Warpstock 2000 SpeakUp from 10/07/2000

<Ratti Kinda quiet...
*  DCasey wonders if anyone else from WS is joining us, today
<Ratti I hoped so..
<Ratti But I can't find them...
<DCasey I just re-checked my mail .. and both Timur and Luc said that this time and date was OK
<DavidA Timur is notorious for forgetting meetings....
<DCasey :-)
<DCasey I just have a hard time staying awake for them, myself ... we need to see about starting the Board meetings earlier
<DCasey Well, far be it from me to keep everyone waiting
<DCasey VOICE welcomes the Warpstock Board of Directors to this Special Edition Speakup
<DavidA I just sent an email to the BOD to remind them...
<DCasey BTW, I now am a member of this board, for anyone that didn't know
*  DavidA cheers loudly
<DCasey DavidA I got a reminder in my inbox about 1/2 hour ago
<DCasey Looked like an auto-send from the e-groups mailing list
<DavidA And I see it worked....
*  DCasey wonders if we can't set that to send the reminder 12 hours in advance :-)
<DCasey As far as I'm concerened, Warpstock 2000 was a rousing success!
<DCasey Although I must say that there was a far more "serious" tone to it, this year, as opposed to 98 and 99
<DCasey Previously, while highly successful, it had a "lighter" tone to it ... more fun than work
<DCasey This year it seemed to be more serious
<DCasey More in-depth discussions, more technical ...
<DCasey And more enlightening
<DCasey And I actually got to see 3 Presentations this year ....
<DCasey :-)
<Ratti Because nobody goes to Philly for fun? ;->
<DCasey LOL
<MADvirc Hey I had fun
<DCasey I did get to meet a LOT of very nice people (again)
<DCasey Daniela Engert was there, though I wish that I'd met her under different circumstances (if you were in the exhibition hall when Netlabs re-booted my machine, you all know what I'm talking about) :-)
<DCasey WalterOS2 had a couple of presentations on home networking (that I wish I'd been able to attend)
<WalterOS2 Maybe next year I'll be a little better organized and have the "bugs" worked out. :-)
<DCasey Anyone else ... feel free to jump in here :-)
<DCasey WalterOS2 I'll look forward to it :-)
<DCasey I was more involved in Warpstock this year, than in past years ... and I'd have to say it went VERY smoothly
<DavidA WalterOS2: Everyone's first is tough...
<DCasey Only early hitch was the license to Injoy ... and thanks to Jennifer at BMT, we overcame that little problem very quickly
<WalterOS2 I have to convince my wife it was the loused up travel plans and not the presentation itself that put me in the hospital before she'll let me speak again. She was really worried.
<DCasey WalterOS2 If you need backup ... there are probably several of us that will help :-)))
<WalterOS2 Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
<DavidA Other than the expected setup snafus, there were really NO problems of any significance
<WalterOS2 I expected setup snafus, and wanted to be there early to get them ironed out.
<MADvirc The volunteers pitched in and helped with the room changes. Once we got started we really didn't seem to need any further assistance from the hotel
<DCasey WalterOS2 I think it would have helped you had we notified you, in advance, of the IP Addressing scheme we used
<WalterOS2 John (JWE) was an enormous support during the presentation, and I'd like to thank him publicly. THANKS, John!!
<DCasey MADvirc See ... I didn't even know about room changes ....that's how smoothly it went :-)
<MADvirc I meant the setup changes in the rooms. Moving walls and chairs, etc
<DCasey Ahhh .. OK
<MADvirc We just did it ourselves.
<WalterOS2 Only to some extent. I would still have had to experiment with my router to see out to adjust it.
<DavidA I think the smaller venue kept things under control
<DavidA but I'd like to see a larger WS2001
<DCasey Anyone besides me think that a "U" shaped exhibit hall would have been better than the "T" shaped one?
<DavidA Yes... but we didn't have much choice because of the exit locations
<DavidA After all, it wasn't an exhibit hall - it was a conference room (actually 2)
<DCasey Ahh .. OK .. I didn't take the exits into account
<MADvirc Is there anything people would like to see at WS2001 done differently?
<DCasey MADvirc besides bigger?
<MADvirc Besides bigger.
<Ratti Later in the year (October)
<Ratti And perhaps 3 days long...
<MADvirc That would work if it's somewhere South.
<DCasey Why .. it's not outdoors?
<MADvirc I seem to recall someone else asking for 3 Days of Peace, Love and OS/2
<MADvirc DCasey: Wheather starts to be a problem the later we go
<DCasey October is still nice ... as long as it's not in the Rocky Mountains :-)
<MADvirc We are starting to have freezing weather this week, and it's just the beginning of Oct
<Ratti I don't know. I've attended some great conferences in Niagra Falls in December... The site makes the difference.
<MADvirc I was thinking in terms of Canada
<Ratti Canada only has winter and July...
<DCasey Isn't WalterOS2 in Canada?
<WalterOS2 Your American $ would sure go a long way up here.
<WalterOS2 Yes and so is JWE.
<WalterOS2 In fact we had a whole crew from Canada there this year.
<DCasey Although I'm working on a bid for Indianapolis, I'll go wherever it is .....
<Ratti Me too!
<DCasey Canada would be nice ... as would Austin ... or Indy ... or ........
<Ratti Orlando?
<DCasey That'd work, too .. as long as it's not in July :-)
<WalterOS2 There are a lot of great conference facilities both near the Pearson airport and in Toronto.
<DCasey I've been to Fl in July
<Ratti Even Floridians don't go to Florida in July ;->
<DCasey :-)
<Ratti We go to Indianapolis...
<DCasey But I've sure met a lot of Canadians in FL in January :-)
<Ratti It's almost the same. You spend all winter indoors, we spend all summer indoors...
<WalterOS2 We call them snowbirds. :-)
<Ratti Yup. They're like hemmoroids.
<Ratti When they come down and go back up, they're not too bad. But when they come down and stay, they get to be a real pain in the ass.
<DCasey LOL
<DCasey Spoken like a native Floridian :-)
<DCasey or is that "Cracker"?
<Ratti Same thing.
<DCasey Let me ask a question .....
<Ratti Actually, crackers are Georgians. The correct term is "hicks".
<Ratti Ask away
<DCasey Would you rather have the show close to the airport (where there is NOTHING else) ... or downtown ... where there is LOTS to do??
<Ratti Yes.
<DCasey aka ... Nightlife and shopping and FOOD!!!!
<Rat-Salad night life.. hmm
<Ratti I never even have enough time for the Warpstock activities, let alone getting to go to other attractions. But others certainly like the option.
<MADvirc In Philly, other then meals, I never left the hotel
<Ratti same for Atlanta, Chicago and Diamond Bar.
<WalterOS2 I know it'd be more expensive, but I'd like to see a 3-day show. Having to run 4-events at once is too-much. Plus I have to rush away to early. This is just personal. :-)
<MADvirc For people who plan to stay beyond the weekend, then the area would be important I guess, but for those there just for the conference, it doesn't matter much
<Ratti So we hold it _near_ to attractions?
<Ratti but not too near as to make it expensive?
<Ratti (Which is basically the way it has turned out so far.)
<DCasey Indy isn't that expensive .... Downtown Hotel is less expensive than Philly .. at regular rates
<DCasey There was actually quite a lot within walking distance at Philly
<WalterOS2 OTOH the rooms were really expensive for what you got.
<DCasey Yes, they were
<Ratti Agreed.
<MADvirc For where the Hotel was located, the rooms were actually a good deal.
<DCasey And, yes .. they were
<MADvirc Again it was in the heart of the Historic area
<MADvirc That is where people who visit Philly want to go
<Ratti I know, but I still felt they were too expensive. Even though this year I wasn't on as tight a budget as I had been before, it does make it difficult for some people.
<DCasey There are VERY expensive hotels in Indy ... though apparantley not good enough for the owner of F1 ... Bernie stayed in Chicago, and flew in
<DCasey every day
<Ratti It was easier than looking for parking?
<DCasey For him .. probably :-)
<DCasey If WS2001 is to be in Indy .. it would almost have to be in October ....
<DCasey US Grand Prix (F1) is in Sept .. and there aren't rooms avaibale for 250 miles
<DCasey August is Nascar and NHRA
<DCasey I am in the Auto Racing Capital of the world, after all :-)
<WalterOS2 How much use do people who come to the show make of the city's historical or other tourist attractions? Maybe we need a poll.
<DCasey WalterOS2 that' a great idea ...
<DCasey I know many of the European visitors to WS2K came early .. and stayed late
<JWE There is the problem of timing. How many attendees can take the additional time to make see the attractions and how many have to get right back after the events for work or other commitments?
<MADvirc From those I spoke with, most were only staying the weekend, or maybe returning on Monday
<DCasey Hi, Abel
<Abel hello.
<DavidA Hi Abel!
<Abel Hello DavidA.
<Rat-Salad hey Abel
<Abel Ok,,, who's cookin the Beans and BBQ for Saturday Night at WarpStock2001?
<Ratti Whomever does it best.
<Abel :)
<Ratti Did I just hear Abel volunteer?
<Abel heh
<Rat-Salad I can't see Abel cooking heh
<Rat-Salad lean cuisine's and beer
<DCasey Rat-Salad you don't know Abel, then :-)
<Rat-Salad he didn't cook for us... :)
<DCasey Somebody is bound to ask "what was the count" for attendees ... do we have a number?
<eTronik guys... how does a windows user find out whats his IP addr when connected to the Net via dial up ??
<MADvirc eTronik: can it wait til the Speakup is done
<eTronik oops
<eTronik sorry
<eTronik I guess so yeah
<MADvirc Should Warpstock have repeated more of the sessions in Philly? Or did people think that there was enough opportunity to get to the sessions they wanted to attend?
<JWE I got to most of the sessions I wanted but did have to make some decisions because of conflicts in the schedule.
<JWE I feel that it would also be helpful to schedule some time for visits to the exhibits in such a way that exhibitors could attend some of the sessions.
<DCasey JWE that has been a problem for me .. in the past .. this year, I just left .... and attended the presentations
<Ratti I agree. This isn't COMDEX. One doesn't need all day to see the exhibits.
<WalterOS2 Netscape died. I'm back now.
<MADvirc What about scheduling maybe a 2 hour lunch period when there are no sessions, but the exhibit hall is open? But closing the Exhibit area perhaps in the morning.
<MADvirc We could have the time if we go to 3 days
<DCasey Well, the exhibit room was always populated .. except maybe during the Keynote, Odin and Closing
<WalterOS2 That could make the exhibit hall very crowded.
<WalterOS2 But at least everyone would get a chance to see every thing.
<MADvirc Well it would give exibitor's a chance to attend the AM sessions.
<WalterOS2 I'm more concerned about the effects of running 4 presentations at once. Running popular presentations twice is a good idea, but I think a 3 day conference would help even more.
<DavidA It might also be nice to schedule exhibitor's presentations during the time when the exhibits would be closed.
<WalterOS2 I agree.
<JWE A while ago the question was asked on the attendance number. Is there an answer?
<TimurHome Hello
<DCasey Greetings, TimurHome
<Ratti AH. The Late Timur Tabi.
<DCasey Glad you could make it .. we're still going :-)
<Ratti ;->
<DCasey Ratti that didn't sound quite right :-)
<Abel lol
<MADvirc JWE: I haven't heard a final number. i know there were over 200 preregistrations.
<Ratti Old joke. The only kind I know.
<TimurHome I just want to chime in that I will most likely be making a bid for WS 2001 in Austin, TX.
<Ratti Great, TImur!
<DCasey We'll add that to Indy, Canada and Orlando :-)
<DCasey You can bet even money that wherever it's held ... I'll be there :-)))
<MADvirc Has anyone expressed an interest in making a bid for Orlando?
<DavidA Especially if its Indy?
<TimurHome Canada? Are they going to address the customs issue?
<Ratti Me.
<DCasey Ratti is in Orlando :-)
<DCasey TimurHome ... I'm sure that someone will
<DCasey address the customs issue
<Ratti No, I'm in Jacksonville. But I looked into it last year, and it can be done at a reasonable price.
<DCasey Ratti .. try St. Pete area ....
<Ratti Cheaper than I expected. There's a lot of competition among hotels there.
<TimurHome Well, as a board member, I'll be looking at the customs issue very closely for the Canada bid. If I don't see something "innovative", it's going to get my no-vote.
<DCasey No Disney stuff to drive up prices :-)
<DCasey TimurHome Right ... that is going to be an important issue
<Ratti And Opa-Locka would be even cheaper, but who would want to go?
<DCasey For most attendees .. it's no big deal ... but for vendors it cvan be a VERY big deal
<DCasey Ratti might be nice to go to Disney .. and see eCS in action :-)
<Ratti Where do they use it?
<MADvirc First two copies of eCS went to DisneyLand
<Ratti BTw, it wouldn't be _in_ Disney. Now, THAT'S expensive. But it would be nearby.
<Ratti One place that looked good last year was less than a mile from the DisneyWorld entrance, and cost less than Philly!
<DavidA I've gotta run... Talk to you all soon!
<Ratti Bye
<DCasey OK, DavidA .. cya later
<TimurHome BTW, I've asked this like three times on the mailing list but have not gotten a response
<TimurHome who are the NEW board members?!!?!?
<DCasey I am :-)
<DCasey I think Eric is, too
<DCasey And I know that John and paul "retired"
<DCasey After that ... I'm at a loss
<DCasey btw, Ratti .. I'm keeping that "Get out of hell free" card close by .... :-)))))
<TimurHome yeah, that's what's driving me crazy
<DCasey But I don't think I'll need it ....
<TimurHome no one knows!
<Ratti Hang on to it. It just became a collector's edition.
<DCasey :-)
<Ratti Hasbro is making threatening noises.
<DCasey I'm sure Stan knows who's on the BoD ....
<TimurHome then how come he's ignored all requests for that info?
<DCasey BTW, TimurHome ... you saw that msg from Stan about the e-mail address for list subscriptions?
<TimurHome yeah, I made that change on egroups.com already
<TimurHome not that he couldn't have done that himself!
<DCasey TimurHome ... speaking of eGroups ... I got a reminder e-mail from the list about today's speakup ... at exactly 3:00PM EDT
<DCasey Can you set that to send the reminder earlier?
<TimurHome it's supposed to mail it out 15 minutes earlier. The idea was to remind people when they're on
<TimurHome because I tend to forget even when I'm in front of my computer
<TimurHome or,
<DCasey Maybe we need to remind people earlier .. like maybe 12 hours?
<TimurHome if you sit down in front of your computer 30 minutes after it starts
<Ratti Yes!
<DCasey Luc was one who responded with an "OK" for the date and time
<TimurHome well, such early reminders don't seem to work, because you forget about them 12 hours later!
<DCasey So .. .what's the best ??? 5 hours ... 1 hour ...?
<Ratti Which is why I set an alarm in my watch - I'd never make it otherwise.
<Ratti All of the above
<DCasey I can retain info for at least 12 hours ... normally
<TimurHome I can't
<eTronik with 12 h one might plan ahead
<DCasey Ratti .. all of the above would require a BIG "Clue-Bat"
<TimurHome well, the calendar can be configured to email people when events occur
<Ratti Well, 12 hours, 5 hours, 1 hour...
<DCasey TimurHome ... maybe you lead a more complicated life than I do .... :-)))
<TimurHome I presume that if you know about it that far in advance, you have your own reminder system.
<TimurHome like a calendar on the wall or a Palm Pilot
<DCasey TimurHome That's a good point
<TimurHome the 15-minute reminder is like, "Hey! Wake up!"
<DCasey Relish works VERY well for that
<TimurHome I can set up TWO reminders in egroups.com
<TimurHome but the only other events so far are the bi-weekly meetings
<TimurHome which are already on the calendar
*  TimurHome thinks the BoD members aren't using egroups enough.
<Ratti The BOD members just have to try harder to join in on time.
<TimurHome that's what the 15-minute reminder does:
<WalterOS2 Well, I gotta go. cya later.
<mandie ok, so where will WS2001 be held ?
<Ratti Redmond WA.
<TimurHome ha!
<mandie ewwwwwwwwk! :)
<Ratti Well, it would generate a lot of controversy...
<TimurHome but not a lot of attendance
<DCasey Sure it would ... Morbid Curiosity :-)
<MADvirc doesn't IBM have a large facility in Redmond?
<Ratti We could rent a barge, and anchor it in sight of Billy Boy's home...
<DCasey But not the attendance we are looking for
<Ratti Right, Dan.
<DCasey MADvirc .. you mean the MS Campus?
<MADvirc Yes, where IBM fixes all of m$ problems for them
<mandie did someone log the speakup?
<MADvirc I should have a log
<TimurHome Hey dan, egroups says that your dcasey@attglobal.net address bounces a lot.
<DCasey I did
<DCasey TimurHome Hmmm
<DCasey Shouldn't ....
<eTronik what egroups are ya talking about ??
<DCasey That's my most reliable e-mail :-)
<DCasey eTronik eGroups Warpstock Corporate list
<Ratti I have a log...
<eTronik ah !
<TimurHome How many BoDs are there supposed to be?
<DCasey ?
<TimurHome You, Me, Eric ... who else?
<DCasey Oh ...
<mandie Stan
<TimurHome Stan's retired
<mandie David
<DCasey Luc
<DCasey David
<TimurHome Luc is BoD?
<DCasey errr .. yes
<DCasey I thought he was the VP
<TimurHome we haven't picked officers yet
<Ratti I don't think Stan retired. Just me and Paul.
<TimurHome so no one is VP currently
<DCasey Jason is BoD ... isn't he?
<TimurHome ok, I'll make another post on the mailing list *sigh*
<DCasey I meant previously ...
<TimurHome I'm talking about currently
<mandie Luc was elected VP last year
<DCasey TimurHome keep posting till we get an answer
<mandie Hethmon was pres
<mandie Luc VP
<mandie David Secretary
<mandie Stan Treasurere
<mandie at large, timur, John and Jason
<TimurHome paul and stan retired
<TimurHome what about john?
<Ratti I retired.
<TimurHome I thought only two retired?
<Ratti I didn't think that Stan had retired, though...
<TimurHome so stan's still on the BoD?
<mandie Stan's position isn't up for reelection
<DCasey Paul and John Retired
<DCasey As far as I know
<TimurHome so stan is still treasurer
<DCasey Stan is still "on the hook" .. so to speak :-)
<TimurHome and we need a new president?
<DCasey That's the way I see it, TimurHome
<Ratti You need to hold new elections to select the officers
<mandie I think you need to start using the mailing list a bit more
<Ratti All the officer's positions are up for reelection. But it usually goes to whomever is willing to take the job.
<mandie anyone look at the bylaws?
<Ratti Not since David left...
<DCasey I would if I knew where they were posted :-)
<DCasey Ratti LOL
<mandie LarryF has all of that information in a notes db
<TimurHome We need to upload as much as we can to egroups
<Ratti Durn. LarryF was on IM a little while ago, but he's gone now...
<DCasey Speaking of eGroups ... I noticed a distinct lack of ads of late ... which was my only gripe about that service
<DCasey Everything else is QUITE useful ...
<DCasey The Calendar .. the FILES section ....
<TimurHome Yeah, I think it's really nice
<DCasey One day we'll (VOICE) have to figure out how to offer thgat :-)
<DCasey that, even :-)
<Ratti ANyone have anything else for me? Do I need to email the log somewhere?
<TimurHome Has Jason Kowalczyk been active ?
<TimurHome I don't recognize his name, but he's on the BoD
<DCasey Jason was the Network Coordinator at WS98 in Chicago .. and he was in Philly ...
<Abel email it to Dan Please Ratti.
<DCasey I have a LOG ....
<DCasey it's still logging, actually
<Abel oh ok
<mandie Chrissy!!!!!!!!!1
<mandie Rat: hi :)
<Rat-Salad hey mandie :)
<Rat-Salad me and chrissy are together now.. im on her system
<DCasey I'm not sure if he's "new" to the BoD .. or has been there all along
<TimurHome ok, I need to go too
<TimurHome hopefully my post to the group will get replies
<TimurHome l8r
<Ratti See y'all later!
<mandie lol
<mandie oops :)
*  DCasey is Away (Away ... Be back in a bit)
*  DCasey is Back
<Abel mandie - are you the VOICE channel owner?
<DCasey Well ... not only did we have a Warpstock Speakup ... but also an impromptu Board Meeting :-)
<mandie yes, I started #Voice and WArpstock
<Abel ok. good. and you own voicebot.
<DCasey Should I stop the LOG now ????
<mandie yes
<DCasey Are we done with Warpstock?
<mandie actually, it's the bot that you can grab from GammaTech..but that's the one I've used
<Abel When you get a chance could you 'fix' voicebot..... to talk to webbserv and get ops on her own?
*  DCasey thanks the Warpstock "crew" ... and looks forward to next year ... EAGERLY!!!!!!
<mandie tried eggdrop during my linux days, but I'm not fond of eggdrop bots