Warpstock 2001 SpeakUp from 9/13/2001

<mandie VOICE would like to welcome the members of the BOD and Toronto team
<mandie John, would you like to open with a word about Warpstock 2001
<mandie oh, you folks might want to introduce yourself
<JWE John Edwards Event Chair. We look forward to seeing as many OS/2 users in Toronto, October 6-8.
<mandie Stan.......
<JWE We have been hard at work to make Warpstock 2001 a success. There are still many last minute details to be worked on.
<Stan I'm Stan Sidlov, I'm the warpstock treasurer, right now I'm at the other end of any electronic registrations for 2001....
<mandie Timur.......
<timur I'm Timur Tabi. Besides being a regular member of the BoD, I write all the press releases.
<Stan I would want to remind people that we only have a couple days left for the EB Registration and the Social. Unlike last year, we can not be that flexible about the social, and we need to have your reservation by the 15th.
<Gord Can you give us some idea of the seminars planned? I'm particularly interested in programming.
<Stan Since we are having problems with ebay credit cards, we ask that you use ebay and tell them that you are going to use checks and 'other' to reserve a social ticket or a eb registration.
<Gord It looked to me like the e-bay page had Warpstock in California, not Canada.
<JWE The presentations are all listed on www.warpstock.org on the presentations page. Use the links down the left side for the various categories and they will take you to a list of presentations in each category.
<mandie Thri: thx for coming :)
<JWE We are currently working in the actual schedule and plan to have a tentative schedule posted early next week.
<MADeCSPro I'm very interested in that Wireless networking session I see is on the schedule.
<MADeCSPro I do hope that some of the sessions will be duplicated throughout the 3 days.
<Suske Are you planning to hold most sessions twice ?
*  ThriKreen can also contribute his digital camera for photos, yay microdrive =)
<JWE The plan is to hold a number of the sessions twice.
<MADeCSPro That's great.
<MADeCSPro It's always been tough in the past to choose between sessions to attend.
<Sector That'll prevent some from having to decided between two "must see" sessions
<Suske Will a conference CD be made, with the presentations ?
<JWE The conference CD is planned to be created to be handed out at the conference. But this depend on the presenters getting their slideshows and other material for the CD in.
<Suske Thanks, that's most helpful, even if incomplete
<JWE There have been some questions asked about requirements for entry into Canada. With the events of this week, security has been tightened up and new procedures are being put in place.
<MADeCSPro What kind of new procedures?
<JWE I have done some checking this morning and found that new procedures are in the works. I have no specific details yet.
<Stan It looked to me like the e-bay page had Warpstock in California, not Canada -- that's due to the issues we have with the way eBay requires us to set up the store and limitations on the descriptions.
<Suske No visa for Europeans, I hope ?
<JWE The current status is that entry from the USA by citizens requires a photo id and proof of citizenship (birth certificate, passport)
<Stan I can't see that changing due to NAFTA.....
<JWE From Europe there is a list of counties on the immigration Canada web site that do not require a visa.
<ZedFreak0 the new procedure probably mean just being more strict and to the letter of what is in force already
<JWE The best bet now is to contact the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate or the airline for the most recent information.
<JWE I have been informed that Customs is now enforcing all rules and not being as relaxed about it as before.
<ThriKreen Re: California/Canada, I had a package listed as delivery to CA and they sent it to California before realizing the error and sent it to Canada... =)
<MADeCSPro The VISA exemption web page is http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas_e.html#exemptions
<JWE Thank you I was just getting the URL. The inital page for visitor information is http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/index.html
<JWE Are there any other questions?
<ThriKreen Any word on volunteers? I volunteered and got the email back saying they got the form, but nothing else since.
<JWE The volunteers that we have received will be contacted in the next week about the specific needs for the event.
<mandie is there any type of social gathering planned for Friday night?
<ThriKreen I just realized, it's going to be over the weekend, I have class on saturday =(
<mandie "unofficial" social that is :)....pizza/beer...or whatever :)
<ZedFreak are more volunteers needed?
<Suske The web site mentions a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum
<joel1 the website suggests a trip to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)
<mandie ah, ok
*  joel1 has been there twice
<ThriKreen nah, what you really need is a visit to the CN Tower and the glass floor
<JWE Friday evening started at 7:00 pm we are planning to open registration, the exhibit hall and a room for informal gathering.
<Suske It seems Friday night is free entrance, and Brad Barclay plans to form a group to go there
<Stan Warpstock always needs more volunteers....
<Gord The museum is worth seeing but it is in downtown Toronto and Warpstock is in the northwest corner of the city. Have your transportation planned.
<ZedFreak where can I volunteer myself?
<JWE Certainly, use the volunteer form on the website.
<Gord I live in Toronto. Are there any questions about the city? I might be able to answer them.
<timur what kind of transportation is there between the hotel and "downtown"?
<ThriKreen Toronto has a decent public transit system
<Gord Several kinds, from public transit (bus), to taxi and limo service.
<timur no trains near the hotel?
<ThriKreen where's the hotel?
<timur 970 Dixon Road
<timur http://www.warpstock.org/2001/location/location.html
<ThriKreen ah, by the airport
<JWE There is a shuttle service from the hotel to Union Station (downtown) every 2 hours. price $12 one-way $20 round trip.
<ThriKreen lots of taxies, and I think there's a new streetcar stop too
<Gord Not really good train service. Commuter only at rush hours. Don't count on it.
<ZedFreak www.ttc.ca for Transit info
<ThriKreen if you want to save money, get a taxi to a subway and take it from there
<timur taxi is cheaper than shuttle?
<Gord Taxi is not cheaper than shuttle but taxi goes when you want to.
<ThriKreen I live just beyond the downtown core opposite the airport, so it'll be a bit more expensive than the $45-47cdn I paid once.
<Gord 2 or 3 people splitting a taxi ride fare might be reasonable.
<JWE To find information on the public transit check the URL http://www.toronto.com/feature/292/ This provides information on buses and the subway including maps.
<Stan well, I'm driving to Toronto, and I used to be a taxi driver, but I charge high....
<mandie Tonight VOICE plans to give away 2 free 3 day passes to Warpstock 2001
<mandie do we have anyone here that is interested?
<Gord I'm interested.
<Suske Ofcoz ...
<mandie only those interested should participate in this
<mandie I'm consulting my team :)
<mandie Question #1
<mandie what year was the first session of Warped Jeopardy held at Warpstock?
<Suske 1999
<mandie Suske: correcT!
<mandie that must have been too easy :)
<Suske For some, maybe
<mandie suske: plz send me your full name and we'll make arrangements for you to pick up your ticket at the door...judy@moon-scape.com
<Suske Will do.
<mandie thx
<mandie In which city was Warpstock 1998 held?
<Gord San Francisco
<mandie Gord: nope
<mandie anyone else?
<timur I know, but I already bought my tickets.
<mandie the answer is.......the windy city :)
<mandie Chicago
<mandie I'm thinking up another
<mandie What year was the first Warpstock held?
<Gord 1997
<MADeCSPro We have a winner. ;-)
<mandie Gord: congrats!
<mandie Gord: plz send me your full name also
<mandie ticket will be available at the door
<mandie judy@moon-scape.com
<mandie does anyone have any questions for the Warpstock folks?
<Gord Why was the suggestion raised that this might be the last warpstock?
<mandie We'd like to thank the Toronto team and the Warpstock BOD and we wish hope that you have a very successful event!
<JWE One thing that no one has mentioned is food. There is an excellent restaurant in the hotel (see menu on website) and we will be providing everyone with the list of about 30 others within walking distance. No I haven't tried them all.
<mandie JWE: you still have time :)
<ZedFreak is there/will there be a schedule of presentations soon/ever?
<mandie ZedFreak: that was answered prior to your arrival
<mandie We are currently working in the actual schedule and plan to have a
<mandie tentative schedule posted early next week.
<mandie bad paste
<mandie I'd like to thank everyone for coming tonight and congratulations to our winners of the free passes to Warpstock 2001...enjoy!
<MADeCSPro People are welcome to stay and continue if they have more questions and the Warpstock people are willing to answer them.
<Stan not a problem for a while....
<ThriKreen anyone up for the Playdium?
<timur pladium?
<timur playdium?
<ZedFreak oooh, playdium, haven't been there for a while
<ThriKreen think every arcade machine out there in one building
<ThriKreen and 3hrs to play them all, unlimited credits.
<Stan I'm a pinball freak...
<ThriKreen well, every recent arcade machine
<ZedFreak they have pinball
<ThriKreen Oh, and a minputt, gocart, some other outside activities
<ZedFreak full size indycar game where you sit in an actual car and get thrown around in from of massive screen, racing 7 other people doing the same
<ThriKreen ~15-20min drive south of the airport
<ThriKreen Ya, that Indy 500 rocks
<ZedFreak from=front
<ZedFreak batting cages
<ZedFreak licensed bar
<ZedFreak :-)
<ThriKreen hot chicks
<ZedFreak ahem, mostly YOUNG 'hot chicks'
<Stan I was just in Ocean City, MD a mini-golf capitol with dozens of mini-golfs. I shoot a average 54....
<ThriKreen which is usually kind of surprising, but I think most of the time it's because they're with their boyfriends.
<ThriKreen but it's a great place to unwind
<Stan well, playdium sounds okay, maybe we should put it on the list of things to do?
<ThriKreen Sounds like a plan.
<joel1 Can we go to CHUM/CityTV?
<joel1 Home of Bravo TV
<ThriKreen uh... what for?
<joel1 http://www.toronto.com/profile?fid=4&id=147421
<Stan I like the Playdium web site, works with QuickMotion/2 v2...... http://www.playdium.com/index1.html
<Stan TRL for Toronto from the look of the web site
<Stan but one of the Playdiums is also on john street..... is it near?
<ThriKreen near to the CityTV building yes
<ThriKreen like a block away
<Stan maybe we can setup a single guy's (or cheating man's) Toronto and a 'afraid of the wife' tour?
<ThriKreen but the Paramount Playdium isn't as good as the Square One Playdium - more cramped and less selection, and no outdoor stuff, and pay parking
<Stan don'tcha think whipping around in go carts at night in October could be chilly? Oops! its Canada! Sorry that the thought crossed my mind....
<Stan well, I'll see about puting Playdium on the web site.....I gotta go. Bye