Warpstock '99 Wrap-Up from 10/19/99

<Sector>  Hi WarpHoss
<VoiceBot>  MODE +o WarpHoss
<WarpHoss>  Hola Folks...
<WarpHoss>  Sector... I want to thank you for your efforts this weekend.
*  Sector didn't do anything *
*  WarpHoss says thanks fer doin nothin then :) *
<Sector>  Need a log¨
<WarpHoss>  Yes! I do need a log..
<Sector>  I'm innocent I tell you, I didn't do it
<Sector>  Wasn't really much to log, though I've got a little over 200k worth...
<WarpHoss>  hehe.. ok. I'l take the log...
<WarpHoss>  secretary@os2voice.org please.
<Sector>  Sure, enjoy......
<WarpHoss>  Thanx.
<Sector>  I'de clean em up but I'm not sure what parts you want to keep, and what you don't
<WarpHoss>  I'll let someone else decide that also..
<WarpHoss>  brb
<Sector>  Wise course...
<eTronik>  Yo guys !
<Sector>  Hello
<eTronik>  whats up ?
<Sector>  Nothing much
<eTronik>  fallout from yesterday ... ?
<Sector>  Haven't seen any...
<eTronik>  hmm
<eTronik>  how much time for the meeting
*  David has set away! (auto away after idling [15 min]) [Log:ON] See the demo for the new Star Raid Racer game *
<Sector>  1 hour and 54 minutes to go
<Sector>  brb
<eTronik>  hmm taht much heh ?
<eTronik>  oh Btw I gotta look for a Mac channel
<eTronik>  anybody know of any ?
<Sector>  Any what¨
<eTronik>  Mac related channel
<Sector>  Not I
<Sector>  There isn't one on WEBBnet, though your welcome to create one
<eTronik>  actually I'm just looking for some quick help
<Sector>  Hmmm, haven't used one much myself
<David>  I take it that Warpstock was a big success? I got tied up with work and couldn't attend
<eTronik>  I just brought a free (and old) Mac Classic II (low-end machine)
<Sector>  Price was right
<David>  eTronik: that I can probably help you with. Used to work on them at the school. Whats up?
<David>  work=maintain
<Sector>  Hi Abraxas
<eTronik>  4 Mb Ram and 25 Mb HD !!! :-)) and besides the system I got Word, Excel, a DB ssytem, 2 draw apps, and 13 Mb to spare
<David>  why would you want one of those worthless things, anyway?
<VoiceBot>  MODE +o Abraxas
<Abraxas>  Hiya, Sector
<eTronik>  David: well, they are just very cute ! :-)
<David>  eTronik: hope you got Corel with that.
<eTronik>  nope
<eTronik>  Mac Draw and mac Draw Pro
<David>  eTronik: yes, they are small and cute, but not very powerful. Have a 6mhz 68020 in the later ones, and not much else
<eTronik>  David: But I don't have the cable to connect from the keyboard to the Mac... and I don't seem to find a shop with those
<David>  go to any computer shop and get an 'appletalk' cable. That'l connect them
<eTronik>  David: what astounds me, is that this 1991 baby is still so extremely elegant in its design (both the box and the OS ) very very elegant !
<Sector>  ADB connection
<eTronik>  Sector: yep ADp
<eTronik>  Sector: yep ADB
<David>  look around for Corel somewhere.
<eTronik>  will jst plain "Appletalk" cable do ?
<David>  Other than Microsoft Works, its about the only other software you'll want
<David>  yes, ADB and appletalk use the same connectors, and its just a straight thru cable
<eTronik>  David: actually I was looking to connect this machine to the Net via this OS/2 PC (with In-Joy)
<David>  don't think it'l run TCP/IP. I don't think any of those old systems would
<eTronik>  what about printer sharing ?? I don't know wich connector I need for that.... what cables and what software
<Sector>  Printer sharing with a printer on the OS/2 system¨
<David>  printers run off either the modem port, or the printer port. Its a serial printer, you'll probably need a special printer.
<eTronik>  David: I just read that they can in fact connect to the Net
<eTronik>  Sector: yes, the Mac printing to an HP connected to OS/2
<David>  later ones could, you have to run system 7.5.1 or better
<eTronik>  David: yep, I'll have to upgrade this 7.0.1 to 7.5.5
<David>  I assume you could probably back install that into this system, but don't know if you can load into a HD that size
<eTronik>  but its amazing what these guys acomplished with a 4 MB system, 25 HD, and a 1 bit display ! just amazing !
<David>  (but I'm thinking about the PowerMac when you get to 7.5)
<David>  I agree. Its a remarkable system
<David>  for it's age.
<David>  seems to me they had like a 350x300 resolution display, or something. and EVERYTHING is bit mapped.
<eTronik>  well first step would be to connect the keyboard
<David>  no text other than graphics
<eTronik>  so Appletalk I have to find....
<eTronik>  Just went to 2 super stores selling iMac... no keyboard cables to be found...
<David>  yes, or ADB. ADB is (was) pretty popular for those machines, and all Macs, even new ones use that stuff
<eTronik>  its a 4 pin connector right
<eTronik>  ?
<David>  well, don't ask for a 'keyboard' cable, ask for an 'ADB' cable
<eTronik>  ok, will try that next time :-)
<David>  been a long time since I seen one, but I think so
<Abraxas>  MODE +o Sector
<David>  ADB connects modems, printers, everything
<David>  I think even IMAC probably uses ADB to go to the modem
<eTronik>  and does Appletalk protocol talk to NetBios ??
<eTronik>  oh more important yet
<David>  well, I don't think so..... probably need to talk to Shiva, or Farrillon
<Abraxas>  General Meeting Mon, 18th .. 8:00PM EDT (00:00 GMT).... Warpstock 99
<David>  (can you tell, we're wasting time till the important stuff happens ;-)
<eTronik>  how can I write Mac floppies in the OS/2 system so I can download stuff from this OS/2 and feed it into the MAc ??
<David>  there are software packages for that, but if I remember, they actually go the other way.
<David>  MAC can write/read IBM floppys with certain system software
<eTronik>  yes, but I don't think thats fully installed, I've seen the icon though
<Sector>  Newer Mac's can read and write FAT
<David>  you're talking to someone who hasn't seen a classroom of Classic II's for over 5 years, or so
<eTronik>  :-)
<Sector>  The LC's at least can read em directly
<David>  yes, with 7.5, or 7.6 they can
<eTronik>  well thanks for the info
<eTronik>  I'm having dinner now... so I'll be back later
<David>  again, the Classic II is old. Lots has happened since that one was released. I probably still have 7.6 around here somewhere
<eTronik>  bbl
<David>  et: and if you want an 'anchor' of a printer, I can probably part with my starwriter
<David>  oops, missed him!
<David>  so, how did Warpstock go?
<MADodel>  It was fun. no good news out of ibm though. but Serenity's Managed Client and Warpicity/WarpDoctor seemed to go over well.
<Abraxas>  MODE +o MADodel
<MADodel>  My IP finally changed. But GTIRC keeps trying to access via the old ip
<David>  I wanted to be there so bad! But Y2K testing on the City's Windows'98 network just keeps getting in the way of any decent fun!
<MADodel>  I take it it caches that somewhere
<Sector>  Turn off the Bypass DNS
<MADodel>  I did
<Sector>  I just lost my scroll bars in GTIRC, even restarting didn't fix em...
<Sector>  Hmmm, are you caching localy?
<MADodel>  caching what?
<Sector>  DNS
<MADodel>  Oh you mean in hosts
<MADodel>  no no local DNS
<Sector>  Well, not exactly but yeah there too
*  Sector has a caching only DNS running *
<David>  MADodel: wouldn't that do it also, if he has 'check hosts' set?
<MADodel>  I'll check but I doubt I ever entered it into hosts
<Sector>  What check hosts? The Bypass DNS is what avoids it after the first request
<David>  Sector: I mean the one in tcp/ip configuration
<Sector>  Ah, though you meant GTIRC
<David>  sorry, I use openchat and gemz. Know nothing about GTIRC. I'll keep my fingers still ;-)
<MADodel>  VIRC doesn't have the problem, just GTIRC
<Sector>  GTIRC can get it from DNS for the first request then just go directly to the ip for the rest of the session
<MADodel>  actually it stores them in GTIRC.INI
<David>  Warpicity - isn't that the project to produce a 'public domain' Warp replacement? (reaching back into the memory cobwebs ;-)
<Sector>  Yup
<David>  sounds good!
<Sector>  lmaxson here is the originator of the idea
<WarpHoss>  Before I go. WarpDoctor is the 2nd phase. of the 3phase proposal of Warpicity.
<David>  Been a while since I read the article at os2ss
<WarpHoss>  I have to eat. bbiab
<MADodel>  There's a letter in today's Computer World where someone asks IBM to set OS/2 free so the community can support it. I'll have to write in and tell them we plan on doing it no matter what ibm decides
<WarpHoss>  Eaxactly MADodel!!!!!
<David>  WarpDoctor? - I've been working too hard and not reading up on stuff ! heads up on that one???
<MADodel>  I wish we had a website to refer people to
<David>  MADodel: If no one provides you with one, and you want to set one up, let me know.
*  Online is gonna have a sleep here...CY guys! *
<Online>  CY Abraxas!!!
<MADodel>  We need to decide on a URL, though we already have a WarpDoctor site
<David>  MADodel: well, we're a 'little' ISP, but I'll be glad to provide any help I can, for sure.
<MADodel>  thanks David
<MADodel>  We need all the help we can get
<David>  hey! OS/2 is what runs this thing. Gotta support my bread and butter ;-)
<Abraxas>  David That's exactly right :-)
<David>  I'm told that WS4eB is supposed to have some Firewall support built in. Gonna have to turn that stuff on next.
<Sector>  brb, gonna see if I can fix these damn scroll bars
<David>  There are 5 ISP's I work with, as upstream providers and competitors, and of the 6 of us, I'm the only one that in the past 2 years, has been down for only about 1 hour, and has never once had the security system 'breeched'. I'd say, thats pretty good. ;-)
<David>  oh, and that hour downtime.... someone dug up a cable. I just reconfigured my TCP/IP, and switched to another upstream 'temporarily', two of the others were down for 2 days (they run 'NT, don't you know)
<madodel0>  I had to delete the server entries and then shutdown and restart GTIRC
<MADodel>  Damn good
<MADodel>  :-)
<MADodel>  MODE +o Sector
<David>  something about flexibility. I can switch between my t1, ISDN, or multiple dialups by reconfiguring
<Sector>  hehe, guess it's somebody else turn to do that now...
<David>  lets see... I figure 1 hour 10 minutes, or so?
<Sector>  T-minus 1 hour and 11 minutes to go
<David>  so, lets see... already covered Mac Classic II, and why it failed to capture the computer market..... whats next?
<Sector>  Commodore 64? Used to be rather popular
<David>  actually, over in Ireland, and parts of England, there's an extremely large following for the C'64. Its apparently big in gaming, over there
<Sector>  Always was popoular in Europe. Along with the Amiga
<David>  I miss the Amiga. It was such a good machine.
<David>  First GUI I ever worked with was GEM on an Aminga 520
<David>  or was it 1070?
<David>  1230? I don't remember
<Sector>  Barely used one myself, but those seperate graphics chips and such put it ahead of it's time
<Sector>  520ST or 1040ST
<David>  Thats the ones!
<David>  very nice machines for their time
<Sector>  Actually TOS, Tremill Operating System
<Sector>  (probably not the right spelling on the T)
<David>  Friend of mine had a Amiga 3000. First and only machine I ever saw that came with a MIDI port, and sequencer software 'built in'
<David>  he was a keyboard player for some band, and it was perfect for the job
<Sector>  Atari 520ST and 1040ST had the MIDI port
<Sector>  Though I don't think it was a complete MTU401 port
<David>  I just never paid much attention to MIDI till that 3000, and by then, it was old stuff
<VoiceBot>  MODE +o Abraxas
<eTronik>  back
<eTronik>  whats up ?
<David>  was dinner good?
*  Sector never used a MIDI port *
<David>  Sector: I never used one cause I couldn't play a keyboard. But if you could, you could record music, and they manipulate it in the PC to your hearts content.
<eTronik>  David: yeah ! :-) tks
<eTronik>  eheh
<David>  3000 even came with the little program that would add 'randomness' to your final composition, so it didn't sound like a machine reproduction
<Sector>  Just never needed a keyboard myself. Not just for them though and device with a MIDI port could use it. Like the old Roland MT32 soundmodule
<eTronik>  I can't connect mine to the PC
<eTronik>  I got a Sb32 Awe
<Sector>  MT32?
<eTronik>  so MIDI sequencer got a lto of trouble conecting to it
<Sector>  The gameport is also a MIDI port
<Sector>  Though it does need a special cable
<eTronik>  hmm
<eTronik>  I was using that....
<David>  MT32... is that the Roland internal sound module thingy???
<eTronik>  I think
<David>  or is that a keyboard?
<Sector>  Nope, the LAPC-1 was the internal (and later SCC-1)
<Abraxas>  jeffk!!
<David>  My son has a Yamaha and a Korg he likes to play with
<Sector>  Hi jeffk, welcome
<MADodel>  hello Jeff
<Abraxas>  jeffk you and Mike have a good flight home?
<jeffk>  Hello again!!!
<jeffk>  Yes, we did... slept most of the way... and both staggered in late for work this morning... :)
*  Abraxas didn't go to work, today :-) *
<David>  I'm going to be kicking myself for a long... long... time for missing that. Next One......... I'm THERE. Job can take a hike!
<jeffk>  Found out today that our manager is leaving us.... so I'll have someone else's arm to twist next time.
*  MADodel worked for about 5 minutes today *
<Abraxas>  jeffk start practicing :-)
<Abraxas>  jeffk and start twisting a bit earlier :-)
<David>  jeffk: didn't leave because of you, did he?
<jeffk>  I'll make sure to start in on him/her much earlier this time, Abra...
<jeffk>  Yup!
<jeffk>  David: Nahhh... well, at least I hope not!
<MADodel>  lol
<jeffk>  I trust all of you had a good trip home?
<David>  how soon is the host city for the next WS going to be selected? Want to make sure I clear the schedule EARLY next time.
*  Abraxas did .... everything went VERY smoothly *
<jeffk>  Do anything interesting last night after we left, Abraxas?
<Sector>  Yeah, packed up...
<Abraxas>  jeffk We went downtown and had a VERY nice dinner ... then went to the Northside (Buckhead) looking for a Techno/Rave club .... never did find one ... staggered back to the hotel about 1:00AM
<jeffk>  Hmmm... I wonder who's idea it was to go to a Techno club.... :>
<Abraxas>  Lisa and Theresa were ready to stay out ... but Timur and I had about enough of the MARTA :-)
<Abraxas>  LOL
<Abraxas>  Not too hard to figure that one out, is it?
<jeffk>  Not difficult at all.
<David>  isn't OS/2 warp capable, I assume?
<jeffk>  Lisa and Theresa seemed ready to party, that's for sure. #voice--General Meeting Mon, 18th .. 8:00PM EDT (00:00GMT) .... Warpstock 99
<Sector>  wb WarpHoss
<WarpHoss>  re
*  Sector is still trying to figure out what he did... *
<David>  pretty sad when you can get an email address like 'os2user@...' without having to put 3 or 4 numbers after it.
*  Sector wonders how many would actually use winuser (who would be willing to admit it¨) *
<David>  well, I know there are a 'bunch' of these on AOL... and I think there are on Hotmail, as well ;-)
<Sector>  wb Ironhead
<David>  'course, Bill could be playing tricks on Hotmail
<Sector>  Or aol for that matter, I wouldn't put it past him to do it elsewhere...
<Ironhead>  thnks Sector had a crazy mouse hang me.
<Sector>  Your head get caught in it's tail¨
<Ironhead>  Ya but I poked its eye out and booted it.
<Sector>  Can your mouse see where it's going now¨
<David>  someone get one of those new MS optical mice ;-)
<Ironhead>  yes
<Mr-Data>  hi all
<Ironhead>  David: no auto popups use hot mouse. I guess it decided to click too
<Sector>  Hello
<David>  I've been meaning to try one of those new mice on this system. They work good under OS/2>
<WarpHoss>  dinner was good.
<Abraxas>  BTW ... for anyone following the WarpDoctor project .... http://www.warpdoctor.os2voice.org
<Abraxas>  It's a start :-)
<David>  gonna say what 'warpdoctor' is, or do we have to go look?
<Sector>  !ask warpdoctor
<VoiceBot>  [warpdoctor] Revival of the Warp Pharmacy ... http://mailer.falcon-net.net:8080/guest/RemoteListSummary/warpdoctor (Abraxas)
<Abraxas>  WarpDoctor is a revival and extension of the old Warp Pharmacy
<Sector>  Might want to add the new URL into the bot as well
<psarin>  hey, am i in the right place? :)
<Sector>  That depends.... You looking for the home of the crazyies¨
<MADodel>  Depends on what you are looking for?
<WarpHoss>  if youlike OS/2 you are!
<psarin>  lol
<David>  warpdoctor - very 'cute
<David>  website
<psarin>  voice meeting @ 8pm?
<mandie>  g'evening :)
<David>  hello
<psarin>  mandie!!
<mandie>  psarin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<psarin>  long time no hear!
<psarin>  :)
<mandie>  how've you been!!! :)
<psarin>  (you do remember me, right?! :))
<mandie>  it's sooooooo nice to see you :)
<David>  I'd say she does ;-)
<mandie>  yes, Mr. Secretary (original) I sure do :)
<mandie>  David!! hhi :)
<psarin>  good memory :)
<DavidA>  Hey all!
<Sector>  Hi there mandie­­­­­­
<mandie>  for those that don't know...
<David>  mandie: not sure which one you're talking to... but hi
<mandie>  psarin was the first VOICE secretary :)
<MADodel>  All we need is for Gerry and David Both to show up and the original gang would be all hear
<mandie>  David: hi :)
<mandie>  DavidA: hiya :)
<MADodel>  psarin: remember me?
<WarpHoss>  Nice to make your acquaintence psarin.
<mandie>  DavidA is now on the Warpstock board of directors...congrats!!! :)
<David>  ok, let me switch to my other 'nick
<mandie>  lol
<psarin>  mamodel sure do .) - the gang that started it all :) it's great what you all have done with voice
<mandie>  Madodel: how could I forget you :)
<fossil>  around here (Starblade Studios), I'm the old guy
<DavidA>  shhhh - I haven't told the wife yet
<psarin>  unfortunately i just haven't had the time to help out :(
*  WarpHoss congratulates DavidA. *
<mandie>  psarin: I also got to meet you at the airport :)
<fossil>  congratulations DavidA
<mandie>  this is like yet another family reunion :)
<psarin>  mandie: that's right :)
*  DavidA thanks all for the good wishes *
<psarin>  will be right back, i think i have a bad connection or something, ....
<fossil>  same line I use to bill collectors ;-)
<mandie>  LOL
<fossil>  and them STUPID people trying to sell long distance service
<psarin>  hmm, guess it's just my rotten ISP :(
<MADodel>  re psarin
<fossil>  getting a longer, and longer list
<mandie>  psarin: so where are you in your education now?
<WarpHoss>  hello larryf. nice to see you made it back.
<mandie>  I don't see larryf...hmmm
<mandie>  there he is!!
<mandie>  Larry: hi :)
<fossil>  would offer psarin a connection, but doubt he's in my area ;-)
<larryf>  Hi there! I'm back, and very slowly beginning to recover and pick up the pieces.
<mandie>  I had an hour nap...I'll sure sleep good tonight :)
<larryf>  I've been neglecting my business and my clients for the last 4-5 weeks, and I'm WAY BEHIND
<WarpHoss>  hmm larryf sounds like you need a Warpdoctor.....
<fossil>  time for me to eat, now be right back.......
<mandie>  4-5 weeks...or months :)
<fossil>  I mean later...
<larryf>  I also had to deal with the credit card company, that was ready to assume that my CC was stolen after everything that got charged on it this weekend.
<psarin>  grr, netscape /java decided to crash on me :)
<MADodel>  larryf: should have just told em it was stolen.
<psarin>  anyway, mandie, i'm in my last year of medical school now
<mandie>  psarin: that's great :)
<psarin>  yeah, this year isn't (supposed to be) as tough as the first three years
<larryf>  The thought crossed my mind ...
<mandie>  psarin: bet you'll be glad when it's over :)
<psarin>  mandie : unfortunately, it's never over :)
<MADodel>  ah, so next year you start a residency. Then you will have no life
<TBolick>  so, how'd everything go, larry?
<mandie>  TBolick!!! hi :()
<psarin>  madodel exactly :) if i remember correctly, u're/were in the health care field, right?
<Arkay>  hey everyone
<Abraxas>  MODE +o mandie
<mandie>  Arkay!! nice to "see" you again :)
<MADodel>  I was an RN, My wife is an MD
<mandie>  Abraxas: danke :)
<Arkay>  hi mandie.
<MADodel>  she was also an RN
<psarin>  madodel: which specialty is your wife in?
<MADodel>  hello Louis
<Redoaks>  Hello Mark
<MADodel>  psarin: cardiology
<WarpHoss>  hello redoaks.
<psarin>  madodel cool :)
<mandie>  Let me do some intros
<Redoaks>  Hello Abel
<mandie>  LarryF = former President of Warpstock, Inc
<TBolick>  hi all!
<mandie>  psarin= original Secretary of VOICE
<Arkay>  hey Abel
<psarin>  waves ;)
<mandie>  DavidA= new member of Warpstock Inc board of Directors
<mandie>  did I miss anyone?
<DavidA>  not me this time
<mandie>  TBolick= one of our PR persons for Warpstock 99
<WarpHoss>  rofl
<Arkay>  Arkay= a very tired person.
<mandie>  DavidA: lol..you don't know how bad I felt :)
<psarin>  btw, (off topic), but anyone know where i can get a cheap (but good!) monitor - my old one just konked out ,,,(pvt me if u do)
<DavidA>  mandie: no worries
<mandie>  Arkay=Richard Klemmer, WS attendee :)
<Abraxas>  And VOICE Booth Volunteer :-)
<larryf>  Was anyone here able to watch/listen to the simulcast? Any feedback/comments?
<mandie>  my hubby did..and he was very delighted :)
<Arkay>  And Warpstock volunteer (registration and vendor pro booth)
<mandie>  Arkay: thanks for filling in the details :)
<MADodel>  hello again Mike
<Abraxas>  Hello, Mike
<psarin>  larryf: yes, i watched parts of it...sometimes it was hard to figure out what people were saying, but good video
<mandie>  persell=Mike Persell, IBM but more important...advocate for OS/2 :)
<WarpHoss>  Redoaks = Louis Warpstock attendee and VOICE booth volunteer.
<persell>  Hi guys
<larryf>  I have archived much of what we broadcasted, and hope to make it availble for replay real soon.
<mandie>  hi Mike :)
<mandie>  larryf: that's great
<persell>  I feel like Norm walking into Cheers
<mandie>  hehehe
<Abraxas>  larryf Great ... I must have been asked that 15 times, today :-)
<Arkay>  larryf: i was just about to ask about that. great.
<Arkay>  MIKE!!!!!!
<Abraxas>  persell you could look like .... oh, never mind :-)))))
<mandie>  ahh, I see someone hiding
<persell>  Yeah, but I hate beer....Iced Tea maybe
<lmaxson>  Good heavens, are we having fun yet?
<mandie>  booguy=Eric Erickson, our expert networking guru for WS99 :)
<Abraxas>  Guru is a good definition :-)
<mandie>  lmaxson: virtual WS99?
*  WarpHoss passes persell an Iced Tea and notes if ya want lemon it'll cost a dollar extra... *
*  mandie passes the "FREE" lemons :) *
<MADodel>  Hey WH, you think this is the Sheraton?
<mandie>  lol
<Arkay>  Anyone seen swanee?
<DavidA>  vertical?
<Abraxas>  LOL
<WarpHoss>  oh.. I forgot Warpstock is over...
<mandie>  he's probably sleeping
<Abraxas>  I haven't seen Wayne since yetserday afternoon ... I think he must have went back to work :-(
<mandie>  his plane was leaving around 5 this morning
<Arkay>  I thought he said he was taking time off. I need to get his address. He said it was on his web site, but I couldn't find it.
<mandie>  doubt that he got any sleep last night :)
<Abraxas>  Ahh .... then he's still sleeping :-)
<Arkay>  I sent him an e-mail, so I'll just wait until he wakes up and reads it.
<persell>  I got back at 11:30 CST..Atlanta airport was stacked up dep
<psarin>  grrh, that java irc got to me :)
<persell>  11:30 = PM, dep = Deep
<Abraxas>  persell I had heard that there were a lot of delays last night .... by this morning, everything was on schedule
<persell>  Who had the most e-mail when they got back?
<Abraxas>  mandie
<Abraxas>  :-)
<TBolick>  I assume larry made it out ok?
*  Abraxas had 314 *
<mandie>  I couldn't believe it
<psarin>  any exciting announcements at warpstock that i missed? :)
<Redoaks>  I had 15 messages and a Porn spam
*  WarpHoss had 345 *
<mandie>  probably the most important message at WS99 is...........
<mandie>  there will be a Warpstock 2000 :)
<Abraxas>  149 msgs in the PMMAIL list .... they finally found the upgrade :-)
<psarin>  :)
<mandie>  this year was great!
<persell>  TBolick: Did you get the code from Austin and some Redbooks
<psarin>  anybody hear the rumours about a warp v5 client?
<mandie>  psarin: no rumors
<persell>  Don't go there!
<mandie>  no client :)
<TBolick>  no...
<TBolick>  I'm still looking for it...
<Arkay>  RichK0: good to see you
<TBolick>  Does anyone have a tracking number?
<RichK0>  Thanks!
<mandie>  Richk0: hi :)
<psarin>  oh, okay...someone had posted on the stardock news server that someone at ibm austin was working on a v5 client - but i didn't believe it :)
<mandie>  psarin: you need to consider your source :)
<psarin>  mandie: there wasn't much of a source to consider for that one :)
<mandie>  psarin: :)
<persell>  mandie: Who should we send it to if we can find the boxes again?
<Gene>  Fantasy, pure fantasy no doubt.
<RichK0>  mandie: hello to you. Good to finally get to meet you.
<WarpHoss>  I would like to say that the event psace was well manged and laid out. I want to thank those responsible for the general organization and "running' of the event. Anyone care to comment on specific challenges in that area?
<Redoaks>  Nope
<mandie>  phone...brb
<lmaxson>  I can see I didn't give WH his copy of Spellguard.
<TBolick>  I'd like to ask how the cool little things by the door had the session info...
<lmaxson>  Plus license code.
<WarpHoss>  :)
<psarin>  mandie & all - here's an idea for voice - since ibm is concerned about developing for "large" organizations, why not have voice act as a "corporation" - i.e., we individual users "sell" our licenses of os/2 warp to voice so that voice can say that they xxxx # of licenses and this is what is important to them - make any sense?
<Arkay>  TBolick: did you notice that one of the tv channels was listing the Warpstock Schedule?
<TBolick>  hmmm.. THAT's original...
<Abraxas>  Arkay it still was this morning .... when I was checking out :-)
<TBolick>  Yes, I noticed that as well... I mean WE LOOKED PROFESSIONAL!
<lmaxson>  Someone respond to psarin.
<Arkay>  Yes, it was nice.
<MerlinOS2>  I suggested something similar yesterday afternoon
*  Abraxas thinks the entire event looked VERY professional *
<psarin>  unforutnatley mandie 's answering the telephone :)
<psarin>  lol
<Booguy>  mandie. Booguy is Tim Erickson, no relation to Eric. Sorry I missed that but I had to scoot out for a bit. Back now though.
<lmaxson>  Welcome, Tim.
<persell>  The event was more professional than the Linux circus acroos town
<psarin>  merlinos2 in that case good idea ;)
<Arkay>  psarin: a few people have mentioned that before, i think that part of the problem is that IBM may have a difficult time considering a virtual organization as an Enterprise customer
<Abraxas>  persell you're the 2nd person to say that :-)
<MerlinOS2>  maybee we could get sunmicro to buy 20000 licenses and distribute them at cost
<Booguy>  thanks.lmaxson
<WarpHoss>  psarin it has been discussed. And as membership starts to rise it is a possibility albeit an expensive one... from what I understand.
<Arkay>  Not that I don't think it wouldn't be worth a try
<RichK0>  Any guesses as to how many licenses we would need to make that viable?
<WarpHoss>  Abraxas.. RichK0 has a question right up your alley...
<Redoaks>  I've heard IBM considers anything under 500 to me too small
<lmaxson>  It's a serious proposal worthy of a special chat session.
<psarin>  it would have a two fold effect: one, leverage for us in dealing iwth ibm, two, raise the membership of voice
<Abraxas>  RichK0 and psarin ... that has been discussed ... and looks to be a VERY "difficult" project .... but we (VOICE) are working on several different approaches to the "problem"
<persell>  psarin: Arkay: Don't try that...several others have tried and the baggage that IBM HAS to put in a client ruin the proposition
<Abraxas>  It is "possible" to do it ... but not easy
<MADodel>  Better to take ibm out of the client picture - enter Warpicity
<lmaxson>  If VOICE can pull off WarpDoctor, then IBM cannot be far behind.
<psarin>  what i mean by raise the membership of voice is that in order to "sell" ur license to voice, you have to join voice...something like that anyway
<lmaxson>  Pick something you can do on your own before you try something that needs someone else.
<Abraxas>  We (both VOICE and you, the users) are NOT fighting IBM .....
<TBolick>  well, I definitely think that this WarpStock placed moved the concept closer to a convention and not a big user group meeting...
<MerlinOS2>  If voice got enough licenses,,would software choice be a group or individual cost
<Arkay>  lmaxson: that's my plan.
<WarpHoss>  Back to Warpstock....
<psarin>  of course, another interesting option is one that someone else has mentioned - that is, move all of the WPS/PM API to Linux such that current os/2 apps run on it - then we'll be free of ibm ;)
<persell>  Did the vendors feel like it was worthwhile in the exhibit hall?
<psarin>  merlin: good question
<RichK1>  Was there a count as far as registered, walk-ups, no-shows?
<Abraxas>  persell for the most part, I think they did ... there was at least one vendor that was unhappy .... but that was their fault ... and had nothing to do wth the event
<MerlinOS2>  seems it should be group, since it all comes under the same base license
<MADodel>  psarin: I prefer to stay with OS/2. We just need the community to do more to update what ibm refuses.
<WarpHoss>  persell > I spoke to several vendors who were really pleased...
<Arkay>  There seemed to be a decenct amount of interest in the Vendor Pro booth.
<Arkay>  I know a number of people licensed the software at BMT
<persell>  I saw that Spitfire ran out of software...Sundial had a good showing...Kim and Bob are still ????
<Arkay>  There was a problem loading some of the software on the Serenity systems. I don't know the details.
<Sector>  oooopppssss
<Booguy>  Did Sundial show any hints about Clearlook or the Kiwi project?
<persell>  RIPL Gremlins!!!!!!
<VoiceBot>  MODE +o Sector
<Redoaks>  Sundial ran out of time before they got to Clearlook in the smeinar
<RichK1>  re: Sundial. Nope. But they did have a Palm Pilot synch cradle there.
<persell>  They show an e-mail junkbuster...I won one by making an idiot out of myself!
<MADodel>  hehehe
<Abraxas>  I did hear a bit about Clearlook ... supposed to be a total rewrite
<Arkay>  persell: not at all
<lmaxson>  Don't want to go there.
<Booguy>  details. . . [idiot part...]
<MADodel>  Junk Spy
<Arkay>  persell: you would have won it even if you didn't make an idiot of yourself :-)
<TBolick>  I think a lot of people (including exhibitors) would have liked to see a few more exhibitors...
<lmaxson>  The choices we make.
<RichK1>  persell: Could have been worse. You could have won the windows raffle item.
<Redoaks>  Sundial told me to get the new Clearlook off the website for a trial
<Abraxas>  TBolick yes .... I know I would have
<persell>  Power PC being powerful back in those days...
<Booguy>  There is a new clearlook on the site? I was there last night and didn't see it.
<Abraxas>  The Vendor Pro was great for those who couldn't make it in person ... but it just wasn't the same as having them there
<Redoaks>  Tbolick-I agree, I thought there would have been many more than there were
<Arkay>  Abraxas: that's true
<TBolick>  I think however that we can more readily fix that by starting a little earlier on vendor participation next year...
<Abraxas>  TBolick Yes ... like maybe ... NOW????
<TBolick>  (and continuing the full court press until it actually happens...)
<Redoaks>  Booguy-check after the Sundial folks have time after WS to get it on the site
<TBolick>  Well, most of them will at least want to know SOME of the details before they commit...
<Gene>  persell: I'd like your thoughts on Kiwi (Junk Spy) if you're going to use it.
<mandie>  I'm missing the good "stuff"
<TBolick>  but maybe we can get them signed on "in theory" until the details are released?
<Joeservan>  Where is the Clearlook Website please?
<mandie>  www.sundialsystems.com
<mandie>  !ask sundial
<persell>  Invite vendors. Have them speak to the successful vendors that participated this year so that they can be successful next year
<VoiceBot>  [sundial] Sundial Systems http://www.sundialsystems.com/ (mandie)
<Abraxas>  persell Great idea
<larryf>  More importantly ... contact the vendors that weren't there and ASK THEM WHY?
<Joeservan>  Thnakyou.
<WarpHoss>  good point larryf.
<Redoaks>  A little pressure from those that buy the software might help
<mandie>  naw, that's negative and history...just let them know what they missed :)
<persell>  Gene: I'm going to use it to strip out old lists I can't unsubscribe from
<Ironhead>  persell: I like that aproach.
<TBolick>  Yes, for example, I had several items I had planned on purchasing, if the vendors had been there...
<persell>  Tell a vendor what he MISSED. Don't threaten them...
<larryf>  All known OS/2 vendors were contacted. Granted, we could have done a better job and this definitely needs a pesonal touch, but the "missing" vendors need to know that they were missed, and that they could have sold a lot of software if they had been there.
<WarpHoss>  I had planned on purchasing an item from a vendor that was there... and it wasn't a database...
<Booguy>  I plan on using Kiwi to handle the order of magnitude increase in SPAM I have been getting since ibm.net went to AT&T
<mandie>  we need to use the success of this year to attract vendors for next year
<Abraxas>  larryf I think you have a good point with that "Personal Touch"
<TBolick>  Are you sure ALL were?? what about fprint?
<Abraxas>  mandie exactly
<Redoaks>  Mandie-yes, and the amount of people joining Voice might be influential
<mandie>  Redoaks: I sure hope so :)
<TBolick>  I definitely agree with the personal touch. Look at the efforts of Johnny, etc...
<mandie>  we need to keep the hype going and hope that WS 2000 host will be selected at an early date
<TBolick>  and milind...
<persell>  We don't want a vendor to think that VOICE or Warpstock will automatically sell his product. He has to sell it by being actively there and showing why OS/2 users would want that product. PM Mail would have sold if there had been a showing of the old and new companies
<mandie>  I think that will be the key to the next WS
<WarpHoss>  larryf > did we get a "valid" estimate on # of attendees?
<mandie>  persell: I agree
<larryf>  No, I'm not sure about all ... but we've started a pretty comprehensive database of OS/2 ISVs, and hopefully, we'll continue to work with that in the future.
<TBolick>  absolutley Mike... I'd have upgraded on the spot!
<DavidA>  Whatever happend to CDS? They had a booth, but no show?
<SteveS>  Earlier it was mentioned that Larry Finklestein was the former president of Warpstock. Were elections held? If so, what were the results.
<mandie>  sorry, should have told the entire story :)
<Abraxas>  CDS had flight problems due to the Hurricane
<mandie>  yes, elections were held and the new board members are
<mandie>  David Ameiss
<mandie>  Stan Sidlov
<mandie>  Luc Van Boegaert
<TBolick>  Let's make sure we let everyone tell WS who to invite. Maybe people are using an OS/2 product WE've never heard of...
<mandie>  Jason K...
<persell>  Brent many times flies his own little plane and the weather would have been a serious concern for a Cessna
<mandie>  Jason Kowalczyk
<mandie>  SteveS: sufficient?
<Arkay>  only 4 people?
<mandie>  have to tuck Brianna in...brb
<mandie>  yes, only 4 members terms expired
<MADodel>  any chance we can hold WS2000 a month later so as not to be so close to WEW. Might help with getting more vendors to come to both.
<SteveS>  Only four members on the Warpstock board now?
<mandie>  the other 3 will expire next year and they will be replaced
<DavidA>  BTW, how long _are_ our terms?
<SteveS>  Then who are the continuing members?
<mandie>  2 years :)
<Arkay>  okay
<psarin>  okay all , well i got to run, hope to catch u at the next meeting :)
<mandie>  Paul Hethmon
<mandie>  Tom Stevic
<mandie>  John Ratti
<WarpHoss>  psarin thanks for stopping in!
<mandie>  psarin: don't forget where we live :)
<Gene>  Nice to see you, psarin. Take care.
<lmaxson>  WEW could go back to its original month of July when it was an open house.
<mandie>  brb
<psarin>  ciao
<^Piggy^>  hi
<Booguy>  I have to entertain kids for a bit. I'll try to return...[The MacArthur Waffle]
<RichK1>  piggy: Hi!
<Abraxas>  If you look at the national picture .... mid-October is agood time to hold the event .... fairly temperate weather all across the nation
<Abraxas>  Takes the weather factor out of the decision on where to hold the event
<lmaxson>  Stay with mid-October.
<MerlinOS2>  just not fla or north carolina due to rains
<TBolick>  By the way, has anyone considered allowing the host city selection to be over a year? i.e. queue up more than 1 host at a time??
<TBolick>  like the olympics?
<WarpHoss>  Valid point MerliOS2
<Abraxas>  MerlinOS2 ... rains this time of year are due to unpredicatble Tropical Storm activity in these areas
<lmaxson>  Then consider an east coast/west coast one, one in the spring (east coast) and one in the fall (west coast).
<persell>  I have often thought about having a joint US and Europe and Asia Warpstock with video feeds between each for key events
<lmaxson>  Good idea.
<TBolick>  That would make it easier to sell to exhibitors. They'd know where to be when...
<Mok>  "OS/2dex", maybe?
<RichK1>  lmaxson: that might cause problems if WarpTech (spring) really cranks up.
<MerlinOS2>  research would show sept/oct are bad for hurricanes on the east coast
<Abraxas>  persell I think that idea has beem tossed around a few times, before :-)
<persell>  There is a lot of Warp running in Japan
<MADodel>  That would be cool, but then the Europeans might not come to WS, and I enjoyed talking to them all in the bar
<mandie>  ok
<^Piggy^>  how about a central location? St Louis or Kansas city or something. keep the overall travel down
<lmaxson>  RichK, ask yourself why it would crank up to anything.
<Mok>  Travel is the reason I didn't go to Warpstock in the first place. WEW was close enough I could drive.
<^Piggy^>  just an idea. :)
<RichK1>  lmaxson: without developers - especially new developers - is warpstock viable?
<persell>  My airline experience with my employer says keep the locations away from hubs
<mandie>  Piggy: actually, on the WS evaluation, ppl were asked for their input for the next WS
<lmaxson>  The idea of a user group competing with WarpStock is wierd.
<MerlinOS2>  hopefully more timespread from the california gathering ...lot of travel cost for vendors back to back
<^Piggy^>  ahh
<mandie>  Piggy: are you on the warpstock mailing list?
<MerlinOS2>  how bout new orleans
<mandie>  how about it?
<TBolick>  speaking of evals, will the details be on the team list?
<^Piggy^>  mandie: nope.
<WarpHoss>  In my mind the user groups should be supporting a single united front for the good of the entire OS/2 community. And WarpStock is good for the whole of the group.
<Gene>  New Orleans has my vote. :>
<mandie>  TBolick: I would think so, it's a learning tool
<TBolick>  I'd like to use some of the eval comments in PR...
<TBolick>  (good ones, of course ;)
<Abraxas>  Personally, I don't see why anyone feels the need to compete, or the perception of competition for these events .... we are all in this TOGETHER
<mandie>  TBolick: both :)
<mandie>  I don't think you'll find many negative ones ;)
<mandie>  except for "more vendors" :)
<TBolick>  I think you are right there. I saw a LOT of smiling faces...
<lmaxson>  You have to understand the economics relative to the vendors just to appear.
<MerlinOS2>  Abraxas: small vendors may have travel budget problems if they are so close together
<WarpHoss>  Healthy Competition is a good thing... It is unhealthy to the entire os/2 community to be redundant in effort.
<TBolick>  yes, but there is another way to fix the 'competition' and 'timing' problems...
<TBolick>  get vendor commitment NOW!!! that way it doesn't matter when anyone else does anything, they'll still come to WS!!
<persell>  We are a virtual community and we can make some good impact and headlines by showing the power of our software for tying together a virtual event
<WarpHoss>  Persell > I Agree.
<Abraxas>  MerlinOS2 I planned on attending WS99 immediately after WS98 ... and I'm not even in the "industry" ... my job has nothing to do with OS/2 or computers .... if the small vendors can have enough time to plan ... and can be shown that attendance is a viable part of their markeyting effort ... they should have no problem attending
<Nenad>  hi all
<WarpHoss>  Hello Nenad.
<persell>  Nenad!!!!
<MerlinOS2>  persell: true especially if some vendors do cross platform and might be attending a windoze event
*  ^Piggy^ flicks a booger at Nenad *
<^Piggy^>  'lo Nenad
<Redoaks>  MerlinOS2-I was unaware there were any "windozw events"
<Mok>  Comdex. :-)
<Nenad>  ^Piggy^, persell: hi :)
<Nenad>  WarpHoss: hi to you too :)
<Abraxas>  Mok ... I was just about to mention Comdex :-)
<RichK1>  Redoaks - IBM Technical Interchange?
<MADodel>  hehehe
<Mok>  GMTA.
<MerlinOS2>  siggraph
<lmaxson>  There's nothing wrong with Vendor Pro.
<lmaxson>  Let's improve its effectiveness.
<MerlinOS2>  would have to look at schedules but bet there are lots of other(tm) shows
<Abraxas>  persell has the right idea, though .... a unified effort to bring ALL OS/2 users together ... even if they can't "physically" be there
<Redoaks>  OK
<persell>  We'll have to bring mandie out of retirement
<TBolick>  I'd have liked to seen Vendor Pro be more organized into it's own booth... maybe shaped like a C with every computer pointing in instead of out... easier to man...
<Abraxas>  mandie hasn't retired ... just swithced her focus :-)
<Redoaks>  I thought Voice's use of the IRC during the event was a nice touch
<Abraxas>  Redoaks yes ... and it actually worked this year :-)
<lmaxson>  Vendor Pro used Serenity systems thin clients.
<TBolick>  yes, but a truly international event takes timing... like time zones...
<DavidA>  Abraxas: if we can get the video thing down, what about "virtual" attendees? Pay a fee, get a password, and attend the sessions - all available on the net. Maybe with IRC for questions?
<persell>  At most we'll get 2 hours a day
<lmaxson>  There is no reason why each vendor represented in Vendor Pro could not have his own booth.
<RichK1>  re: vendor pro. There were some problems but it wasn't bad. The worst part was trying to ensure the booth had a body in it and the demos were running.
<Arkay>  money would be the reason i would think of
<TBolick>  yes, but it was turned the wrong way... If it were facing inward, you could man it with less people...
<lmaxson>  Money?
<Abraxas>  DavidA ... that's an idea to toss around :-)
<lmaxson>  This was the first attempt since WEW.
<persell>  How about some of the vendors in Vendor Pro doing remote demos of their software using remote tools?
<Arkay>  lmaxson: it would cost too much money for some of the vendor pro developers to have their own booth.
<RichK1>  VP: some had been at WS Europa (ie. Uwe)
<lmaxson>  The experience of the first was not carried into the implementation of the second.
<Abraxas>  My feeling on Vendor Pro is .... for it to be REALLY effective, whoever is doing the demo ... MUST be doing it full time .. and be fully aware of the product
<lmaxson>  We now have experience.
<WarpHoss>  VIrtual attendance is extremely important... and it needs to considered....
<lmaxson>  Dan, I have to disagree.
<MerlinOS2>  brb
<TBolick>  hmmm... for a really 'wild' thought, Dish Network has Business Pay Per View events that one could set up...
<Redoaks>  WarpHoss-even if it causes Warpstock to become a 24 hr event for two days
<WarpHoss>  It also may detract some from actually attending.. however Ithink it would increase the exposure and effectiveness of the event overall.
<Arkay>  I was pretty aware of the products I was supposed to demo, but the problem was when I was trying to demo the other products because no one else was ther
<Abraxas>  I had a few people ask questions in IRC that they wanted relayed to the presentation people ... and we had no plan in place to do that ... and it would have been very rude to interrupt the presantation
<WarpHoss>  Yes Redoaks...
<Arkay>  Plus I kept getting pulled away to work the registration desk.
<lmaxson>  Arkay, I'm sorry I missed your comment. You have separate booths you don't charge for.
<RichK1>  VP demos: There were too many items per booth to be demo'ing them full time.
<lmaxson>  WarpHoss, can we have a chat session on Vendor Pro scheduled?
<Arkay>  lmaxon: i see what you mean. there were about 15 or more products.
<WarpHoss>  The "virtuals" this year were screaming for more "local" info ... VOICE learned alot and we will do a much better job next time.
<lmaxson>  Vendor Pro worked, only not as well as it could have.
<Abraxas>  Just a thought, here .... I subscribe to several "application specific" mailing lists .. and there are always 3 or 4 subscribers who are very well versed with that particular app
<WarpHoss>  Sure lmaxson.. We'll work on it.
<lmaxson>  In the case of Michael Lavender, who was at least half time, it was truly effective.
<Arkay>  Part of the problem was not being able to run the programs on the Serentity systems
<MerlinOS2>  WarpHoss: a suggestion came up for a couple of open irc puters in the lobby, so that users not familiar with irc might get hooked
<lmaxson>  But that is a problem you can resolve prior to the event with Serentity Systems.
<Abraxas>  If the vendors themselves, who participate in the mailing lists ... could be encouraged to seek out a representative to "volunteer" to showcase the product at Vendor Pro .... it would be more effective, I think
<MADodel>  It was a shame that serenity's network wasn't on the net. People could have accessed it via the net.
<lmaxson>  You're right, Dan. I did that for Astrac, though I didn't have a single brochure.
<RichK1>  Or if there could be an e-mail hook-up for vendors not in attendance so questions could be asked.. and answered better.
<Arkay>  lmaxson: was that the visualizer product? bmt said you sold a couple copies in about 5 minutes.
<Abraxas>  lmaxson I think the impetus for participation in Vendor Pro should lie with the vendor ... not the Vendor Pro coordinator
<lmaxson>  Mark, it gives us something to ensure next year.
<Redoaks>  How about an IRC channel for vendors?
<lmaxson>  Look, Dan, why is it we are not talking about using our own technology to overcome the problem?
<lmaxson>  If a vendor cannot be there in person, then....
<WarpHoss>  Virtualize the vendor.
<Abraxas>  lmaxson As I see it, right now, it's not a problem of the technology ... but more of the organization
<persell>  I think a scheduled virtual vendor pro would let the small, one man type vendors participate. We give them an hour or two at the vendor pro "live terminal" to demonstrate their products. we can charge a lower fee than the booth and show the products in their best light
<Abraxas>  The vendors themselves need to be totally committed to this
<lmaxson>  Can he be there via the network?
<lmaxson>  Can he be there in chat mode?
<Arkay>  Abraxas: and the man-power
<MerlinOS2>  someone yesterday suggested voicetype irc feeds from the lecture sessions
<lmaxson>  Can he be a remote, virtual vendor?
<Arkay>  (person-power)
<WarpHoss>  persell.. great idea.
<Sector>  Sherlock, now your in the right place
<Abraxas>  Arkay the manpower should be arranged by the vendor ... not the Vendor Pro (VP) coordinator
<Abraxas>  persell does make a good point, though
<Arkay>  I wasn't just talking about the vendor pro.
<Abraxas>  The technology exists to do this ... and do it well :-)
<MADodel>  MerlinOS2: Maybe with a copy of ViaVoice for OS/2
<rich_k>  (sorry, I keep loosing my connection. richk0 = rick1 = rich_k)
<MADodel>  :-)
<MerlinOS2>  MADodel: if they had preloaded jpg of any presentation material on a website page and the viavoice feed could almost be like being there
<Abraxas>  We could even schedule a session room for "Virtual Vendors" .... put it up on a big screen ... with a "moderator" to relay questions
*  ^Piggy^ has set away! (auto away after idling [15 min]) [Log:ON] .gz. *
<CroMagnon>  boy, what a crowd
<Redoaks>  Redoaks must sigh-n off
<lmaxson>  Hi, Cro.
<MerlinOS2>  I myself wanted to come but at the time I had a hurricane 30 miles from me and was on call
<CroMagnon>  hi
<WarpHoss>  Warpstock has the tools....
<Abraxas>  WarpHoss yes, they do :-)
<Arkay>  sorry, i have to go. i'll see everyone later
<WarpHoss>  have a good one Arkay.
<Arkay>  later WH
<Gene>  Take care, Arkay
<WarpHoss>  From those that atendedn... What did you like best about this year's warpstock??
<Arkay>  see you Gene
<Abraxas>  BTW ... kudos to the WEBBnet organization ... we didn't lose a single minute of IRC all the while a hurricane was pounding them
<rich_k>  Best Of Show? I would say either Simplicity or SciTech's presentation.
<persell>  I liked the close proximity of all the venues including food and rooms.
<DavidA>  Positive attitude
<lmaxson>  Bye, Arkay.
<Abraxas>  All of the above
<MADodel>  Warp Jeopardy was a great show
<persell>  I only got asked about a new client twice!
<Abraxas>  Everything about the event was "1st Class" ... all the way
<CroMagnon>  What news did SciTech have?
<MADodel>  persell: so I hear ibm is working on a Warp 5 client
<MADodel>  :-)
<Abraxas>  who was the other one, persell
<Nenad>  with SciTech basic drivers for free, Warp 4 only needs decent file system now...
<rich_k>  SciTech: they discussed how their system works, what systems (OS) it applies, and what is in "da woiks"
<lmaxson>  Now suddenly quiet or about thirty people composing long responses.
<Nenad>  SMP and other Aurora stuff is still to advanced ;) for most users :)
<CroMagnon>  kwel, IBM must really respect them.
<Abraxas>  Nenad "Decent file system"?
<MADodel>  Nenad: Speak for yourself ;-)
<lmaxson>  Such deep thinking more than compensates for server lag.
<Nenad>  Abraxas: yes, the one that is fast and can have more than 2MB of cache :)
<persell>  JFS needs too much horsepower to be feasible on Warp 4
<WarpHoss>  Scitech saves them money because it works and they can do it cheaper than IBM.
<Abraxas>  Nenad good things come to those who wait :-)
<Nenad>  MADodel: if you're rich enough to have SMP system, you're rich enough to buy Aurora O:>
<CroMagnon>  I have 2meg of cache in my SCSI drive :)
<lmaxson>  Did I tell you my old man joke?
<lmaxson>  It takes about 15 seconds.
<TBolick>  i wish i could have made it to SciTech. There were too many good presentations...
*  Abraxas thinks he needs to reconsider MADodel's financial status :-) *
<MADodel>  Nenad: Dual Pentium Pro systems are cheap
<lmaxson>  Oh, I see, you've heard it.
<persell>  I wondered if mine was too techie
<Abraxas>  lmaxson ROTFL
<Nenad>  Abraxas: if someone could port that SGi journalized file system that they released into open source, it would be good...
<Abraxas>  Nenad HPFS is one of (if not THE best) file systems available .... just be patient
<Nenad>  MADodel: I know, I know... just joking... it would be good, but still not so important, especially considering drivers that won't work in SMP and programs that will cause problems... what is really mediocre in Warp 4 is HPFS with 2MB of RAM
<persell>  I would like the HPFS386 cache for HPFS
<Nenad>  Abraxas: patience is not the good choice of words when we talk about fast file systems :))
*  MADodel has DevCon, so he's happy. I'll still buy 4 copies of Warp 5 when it comes out. *
<rich_k>  persell: Agreed... and the security that goes with it
<Nenad>  hpfs386 is very good
<persell>  The royalties will kill your budget for HPFS386 though
<Abraxas>  ne cache
<rich_k>  royalties? Because of the M$ involvment?
<mandie>  now I'm really back :)
<CroMagnon>  any word on where next year's Warpstock will be?
<mandie>  CroMagnon: not yet
<mandie>  they haven'
<persell>  Big royalties per license
<mandie>  oops
<mandie>  they haven't started accepting bids as yet
<mandie>  but soooooon :)
<mandie>  or is that RSN :)
<mandie>  Madodel: only 4 ?
<Nenad>  IBM could just add JFS into some Warp 4 fixpak, if it doesn't require LVM, which could be added, too, anyway ;)
<CroMagnon>  lmaxson: sector is looking for you on scoug
<Sector>  Not exactly, seems lmaxson can't see anything...
<MADodel>  mandie: Only have 5 pc's and the server runs Aurora
<Nenad>  speaking of LVM, two days ago, I discovered that it's not possible to set active partition from LVM.EXE :(
<CroMagnon>  sorry
<mandie>  well, by the time Warp 5 client comes out...you may have many more pc's :)
<CroMagnon>  Warp 5? Aurora lite?? :)
<WarpHoss>  me thinks mandie is dreaming....
<MADodel>  mandie: I'm set for the time being. No need here for one of those newfangled PIIIIIIIII's
<persell>  JFS takes too much horsepower for some clients
<mandie>  :)
<Nenad>  Warp 5 or Diet Aurora
<MADodel>  1 calorie Warp
<WarpHoss>  WarpONE
<mandie>  Aurora Petite :)
<Nenad>  I want Aurora Max, however :)
<CroMagnon>  with 32 bit HPFS
<Nenad>  the one with multiuser capabilities :)
<mandie>  is there any other?
<MerlinOS2>  MeliniumTimeWarp
<Abraxas>  How did we get off the topic of Warpstock?????
<mandie>  well, now that I'm done playing with Warpstock..it's time to get some "real" work done :)
<WarpHoss>  ahh you must mean padi work....
<Nenad>  I will have a serious problem with the application I'm developing
<Abraxas>  Everyone seems fixated on a new Warp Client .... did your current one quit working?
<rich_k>  At other "conventions" or gatherings, there are awards for the first to register and all the badges have registration numbers on them. Could WS do that, too?
<WarpHoss>  pdi=paid.
<mandie>  hehe
<mandie>  you got it :)
<persell>  I'm looking for some LVM answers Nenad
<CroMagnon>  Warpstock T shirts available?
<mandie>  they all sold
<Nenad>  it's a web application and I will have to put a PC to host it somewhere, and I want it to be OS/2 PC... now, how to efficiently protect it from people there?
<MADodel>  Any VOICE Shirts left?
<mandie>  they all sold :)
<Abraxas>  MADodel nope
<CroMagnon>  What a surprise. A Warp resurgence.
<WarpHoss>  The pink monsters are gone.
<MADodel>  Well for next year I really think we need to evaluate the color
<mandie>  what was the total of VOICE new/renewals?
<rich_k>  Besides the Indelible Blue machines there, did IB do anything special?
*  mandie love those pink monsters! *
<MerlinOS2>  Abraxas: the client is fine...just needs certain apps and drivers
<Abraxas>  mandie haven't figured it up, yet
<MerlinOS2>  like a native real audio
<Nenad>  using some SES based product might slow down my system... I was wondering if I can replace WPS with my own PMSHELL replacement that would only start web sever and other required stuff, and allow starting of full WPS if required... but still, someone who knows about alt-f1 can go around it
<mandie>  rich: sold software and processed cc transactions for vendors
<Abraxas>  MerlinOS2 drivers for what ... specifically?
<Nenad>  persell: what LVM answers?
<rich_k>  Maybe I should clarify that. I mean, did they offer any specials on the site?
<Abraxas>  MerlinOS2 ... btw ... we are making a list :-)
<mandie>  rich: nope
<MerlinOS2>  scanners both scsi and parallel...gotta do some research on sane..may exist
*  Ironhead want scanner drivers too. *
<mandie>  rich: I should say...not that I'm aware of
<Abraxas>  MerlinOS2 My SCSi Scanner works fine with CFM Twain
<rich_k>  mandie: thanks.
<persell>  Nenad: Active partitions, equals Startable in LVM terms. if the partitions were active in a previous installation they can be made active again by making them startable
<MerlinOS2>  cd mastering software at a reasonable cost
<CroMagnon>  Abraxas: same here
<CroMagnon>  RSJ is great and the fastest I've used.
<Ironhead>  find a new one it gets harder
<Abraxas>  MerlinOS2 there is a freeware CD Writer available
<TBolick>  is it any good?
<Abraxas>  I use RSJ ... and it's worth every penny I paid for it
<MerlinOS2>  true gotta go look at it ...just saw it the other day
<rich_k>  mandie: thanks for the meeting. see ya later.
<mandie>  rich: thx for coming :)
<lmaxson>  I'll vote for RSJ.
<lmaxson>  It's only handicap is that it costs money.
<persell>  Abraxas: Does RSJ handle ISO 9660 files into bootable CD ROMs?
<Abraxas>  Well, you know the old saying ... you get what you pay for :-)
<MerlinOS2>  << has to go look and see if Backmaster Ultra supports writable cd's
<Nenad>  persell: I was unable to make BM startable/active after installing Linux on a 1GB HD from Aurora's LVM.EXE... I guess Linux installed LILO into MBR, but than again, making a partition active should overwrite MBR? also, I tried to add Linux boot partition into BM, but LVM didn't recognized it... it did recognized regular Linux partition, but it was not the bootable one
<Abraxas>  persell I've created bootable CDs with RSJ ... not sure of the ISO9660
<Nenad>  RSJ is good, only too expencive for casual users
<MerlinOS2>  cost near as much as warp
*  Abraxas made a "copy" of the WSeB Installation CD and made it bootable *
<Gene>  Any chance of the price dropping?
<persell>  Looking in a soon to be released magic book for LVM Nenad
<MADodel>  The WSeb installation CD wouldn't boot in my laptops 24X CDROM. Had to use the floppies.
<Abraxas>  don't ask how many blanks I wasted, though :-)
<CroMagnon>  I am as casual as they come and I bought it :)
<Nenad>  persell: redbook? :)
<CroMagnon>  Haven't had a coaster yet.
<persell>  Not a redbook....
<CroMagnon>  is Redbook CD audio?
<Nenad>  Abraxas: it requires that you remove CD for a while during installation process :)
*  Abraxas has CDROM and CD-RW *
<Nenad>  persell: it might be a Linux problem, I don't know enough about Linux to be sure that I've done everything as it's supposed to be done
<Abraxas>  2 drives ....
<Abraxas>  nobody uses a CD-R drive as their only CD device
<Abraxas>  At least ... nobody SHOULD
<CroMagnon>  We are off the subject again.
<MerlinOS2>  has cd/rw(needs software) and two seven pack cd jukeboxes
<Abraxas>  MerlinOS2 I HIGHLY recommend RSJ ... it's worth the price
<Abraxas>  CroMagnon is right ... back to Warpstock
<persell>  Send an e-mail to me at persell@home.com and I can text back what I found Nenad:
<MerlinOS2>  at the moment I have a cobbled up version of hp software running under winos2
<CroMagnon>  Did Mr. Kaply announce a bug URL for NS/2 @ Warpstock?
<Abraxas>  Anyone have anything they DIDN'T like about WS99 to bring up?
<Abraxas>  CroMagnon no .... he didn't (yet)
<mandie>  CroMagnon: you can't find a place to report bugs?
<DavidA>  Cold rooms (got to me after a while)
<MerlinOS2>  just that I couldn't be there due to the hurricane
<DavidA>  ah, meeting rooms, that is
<Abraxas>  DavidA I found my room a bit warm :-)))
<Abraxas>  Ohhhhh .... OK
<mandie>  Abraxas: he's talking about the conference rooms!
<CroMagnon>  I saw some live RA and he said something like "report it to where you normally report bugs" and then laughed like there wasn't one
<MADodel>  Mike said he is working on finding a place for bug reports
<mandie>  I'll bet your room was HOT
<MerlinOS2>  send more anti-freeze for the cold bodies lol
<JoSt>  How was the attendance? Any figures yet?
<Abraxas>  mandie you have NO idea ... errr .. .maybe you do :-))))
<mandie>  I was freezing during Warped Jeopardy, but I contributed it to "nerves" :)
<persell>  Was it helpful to have Mike and me at Warpstock, I had a blast, but was it helpful in a support sense?
<mandie>  Abraxas: I may be old...but I'm not dead :)
<JoSt>  Who won the Jeopardy game?
<Abraxas>  persell it was VERY helpful ... and MUCH appreciated
<mandie>  persell: of course it was helpful!
<Ironhead>  bring the presenters to irc for Q&A sessions after.
<mandie>  JoSt: tie
<Sector>  JoSt three way tie...
<mandie>  3 way tie :)
<WarpHoss>  You presence was noted noted more than once in a good light... persell.. and jeffk and Mikek appearance was icing on the cake.
<MADodel>  What was Judy's favorite category? ;-)
<persell>  I'm going to submit an official report this week
<Abraxas>  Ironhead we may toss around the idea of doing live IRC from the presentations next year
<persell>  The best thing about Warped Jeopardy was the 15 seconds comment
<Abraxas>  MADodel ROTFL
<CroMagnon>  persell: Did IBM make any announcements we may want to know about?
<persell>  None
<MerlinOS2>  need a good faq on how to set up java for netscape with jdk118 ..ie required classes/classpath config statements etc
<JoSt>  Will the RA broadcasts be made available in some form?
<mandie>  cute, real cute :)
<CroMagnon>  Was IBM @ Warpstock?
*  WarpHoss notes the IBM booth was popular during drawings... *
<Abraxas>  CroMagnon Yes .... in a BIG way
<MADodel>  At the Coffee roundtable session, the guy from IBM stated that the SWC change was to generate revenue for OS/2 group. Someone in the audience mentioned that a new client would generate lot's of revenue.
<mandie>  yes, and it was appreciated!
<mandie>  persell=IBM
<Nenad>  MerlinOS2: doesn't installation add everything that is necessary?
<CroMagnon>  mandie: I know
<mandie>  and there were others that represented IBM
<mandie>  Pete Grulich, Jim Davis, Michael Steinberg=Lotus
<CroMagnon>  Are there any InJoy users here who will be at #scoug later?
<MerlinOS2>  mine didn't java enabled blows me offline...been trying all permutations and havent hit it yet
<Abraxas>  IBM was "present and accounted for" .... their participation was widely recognized at the event
<WarpHoss>  persell > from a support perspective the IBM total presence was effective.
<Abraxas>  CroMagnon possibly
<MerlinOS2>  been looking all over the net/newsgroups..no help yet
<persell>  Whats the server for #scoug?
<mandie>  Merlin: what do you need?
<Abraxas>  same as this one, persell
<JoSt>  Did anyone from Lotus talk of future updates for SS/2?
<WarpHoss>  same one you are on
<CroMagnon>  same as your on now Mike
<MADodel>  same - just do /JOIN #scoug
<persell>  Thanks Abraxas
<lmaxson>  JoSt, yes.
<mandie>  JoSt: no, they didn't do a session this year
<lmaxson>  BBL.
<mandie>  lmaxson: oops...did you talk to him at the booth?
<TBolick>  well, I think i'm outta here...
<MerlinOS2>  list of required dlls by name ,recommended classpath ...mandatory classes list, example config sys entries
<mandie>  TBolick: thanks for coming tonight! :)
<Abraxas>  Thanks, TBolick ...
<WarpHoss>  Tom thanks for stoping by.. and come back again anytime!
<CroMagnon>  Was StarOffice represented at WS?
<mandie>  no
<MADodel>  JoSt: I spoke with Micheal Steinberg. SS/2 1.5 should be out by the end of the year
<TBolick>  certainly...
<MerlinOS2>  also list of what has to be removed to prevent conflict ...older java etc
<Abraxas>  TBolick an I assume you;ll have a wrapup PR to send out?
<TBolick>  ciao...
<MerlinOS2>  202 ns had and auto selector...461 doesnt
<mandie>  MerlinOS2: that is all updated when you install netscape...you having a problem?
<JoSt>  MADodel: Any idea of what it will contain?
<Nenad>  Lotus? are they still interested in OS/2?
<Nenad>  the best thing they can do is to help StarDivision to solve problems with compiling StarOffice on OS/2 ;)
<MADodel>  Various improvements, no new apps.
<MerlinOS2>  if I enable java and go to a site that uses java I get gpf
<mandie>  actually, I don't think the new communicator puts anything in the config.sys other than the PATH to netscape
<JoSt>  How about doing a speak-up with a lotus developer?
<Abraxas>  BTW ... for all latecomers .... larryf ishas archived the Video feeds from WS99 ... and is working on a way to make them available
<MADodel>  there's an idea
<MADodel>  Judy: want to contact Lotus?
<mandie>  I'll contact him, but I wouldn't count on it
<Nenad>  re... my connection died
<mandie>  and it would be +m
<Nenad>  oh, btw, if you don't know, WinZip now works in Odin :)
<mandie>  it seems that Micheal always gets flamed
<mandie>  Michael that is :)
*  JoSt prefers +m *
<MADodel>  JoSt: Also he told me no update notices will be sent out as in the past. Just pick it up at an OS/2 retailer, but he didn't give a price, just that it would be about the same as previous updates.
<mandie>  JoSt: we go with the guests request for mod or not mod
<mandie>  lately, our guests have preferred open speakups
<Nenad>  MADodel: what are you talking about?
<mandie>  we don't have too many rowdy's in here :)
<MADodel>  Nenad: SS/2 1.5
<DavidA>  mandie: unless Swanee's around
<Abraxas>  hehehe
<mandie>  DavidA: you've got his # :)
<Nenad>  MADodel: new SmartSuite? wow, is it on par with Win32 version or another y2k update? :)
*  Abraxas should be quiet :-) *
<JoSt>  Nenad: Can we expect an update to the Odin website anytime soon?
<CroMagnon>  Did anyone have DVD software at the show?
<persell>  I know of at least one of the developers for SS/2. I don't know if he'd be up for IRC though
<MADodel>  Yes, he said it will be on par for the existing apps.
<mandie>  persell: who might that be (if you're at liberty to say)
<Abraxas>  persell if he is .... have him contact Judy ... mandie ....
<persell>  Nenad: a lot of document exchange work and installer changes so far
<JoSt>  I just hope the'll fix the irritating redraws in Approach and 123:(
<WarpHoss>  if he's not availible.... have him contat judy anyway.
<Nenad>  JoSt: yes... the fact is that Sander and others were very busy... they are dumping Open32 dependancies and are doing new PE Loader... howver, advanced Wom32 programs will work only in Aurora, because of 512MB per-process limit in Warp 4
<MADodel>  CroMagnon: Unless someone with deep pockets takes an interest it will never happen. The MPEG2 licencing is supposed to be enormously expensive.
<Nenad>  persell: the current (v1.1) won't install in WSeB, is that problem addressed somehow?
<JoSt>  Nenad: Why not put this info on the webpage?
<Abraxas>  MADodel yep .... I heard 1/2 million $$$
<CroMagnon>  wow!
<MADodel>  I have SS/2 1.1 running in WSeb and Aurora
<CroMagnon>  Take it out of my raise. :)
<MADodel>  Abraxas: that is what Julienne told me
<Abraxas>  MADodel hehe ... same source :-)
<Abraxas>  I think he's looked into it :-)
<MADodel>  Yes he did
<JoSt>  Nenad: Did Knut ever finish the API DB?
<Nenad>  JoSt: I was not available for more than a month, and everything happened non-planned... also, I don't consider myself competent to write announcement myself about things I don't understand (like that new PE Loader)... it will be better now, I'm working on a system that will allow developers to post their own messages to the site
<CroMagnon>  How does PE deal with longfilenames during conversion?
<Nenad>  JoSt: I don't think so, I mentioned that few times, but he was quiet :) I think he works on Win32k.sys that will work in Aurora and new PE Loader with Sander...
<MerlinOS2>  brb
<Nenad>  MADodel: here, SS installer complains about fixpak level
<MADodel>  Nenad: weird. I didn't have that problem with 1.0 or 1.1
<Nenad>  MADodel: I guess I'll have to wait for FP5 for Aurora :)
<Nenad>  damn... Java loading in NS hangs the system... :)
<CroMagnon>  PMView 2.0 was shown at the show. Was Peter there?
<JoSt>  Has anyone seen an APAR list for the rumoured WSeB FP1?
<mandie>  Cro: no he wasn't there
<MADodel>  Java is a PITA. The TCPIP Config in Aurora froze my server several times today.
<persell>  I have!!!
<mandie>  PMView 2.0 was a part of the VendorPro exhibit
<MADodel>  Is PMView 2.0 GA now?
<JoSt>  persell: I suppose it's TOP SECRET!
<Nenad>  OS/2 java TCPIP config is featured at "user interface hall of shame" site :))
<persell>  So far it is...still sorting out the root causes
<Nenad>  darn... that java was loading some music :))
<CroMagnon>  I am a beta testor for 2.0
<MADodel>  Will Fp1 be out before 01/01/2000?
<persell>  The JFS update fixes a lot
<mandie>  it hasn't gone GA yet
<persell>  I doubt it Mark, not enough there for the cost of a FP release
<JoSt>  persell: But not problems on non-JFS systems i assume:)
<persell>  Not so far...
<mandie>  This isn't asking for the exchanges to end here..but I'd like to take this time to......
<mandie>  Thank everyone for showing up tonight and for all of the input
<Gene>  Bye Take care all.
<mandie>  we appreciate it..especially considering how exhausted some folks are :)
<mandie>  Gene: you don't have to leave!
<Gene>  :> You're sweet, lady
<Nenad>  persell: do you know why Aurora takes 15-20MB more of RAM on the same system than Warp 4? (LAN server not loaded at all)
<mandie>  and also, all of the support that was given to Warpstock 99 and VOICE :)
<mandie>  :)
<mandie>  apparently Gene doesn't know me :)
<CroMagnon>  persell: what is your take on the Software Choice change?
<DavidA>  obviously
<mandie>  LOL
<persell>  32 Bit code takes up more space
<Abraxas>  Nobody HAS to leave .... this channel is ALWAYS open .... but some of us are VERY tired .... and we just want to make sure we thank everyone before we fall asleep at the keyborad
<mandie>  persell: did that question every come up at WS?
<mandie>  every=ever :)
<Nenad>  Abraxas: make them leave, make them leave! ;)
<Sector>  Hey, you didn't get a 02:46am wakeup call....
<mandie>  Nenad: he's better trained than that :)
<Abraxas>  Nenad I couldn't if I wanted to .... this is a decicated group :-)
<persell>  mandie: Pete was asked the question he said that it was being worked over
<WarpHoss>  to create revenue for the OS/2 group from an earlier persell quote
<MADodel>  Actually I think you are quoting me
<Nenad>  SC change will mostly affect Java users... as for Netscape, I saw Mike Kaply asking questions in Mozzila newsgroups :)
<Abraxas>  Sector I was just getting in at 2:46 AM :-)))
<persell>  It is recognized that it has to be redesigned again
<Sector>  Hmmm, is that what did it¨
<MerlinOS2>  I for one will wait till I see and upgrade I just gotta have ...dont want to spend that much and have the clock ticking on the subscription
<CroMagnon>  agreed
<persell>  Even if you don't load Networking in Aurora, the Lan services are there at a very low level
<Nenad>  so hopefully, we'll get Mozzila... we would get it anyway, it's the next Netscape :)
<MADodel>  Give OS/2 client users DVD support, full USB support, RealAudio/Video and then ibm can generate lot's of revenue on SWC
<lmaxson>  There's a problem on the subscription in that the subscribers do not control the priority of work.
<WarpHoss>  valid point point lmaxson.
<Nenad>  persell: you mean drivers and protocols? but I had those in Warp 4, too? or Aurora has something new there?
<CroMagnon>  agreed
*  JoSt wonders if there is something similar to http://service5.boulder.ibm.com/pspapar.nsf/ for open APARs? *
<persell>  Lan extensions, NETBios hooks etc
<lmaxson>  The IBM support group needs another revenue source.
<lmaxson>  The group supported needs something in return from IBM.
<persell>  drivers and protocols are above
<WarpHoss>  hello warpin
<warpin>  hi warphoss
<lmaxson>  Currently it is a one-way deal.
<lmaxson>  That's why we may perceive it as a lose-win situation.
<MerlinOS2>  WarpHoss what was the general reaction to warpdoctor by those attending
<lmaxson>  We need to make it a win-win and get the monies to IBM support in the necessary time frame.
<lmaxson>  Before all is lost.
<WarpHoss>  Very favorable.
<lmaxson>  WarpDoctor was a winner.
<lmaxson>  One new believer not only joined VOICE, but threw in an extra $25 just for WarpDoctor.
<Nenad>  persell: I didn't knew that... so Aurora is not so good for development system after all.. :(
*  WarpHoss notes there are others who have promised $ and assitance... And the project is off to nice start. *
<lmaxson>  More to the point there was not a single objector.
<lmaxson>  Everyone agreed.
<Abraxas>  http://www.warpdoctor.os2voice.org ..... for those interested :-)
<WarpHoss>  Abraxas nice show stopper.
<WarpHoss>  :)
<persell>  Nenad, look on IBM sites for Redbook SG24-5393
<JoSt>  persell: Is there any info available on how to get WSeB to run 16-bit os/2 programs?
<MerlinOS2>  need a nice utility that would look at your system and give 2 lists ..files missing for your current service level and files remaining that should be removed because they got missed
<persell>  Gotta go guys...
<mandie>  persell: take care and
<MerlinOS2>  thanx persell
<mandie>  thx so much for all of your support!
<WarpHoss>  Thanks again for stoppin in persell and don't be a stranger to #voice.
*  JoSt loves the clean layout of http://www.warpdoctor.os2voice.org/ :)) *
<Abraxas>  Thanks for coming, Mike ... and really nice meeting you this weekend ...
<Ironhead>  Thanks for coming by persell
<MerlinOS2>  dont be a stranger
<Sector>  So long Mike, hope we see you again
<WarpHoss>  Traditionally Medical Facilities are clean.
<Abraxas>  persell this channel is always open ... and active ... stop by ANYTIME
<persell>  Thanks
<mandie>  we need more Mike's
<Abraxas>  Absolutely, mandie
<warpin>  is there a place to go for reports on the doings at warpstock for those that couldn't get there in person?
<WarpHoss>  agreed.
<mandie>  warpin: not as yet
<warpin>  did anything exciting happen?
<mandie>  actually, our webmaster is still in the states...I'm sure once he gets back to Belgium, the reports will be in :)
*  JoSt can't find a schedule for future planned Speak-Ups:( *
<WarpHoss>  There should be an update to that as well... very soon JoSt..
<WarpHoss>  Many of us haven't recovered from the weekend events yet.
<mandie>  I hear ya! :)
<mandie>  we need to start our own commune :)
<WarpHoss>  Not a bad idea :)
<MerlinOS2>  need more Merlot??? :)))
<mandie>  had dinner with WarpHoss last night and now he's far away :(
<warpin>  we need to start our own slashdot
<WarpHoss>  :(
*  WarpHoss notes the memory of that dinner is embedded n permanebt ROM. *
<mandie>  hehehe
<WarpHoss>  permanent also.
<mandie>  WarpHoss: did you extend our thank-you's to your wife for the candles?
<WarpHoss>  oh yes....
<mandie>  ok :)
*  Abraxas had dinner wuth Timur last night ..... *
<MerlinOS2>  well all gonna go surfing....thanx to all for warpstock and the continued support of the best operating system currently available
<Abraxas>  you can put that in your calendar :-)))
<mandie>  one giant step for mankind :)
<Abraxas>  mandie something like that :-))))
<mandie>  MerlinOS2: take care and come back real soon :)
<Abraxas>  'course ... I paid for it :-)
<warpin>  did pmview 2 make an appearance, and get released?
<mandie>  sometimes we just have to bite the bullet :)
<mandie>  pmview 2 is in beta and was available on floppy
<CroMagnon>  (gone to scoug)
<warpin>  did ibm say anything good (if not, anything bad?)
<Abraxas>  mandie I had a wonderful time .. and a great dinner .... Timur and Theresa are really "good people"
<mandie>  Abraxas: truthfully, I saw a different Timur this time
<WarpHoss>  IBM hardly said a word about anything... as far as policy/direction is concerned.
<WarpHoss>  No news is good news at this poiint IMHO.
<warpin>  that bad, huh?
<WarpHoss>  IBM is notorious for not announcing anything until the deal is done. I don't think the silence can be construed as bad.
<warpin>  what deal?
<mandie>  no announcement..no broken promises
<WarpHoss>  Whatever the product is..
<lmaxson>  warpin, IBM is doing, not talking.
<warpin>  i dunno -- ibm's put viavoice out for linux and still not for warp and THAT still bugs me
<lmaxson>  Their actions speak more loudly.
<Nenad>  so, I should either use Warp 4 for development or buy more RAM and continiue to use Aurora...
<mandie>  lmaxson: well put
<Nenad>  now, what should I do...
<lmaxson>  In fact their actions belie their speaking.
<Nenad>  what Aurora gives me...
<Nenad>  but I hate downgrading :(
<warpin>  nenad can you run 'em both?
<Nenad>  warpin: what's the point?
<warpin>  no point, only wondering if it would work to run one for one thing, the other for another
<warpin>  but if the only issue is ram, then, well, I guess i'd just cough up
<Nenad>  warpin: I can run same programs in both of them, it's just price(penalty;) / performance issue :)
<Nenad>  heh
<Nenad>  how rude! ;)
<lmaxson>  Warpin shot over to #scoug help desk.
<DavidA>  Gotta go - G'night all!
<mandie>  DavidA: g'nite :)
<WarpHoss>  DavidA > see ya.
<mandie>  rest up :)
<DavidA>  gee thanks
<lmaxson>  Maybe he doesn't realise you can have multiple sessions open.
<WarpHoss>  You'll need that rest soon...
<Abraxas>  BTW ... Tech Web had an article about RAM prices dropping .... fears are settleing after the big quake in Taiwan
<Sector>  You said the bad q word...
<WarpHoss>  hello grumpy/
*  Abraxas is Away (winding down from WS99) *
<Grumpy>  hello WarpHoss
<Grumpy>  I guess the meeting is over
<WarpHoss>  Kind of winding down...
<JoSt>  Grumpy: Go to #SCOUG! instead
<WarpHoss>  Lots of folks here are very tired after Warpstock....
<Grumpy>  ok
<Sector>  Hmmm, who be tired¨
<mandie>  going to put this client to sleep...stick around #scoug for awhile..
<mandie>  nytol :)
<WarpHoss>  bye
<JoSt>  I'll consolidate my IRC sessions too... bye!
<Ironhead>  need to sleep. Night folks
<Sector>  Hi Swanee
<Sector>  I'm afraid your a little late tonight... must be making up for those other times you wheren't
<Swanee>  haha Hi Sector, I got home this afternoon and promptly fell asleep.
<Swanee>  Many people show up tonight?
<Sector>  SLeep, whaz that¨
<Sector>  Had a bit of a crowd tonight
<Swanee>  SLeep = Something you won't get at WarpStock
<Sector>  Nor from this end of things...
<Swanee>  I've been doing repairs too. I took a system with me and when I returned home, one of the hard drives was broken loose from it's mountiongs
<Swanee>  mountings
<Swanee>  Mostly repaired I think but I can't get my video going again
<Sector>  I had a system start doing weird things to me Saturday morning, took it all apart, cleaned it out and put it back together. Much better then it was
<Sector>  Whats wrong with the video¨
<Swanee>  Don't know for sure but... I set the monitor selection to "default" before I went because I rented a couple of monitors. I forgot to set it back to "Default" again before I shut down in Atlanta and now I can't get my own monitor to work
<Swanee>  I tried to revert to VGA and reinstall the gradd drivers but haven't had any luck yet
<Sector>  Do you get any video¨
<Swanee>  Deleted "private.dif" and "video.cfg" also with no luck
<Swanee>  All the way up to the last showing of the desktop. I get the clock pointer and it just sits
<Swanee>  The screen will not display
<Sector>  Does it work in VGA?
<Swanee>  You can see the last "flash" when it is changing video modes for the desktop but it never reappears
<Swanee>  I tried VGA and it did display it once after I let it sit for a long time.
<Swanee>  Then I installed gradd and got nothing
<Sector>  Hmmm, no hardware changes¨
<Swanee>  The subsiquent (sp?) time I tried VGA again, it would not reappear
<Swanee>  The monitor itself, I rented monitors in Atlanta and am trying to get back to my original monitor now
<Sector>  That wouldn't effect VGA mode... Unless your monitor is screwy
<Swanee>  I'm on the same system now but on the win drive (ugh!)
<Sector>  blah
<Swanee>  I need to get back to Warp. I had yto download an irc client for this so I could find you guys tonight.
<Sector>  Could have used the java version
<Swanee>  Yeah but I can only run the win partition so far so I just dwldd a win version
<Swanee>  I have a java version on the os2 partitions
<Swanee>  Sector: OH, You mean from the webbnet web site?
<Sector>  There is a Java version link available from http://www.webbnet.org/
<Sector>  Yup
<Swanee>  ok, I finally caught on. (Swanee <--- not too bright)
<Swanee>  Do you have logs from tonight that I could catch up on?
<Sector>  Sure do
<Sector>  Didn't have the logs turned on right at the start as things kinda got started rather early tonight...
<Swanee>  Could you dcc or email them? (dcc ould be better right now. I don't want to get my mail from this partition)
<Swanee>  That's ok, I'd be happy to see what ever is available. :-)
<Sector>  Ummm, DCC doesn't work through my ip aliasing/masquerading (well I can get stuff but can't initate)
<Sector>  But I can email you
<Swanee>  OK, that'd be fine. I'll get my video going and get it from OS/2
<Swanee>  I'm at swanee@pillarsoft.net
<Swanee>  We got a chance to meet TheSeer and Redoaks(sp?)
<Swanee>  And Kobel and Persell and Kaply... It was fun!
*  Sector noticed that *
<Sector>  TheSeer was in here at times
<Sector>  Log is on it's way
<Swanee>  Finally met MADodel but seems like we were always split up as well as Dan
<Sector>  Already sent a couple of WS99 logfiles to WarpHoss
<Swanee>  Thanks Sector. :-)
<Sector>  Are they as scary in person as they are virtualy¨
<Swanee>  Yeah, TheSeer would even go back to the room and get on from there. I think he had a good time. Real good guy too
<Swanee>  haha, They were ALL great!
*  Sector didn't see you on IRC... *
<Swanee>  Everyone seemed like they had fun
<Swanee>  I was pretty busy the whole time. I came over to the voice booth a couple of times just to see what was gfoing on on irc etc. but never did sit down to the keyboard
<Sector>  You could have passed things on to Patti to forward to us...
<Swanee>  I was going to a couple of times but always tried to get someone else invovlved and stood back when it came right down to it.
<Sector>  Uh hu
<Swanee>  haha, yeah, I could have. That was the first time I met her. I guess I haven't been around much lately 'cause I didn't know anything about her before WS
<Sector>  Just grab the keyboard and type away...
<Swanee>  Yeah, I could have but the few times I had the chance I just stood back and watched.
<Sector>  Well, you missed your chance then
<Swanee>  I was happy to see everyone else get a chance to do it.
<Swanee>  I didn't get to see any presentations except Warped Jeopardy.
<Sector>  Did they try and sell the t-shirt off your back¨
<Sector>  Well, thats one more then I saw at WEW...
<Swanee>  haha, not that I know of. :-) They would want to see ME shirtless. :-)
<Sector>  Well, they sold out of VOICE t-shirts
<Swanee>  You missed them all too huh? I wish you could have been at WS too.
<Sector>  Ah well, WEW is much closer to here...
<Swanee>  Sector, you should have heard Joel1 play the piano last night. The guy is GOOD!
<Swanee>  He played the piano in the lobby and sounded just like they hired a guy for atmosphere
<Swanee>  Pretty talented. I held back so I wouldn't show him up. :-)
<Swanee>  Hi MADodel
<Swanee>  oops
<Swanee>  Hi Mok-
<Sector>  Hmmmm¨
*  Swanee needs to watch the nick completion *
<Sector>  That's for sure, you only had the first letter right
<Sector>  MADodel is here twice already...
<Swanee>  I only use the first one and tab to the nick.
<Swanee>  Sector: You're seeing double again!
<Swanee>  haha
<Sector>  @MADodel, madodel0
<Sector>  I've seen triple sometimes
<Sector>  Then it gets weird when we got mandie in here and JudyM in #scoug...