That is the $64k question
<Redoaks>  You either want to be or not, the issue can't be forced
<Sector>  But how do we encourage member participation (make them want to be)
<WarpHoss>  Redoaks> good point.
<Redoaks>  I'd like to be more involved, but unfortunately spend lots of time in Outer Space
<Swanee>  I wish my voice was better. (I have some larnyx probs right now) I'd like to do an evangelizing speech for Voice as well as any other user groups
<Sector>  Thats a nice place
<WarpHoss>  You write it Swanee I'll deliver it.
<WarpHoss>  You can coach.
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: I'm the type that outlines and then wings it. It has to come from the heart as opposed to being recited.
<WarpHoss>  hehe.. you know I bleed true Blue- Os/2 .
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: Can you beat a tamborine and yell, "Repent! Repent!"
<Swanee>  hehe
<WarpHoss>  ohhh swaneee I come from the southern US. The only place on earth that can get 5 syllables from the word jesus.
<Swanee>  I love a hellfire and brimstone sermon. I mean when the preacher can really pour it out
<Redoaks>  Does anyone know how many Voice menbers usually attend warpstock?
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: You mean like a good ol southern baptist preacher?
<WarpHoss>  Yes swanee. exactly.
<WarpHoss>  Redoaks> Projects has that data and he left.
<Swanee>  Redoaks: I would guess there were at least 20-40 last year (my guess only)
<madodel>  Redoaks: no idea, this will be my first WS
<Swanee>  Lemme redo that... maybe 20
<Redoaks>  Oh well. I'm going to my first also, but it might serve to get people more involved
<Redoaks>  20-40 out of how many?
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: Honestly, if my voice were better... I'd like to do that.
<Swanee>  Redoaks: Maybe 400?
<Redoaks>  wow
<Swanee>  Redoaks: It's hard to say but there were 10 or so directly involved with setup or manning the booth and some that joined while we we there.
<Redoaks>  whats a "viloin" :)
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: You want to do it? We need to decide if we want that time slot. Of course we'll have to run it by the board.
<WarpHoss>  Absolutely Swanee I'm in.
<Swanee>  Redoaks: A cross between a violin and a villan (sp) [meaning: Bad guy with a musical talent]
<Redoaks>  Swanee-Hahahah
<WarpHoss>  hehehe ... Except I am a good guy. Swanee knows.
<Redoaks>  OK Boss whatever you say
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: OK baby, I want a real evangelical speech from you that has everyone coming forward at the end and willing to join and help out. :-)
<WarpHoss>  I plead for assitance with the outline and references... I can do the speech.
<WarpHoss>  Assistance. pardon my typo's.
<WarpHoss>  I want my old IBM keyboard back....
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: Also that this is for the good of OS/2 and the people that use it. Not limiting it to VOICE alone (although that is the main thrust) but that they can be contributing to something big by supporting other groups as well. (scoug,possi, their local group)
<WarpHoss>  No doubt swanee.. It's about the community as a whole.
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: You've got the right voice for it. I'd have to fake an accent. (haha)
<Redoaks>  Does anyone think the sales of OS/2 being 134% over IBM expectations will do any good?
<WarpHoss>  Some of the accent disappears in public situations.... The accent can be used to hammer a point into the minds of the listeners.
<madodel>  maybe, but it still can't compare to the money they make servicing NT
<WarpHoss>  nope unless they join the community effort. and madodel is right.
<Swanee>  Redoaks: I'm not sure about that. We really need to see StarDock and IBM come to an agreement to distribute a new client if we really want to see any change in attitudes
<Redoaks>  Yes-my cousin does that for IBM and even he can't beleive the money they rake in on NT
<madodel>  It is interesting that they (IBM) are taking an official interest in all three events this year.
<Swanee>  That's what all the local companies are doing too. They make out like bandits doing support.
<Redoaks>  That's for their server stuff.
<WarpHoss>  If using OS/2 were about money I would have abandoned it long ago... And some comapnies are beginning to understand that.
<Swanee>  madodel: I think I saw someone mention this, and I tend to agree. "They were afraid that WarpStock would be a bitc**g session and probably wanted to distance themselves. It turned out to be something else and they haven't the same fears now"
<madodel>  gerstner is only interested in money. If it weren't for the large corps running mission critical apps on OS/2, it would have really died several years ago.
<Redoaks>  Warphoss-I've spent lots of money on OS/2 and OS/2 software, even tho it may for naught someday. You're right-
<Redoaks>  it goes way beyond money
<WarpHoss>  Can anyone spell EGO?
<Swanee>  telephone...
<WarpHoss>  let it ring swanee.
<madodel>  Swanee: honestly i don't think IBM management could care less if we were all naked and ate bugs there. They see a chance to make some money.
<WarpHoss>  They'll get the idea or the switch will time them out.
<Swanee>  madodel: But how will they make any $ at WS?
<Redoaks>  Maybe the team is there to spy.
<Swanee>  I assume that they know it's home/SOHO users and not corps
<WarpHoss>  Redoaks> way beyond money?" \\ lead on a little with that please.
<madodel>  Pushing WSOD. Not just SOHO users attend WS/WEW/WSEurope
<madodel>  If they gave a damn about SOHO users they'd have refreshed Warp4 long before now.
<Swanee>  True but it isn't really a corporate show. They could pick up a few sales but I would guess that they do not view this trip as cost-effective
<Redoaks>  Warphoss-I feel attached to my OS/2, and will do whatever it takes to keep it. Even if it means bypassing new hardware. but most people won't so the system weakens.
<madodel>  If they didn't they wouldn't be there spending money to support those events. Maybe they are just afraid of us?
<Redoaks>  Swanee-IBM feels confident to control "corps" but SOHO users can get out of control. Look at Linux
<WarpHoss>  Redoaks> good point> if the all the people in the community at large used their $ saved from new HW purchases for os/2 SW dev then the problem would resolve itself. drivers and everything.
<Swanee>  madodel: I think they are afraid of what we represent in terms of support but as long as they are protected from supporting us why not salve us a bit.
<Swanee>  :-)
<Swanee>  I guess you never know when you might meet a guy that can make corporate purchases. Even at WS. :-)
<Redoaks>  Warphoss-Its no BS-whenever I need a printer or whatever, I look at lots, find the OS/2 support, buy that and notify all other mfgrs they lost the sale on those grounds.
<WarpHoss>  I didn't think it was BS redoaks.
<Swanee>  madodel: I hope they do make a ton of $ at WS. (I doubt they will) If they do? They'll be back bigger than before. It can only help the visibility of the platform.
<Redoaks>  Sorry-I didn't mean it that way Warphoss
<Swanee>  Redoaks: I do the same thing.
<WarpHoss>  np redoaks.
<Redoaks>  :)
<WarpHoss>  So do I.
<Swanee>  Redoaks: Will you be in ATL this year for WS?
<Redoaks>  Swanee-Yes I am happy to say
<Redoaks>  You too?
<WarpHoss>  So by members present do we vote to do a presentation outlined by swanee with references from redoaks and madodel voiced by WarpHoss at Warpstock? all those in favor pls say "aye".
<Swanee>  Great! I can't wait to sit down with Mark, Abel and you as well as Dan and Judy where we can hash this all over.
<Swanee>  aye
<WarpHoss>  aye
<Redoaks>  Aye
<Sector>  yeh
<WarpHoss>  3 aye 1 yeh
<WarpHoss>  looks as though that goes to the BoD.
<Swanee>  hehe, you'd better be good!
<Swanee>  WarpHoss: It might start a new career for you. You could be the keynote speaker at next years WS!
<WarpHoss>  Count on me man... let's do the outline and references right and I can't fail.. look at the prowess of my support.
<Swanee>  Then COMDEX!
<WarpHoss>  I am concerned about the "non-vote" from madodel..
<Swanee>  Then... the WORLD!!!!!
<WarpHoss>  His intuition would be invaluable.
*  Sector checks madodel for signs of life *
<madodel>  I can't quite figure out what you are voting on
<Swanee>  hehe, Mark is holding back until he hears your tamborine. :-)
<WarpHoss>  Swanee... you're up ... Tell him.
<Redoaks>  Have to leave-adios all
<Swanee>  We're just talking about using the VOICE presentation time at WS to do a bit of "evangelizing" for OS/2 users to get involved.
<WarpHoss>  Redoaks stay intouch.
<madodel>  And you have volunteered to do this presentation?
<WarpHoss>  I have volunteered to speak it if I can get help with the outline and references,
<Swanee>  We volunteered YOU!!! haha, no WarpHoss has volunteered
<madodel>  Ok, then it's fine with me
<WarpHoss>  man 4 ayes and no nays. BoD has to listen.
<Swanee>  I should probably get some work done. I have to leave town again tomorrow am.
<madodel>  same here
<Swanee>  I wish I was working closer to home...
<WarpHoss>  Swanee, madodel we are 3 of the votes on the BoD...
<WarpHoss>  Swanee I wish you were werking closer to home also.
<Swanee>  Yep, we'll run it by everyone
<WarpHoss>  Well. we got one thing accomplished and I am proud of that.
<Swanee>  OK, guess I'll sca-daddle. Night all!
<WarpHoss>  batting avg .250
<WarpHoss>  latre swanee.
<Sector>  Now, what else can we accomplish?
<WarpHoss>  #4 on the agenda covers that... What do you want accomplished ...
<WarpHoss>  So Sector speak up.
<Sector>  Woof!
<WarpHoss>  I guess that's it.. any objections to adjournement and just a general discussion or do I need to continue the log?
<WarpHoss>  going once.
<WarpHoss>  going twice..
<WarpHoss>  Meeting adjourned.