SpeakUp with the Warp Expo West team from 09/13/99

<Abraxas> rings a bell :-)
<Joeservan> Thankyou.
<Abraxas> wrong window ... I HATE it when that happens :-)
<Sector> Hi DAve
<DaveW> wish i was on east coast
<DaveW> way too nice an afternoon here to be inside
<mandie> it's 8pm but if there are no objections...how about we wait another 10 minutes for more visitors to arrive ????
<Carla> Rollin - want to start with some background?
<mandie> Randell!!!!
<Joeservan> OK.
<mandie> hmm
<Randell> I'm just watching tonight...
<rollin> Waiting sounds good to me.
<DaveW> taskmaster rollin said that? Where's the real Rollin??
<rollin> He's working :)
<mandie> DaveW: you received the VOICE banner?
<DaveW> have the banner, made a nice frame for it
<rollin> Did PVC work?
<DaveW> we can't hang stuff, i wanted it to show up
<mandie> good, was hoping it was still in good condition..it's been in my basement since last year
<DaveW> pvc was a great tip
<mandie> that's great
<DaveW> i never used it, was easy to build
<DaveW> i can assemble it in under 2 minutes
<mandie> isn't pvc what they use to cover cold water pipes?
<DaveW> white plastic tubing
<rollin> Sector, the PCL flier looks like the .GIF. I forget which part wasn't printing, but it does look like the GIF.
<Abraxas> pvc *IS* water pipes :-)
<mandie> ahhh
<DaveW> rigid, but gets floppy in long lengths
<mandie> now I know what you're talking about :)
<Abraxas> Wayne!!!!
<DaveW> i have a brace in the middle. 3/4 " pipe
<Swanee> Hi Abraxas :-)
<DaveW> won't stand up to strong wind, but we don't expect much
<Swanee> What's getting rigid? Is this the right channel?
<Abraxas> hehe .. speaking of strong wind :-(
<mandie> let's not :(
<Swanee> :-) brb
<mandie> but we could discuss that now
<Sector> Well, if you invited mickysoft corporation you could get a lot of hot wind...
<mandie> we'll need a backup plan for Saturday :(
<Abraxas> mandie We *do* need a backup plan
<mandie> yes, we do
<DaveW> what happens saturday?
<Carla> Hi, Steven - we're killing time waiting for a bigger crowd
<mandie> DaveW: YOU will be having IRC sessions for voice and scoug
<StevenL> Waiting for Dave's magic 50?
<mandie> only the webbnet servers will not be up
<Abraxas> for anyone who doesn't know .. there is a VERY good chance that we won't have WEBBnet this weekend
<mandie> they are evacuating due to the hurricane :(
<DaveW> inevitable 50
<StevenL> The Russian contingent has arrived.
<mandie> Zoltan: hi :)
<StevenL> Yeah, I was getting ready to call my dad. He lives in Coconut Creek.
<DaveW> does webbnet depend on florida?
<Timka> hello all!
<Abraxas> Zoltan the new Subject lines working for you?
<WarpHoss> DaveW > Yes.
<Sector> The main WEBBnet servers are located there
<mandie> we can't wait until Saturday to find out....we need to determine what servers we will use so an announcement can go out
<StevenL> Yes, Dave.
<Abraxas> WEBBnet is *in* Florida ....Holly Hills .. a suburb of Daytona Beach
<mandie> WEBBnet is in Daytona
<DaveW> it's also in 29 palms, ca?
<Abraxas> They are packing up all their equipment and moving it inland tomorrow
<Sector> Well, the most import parts anyway. The individual servers aren't all in Florida
<mandie> sector: true, but in order to join together, they all need to be on a main hub
<mandie> anyway.......
<Abraxas> The main servers (irc.webbnet.org and irc.us.webbnet.org) are in Florida
<mandie> VOICE would like to welcome the organizers of Warp Expo West
<DaveW> can't we just designate another server as "main"?
<Zoltan> I don't know what I am doing, so I just going to hang around, participating by reading only.
<mandie> Carla Hanzlik, Rollin White and Peter Skye
<Sector> Not that simple
<mandie> Rollin, would you like to give us a little background and what we have to look forward to?
<rollin> Actually, Peter's not here, and Steve Schiffman and Dave Watson are also part of the team.
<mandie> I stand corrected...or sit corrected :)
<rollin> It all started doing my paper route up hill both ways... Oh, that's a different story...
<mandie> LOL
<rollin> Several years ago we came up with the idea of an Open House to help promote OS/2 and SCOUG...
<rollin> I also wanted to get all of the information we had in the membership out to the rest of the community as well as the members who didn't make it to every meeting.
<rollin> We had our first Open House with several exhibitors and a dozen or so presentations. It was a success.
<rollin> The next year we upped the number of presentations, exhibitors, and decided to do a CD to celebrate SCOUG's five year anniversary. It worked to. The CD was a hit, the event was a hit.
<Carla> Rollin's being a bit understated.
<rollin> This year we decided to step it up another notch. The first hurdle was the facility since our last Open House pretty much maxed out our normal facility. We also decided to give it a catchier name.
<Swanee> Carla: Why? What's he wearing?
<Swanee> :-)
<mandie> Carla: tell it like it "really" is
<rollin> Then Peter stepped in and started making lots of noise (thjat's why we pay him the big bucks).
<mandie> hehe
<rollin> Over the past three months we've put together 25+ presentations, more than a dozen exhibitors, and several special exhibits including Vendor100, Server Madness, and a few others.
<rollin> That's the reader's digest version. Does the team have anything to add?
<mandie> does that include Warp Jeopardy?
<Carla> Ah - Warped Jeopardy!
<DaveW> we'd like to thank voice for being an exhibitor
<Carla> Jeopardy is one of the special events.
<rollin> Yes Warp Jeopardy is an exhibit/presentation. It will be like normal Celebrety Jeopardy but with Warped questions and rules. We did a dry run yesterday and it was a lot of fun.
<Swanee> Warped Jeopardy - Great idea!
<DaveW> we've had games every year
<rollin> Good point Dave. VOICE is one of the exhibitors and will be conducting IRC sessions and itnerviews.
<DaveW> 1st year was throwing darts at pix of gates. We've mellowed
<rollin> Dave is our director of fun. He ran the dart game for throwing darts at Bill Gates the first year.
<mandie> VOICE is very pleased to be able to participate in the event
<rollin> Most of all it's FREE. SCOUG has always tried to extend every opportunity to each member of the community including vendors, presenters, etc.
<mandie> Dave: this year you have a pic of Lou G up instead?
<DaveW> we love lou
<mandie> will there be a CD available for the public to order?
<rollin> Good question. We are producing a CD. The primary goal is for the attendees, but there's been so much interest we're looking at making it available after the fact as well. We will be publishing the session handouts and samples on our web site.
<Carla> We're actually working on the CD as we chat.
<mandie> ohhhhhhh, I HAVE to have one of the cd's...even if I have to have an attendee buy it for me!
<Swanee> et moi...
<rollin> I'm sure we can arrange something.
<mandie> that's good news :)
<DaveW> voice members, sector and i can make sure anyone who wants one gets one
<SteveS> The CD producing process may be one of the featured servers in the ServerMadness exhibit.
<rollin> Chances are very good the CD will be available. But we're putting it on the Web because we're more interested in getting the information out than selling CDs.
<mandie> how many participants in the Vendor100 offering?
<rollin> Mandie, if you count exhibitors (which we planned to from the beginning), we're beyond 100. We're close to doing 100 without the exhibitors.
<mandie> wow, that's terrific!
<Carla> They'll be on the CD, too
<rollin> I'm pleased!
<mandie> maybe you'll need to plan 2 days next year :)
<rollin> Yes, the Vendor100 Exhibit sans hardware can basically run off of the CD.
<mandie> that's alot to absorb in one day
<rollin> Several people asked about 2 days this year and it's a much different environment and strategy for two days.
<mandie> understood :)
<rollin> I've been pleased by the schedule. When I put together the presentations on the CD I was amazed! The presenters have done a great job.
<Carla> I think the Expo grew a little bigger than we expected this year.
<rollin> They've put together comprhensive documents talking about thier subjects.
<mandie> sure, just tease us!
<SteveS> We convinced Peter Skye to join the team and the event got bigger than we planned.
<rollin> We've got 600K in HTML only for the presentations.
<Carla> Yes - the presentation materials are impressive.
<mandie> wow
<mandie> Peter does have a way with words :)
<Carla> you can imagine what it's like on our end
<mandie> LOL
<Kerni> Peter does a great job with daily news regarding warp expo west !!
<mandie> yes, he does
<Carla> we're lucky
<SteveS> Sometimes even more than we know about!!
<rollin> The benefit of Peter's way with words is that lots of people from the community stepped forward. About half of the presentations are from SCOUG members and the other half are from visitors.
<rollin> One of the projects Peter has been working on should be of interest to this group...
<mandie> do we get to find out tonight, or do we have to wait until the 18th?
<rollin> There will be a couple of web cams at the event to broadcast the video from certain parts. Events like the media roundtable.
<SteveS> All the presentation topics and schedules are on the SCOUG web page at WWW.SCOUG.COM.
<rollin> Specifically www.scoug.com/warpexpowest
<SteveS> I always just click on the Warp Expo West logo!
<rollin> Dave will be manning the VOICE and Internet SIG tables conducting interviews and other online discussions.
<mandie> SteveS: me too :)
<Kerni> rollin: is it possible to include those webcams into other webpages? I would like to add them (or one) to OS2.org
<mandie> and VOICE thanks Dave for making it possible for VOICE to be a part of the event
<WarpHoss> What are the os/2 requirements for "viewing" the webcams?
<mandie> just a browser
<rollin> Kerni, probably not. The camera will have a dynamic address, so we'll have dynamic web pages pointing to them.
<mandie> with graphics enabled, of course :)
<Kerni> rollin: well, the direct URL to the pics would be fine :)
<rollin> WarpHoss, it uses Server Side push, so for OS/2 any version of Netscape will work. IE won't but who cares?
<WarpHoss> Great.
<rollin> Kerni, yes we'll have pictures too. We're going to have people with camera's crusing the show.
<Kerni> nice :)
<rollin> Thanks! :)
<rollin> Many of the vendors will be offering discounts on their products.
<rollin> There will be audience participation in Jeopardy!
<Joeservan> Thats good because people like me in Buffalo, NY will probably never be able to get to one of these events. (READ: to expensive to travel :))
<rollin> We will also have two computers setup with Star Frontier so you can play head to head with Expo attendees.
<Randell> And I get to be the host of Jeopardy!
<DaveW> i've never seen randell in a necktie
<Carla> Randell has come up with some hum-dinger answers that need questions...
<Sector> Or would that be Stellar Frontier?
<mandie> DaveW: what makes you think you will now :)
<rollin> Sector, thanks. I don't play the game (obviously!)
<rollin> That's right, it's Warped Jeopardy.
<Randell> No necktie -- this is *Warped* Jeopardy!
<mandie> :)
<Carla> It's going to take a few twists and turns
<mandie> Warped Jeopardy?
<Sector> So we'll just have to twist the necktie
<Joeservan> Thankyou for doing the vidcam thing.
<WarpHoss> Audience participation including the web audience?
<rollin> WarpHoss, no we don't have a practical way of doing that (yet).
<Carla> I'm hoping some of the IBMers go to it...
<rollin> I'm sure several of them will.
<rollin> We really have packed too much into the one day event. For every time slot, most people have 2-3 things they'd like to go to. We have to figure out how to solve that next time.
<rollin> msg randell Do you have a triva question for the give-away?
<rollin> Opps :)
<mandie>  /dcc send rollin /
<DaveW> we'll have at least two sessions on tape for each hour
<mandie> :)
<SteveS> Big ops...
<rollin> At least I didn't say "and the answer to the question is..."
<mandie> LOL
<DaveW> we'll have copies of the tapes available for loan if anybody wants to see them
<mandie> rollin: it would be "What is"
<SteveS> Minus 1000 points for Rollin.
<mandie> DaveW: any plans to reproduce the tapes?
<rollin> Mandie, I was surprised how hard it was for people, ourselves included to remember that.
<mandie> :)
<DaveW> we'll repro the tapes as demand indicates
<mandie> DaveW: I'm sure if you let ppl know if the demand is high enough it will happen...then you will get alot of folks who would go for it
<rollin> Create a lot of work for Dave!
<Carla> Well, Dave, I'll put my order in for a Warped Jeopardy tape right now.
<mandie> lol
<mandie> question for Randell
<Randell> I'm not here
<mandie> Randell: will the questions be duplicated at Warpstock?
<mandie> :)
<rollin> The Vendor100 exhibit will be great. Serenity Systems is supplying the hardware and WiseManager to run the exhibit on. We'll have sixe computers available.
<Randell> No way! All new "answers" for Warpstock...
<mandie> I can't wait to see wise manager
<Randell> Some new categories as well..
<mandie> good :)
<rollin> We'll even have a way for Palm Pilot users to drop their pilot in the cradle and transfer the event schedule automatically.
<Swanee> rollin: Sounds neat!
<rollin> Can I get an ahhhh?
<Randell> And probably some different twists just to make things even more interesting!
<StevenL> New questions? I already asked everything I know.
<mandie> sounds like you folks have done alot of planning and mucho hard work!
<Projects> Abraxas is always looking for excuses to buy stuff :)
<mandie> StevenL: and what you didn't ...I did :)
<Abraxas> Projects I bought 500 brochures, this morning :-)) (you;ll get the bill)
<Abraxas> DaveW will have 100 of them by Friday
<Projects> Abraxas: as long as the palm pilot bill doesn't tag along :)
<Abraxas> Projects shhhhh .......
<rollin> A question for the "audience" How does what we've discussed tonight relate to your prior impressions of Warp Expo West?
<mandie> will you also have the museum this year?
<Swanee> rollin: I regret to say I hadn't known about it until this year.
<rollin> Mandie, no the museum is in moth balls. It takes a tremendous amount of work and we just couldn't squeeze it in.
<Carla> The OS/2 Museum is packed in many boxes in our storage room
<mandie> ok, just wondered
<rollin> We'll be happy to ship it to your garage :)
<mandie> it was a nice walk through the history of OS/2 :)
<Carla> *Maybe* next year
<rollin> It takes a full size van to move.
<mandie> that's ok...I'll survive on memories :)
<Swanee> It sounds great though. I made reservations last week for WS and checked on airfare to LA also. It was just a bit high for me to justify for the weekend. I should have tried to get it a month ago. :-(
<rollin> priceline.com :)
<Carla> SouthWest sometimes has real cheap fares
<Carla> I got a granola bar once!!
<mandie> consider yourself lucky :)
<rollin> You must have flown first class !
<mandie> lol
<Carla> WiseManager?
<rollin> What about it?
* Swanee is happy if he doesn't have to help pedal! *
<Carla> You started to talk about it.
<mandie> Carla: that's it...keep him on topic :)
<rollin> Oh, yes WiseManager will be the supporting infrastructure for Vendor100. Six clients 1 server and a redundant server.
<mandie> plz explain "redundant server"
<rollin> Incase the first one breaks :)
<Carla> Wise Manager is pretty slick. It's developed locally (So CA), but marketed out of Texas
<mandie> how redundnt!
<rollin> Seriously, it's just a second copy of the first server incase there is hardware or other problems.
<Carla> we like to play it safe!
<mandie> understand now ;)
<Kerni> I would love to attend to any of WEW or WS... but I am a poor european student :-)
<DaveW> hot backup?
<mandie> HotSwap :)
<rollin> Backup works too.
<rollin> Cold swap.
<rollin> Steve, talk a little about the facilities. How's the network coming?
<Longstaff> server cluster?
<Kerni> madodel: I will attend that one .))
<Carla> Kerni - See, you're lucky!
<SteveS> We are using the Chapman Univeristy facilities that are used for classes and conferences.
<Joeservan> Sigh, the more I hear about it, the more I wish I could go. Besides, I haven't been to California in years. :(
<Kerni> Carla: hehe
<Carla> the weather's ok, too
<SteveS> The campus is fully lan enabled with hubs in each building with fiber backbone to the router in the data center.
<Joeservan> :-)
<rollin> Chapman is right near Old Towne Orange. There's a traffic circle with a ton of antique shops and other neat old stores.
<Carla> these facilities really do make it easier to put the show on
<rollin> Steve, so we don't need my 300 baud modem?
<mandie> careful when you use the word "old"!
<SteveS> The lan segment we will be using is DHCP servered and we will have up to 64 IP addresses availalbe to us.
<Carla> Old in California terms... 1887 or so
<WarpHoss> For Educational purpose we will be able to "View" the remote LAN and or perhaps login via the Web and interact?
<SteveS> Do not need that modem.
<mandie> now that's old! ::)
<SteveS> Chapman is connected to the Internet via multiple T1 lines.
<mandie> how many rooms will be occupied by WEW?
<Kerni> how are you able to afford all of that ? sponsors ?
<rollin> Things like the Webcam will be coming from inside the LAN. The IRC chats will too. But beyond that, I'm not sure how we can involved the outside world.
<WarpHoss> ok.
<Carla> we're using 5 rooms and a lot of nice wide hall space
<rollin> Kerni, no there are no sponsors. SCOUG is lucky enough to have had a very successful financial history so they are in a position to cover all of the costs.
<Sector> http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest/chapman.html
<DaveW> i'll have a floppy w/ezirc for each exhibitor, ask them to be online with irc
<mandie> rollin: how large is SCOUG's membership?
<SteveS> This is why WEW is free to attendees and exhibitors.
<rollin> It also happens becuase of the countless hours of volunteer effort that is put it. Probably close to 1000 hours total.
<Carla> only a thousand?
<rollin> SCOUG has about 140 members. Most of those are local and most are active.
<WarpHoss> Dave > just what Iwanted to see.
<mandie> Carla: he's slacking!
<rollin> Carla, I originally was going to say 10000, but that seemed a little high.
<mandie> rollin: but probably closer to the actual :)
<rollin> I have about 3000 messages in my Expo folder from this year.
<SteveS> The rest of the team members are slacking off and not contributing enough hours!!
<Carla> speak for yourself, Steve
<rollin> We've got about 40 volunteers for Saturday.
<mandie> that's great
<Kerni> wow
<mandie> is the event always held on the 3rd Saturday in Sept?
<mandie> just for those that want to plan ahead for next year :)
<rollin> Our main meeting is always the 3rd saturday. The first year we did it in July but the middle of the Summer is not the best time to have the event. The next year we moved it to September to coincide with our Birthday.
<mandie> well, I think you might start planning for WEW 2000 :)
<mandie> atleast the date :)
<rollin> I have to get through Saturday first.
<mandie> :)
<SteveS> We have a strecher on call for Saturday.
<rollin> Having a good team always makes planning this event easier too. It helps that Carla and I work 10 feet from each other. But the other team members work well together too.
<mandie> I personally wish you folks the best of luck and success with this years event...
<rollin> Thank you!
<madodel> Speaking of Sept 18th, Brad Wardell posted on Usenet that he thought he'd have something to report concerning the Stardock-IBM negotiations for a client on Sept. 18th. Has anyone at WEW heard from Brad? It would be nice to get him on IRC that day
<DaveW> you gonna have a speakup?
<rollin> It would be nice! We'll see what we can do.
<mandie> DaveW: we NEVER have a speakup on the 3rd Sat of the month...that's SCOUG's general meeting, silly :)
<mandie> DavidA: hi!!
<DavidA> mandie: Hi there!
<mandie> do we have anymore questions/suggestions for the WEW team?
<Swanee> I'm hoping there will be an irc hookup. Did I miss that in the discussion? (Barring any trouble with Floyd)
<Carla> You did. There will be - Dave?
<rollin> Swannee there will definitely be IRC.
<Sector> #voice and #scoug will be live all day
<Swanee> Great. At least I can "kinda" be there. :-)
<Carla> with pictures, too
<mandie> stick around folks after the WEW discussion and we can discuss a backup for Saturday's IRC
<Abraxas> We really need to coordinate a backup plan for IRC should WEBBnet be down this weekend
<SteveS> DaveW is working on a IRC schedule for interviews with presenters after their presentations.
<WarpHoss> We need Team WEW to assist in that discussion.
<Swanee> Sector: hehe, "Oh ye of little faith" :-)
<DaveW> check the schedule online, i plan to have an interview at each "break"
<DaveW> plan to have speakers from previous hour stop by and summarize their pres
<mandie> WarpHoss: we just need DaveW :)
<mandie> sounds good
<Joeservan> What irc channel is #scoug on?
<DaveW> also, i have been given a presentation slot which I am using as a promotion for voice
<Sector> #scoug channel. Same WEBBnet network
<DaveW> #scoug is right here on webbnet
<rollin> SCOUG would like to give away a copy of our WEW CD and a SCOUG CD holder when we're done. We have a trivia question to select the winner...
<mandie> Joeservan: the channel is #scoug and right now it is on the WEBBnet network
<Abraxas> Joeservan Channel is #scoug .... IRC Network is WEBBent .. same as this meeting right now
<Joeservan> Thankyou :)
<DaveW> check www.scoug.com/chat for a link to the draft presentation
<DaveW> i hope to get feedback on what to say to make it convincing to newbies to join our chata
<Abraxas> VOICEA is deeply indebted to DaveW
<Abraxas> At least for a few beers :-)
<DaveW> i have 2 objectives for expo: inform offsite public, and encourage participants to join irc
<rollin> Shall we do the trivia, or are there other questions?
<mandie> DaveW: maybe you need Peter to get some announcements out :)
<DaveW> i'm hoping we have an audience on #scoug and #voice all day so the participants can see it's useful
<mandie> rollin: go ahead with the trivia
<StevenL> Triva. I'm going to save my questions.
<rollin> Actually, I'll have Alex, er Randell offer the answer.
<mandie> hehe
<Randell> Thank you, Rollin, and welcome folks to the special... VOICE... Edition... of... Jeopardy!
<StevenL> Audience applauds....
<mandie> awww :)
<Randell> Tonight's VOICE Jeopardy category is...
<Randell> Jeopardy!
<madodel> Where's Vanna? oh that's the "Wheel"
<mandie> right church...wrong pew :)
<Randell> Contestants, please be sure to phrase your response in terms of a question.
<Randell> You won't have 30 seconds because I guess the first correct question wins.
<mandie> VOICE board and their family is not eligible
<Randell> Ready?
<Randell> The answer is...
<Randell> Art Fleming
<DaveW> what is dutch painting?
<mandie> I know, I know!
<StevenL> What is the announcer's name?
<SteveS> What is the original Jepaordy host.
<DavidA> Who was the original host of Jeopardy?
<Joeservan> What is the producers name?
<Randell> SteveS is correct... but I got the answer privately from Sector first...
<Randell> I'm not sure what the rules are concerning that.
<Randell> Judges?
<DaveW> ... and steves is ineligible
<SteveS> If the answer is not public, it does not count....
<Abraxas> Gotta be public
<StevenL> What does Sector have to hide?
<StevenL> :)
<mandie> his answer!
<DaveW> some say he's really a bot
<mandie> I'm going to have to say the first correct public answer
<StevenL> Next week. No more hiding.
<mandie> we have never /msg the answers
<mandie> sorry sector :(
<Abraxas> WAIT!
<mandie> sector: then you've been wrong until now
<Randell> Great game and see you at Warp Expo West!
<mandie> Randell: thank you :)
<mandie> yes, Dan?
<SteveS> And I only took a guess at the answer. Where were the answers from all the rest of you?
<Abraxas> Once upon a time, long ago, we DID have a few Trivia questions in VOICE Speakups where the answer was sent by prvt msg
<Sector> The rules never said it had to be public...
<mandie> SteveS: I msg'd Randell with the correct answer also..but I knew I didin't count :)
<Abraxas> 1st /msg to the quizzer got the prize ... but it's been a LONG time
<rollin> I think we can give both of them the prize. Not a problem.
<Abraxas> Perhaps we should calrify the rules and try again?
<mandie> rollin: thank you...that solves that
<WarpHoss> rollin has the best suggestion.
<SteveS> Randell, do you have another answer that needs a Question?
<StevenL> What is calrify?
<Randell> Sector /msg'ed me *before* mandie
<mandie> congrats Sector and SteveS :)
<StevenL> I'm practicing...
<StevenL> Rah...
<DaveW> i answered, but I confused flemming with flemmish
<mandie> errr SteveL :)
<Randell> Game over for tonight!
<WarpHoss> Congrats to the both of you.
<mandie> lol
<DaveW> do i get another chance?
<mandie> DaveW: nope..the studio lights are off for the night :)
<mandie> no more buzzer!
<DaveW> calrify is when you log in to webbnet through calif2
<Abraxas> StevenS Same as Clarify .... but without spell check :-)
<mandie> abraxas: and announce prior to each contest
<mandie> lol
<Swanee> My wife knew it but I didn't have the foggiest notion.
<mandie> I'd like to thank our guests for coming tonight
<mandie> and also
<mandie> for the excellent job they do in reaching out to the users of OS/2
<mandie> now....
<Carla> :-)
<Abraxas> VOICE would like to thank Everyone who joined tonight
<mandie> we need to decide what server we will use Sat
<Sector> That works, Swanee's wife isn't a BoD member...
<mandie> Abraxas: are you lagged or what!
<DaveW>  world famous warp helpdesk on #scoug in 40 minutes
<Swanee> Sector: hehe, I should have her doing this at every meeting. :-)
<mandie> Sector: but she's family :)
<Abraxas> mandie ... err ... it's the "or what" :-)
<mandie> hehe
<WarpHoss> DaveW > What needs to be done in case webbnet is not werking properly on Saturday?
<mandie> I think we should plan on using another server and announce asap
<Swanee> mandie: She's got some roast beef waiting for me now. Ain't she nice! :-)
<DaveW> uh, wait for the logs?
<mandie> we can't wait until Friday and then not have ppl know what server we're using
<Abraxas> EFNet? ... Undernet??? ... IRCNet???
<DaveW> good question. maybe we can get undernet to host us
<Swanee> Pick one
<mandie> Swanee: she must get paid well :)
<Projects> d) all of the above?
<WarpHoss> wishnet? fishnet?
<Projects> hehehe
<Randell> Bye all...
<mandie> DaveW: it's just a matter of going in and starting a channel
<Swanee> mandie: Paid? hahahahahahahahaaaa....
<mandie> :)
<Abraxas> Doesn't matter which one ... all we have to do is start a channel or 2\
<mandie> wishful thinking eh :)
<Abraxas> But we have to know which one ... and announce it
<mandie> we just won't be able to use a bot
<WarpHoss> Yes.
<Joeservan> Night everyone.
<DaveW> we shouldn't crash their net should we?
<mandie> no
<WarpHoss> We need to make sure it is not a win -net to minimize the crash part ...
<Longstaff> if it helps - the #os/2warp channel on the undernet would be pleased to host the session if webbnet is offline
<DaveW> crash = uninvited
<Abraxas> I don't know the rules on EFNet or Undernet ... but we can run a bot in IRCnet
<mandie> Longstaff: thx, but we'd start a #voice and #scout
<mandie> errr #scoug :)
<DaveW> great. i'll put that on the expo communications pabe
<DaveW> page
<mandie> we won't need a bot
<Projects> poor bot...
<mandie> let's use undernet..there is less traffic
<mandie> and less vagrants :)
<madodel> Has anyone checked if there is already a #voice or #scoug on Undernet or efnet?
<DaveW> voice topic - i'd really be grateful for review and comments on the presentation
<mandie> not that I'm aware of
<Abraxas> What we need is to make a decision ... and open the channel, now ... with a few chanops who will be around to maintian the ops in the channel until Saturday
<DaveW> i'm trying to make this something to entice the participants to join us
<mandie> I'll be in and out Sat :(
<mandie> I'm for undernet
<mandie> madodel: I'm checking now
<Abraxas> Well, there is already a #voice channel on Underbet
<mandie> ahh..there's a voice on undernet
<Abraxas> Undernet, even
<mandie> there isn't on efnet
<Kerni> and there isn't on IRCnet
<Zoltan> Well, good night. Have to get ready for Floyd's visit (if it comes this far (NC)).
<Longstaff> how about an #os2voice channel on undernet?
<mandie> I've never been to ircnet
<Abraxas> Well, EFnet is available for #voice
<mandie> no #scoug on either
<DaveW> no scoug here either, but we get 6 hrs/week out of it
<mandie> is that what he's been doing!
<Abraxas> Stupid app doesn't know what I'm thinking :-)
<Projects> looks like it :)
<DaveW> i've been meaning to ask, how do we go about getting #scoug listed?
<Projects> hehehehe
<Abraxas> No .... PITA progarm :-)
<mandie> #os2voice is open on undernet as is #scoug
<WarpHoss> I like the undernet.
<mandie> DaveW: listed where?
<mandie> I prefer undernet also
<DaveW> mandie: on webbnet
<Projects> DaveW: once a channel's opened, it's listed
<mandie> daveW: do a /list
<Sector> Thats what we got SCOUGbot for
<Longstaff> DaveW - essentially you mail a form to cservice.undernet.org and wait 21 days
<Kerni> ok, everybody. thx for the interesting session
<Kerni> cu all
<mandie> Kerni: see ya :)
<WarpHoss> cu Kerni.
<DaveW> i see. why doesn't it show up in my apps when i'm joining
<mandie> Longstaff: that's for undernet...he wanted WEBBnet
<Longstaff> DaveW - my last comment applies if you're talking about permanent registration
<Sector> Doesn't everyone want WEBBnet?
<WarpHoss> Yes if it's werking on Saturday.
<mandie> DaveW: if you were to go to efnet and a /list showed up...you'd probably flood out the client :)
<madodel> Abraxas: well how is IRCnet or DALnet then?
<Projects> Sector: ya, but we're discussing a "just in case" net :)
<mandie> sector: we can't count on them with the hurricane
<Longstaff> sector - i think we do, but this began in they hypothesis that webbnet might be offline in the hurricane situation on saturday
<DaveW> i think irc sux (= not good use of time) in most cases. voice's speakups are a well focused exception
<mandie> and we can't wait until the last minute to put out an announcement about the change in serverz
<DaveW> there seems to be very little scheduled, planned content on irc
<mandie> DaveW: there is alot of help offered in irc
<WarpHoss> With effort VOICE and SCOUG seem to be changing that somewhat.
<mandie> alot of BS also..but you have to take the good with the bad :)
<Projects> irc = planned mayhem :)
<DaveW> help with email too, and better use of my time
<Sector> Agreed, I was just refering to the: " Longstaff: that's for undernet...he wanted WEBBnet"
<mandie>  +m planned tranquility :)
<Projects> hehehe
<mandie>  /k backup for +m :)
<Projects> and /kb for those really slow learners :)
<DaveW> the realtime aspect of irc is useful, if we can find a way to focus it to attract an audience
<mandie> lol
<mandie> DaveW: agreed, but that depends on the channel and topic
<mandie> there are those that use irc just for socializing with others..
<DaveW> yes. but it's like tv without a tv guide
<mandie> hehe
<DaveW> you just turn it on and hope something useful is there
<Abraxas> clinet crashed
<Longstaff> irc is helpful as part of a broader net comm strategy......that includes websites and ftpsites prepared
<Abraxas> Client, even
<madodel> clinet? Is that a new IRC network?
<mandie> ok, so what server for Saturday
<DaveW> projects must have lots of spare time
<DaveW> are we sure webbnet will be down?
<mandie> there needs to be an announcement sent out and posting on our websites of the change
<WarpHoss> Webbnet , if not the backup,net
<mandie> DaveW: we really can't wait to find out if it will be or not
<DaveW> the alternate is backup, right?
<Projects> DaveW: nah... I don't like the satellite guide much, so I do a lot of hopping :)
<mandie> we need to let ppl know that will be attending irc Sat
<Longstaff> how about posting the announcement: try webbnet first; then try undernet if webbnet is down
<madodel> Well Floyd may miss Florida entirely, but where ever it hits, it's supposed to be pretty devestating
<mandie> or do we tell them to check the website saturday morning?
<DaveW> i'll make sure whatever directions are necesssary are on the expo web site
<Abraxas> I say cover all bases
<mandie> I likek Longstaff's idea also
<Abraxas> Announcements, website news. etc
<WarpHoss> webbnet first. undernet second. website frequently.
<Projects> add mandie's idea to longstaff's...
<Projects> sounds like a winner
<Abraxas> Think of it as being a Democrat in Chicago on Election day .... post ... and post often :-)
<WarpHoss> davew u agree? webbnet first. undernet second. website frequently.
<Abraxas> Announcements, usenet, mailing lists, websites ... put it everywhere
<madodel> Any chance that Undernet will be effected by the hurricane?
<DaveW> undernet what channel?
<mandie> great...where's the undernet hub located?
<DaveW> i heard os/2warp and voice
<Longstaff> madodel - impacted perhaps.....but with servers all over the globe not shutdown entirely
<Abraxas> where's the main hub?
<Abraxas> Or is there one?
<madodel> Longstaff: But Webbnet has multiple servers as well, but the main hub has to be in existence for them to be linked
<DaveW> has anyone measured bandwidth requirements for irc server?
<mandie> there has to be a "main" one
<DaveW> i could run one from the expo and post the ip on the web site
<WarpHoss> Undernet #os2voice and #scoug \\\
<WarpHoss> hey dave. now that's an idea.
<DaveW> no / ?
<mandie> then you have the individual servers that join the main hub and other servers that join the servers called "leaf" servers
<mandie> I think that's what they're called :)
<DaveW> but our concern is the main servers are down
<DaveW> so maybe we need a new main server
<DaveW> onsite server is 3rd order backup
<mandie> no, we'll stay with WEBBnet....
<DaveW> better to have it on an established net
<mandie> hmm
<Abraxas> WEBBnet is more than OK for our purposes, normally ... a Category 5 Hurricane is, well, not normal
<DaveW> however we wire it, we should expect visitors to watch the web site, where up to the minute instructions for irc connect will be posted
<MerlinOS2> just a thought ..what about a yahoo club instead of irc..lots of redundant servers
<Sector> And well, not ok for our purposes...
<Abraxas> We just have to adjust and make do
<Abraxas> yahoo sux .. been there .. done that.
<MerlinOS2> agreed..just a option to consider
<Sector> Let's stick with IRC at least
<Ironhead> undernet hub is in Baltimore-R.MD.US.Undernet.Org
<Projects> sounds reasonably Floyd-proof
<DaveW> it could be in baltimore by saturday
<Projects> then Webbnet will be in the clear :)
<Abraxas> but it wouldn't pack the wallop of a Cat5 hurricane that far inland
<WarpHoss> I like the idea of keeping the website in fullview and caontinuosly updated...
<Abraxas> If it does land in FL ... between Palm Beach and Cocoa Beach, it could knock out services for weeks
<MerlinOS2> could webbnet in texas host the channel if it was standalone??
<Abraxas> Phones, power, water, etc
<Swanee> roland sent this url: http://www.Byte.com/column/schindler/BYT19990907S0001
<Ironhead> That is a routing hub server dont see a main
<mandie> it would have to be standalone...it wouldn't have a hub to join other servers
<Abraxas> MerlinOS2 if everyone joined that one particular server
<DaveW> i'm also the expo photographer so i'll be busy. will deputize sector to help maintain the web
<mandie> I have my server I could put online also
<MerlinOS2> my point exactly ..out of harms way
<mandie> but by not using a main hub..you can only use one server and if there is a good turnout, it could become overloaded
<DaveW> sector, think of the power!
<mandie> I can easily handle 25-30 on my server....but I'm hoping for more than that
<Abraxas> and I expect a good turnout
<Sector> Temporary network setup, using say mandie's server as a hub?
<MerlinOS2> right now webbnet show 52 of 57 slots used any good turnout would exceed this
<mandie> my "server" is a plain old ircd
<DaveW> i gotta go forage before the helpdesk. will anybody offer to review my charts and send me comments?
<Sector> What charts?
<DaveW> www.scoug.com/internet/expo/index.htm
<WarpHoss> Consider it done DaveW.
<Sector> Should just take an update of the ircd.conf file
<DaveW> i have a copy of the core content from the cd posted there
<DaveW> it's linked from www.scoug.com/chat and /internet
<DaveW> also, i've set up an expo communications live page
<DaveW> it's a placeholder for the photos and such
<DaveW> some of you may have noticed the distinct lack of internet interest in the scoug'ers who visited here
<DaveW> with 140 members, you see most of the chatters right here
<mandie> surprised Peter didn't stick around :)
<DaveW> getting recognition of the value of internet communications is difficult
<DaveW> i'm surprised he showed up at all
<SteveS> Peter had an emergency to attend to.
<DaveW> he doesn't do chat
<Projects> eh?
<mandie> he had emailed me and said he would try to make it
<Projects> Oh, a different Peter...
<mandie> he kept his word..he made it :)
<DaveW> he does email. big time. but not chat
<DaveW> neither does about 130 members of scoug
<Sector>  Steve - I just got a family emergency call from San Diego. I'm sorry, I have
<Sector>  to go.
<mandie> Sector: hope everything is ok....see ya
<DaveW> circumstances conspire against us
<DaveW> if we can get peter hooked, we'll have 200 chatters every time...
<DaveW> skye groupies
<mandie> hehe
<Projects> hehehehe
<Sector> Not me, I just pasted that from a different channel
<DaveW> i think the big hurdles are getting them started, and providing useful content
<mandie> exactly...there are many that don't want to waste there time listening to idle chatter
<mandie> which reminds me.....
<DaveW> irc has many great virtues, but is too ... um ... ecclectic for many people
<mandie> I'm going to have to run
<mandie> DaveW: thanks for all of your help with VOICE :)
* Projects too *
<mandie> nytol :)
<DaveW> me too. going to #scoug for the help desk!
<Swanee> Night mandie
<Sector> Bye mandie
<madodel> Don't frget to post the log
<DaveW> nytol
<Longstaff> gnight
<WarpHoss> Great turn-out.
<Sector> Not bad, not bad
<StevenL> What is not bad?
* Abraxas is on the phone w/Suntrix right now *
<WarpHoss> I look for ways to improve the numbers any suggestions?
<Sector> The turnout
<Sector> You got though then, good
<WarpHoss> we may get a little info.
<Abraxas> Info forthcoming
<Abraxas> OK
<Abraxas> anyone left alive?
<Sector> Barely
<Abraxas> Nikki is scared this is going to be a BAD one!
<Sector> Sounds like it could be a BAD one
<WarpHoss> yes.
* Sector hopes everything comes out ok for Suntrix.com *
<Abraxas> If we stick with WEBBnet, we need to stick with one server ... and that's the one in Texas
<Abraxas> But there will NOT be a WEBBnet
<Sector> Just wondering, why Texas? (most bandwidth¨)
<Sector> How much can Texas handle?
<Abraxas> Texas , according to Nikki, can handle it ....
<Abraxas> But the DNS will be down, so the common addy won't work
<Abraxas> If we use WEBBnet, we;ll use:
<Abraxas> hercules.crstexas.com
<Abraxas> Port: 6667
<Sector> Can the ircd.conf be updated on some of the other WEBBnet servers to use Texas as the hub?
<Abraxas> According to Nikki, this is the ONLY WEBBnet IRC server that can handle the traffic on its own
<madodel> Only one port?
<lmaxson> He's over on #scoug currently.
<Abraxas> 6667 is the default port ... i don't know what other ports are available
<lmaxson> Then it ought to be easy.
<Sector> madodel: Looks fine here
<Abraxas> Sector there are no other servers, curently, capable of handling the task of a main hub ... even temporarily
<Sector> Including Texas then?
<Abraxas> texas is the only server capable of handling the session ...
<Sector> Yes, but I was thinking in terms of using Texas temporarily as the hub
<Abraxas> Texas can't handle the hub .... not enough time to set it up ... not enough bandwidth ....
<Abraxas> Nikki's recommendation was to use an alterante network ... such as Undernet
<Sector> Thats what I was wondering, oh well. If it'll handle the load by itself we should be ok then
<Abraxas> And, btw, she apologized .... and hoped that we wouldn't leave WEBBnet for good ... and she's in danger of losing her home and everything
<Sector> Only the main servers in Florida show any alternate ports
<Sector> Not her fault, I doubt she created a catagory 5 and sent it after herself
<Sector> And they just bought that place recently...
<Abraxas> yep ... last year
<Abraxas> Well, almost a year ago
<Abraxas> I told her that we weren't going anywhere :-)
<Sector> They bought the place this year. Where just renting it before
<Sector> Odd that Texas wouldn't have enough bandwidth for a hub, considering Suntrix.com didn't have that much to start with.
<Abraxas> I was down there in January ... and they were in the process of buying it, then
<Abraxas> The Texas server is at a University
<Abraxas> Suntrix has a fairly nice pipeline ... I don't remember the exact config, right now
<Sector> T1 now
<WarpHoss> ok Abraxas.
<WarpHoss> Enjoy.
<Abraxas> As much as I dislike it .... I say we fall back to Undernet #os2voice and #scoug if WEBBnet is down this weekend
<Sector> Did SunnyBear have any idea when they might be back up and running?
<WarpHoss> No way to tell Sector.
<Sector> Thats about what I figured, just thought I'de ask
<WarpHoss> Depends on the amount of damage.