11-05-97 19:11:53 *** Log Activated #voice (F:\TCPIP\GTIRC\#voice.log)
11-05-97 19:35:03 <MADodel> os2hq: Looks like Austin is running away with the vote so far.
11-05-97 19:35:03 <os2hq> stocked up on Warp3 in L.A. last year... made a killing on it from liquidation sales.
11-05-97 19:35:03 <Abraxas> os2hq no thanks....I have copies of every release of OS/2 since 2.0
11-05-97 19:35:13 <os2hq> MAD: good, it's the best place to boost attendance.
11-05-97 19:35:32 <os2hq> Okay, long-range planning: Austin 98, DC 99, Phoenix 2000.
11-05-97 19:36:25 <Abraxas> where is Auatin, in ralation to Dalas?
11-05-97 19:36:30 <Abraxas> Austin, even
11-05-97 19:36:32 <os2hq> If we can get enough hardware vendors to bring machines, might start having a "Warpdex" next door.
11-05-97 19:36:39 <os2hq> Austin is 1 hour South of Dallas.
11-05-97 19:36:52 <Abraxas> ok....I could drive that in a day
11-05-97 19:36:54 <os2hq> About half-hour North of San Antonio.
11-05-97 19:37:03 <os2hq> Maybe 1 or 2 hours S of Dallas, that is.
11-05-97 19:37:07 <Abraxas> although it'd be a LONG day
11-05-97 19:37:12 <os2hq> I have a buddy works for Dell.
11-05-97 19:37:29 <MADodel> Abraxas: where are you?
11-05-97 19:37:35 <Abraxas> Indianapolis
11-05-97 19:37:37 <os2hq> Abraxas: Scott Lambert drove from Ark. to Warpstock straight, 26 hours. THAT was a long day!!!!
11-05-97 19:37:48 <Abraxas> yep....that was....
11-05-97 19:37:50 <MADodel> That would be a long day
11-05-97 19:38:09 <os2hq> I thought I was Macho driving from Nashville to LA in 3 days until I heard about that.
11-05-97 19:38:39 <os2hq> I spent 3 days on the road, 1 day recovering, 2 days at WS97, and 3 more days on the road.
11-05-97 19:38:46 <Abraxas> I drive straight through to Tampa twice a year (16hours)
11-05-97 19:38:51 <os2hq> Ouch.
11-05-97 19:38:52 <Abraxas> I can't imagine doing 26
11-05-97 19:39:03 <os2hq> You can do Austin if you can do Tampa.
11-05-97 19:39:14 <Abraxas> yep....that's what I was thinking
11-05-97 19:39:53 <os2hq> Well, we should start using some of my marketing ideas ASAP. I think bumper stickers would be priority 1.
11-05-97 19:40:37 <Abraxas> I had planned to attend Warpstock....flight schedule, a place to stay (on the beach in Malibu) couldn't get the time away from work
11-05-97 19:40:55 <os2hq> BTW, did you hear Sun fudged their Java benchmarks for Solaris?
11-05-97 19:41:07 * MADodel is leaving for Disney World on Friday
11-05-97 19:41:09 <Abraxas> You have a "Supporting Warpstock 98" icon for web links, yet?
11-05-97 19:41:22 <os2hq> Supposed to be the guys in the white hats. They need a brain transplant if they don't straighten up.
11-05-97 19:42:03 <MADodel> That should be a top priority. Get the word out there will be a WS 98
11-05-97 19:42:06 <os2hq> Abrax: we should get that icon ready ASAP. Ptackbar is the man to see.
11-05-97 19:42:15 <os2hq> Hopefully he'll be here 2nite.
11-05-97 19:42:24 <Abraxas> ok....I'll ask him (if he shows up tonite)
11-05-97 19:42:41 <os2hq> We should have a "Warpstock97 Archive" section, then the plans for WS98.
11-05-97 19:42:51 <os2hq> Steering committee, location, etc.
11-05-97 19:42:55 <os2hq> Maps, etc.
11-05-97 19:43:12 <os2hq> Then a press release.
11-05-97 19:43:28 <os2hq> Hey Stry, welcome.
11-05-97 19:43:33 <MADodel> Stryder: hello
11-05-97 19:44:06 <Abraxas> There's been a few comments in the newsgroups about "short notice" for 97, so it would help if things could get started ASAP
11-05-97 19:44:22 <os2hq> Right, exactly. People can all ask the boss for the time off, etc.
11-05-97 19:44:24 <Stryder> Hello all.
11-05-97 19:44:40 <Abraxas> hi, Stryder
11-05-97 19:44:41 <os2hq> What month is best for Austin?
11-05-97 19:44:57 <os2hq> I'm thinking Sept/Oct. would work okay.
11-05-97 19:45:12 <Abraxas> That sounds about right
11-05-97 19:45:28 <os2hq> I think we should have an attendance goal of 3000.
11-05-97 19:45:37 <os2hq> That should be worthy of some press.
11-05-97 19:45:53 <Abraxas> yeah, it should
11-05-97 19:46:16 <os2hq> By WS2000, we may get into the bigtime, compete with Comdex!
11-05-97 19:47:53 <Abraxas> hehe...no point in setting "easily attainable goals"....just GO FOR IT!
11-05-97 19:48:13 <Stryder> Hello os2hq MADodel
11-05-97 19:48:22 <Abraxas> btw, I just read the blurb on Warpstock in Spencer Katt's column
11-05-97 19:49:01 <os2hq> Yes, somebody else sent that one in... John Urbaniak I think.
11-05-97 19:49:49 <Abraxas> I heard about it over the weekend, but the column didn't show up in the online version of PCWEEK until yesterday (or today)
11-05-97 19:51:51 <os2hq> Yes, exactly.
11-05-97 19:52:10 <os2hq> Shadowram at CRN had nothing to say though, despite my message to him.
11-05-97 19:52:32 <os2hq> I don't know about Cringely at InfoWorld, they don't put him in the Online version AFAIK.
11-05-97 19:54:49 <os2hq> Stryder, we were wondering what city you recommend for Warpstock 98.
11-05-97 19:54:59 <os2hq> The choices are Austin, Phoenix, DC, and Cincy.
11-05-97 19:55:59 <Stryder> I would say DC or Austin
11-05-97 19:56:11 <os2hq> Good, we've got most of the folks pushing Austin.
11-05-97 19:56:25 <Stryder> Phoenix already has a large following, and thus several major events a year.
11-05-97 19:56:33 <Stryder> Cincy is ho hum in terms of a good base.
11-05-97 19:56:34 <os2hq> I say Austin 98, DC 99, Phoenix 2000, maybe Cincy 2001.
11-05-97 19:56:53 <Stryder> I agree Austin is probably best, you PSP there.
11-05-97 19:56:56 <Stryder> have that is.
11-05-97 19:57:55 <os2hq> I hear some folks in Germany are doing a Spring Warpstock over there.
11-05-97 19:58:50 <os2hq> Well, 7PM CST. Where's the crowds?
11-05-97 19:58:52 <Stryder> Good there is a large following there, it will help to keep OS/2 in the lime light.
11-05-97 19:59:15 <Abraxas> os2hq Cringly's column can be found at Infoworld Electric (current issue is dated Oct 27, 1997)
11-05-97 19:59:17 <os2hq> Yes, Germany and much of Europe are OS/2 country. Not France tho.
11-05-97 19:59:42 <os2hq> Abrax: thanks, how come my InfoWorld doesn't show it? What icon/heading?
11-05-97 20:00:16 <Abraxas> I followed a link to the PRINT version, OPINIONS and Notes From the Field
11-05-97 20:00:24 <os2hq> Thanks.
11-05-97 20:00:25 <Abraxas> http://www.infoworld.com/cgi-bin/displayArchive.pl?/97/43/o11-43.137.htm
11-05-97 20:00:41 <os2hq> Thanks, my trusty PrintScreen just captured it.
11-05-97 20:01:01 <os2hq> likes OS/2 printscreen, no buffer goofups like DOS.
11-05-97 20:01:37 <os2hq> Oops, down to 3 MB Swapper space. Brb, gonna reboot.
11-05-97 20:01:42 <os2hq> Hey Proj, brb....
11-05-97 20:01:48 *** os2hq has left #VOICE [20:01:48]
11-05-97 20:02:06 <trixwork> hi people
11-05-97 20:02:21 <Projects> hiya trix
11-05-97 20:02:29 <trixwork> whats up?
11-05-97 20:02:40 <Projects> how's trix?
11-05-97 20:02:46 <trixwork> sick
11-05-97 20:02:51 <trixwork> brb
11-05-97 20:03:10 <Stryder> Hello Projects !
11-05-97 20:03:19 <Stryder> Hi trixworks.
11-05-97 20:03:25 <Projects> hiya Stryder
11-05-97 20:03:46 <MADodel> hello Projects
11-05-97 20:04:00 <Projects> hiya MADodel
11-05-97 20:04:06 <TimurTabi> re all
11-05-97 20:04:08 <Projects> Hello TimurTabi
11-05-97 20:04:10 <MADodel> Hello Timur, what's your win32-OS/2 page URL?
11-05-97 20:04:13 <Stryder> Hello TimurTabi
11-05-97 20:04:21 <TimurTabi> www.io.com/~timur/win32os2.html
11-05-97 20:04:35 <MADodel> TimurTabi: thanks
11-05-97 20:06:39 <os2hq> Howdy, neighbors!
11-05-97 20:06:50 <os2hq> Hey Timur, how's it going?
11-05-97 20:07:01 <TimurTabi> ok
11-05-97 20:07:05 <os2hq> What did I miss, folks?
11-05-97 20:07:30 <Abraxas> actually, nothing os2hq
11-05-97 20:07:51 <os2hq> Well, at least I have 8MB Swapper free space this time.
11-05-97 20:08:08 <os2hq> May have to use Partition Magic here.
11-05-97 20:08:49 <MADodel> Well it's 20:08, I guess we should start
11-05-97 20:08:50 <os2hq> Lotus printed up some cute shirts for Warpstock, they just sent me mine: "Join the Team: Lotus & OS/2 Warp"
11-05-97 20:09:05 <os2hq> Okay, what's up first? We need to pick a Prez, right?
11-05-97 20:09:12 <TimurTabi> how do you qualify to get a shirt?
11-05-97 20:09:21 <os2hq> They had a drawing, that's how I got mind.
11-05-97 20:09:24 <os2hq> mine even.
11-05-97 20:09:55 <MADodel> Stryder should make his announcement first
11-05-97 20:10:04 <os2hq> He did Monday, but he can repeat.
11-05-97 20:10:30 <MADodel> Stryder your on
11-05-97 20:12:14 <Stryder> Ok
11-05-97 20:12:24 <Stryder> I regret to inform everybody that I am resigning as President of VOICE.
11-05-97 20:12:57 <Stryder> For many various reasons, my platform has slowly drifted from OS/2.
11-05-97 20:13:36 <Stryder> Recently I have not had the time to do the position justice, and feel that the organization and its members would best be served by another.
11-05-97 20:14:26 <Stryder> I will be happy to field any questions anybody has.
11-05-97 20:14:30 <os2hq> Okay, any nominations for a replacement?
11-05-97 20:14:55 <MADodel> os2hq: I don't think there are enough people here tonight for that.
11-05-97 20:15:16 <os2hq> Okay, what shall we do then? We should at least have a few folks in mind.
11-05-97 20:15:18 <MADodel> I think we should put it out on the mail list and ask for nominations
11-05-97 20:15:25 * Projects was wondering if his nicklist was not showing the whole picture...
11-05-97 20:15:26 <os2hq> Good, that's the best way.
11-05-97 20:15:42 <os2hq> Hmmm.... I see 8 names, counting the Bot.
11-05-97 20:15:50 <os2hq> Bot doesn't vote, tho.
11-05-97 20:15:52 <Stryder> Same here 8...
11-05-97 20:16:25 <Projects> yeah... 8's a little short...
11-05-97 20:16:41 <os2hq> Okay, who is VP, so we have an "acting Prez?"
11-05-97 20:17:41 <MADodel> David Both is. He's not here either. He has a conflict on Wednesday nights
11-05-97 20:18:13 <os2hq> Ah. I got his e-mail the other day & wondered where he was. Well, who gets next priority?
11-05-97 20:21:07 <IRC_User> hello ;)
11-05-97 20:21:14 <IRC_User> sorry I'm late :(
11-05-97 20:21:14 <Projects> jsmith!
11-05-97 20:21:19 <IRC_User> oops :)
11-05-97 20:21:21 *** IRC_User is now known as mandie
11-05-97 20:21:29 <Projects> hehehe
11-05-97 20:21:33 <os2hq> I Mandie!
11-05-97 20:21:34 <os2hq> Hi even!
11-05-97 20:21:38 <mandie> os2hq: hi :)
11-05-97 20:21:51 <Projects> so who's jsmith?
11-05-97 20:21:56 <mandie> I forgot to change identd's :)
11-05-97 20:22:01 <Projects> hehehe
11-05-97 20:22:03 <Stryder> Hello mandie !
11-05-97 20:22:20 <os2hq> Okay, we were just discussing who would be "acting Prez" until we get enuf folks to pick a new one. David Both isn't here; can we appoint him in absentia?
11-05-97 20:22:23 <mandie> projects: the name I use when I do screen captures for the GtIrc inf :)
11-05-97 20:22:35 <Projects> mandie: :)
11-05-97 20:22:49 <mandie> os2hq: doesn't it say anything in the bylaws?
11-05-97 20:23:10 <os2hq> Hmmmm..... I can't check, my Swap free space is too low. Somebody else check yet?
11-05-97 20:23:48 <os2hq> Ooops, supper's on. I'll be in & out....
11-05-97 20:24:06 <MADodel> I think it's automatic that the vp takes the helm.
11-05-97 20:24:06 <mandie> timur!!! hi :)
11-05-97 20:24:13 <TimurTabi> hi mandie
11-05-97 20:24:30 <mandie> mad: I believe you're right...I do think that David should be notified of such though...and he's never here either
11-05-97 20:25:12 <mandie> Timur: if you don't hear anything back in a couple of days from the Warpstock steering committee...let me know and I'll post in our mailing list
11-05-97 20:25:23 <Stryder> It is up to you folks, but I would pick somebody that is always here..... I know I was remiss the last few months....
11-05-97 20:25:26 <Abraxas> According to the bylaws, the VP shall...:3.Perform the duties, pro tempore, of the President in case of Presidential absence.
11-05-97 20:25:28 <Projects> yup... in the bylaws it states David is now acting prez
11-05-97 20:25:31 <TimurTabi> hear anything back about what?
11-05-97 20:25:58 <mandie> timur: assist with plans for warpstock '98...funds etc
11-05-97 20:26:10 <mandie> assist=info
11-05-97 20:26:19 <Projects> 2.When any other office becomes vacant, the
11-05-97 20:26:19 <Projects> Executive Board shall act to fill the office for the
11-05-97 20:26:19 <Projects> unexpired term. They shall use such procedures
11-05-97 20:26:20 <Projects> for this as they deem advisable under the
11-05-97 20:26:20 <Projects> circumstances, including if they wish, the holding
11-05-97 20:26:20 <Projects> of a special election.
11-05-97 20:26:52 <MADodel> It looks like most of the votes on the Warpstock list are for Austin, It's the logical choice as far as I'm concerned.
11-05-97 20:26:57 <Projects> whoops... that says 'any other office'...
11-05-97 20:28:33 <TimurTabi> mandie: ok, but I was hoping each of the volunteers would tell me what they did.
11-05-97 20:28:36 <mandie> well, I think we need to discuss the future of VOICE....
11-05-97 20:29:06 <mandie> in our board mtg Monday, we said it would be discussed in the general mtg..which is tonight :)
11-05-97 20:29:22 <TimurTabi> frankly, I think all of the OS/2 user groups should be combined
11-05-97 20:29:48 <mandie> timur: as in *united* ?
11-05-97 20:30:05 <TimurTabi> yes
11-05-97 20:30:07 <TimurTabi> all of them
11-05-97 20:30:16 <mandie> I agree...I think they should have more interaction
11-05-97 20:30:21 <TimurTabi> instead of having POSSI, SCOUG, VOICE, etc....
11-05-97 20:30:25 <TimurTabi> there is ONE user group
11-05-97 20:30:28 <Projects> would the groups agree though...
11-05-97 20:30:33 <MADodel> Timur: We tried to become part of Possi in the beginning. It didn't work out.
11-05-97 20:30:34 <TimurTabi> and all of the regional groups become divisions
11-05-97 20:30:37 <mandie> projects: absolutely not
11-05-97 20:31:01 <Projects> mandie: I figured that...
11-05-97 20:31:02 <TimurTabi> membership in one entitles you to membership in all of them
11-05-97 20:31:23 <mandie> timur: that would mean 1 account for all...that would get very touchy
11-05-97 20:31:24 * Projects thinks it's a good idea
11-05-97 20:31:29 <TimurTabi> the POSSI newsletter, for instance, would be sent to members of all OS/2 user groups
11-05-97 20:31:53 <TimurTabi> in return, some of the fees from each member would go to POSSI
11-05-97 20:32:01 <mandie> timur: then possi would have to take x amount of $ for each member as it costs to publish EA
11-05-97 20:32:02 <TimurTabi> but it wouldn't look like that because there wouldn't be a POSSI per se any more
11-05-97 20:32:13 <TimurTabi> exactly.
11-05-97 20:32:16 <MADodel> Has anyone any idea what is going on with TeamOS/2? Is that alive or what?
11-05-97 20:32:39 <mandie> mad: it's *still* under construction...personally I don't see it going anywhere
11-05-97 20:32:44 <Projects> well, there's still teamos2 mailing list activity, but...
11-05-97 20:32:57 <MADodel> mandie: That's the impression I get
11-05-97 20:32:59 <mandie> but we're just talking web site here
11-05-97 20:33:13 <mandie> many of the User Groups are still maintaining Team OS/2
11-05-97 20:33:17 <Stryder> I've got to run folks. Sorry to take off, but duty calls and all that good rot. I'll see you guys later.
11-05-97 20:33:18 <Stryder> Good luck all.
11-05-97 20:33:27 <MADodel> mandie: Then there is no central control of teamOS/2
11-05-97 20:33:27 <Projects> later Stryder
11-05-97 20:33:30 <Abraxas> cya, Stryder
11-05-97 20:33:32 <mandie> Stryder: see you and thanks for all you've done :)
11-05-97 20:33:39 <mandie> mad: there never was
11-05-97 20:34:01 <Projects> teamos2 just had a central web page
11-05-97 20:34:17 <mandie> I belive the website was a very popular site and associated with being a *member* of Team OS/2...but there was never any type of organization
11-05-97 20:34:39 <MADodel> I thought the new improved TeamOS/2 was going to be different.
11-05-97 20:34:51 <Abraxas> How about if VOICE had a "User Group" membership....where all the other user groups could join VOICE?
11-05-97 20:34:54 <TimurTabi> you see, this is exactly why I think all OS/2 user groups should unite
11-05-97 20:35:25 <mandie> so did I..and maybe it will be
11-05-97 20:35:26 <Projects> MADodel: the 'improved' part is just a uniform look to all pages...
11-05-97 20:35:26 <TimurTabi> teamOS/2, VOICE, POSSI, SCOUG, all of them
11-05-97 20:35:26 <mandie> Timur: I feel that they are clicks...and in someways...even try to compete
11-05-97 20:35:32 <mandie> some of the larger groups that is
11-05-97 20:35:48 <TimurTabi> come on, the OS/2 community can't support this kind of competition
11-05-97 20:36:00 <mandie> I realize that
11-05-97 20:36:01 <Projects> but what's the competition? We're all striving towards the same goal...
11-05-97 20:36:04 <MADodel> What is happening with the OS/2 suer group officer meetings? Is that still going on?
11-05-97 20:36:12 <MADodel> user groups
11-05-97 20:36:21 <mandie> mad: you mean the IRC meetings?
11-05-97 20:36:39 <MADodel> TimurTabi: I agree, we have to stop the bickering. The news groups are making me sick.
11-05-97 20:36:45 <MADodel> mandie: yes
11-05-97 20:37:02 <mandie> Mad: it sort of went by the wayside...lasted about 2 meetings
11-05-97 20:37:20 <TimurTabi> I think the new purpose of VOICE should be to unite all OS/2 user groups
11-05-97 20:37:41 * Projects agrees, and asks to put Timur's suggestion to the vote...
11-05-97 20:38:58 <mandie> It will never happen
11-05-97 20:38:58 <MADodel> I'll second that
11-05-97 20:38:58 <MADodel> the vote that is
11-05-97 20:38:58 <TimurTabi> are you saying that POSSI will never join forces with SCOUG?
11-05-97 20:38:58 <mandie> exactly
11-05-97 20:38:58 <MADodel> mandie: I think we have to try. Or fold
11-05-97 20:38:58 <TimurTabi> mad: I agree completely
11-05-97 20:38:58 <TimurTabi> this division is killing everyone
11-05-97 20:38:58 <TimurTabi> POSSI is doing very well
11-05-97 20:38:58 <TimurTabi> the others are mainting their status quo or shriking
11-05-97 20:38:58 <MADodel> They worked together on Warpstock
11-05-97 20:38:59 <TimurTabi> shrinking
11-05-97 20:39:00 <TimurTabi> consider this:
11-05-97 20:39:07 <mandie> right...and POSSI want's to remain independent and proper as their own organization
11-05-97 20:39:13 <mandie> prosper too
11-05-97 20:39:14 <TimurTabi> what advantage is there to someone like me joining a user group? None.
11-05-97 20:39:28 <TimurTabi> POSSI can still prosper
11-05-97 20:39:32 <TimurTabi> in fact, they can do better
11-05-97 20:39:40 <MADodel> mandie: but possi wants members outside of AZ as well
11-05-97 20:39:44 <TimurTabi> because now ALL OS/2 user group members will pay dues to POSSI
11-05-97 20:39:53 * Projects keeps forgetting to join POSSI
11-05-97 20:40:03 <TimurTabi> here's an idea:
11-05-97 20:40:12 <TimurTabi> what vendors offer discounts to POSSI members?
11-05-97 20:40:13 <mandie> Mad: they already get member outside of AZ without becomeing *one*
11-05-97 20:40:46 <mandie> all I recall offhand was PMView..but I know there were otheres
11-05-97 20:40:47 <TimurTabi> we should approach these vendors and go: would you like to extend your support to ALL OS/2 user group members?
11-05-97 20:40:49 <MADodel> TimurTabi: Every month they have deals. Don't you get EA?
11-05-97 20:40:50 <TimurTabi> I think they'd say yes.
11-05-97 20:41:03 <TimurTabi> and then they'd pressure POSSI to comply. No, I don't get EA.
11-05-97 20:41:09 <TimurTabi> what do I need EA for?
11-05-97 20:41:20 <TimurTabi> it's not like it's going to teach me anything about OS/2!
11-05-97 20:41:27 <MADodel> TimurTabi: Something to read in the john
11-05-97 20:41:28 <mandie> it's one of the *last* hardcopy OS/2 mags out there....andddddddddddd
11-05-97 20:41:46 <TimurTabi> I already get OS/2 Inside
11-05-97 20:41:47 <mandie> me and David Both share a column..that should be reason enough right there
11-05-97 20:41:49 <os2hq> Yes, they are planning to get on store shelves. already so in Phoenix area.
11-05-97 20:42:13 <MADodel> OS/2 Inside?
11-05-97 20:42:22 <TimurTabi> what if all OS/2 user group magazines were combined into EA
11-05-97 20:42:23 <MADodel> That's in German isn't it?
11-05-97 20:42:23 <TimurTabi> ?
11-05-97 20:42:27 <TimurTabi> mad: yes, it is.
11-05-97 20:42:44 * MADodel doesn't speak/read German.
11-05-97 20:42:53 <os2hq> Well, I agree that what we've done is split the force. But, we need to get cooperation to make a united group work. McLagan sez he wants to push TOS/2 website for D.C. instead of Austin. That kind of go-your-own-way doesn't help.
11-05-97 20:42:58 * MADodel doesn't even drink beer
11-05-97 20:43:14 <os2hq> POSSI wants to be independent, & I'm sure SCOUG does too.
11-05-97 20:43:15 <TimurTabi> look, each local group can have their own thing
11-05-97 20:43:18 <mandie> os2hq: because DC is closer to him!
11-05-97 20:43:21 <TimurTabi> each group needs a web site after all
11-05-97 20:43:28 <os2hq> Matter of fact, that's why we use OS/2, because we're independent minded!!!
11-05-97 20:43:31 * Projects is pushing for Anchorage...
11-05-97 20:43:34 <mandie> Cinci is closer for me..but I say go where the users are
11-05-97 20:43:37 <os2hq> Proj!!!!
11-05-97 20:43:44 <mandie> projects: hehehe
11-05-97 20:43:52 <mandie> If I make it fine..if not..others will
11-05-97 20:43:57 <os2hq> Users are key. LA was chosen because of its user base, weather, and transport capacity.
11-05-97 20:44:05 <TimurTabi> and the resources of each one are available to all the others - THAT's the key
11-05-97 20:44:10 <os2hq> Austin is for same reasons.
11-05-97 20:44:35 <os2hq> Well, everybody seems antsy about putting up any real money into this united group thing.
11-05-97 20:44:45 <os2hq> POSSI has over 400 members, though. PAYing members.
11-05-97 20:44:56 <TimurTabi> POSSI will get 2000 paying members after the merge.
11-05-97 20:45:09 <os2hq> I think we have to go with the flow. POSSI has to see it that way, too.
11-05-97 20:45:10 <MADodel> Is Voice willing to take a larger role in WarpStock 98? Perhaps that could be the rallying call to unite the user groups.
11-05-97 20:45:13 <mandie> when I sent mail out to the user groups announcing VOICE...the group in TN replied..take us off your list
11-05-97 20:45:18 <TimurTabi> since EA is the best user-group mag, it will become the offical mag for all user groups
11-05-97 20:45:19 <os2hq> Hey Dash. Welcome.
11-05-97 20:45:33 <dashs> Yello, group.
11-05-97 20:46:00 <TimurTabi> But VOICE has no value to those who are already in a group!
11-05-97 20:46:05 <Projects> someone should get the ctwmm guy's input... what was his name again? Tim something?
11-05-97 20:46:11 <mandie> MAD: how much bigger?...and there were comments thrown out to the affect that VOICE was being ignored due to my involvement in warpstock
11-05-97 20:46:16 <os2hq> Tim Bryce.
11-05-97 20:46:43 <Projects> that's it... he pulled quite a few people together once already...
11-05-97 20:46:53 <os2hq> We need to look at VOICE as a mouthpiece, a marketing group. Not a separate or umbrella entity, that's just not succeeding.
11-05-97 20:47:10 <os2hq> Bryce & I have corresponded. He wants to see some action ASAP on marketing OS/2.
11-05-97 20:47:29 <os2hq> He did some legwork for me already on my WPS for W3.1 plan.
11-05-97 20:47:56 <mandie> I say as soon as the location of Warpstock '98 is determined...VOICE make bumper stickers
11-05-97 20:48:02 <os2hq> Well, I think first of all, we need to get some kind of marketing activity going to show that VOICE will actually *do* something, not just be a chat group.
11-05-97 20:48:07 <os2hq> Yes, Mandie, 100% agreed.
11-05-97 20:48:14 <TimurTabi> as I mentioned to mandie earlier, I think a user group that has no local affiliation is useless.
11-05-97 20:48:17 <os2hq> I have a short list of Nashville print shops here....
11-05-97 20:48:18 <mandie> Warpstock '98, Austin, TX or wherever
11-05-97 20:48:40 <os2hq> Mandie: We don't even need to put the location to have an impact.
11-05-97 20:48:42 <os2hq> But it helps a little.
11-05-97 20:48:52 <TimurTabi> user groups have value ONLY because of their locality - POSSI is an exception because they offer things to people far away for the money they spend.
11-05-97 20:48:54 <os2hq> I'll be designing a bumper sticker tonight.
11-05-97 20:48:56 * Projects has an inexpensive print shop here too...
11-05-97 20:49:09 <mandie> os2hq: but it doesn't hurt
11-05-97 20:49:14 <os2hq> Proj: You're in a better position to avoid exchange rate problems, too.
11-05-97 20:49:32 <Projects> os2hq: that's what I was thinking...
11-05-97 20:49:37 <mandie> os2hq: I really think you should wait for the new steering committee and check with them on logo and such
11-05-97 20:49:42 <os2hq> Yes, let's get a site nailed down. Timur, you're having a meeting this week on that, right?
11-05-97 20:49:50 <Projects> that and the fact that the bank and the printers are about a 30 second walk from each other :p
11-05-97 20:49:54 <MADodel> Since there is nolonger a warpstock committee, who will make the choice?
11-05-97 20:49:55 <os2hq> Mandie: okay, Timur's doing something on that I think.
11-05-97 20:50:07 <TimurTabi> not quite
11-05-97 20:50:09 <os2hq> Proj: LOL! Good in the weather you're probably having....
11-05-97 20:50:19 <TimurTabi> the meeting is next week, and it's only to determine if we CAN have it Austin
11-05-97 20:50:26 <Projects> os2hq: actually, was nice and sunny today :)
11-05-97 20:50:46 <os2hq> Timur: keep us posted. We would like VOICE to be the mouthpiece. AT least that's my 2 cents.
11-05-97 20:50:54 <os2hq> We didn't have ANY press at all at WS97.
11-05-97 20:50:56 <mandie> Timur: going to see if they are willing to host ?
11-05-97 20:51:05 <os2hq> We didn't have ANY bumper stickers, etc.
11-05-97 20:51:10 <os2hq> Other than Harry
11-05-97 20:51:13 <TimurTabi> well, then how about VOICE becoming a consulting service for OS/2 user groups?
11-05-97 20:51:15 <os2hq> and his nice shirts.
11-05-97 20:51:16 <mandie> os2hq: and we also started with $0
11-05-97 20:51:24 <os2hq> Timur: That's how I view it.
11-05-97 20:51:37 <os2hq> Mandie: yep.
11-05-97 20:51:41 <TimurTabi> then, VOICE needs to create a LIST of services
11-05-97 20:51:49 <os2hq> Yes, exactly.
11-05-97 20:51:53 <TimurTabi> and then decide how much, if at all, to charge for these things
11-05-97 20:51:57 <os2hq> brb...
11-05-97 20:52:07 <TimurTabi> perhaps VOICE could merge with that marketing conference
11-05-97 20:52:09 <TimurTabi> what was it called?
11-05-97 20:52:17 <mandie> IOTTA
11-05-97 20:52:21 <TimurTabi> yeah, that's it
11-05-97 20:52:24 <TimurTabi> what is IOTTA doing?
11-05-97 20:52:33 <TimurTabi> perhaps VOICE should merge with IOTTA?
11-05-97 20:52:39 <mandie> I'm not quite sure..I've checked the page but don't really know
11-05-97 20:52:51 <mandie> we're hitting different targets
11-05-97 20:53:02 <MADodel> TimurTabi: IOTTA is an ISV group
11-05-97 20:53:06 <mandie> IOTTA is for ISV's I believe...we're for the homeuser SOHO
11-05-97 20:53:37 <TimurTabi> ok, but if the two MERGE, then the IOTTA _half_ could target ISV's, and the VOICE _half_ could target end-users
11-05-97 20:53:37 * Projects could still see the advantage of a 'union' between IOTTA and VOICE
11-05-97 20:53:49 <TimurTabi> both could offer services to companies and people
11-05-97 20:54:03 <TimurTabi> AND, it'd be like attacking the problem from both ends
11-05-97 20:54:10 <TimurTabi> ISV's need help reaching customers
11-05-97 20:54:13 <Projects> exactly
11-05-97 20:54:20 <TimurTabi> end-users (customers) need help learning about ISV's
11-05-97 20:55:11 <TimurTabi> a combined IOTTA/VOICE could do both far more easily
11-05-97 20:55:11 <TimurTabi> because they'd talk to each other, and they'd be localized
11-05-97 20:55:11 <mandie> then someone needs to come up with a plan..because I'm at a loss on this...and we need to do it soon
11-05-97 20:55:11 <TimurTabi> well, the VOICE exec's need to talk to IOTTA about this
11-05-97 20:55:12 <Projects> and the greater numbers thing...
11-05-97 20:55:20 <TimurTabi> if IOTTA and VOICE agree, then the merge becomes official
11-05-97 20:55:25 <TimurTabi> the web pages become one
11-05-97 20:55:34 <TimurTabi> meetings of the exec's involve both people
11-05-97 20:55:47 <TimurTabi> then you won't need a new president for VOICE,
11-05-97 20:55:59 <TimurTabi> the IOTTA president could take on the role of both organizations
11-05-97 20:56:14 <TimurTabi> and one or two people could take care of the specifics for each half.
11-05-97 20:56:23 <TimurTabi> you'd get more done with fewer resources.
11-05-97 20:57:15 <TimurTabi> so what do you think?
11-05-97 20:57:27 * Projects votes yes
11-05-97 20:57:36 <mandie> IOTTA is managed much more professionally than VOICE...they are an Organization and they also pay their execs for their part time work that is done
11-05-97 20:57:54 <TimurTabi> then that's something that you want to take advantage of
11-05-97 20:58:06 <TimurTabi> I think IOTTA would be foolish to turn it down
11-05-97 20:58:11 <TimurTabi> it can only help them
11-05-97 20:58:12 <mandie> Esther had attended our meetings in the very beginning..but
11-05-97 20:58:15 <MADodel> TimurTabi: I think we are getting ahead of ourselves here. We have no one here from IOTTA
11-05-97 20:58:24 <TimurTabi> and instead of needing 4-5 people in charge, you only need 1-2
11-05-97 20:58:32 <Abraxas> I have to ask the question "What does VOICE have to offer that would make it compelling for IOTTA to want to merge. Or Other User Groups to want to merge???
11-05-97 20:58:43 <TimurTabi> well, the new acting prez or VP should get the ball rolling and call IOTTA
11-05-97 20:58:49 <mandie> abraxas: my thoughts exactly
11-05-97 20:59:09 <TimurTabi> the ex-officers of IOTTA would be in charging of reaching the end-users directly
11-05-97 20:59:09 <mandie> the VP to my knowledge was involved in IOTTA
11-05-97 20:59:13 <MADodel> Abraxas: Other then co-ordination of efforts, I'm not sure
11-05-97 20:59:19 <TimurTabi> and they would report to the IOTTA officers what the ISV's need to do.
11-05-97 20:59:50 <mandie> timur: I wish you, Esther and I could have sat down and talked at Warpstock
11-05-97 21:00:03 <TimurTabi> we can still have a conference call
11-05-97 21:00:11 <TimurTabi> it's a lot more effective than typing, anyway
11-05-97 21:00:17 <mandie> exactly
11-05-97 21:00:20 <Abraxas> I think VOICE needs to "be seen and heard" for awhile....make a name for itself....stand out in the OS/2 Community.
11-05-97 21:00:26 <MADodel> mandie: can we try to get Esther to our next board meeting?
11-05-97 21:00:54 <mandie> Mad: we can send her email...but...I would like Timur there also...he has the ideas that we need
11-05-97 21:00:54 <MADodel> Abraxas: At this point VOICE is about ready to fold. Getting our name out has not worked.
11-05-97 21:01:09 <MADodel> mandie: I agree. And Abraxas also
11-05-97 21:01:16 <Abraxas> MADodel: well, what are the benefits of VOICE mebership?
11-05-97 21:01:16 <mandie> mad: isn't that the truth..I used to put postings out weekly
11-05-97 21:01:35 <TimurTabi> abraxas: none, as I can see.
11-05-97 21:01:48 <Abraxas> Timur My point exactly!
11-05-97 21:01:49 <mandie> sorry to say..there are none
11-05-97 21:01:57 <MADodel> none
11-05-97 21:02:09 <TimurTabi> that's why I'm suggesting a merge with an organization that is already doing something
11-05-97 21:02:19 <TimurTabi> and then offer to take on roles that that org was ignoring
11-05-97 21:02:24 <mandie> We had hoped that we would attract those that didn't have local user groups and they could meet with other os2 users..but
11-05-97 21:02:27 <Abraxas> So, what can we do about that?
11-05-97 21:02:30 <TimurTabi> e.g. handling the end-user side for IOTTA.
11-05-97 21:02:49 <TimurTabi> we need to talk to IOTTA
11-05-97 21:02:53 <TimurTabi> that's the first step
11-05-97 21:03:01 * Projects agrees
11-05-97 21:03:17 <mandie> timur: our next board meeting is Nov 17..if Esther is available could you attend also?
11-05-97 21:03:21 <MADodel> Well actually there is the monthly news letter. :-)
11-05-97 21:03:22 <mandie> abraxas: and you also
11-05-97 21:03:32 <TimurTabi> wasn't I supposed to talk about win32-os/2?
11-05-97 21:03:38 <mandie> Mad: that's the *only* thing that's been rock solid :)
11-05-97 21:03:41 <MADodel> That's the 19th
11-05-97 21:03:50 <TimurTabi> oh, ok
11-05-97 21:03:50 <mandie> timur: that's at the gen'l mtg the 19th
11-05-97 21:03:58 <Projects> mandie: can we not hold another meeting sooner... I think it's justified
11-05-97 21:03:59 <Abraxas> mandie: One suggestion would be to make VOICE a clearinghouse for information on OS/2....ANY information (as long is it is factual)
11-05-97 21:04:00 <TimurTabi> 19th at 8pm?
11-05-97 21:04:27 <MADodel> What ever happened to the hardware survey project?
11-05-97 21:04:32 <TimurTabi> I think VOICE needs to call IOTTA beforehand, just to let them know
11-05-97 21:04:48 <mandie> projects: how about this...I email Esther..see when she's available and if timur and abraxas are able..we'll have then
11-05-97 21:05:07 <Abraxas> works for me
11-05-97 21:05:07 <Projects> mandie: sounds good... but we'll have to make sure david can also attend
11-05-97 21:05:17 <mandie> mad: and did we ever add the OS app comparison to our homepage?
11-05-97 21:05:23 <mandie> projects: true
11-05-97 21:05:56 <MADodel> mandie: I doubt it. The website has been static for some some time
11-05-97 21:06:09 <mandie> actually, we've done nothing but through out ideas..but never acted on them
11-05-97 21:06:15 <MADodel> What happened to the web site committee?
11-05-97 21:06:35 <mandie> mad: that was only until we had a webmaster
11-05-97 21:06:36 * Abraxas thinks someone should go after ptackbar with a cattle prod :-)
11-05-97 21:06:41 <MADodel> The newsletter has made it out every month. :-)
11-05-97 21:06:45 <Projects> heh
11-05-97 21:06:52 <mandie> Mad: you've done a great job with that!
11-05-97 21:07:30 <os2hq> Yes, newsletter & also the Log.
11-05-97 21:07:47 <TimurTabi> anyway, I need to go
11-05-97 21:07:52 <os2hq> I have been gathering a list of marketing ideas. We should have a "suggestion box" icon on the Web page for marketing ideas/needs/wants.
11-05-97 21:07:59 <os2hq> Timur, thanks for coming.
11-05-97 21:08:00 <mandie> Timur: thanks for coming and I'll be in touch
11-05-97 21:08:04 <TimurTabi> ok, l8r
11-05-97 21:08:07 <Projects> TimurTabi: thanks for coming, and thanks for your input
11-05-97 21:08:11 <MADodel> TimurTabi: OK bye
11-05-97 21:08:23 <os2hq> Hey Seer, how's it going?
11-05-97 21:08:34 <mandie> os2hq: for what...I have heard so many marketing ideas..but have seen nothing...
11-05-97 21:09:00 <os2hq> Well I for one am ready to do bumper stickers tonight. We have about $400 in the kitty as seed money.
11-05-97 21:09:04 <os2hq> Right Proj?
11-05-97 21:09:22 <os2hq> Warpstock site right now has to be one of the hotter places on the Net.
11-05-97 21:09:23 <Projects> os2hq: $722 CAN
11-05-97 21:09:46 <os2hq> Good, enough to get started I believe. Shall I do a design or two and we vote on it at the next meeting?
11-05-97 21:10:01 <os2hq> thinks it would be MUCH more effective to have a LISTSERV instead of just IRC meetings.
11-05-97 21:10:03 <TheSeer> os2hq: just reading the stuff here :) very interesting...
11-05-97 21:10:27 <os2hq> Seer, we are trying to market OS/2. We have lots of ideas, few participants, and no money.
11-05-97 21:10:34 <mandie> os2hq: we have more than enough listserv's...and there's not much traffic
11-05-97 21:10:38 <Projects> os2hq: go for it, and I'll find out about prices...
11-05-97 21:10:43 <mandie> Warpstock has a listserv...that should be sufficient
11-05-97 21:10:51 <os2hq> Good, I'll check prices here for comparison.
11-05-97 21:11:00 <TheSeer> os2hq: hehe.. i know... :-) i've been informed by Abraxas ...
11-05-97 21:11:03 <mandie> this is my personal thought on the bumper stickers
11-05-97 21:11:04 <os2hq> Okay, then we need to be active on the WS listserv about promos.
11-05-97 21:11:07 <Projects> os2hq: how many colours?
11-05-97 21:11:24 <mandie> we should wait until the site is determined..and it should be put on the bumper sticker along with the webpage url
11-05-97 21:11:24 <os2hq> At least two colors plus background.
11-05-97 21:11:36 <Projects> okee
11-05-97 21:11:39 <os2hq> Mandie: I like that a lot. I can do a "demo" version with Austin, TX.
11-05-97 21:11:59 <mandie> os2hq: you have been...you have thrown out thousands of marketing ideas on the warpstock listserv
11-05-97 21:12:04 <TheSeer> os2hq: do you pay money for the website ?
11-05-97 21:12:16 <os2hq> Seer: I don't know....
11-05-97 21:12:20 <os2hq> Mandie: thanx!
11-05-97 21:12:32 <TheSeer> os2hq: does ANYBODY know ? *g*
11-05-97 21:12:37 <os2hq> I use the shotgun approach, hoping to hit *something*.
11-05-97 21:12:40 <Projects> what's the subscription information for the warpstock listserv?
11-05-97 21:12:52 <mandie> projects: it's on the homepage
11-05-97 21:12:58 <os2hq> www.warpstock.org
11-05-97 21:13:09 <MADodel> TheSeer: The website is run by our vice president David Both. It's a lotus domino web server
11-05-97 21:13:14 <mandie> just a sec..I'll post
11-05-97 21:13:24 <os2hq> That's right, David's handling that. Good!
11-05-97 21:13:31 <Projects> mandie: it's ok, I'm there now
11-05-97 21:13:45 <TheSeer> MADodel: ahh... ok.. hope you don't need to pay for the axs..
11-05-97 21:13:55 <mandie> Simply do email now and do not add a
11-05-97 21:13:57 <mandie> oh, ok :)
11-05-97 21:14:11 <Projects> heh
11-05-97 21:14:24 <os2hq> We should also prep a WS98 "front page".
11-05-97 21:14:35 <os2hq> We can make WS97 archive a sidebar.
11-05-97 21:14:41 <Projects> damn... wish they'd have posted the email address... my netscape doesn't do mailto: for some reason
11-05-97 21:14:44 <os2hq> All we really need is the site.
11-05-97 21:14:50 <os2hq> Hmmm....
11-05-97 21:15:14 <mandie> warpstock-request@warpstock.org
11-05-97 21:15:17 <mandie> lynx does :)
11-05-97 21:15:22 <mandie> lynx/2 that is :)
11-05-97 21:15:35 <Projects> yeah, got it... hold mouse over link, view bottom :p
11-05-97 21:15:41 <mandie> hehe
11-05-97 21:16:17 <Abraxas> warpstock-request@warpstock.org
11-05-97 21:16:19 <dashs> Thanks for allowing me to lurk...
11-05-97 21:16:20 <os2hq> Well, I'll e-mail a couple of Bumper Sticker designs later. Any other business?
11-05-97 21:16:24 <Abraxas> oops
11-05-97 21:16:28 <mandie> nope that's it
11-05-97 21:16:28 <os2hq> Anytime, dash.
11-05-97 21:16:43 <MADodel> dashs: no problem are you running OS/2?
11-05-97 21:16:43 <TheSeer> Abraxas: "oops" ??
11-05-97 21:16:58 <dashs> Madodel: since 1.2
11-05-97 21:17:03 <os2hq> Great!!!!!
11-05-97 21:17:13 <MADodel> Beats me, I only ran 1.3
11-05-97 21:17:23 <MADodel> And that was at work
11-05-97 21:17:25 <Abraxas> beats me, too....I started at 2.0
11-05-97 21:17:26 <os2hq> My mom's PC is Warp4, as is my sister's, and mine.
11-05-97 21:17:33 <os2hq> I started at 2.0.
11-05-97 21:17:48 <os2hq> When my dad retires, I'm planning to build him a K6200 with Warp5.
11-05-97 21:18:03 * TheSeer started at 2.10 only.. but now is on K6-200 with Warp 4..!
11-05-97 21:18:15 * Projects was addicted at 2.0 also
11-05-97 21:18:16 <os2hq> K6 is way cool.
11-05-97 21:18:30 <TheSeer> its rocking fast :-)
11-05-97 21:18:31 <os2hq> 2.1 was the first really good one for W3.1 apps. 8MB min.
11-05-97 21:18:57 * Projects has never used win apps on his pc's
11-05-97 21:19:01 <TheSeer> os2hq: yeah..
11-05-97 21:19:02 <os2hq> Anybody here tried the Workplace Shell for Win3.1 yet?
11-05-97 21:19:02 <dashs> It's the end-user future that's murky
11-05-97 21:19:09 <Abraxas> I ran 2.0 on a 386 SX-25 w/4meg (and I STILL liked it) :-)
11-05-97 21:19:14 <os2hq> I'm planning to do the enduser marketing thing with that.
11-05-97 21:19:19 <Projects> dos -> OS/2 (winless), FAT ->HPFS
11-05-97 21:19:21 <TheSeer> os2hq: yes.. a "lot" buggy :-(
11-05-97 21:19:24 <os2hq> Abrax: okay for DOS apps.
11-05-97 21:19:36 <os2hq> Seer: really... that bad??!
11-05-97 21:19:58 <mandie> TUCOWS is very pleased to announce that the support to keep OS/2
11-05-97 21:19:58 <mandie> has been overwhelming, and we will definitely continue supporting OS/2 !
11-05-97 21:20:03 <os2hq> That would make me need plan B.... which I won't reveal here yet.
11-05-97 21:20:09 <os2hq> YEA!!!!
11-05-97 21:20:17 <TheSeer> os2hq: just tried it a long time ago.. maybe they worked on it.. but my windows crashed many times.. (it was kind of stable before..)
11-05-97 21:20:22 <os2hq> 2 cheers for 3cows!!
11-05-97 21:20:27 <Projects> cool!
11-05-97 21:20:44 <Projects> now, os2 users united on that one...
11-05-97 21:20:44 <os2hq> Hmm, okay, I'll try it here on Machine B. I build PCs a couple of times a month for kicks!
11-05-97 21:20:50 <os2hq> Yep.
11-05-97 21:20:56 <Projects> hehehe
11-05-97 21:21:09 <Abraxas> well, that proves that Tucows isn't sponsored by ZD (no complaints of ballot-box stuffing)
11-05-97 21:21:16 <os2hq> I guess OS/2 users were "bull" headed.
11-05-97 21:21:27 <os2hq> Abrax :))
11-05-97 21:21:41 <TheSeer> os2hq: hehe.. ok.. Just try different languages of Windows3.x ! :-) it's a problem for it..
11-05-97 21:21:53 <os2hq> Aha.
11-05-97 21:22:15 <TheSeer> os2hq: or.. it was a problem on my System that time..
11-05-97 21:22:27 <os2hq> I'll keep you posted on my results. Bumper stickers first tho.
11-05-97 21:22:51 <os2hq> Anybody here know of any Warp4 demo diskettes available from IBM??
11-05-97 21:23:09 <Projects> os2hq: hang on... I have something here...
11-05-97 21:23:16 <os2hq> okay.
11-05-97 21:23:21 <TheSeer> os2hq: yes.. you can get them by calling IBM Direct
11-05-97 21:23:27 <MADodel> os2hq: I have a site on my web site
11-05-97 21:23:40 <os2hq> Good, get me the URL please, thanx.
11-05-97 21:23:58 <os2hq> What's IBM Direct's ph#??
11-05-97 21:24:07 <MADodel> http://service.software.ibm.com/reg/ws/wsmerlin-r
11-05-97 21:24:12 <os2hq> thanx
11-05-97 21:24:26 <TheSeer> os2hq: sorry.. just have the german phone here... :(
11-05-97 21:24:32 <os2hq> LOL!
11-05-97 21:24:52 <os2hq> Ne sprechen ze Deutsche.
11-05-97 21:24:56 <Projects> os2hq: blast... can't find it in this mess... it's a warp demo that'll only run on wintendo though, so I haven't 'experienced' it yet
11-05-97 21:25:02 <TheSeer> hang a sec.. i'll check :)
11-05-97 21:25:15 <os2hq> Wintendo. Exactly.
11-05-97 21:25:27 <os2hq> Drat, down to 5MB free swapper. Partition magic time.
11-05-97 21:25:54 <Abraxas> IBM Direct: 1-800-342-6672
11-05-97 21:26:02 <TheSeer> Abraxas: thanx ;)
11-05-97 21:26:09 <Abraxas> got the catalog here, in front of me
11-05-97 21:28:13 <os2hq> thanks!
11-05-97 21:29:20 <os2hq> Okay, I'm outta here, folks. Nice meeting.
11-05-97 21:29:57 <mandie> see ya