SpeakUp with Warpstock Board of Directors from 11/22/99

<mandie>  VOICE would like to thank the Warpstock board of directors for being our guests tonight
<TS2>  Projects: Yea : )
<TS2>  We must thank VOICE for having us.
<mandie>  I will turn this over to Luc and he can get the intros started :)
<Luc>  you're kidding right?
<mandie>  lol
<mandie>  no, I wasn't :)....we can let the secretary handle it if you so choose :)
<Luc>  Well, let's see...
<Luc>  Let me start introducing the WS Board members that are present this evening
<Luc>  First up is David Ameiss, Secretary for Warpstock, Inc.
<Luc>  Second is myself :-), Luc Van Bogaert, Vice President
<Luc>  Then we have Jason Kowalczyck, board member at large
<Luc>  Of course there's John Ratti , board member at large
<Luc>  And finally, there's Tom Stevic, board member at large and last year's secretary
<Luc>  I haven't mentioned the other two members who aren't here this evening...
<Macgyver>  Projects: here I am ;)
<Luc>  Stanley Sidlov, Treasurer
<Projects>  Ah, ok :)
<Luc>  and Paul Hethmon, President and the guy who has put me up with this fine job for tonight :-)
<mandie>  I just sent Paul a reminder
<Luc>  That makes all seven of us...
<Projects>  Hethmon as in Hethmon brothers?
<mandie>  one in the same :)
<Luc>  before I forget, I would also like to 'introduce' our advisors...
<Luc>  Larry Finkelstein, Judy McDermott, John Hebert, Timur Tabi...
<Luc>  have all agreed to be part of the WS advisory board forthe coming year at least
<Luc>  and I would like to thank them all for that!
<mandie>  :)
<mandie>  thanks Luc....
<mandie>  would you like to open the floor for questions
<Luc>  OK, I assume most of the people present will already know eachother well enough to get rid of some of the formalities
<Luc>  mandie: sure why not...
<mandie>  has there been any bid activitiy for WS 2000?
<Projects>  are there many bids for w2k?
<mandie>  or should we start with a wrap up of ws99?
<Projects>  yeah, what mandie said :)
<mandie>  :)
<TS2>  Nothing offical, as of yet, as far as I know.
<Luc>  Let's start with WS99 first...
<TS2>  The date for letting us know groups are interested is Dec 1.
<mandie>  "unofficially", has there been anyone that's shown interest?
<TS2>  OK, sorry Boos. : )
<mandie>  oops :)
<Projects>  he's vice-boos :)
<TS2>  Boos = Boss : )
<Luc>  unless nobody wants to hear about WS99 anymore :-)
<TS2>  It is this #$Y&%$ms Keyboard!
<Projects>  Luc: of course we (at least *I*) do!
<Sector>  Projects did you let baby get loose on TS2's keyboardł
<Projects>  Sector: hehehe
<Luc>  Does anyone have questions about WS99?
* Projects has the distinct feeling that he's the only one here tonight who wasn't at ws99... *
<Luc>  Projects?
<Sector>  Nope your not...
<Abraxas>  Luc did you have any money left?
<Swanee>  Luc: Yeah, Did everyone get home OK?
<Projects>  Luc: no questions... just like to hear about it :)
<Projects>  Hey Zoltan
<Swanee>  Abraxas: Hi z
<Luc>  Abraxas: please don't bring that up, not now :-)
<Zoltan>  hello.
<Abraxas>  Hi, Wayne
<Projects>  Sector: cool... we can form our own club :/
<Swanee>  haha. premature entry
<Abraxas>  Luc ok .... :-)
<Luc>  Projects: well, does anyone have any thoughts to share aboyt ws99?
<mandie>  Luc: is there a final count on attendance?
<Projects>  Luc: yeah, it was too damned far away :)
<Luc>  mandie: Paul has got the database wioth the registrations....
* Sector saw Swanee sneak in but was too shocked to say anything... *
<mandie>  hehe
<Luc>  I think about 280-290 people will be a safe bet
<Swanee>  Luc: Tell me about all the seminars etc. I missed them all. Start with saturday morning... :-)
<Swanee>  Sector: I noticed... I thought you were ignoring me :-)
<Luc>  Swanee: I just wrote an article for OS/2 e-zine about WS99
<Swanee>  Luc: Is it posted yet?
<Luc>  It includes some of my own thoughts about the event.
<Luc>  Swanee: SURE
<mandie>  Swanee: so there! Now you need to rtfm...errr..article :)
<Swanee>  I'll be there tonight...
<Sector>  Nope: *** #voice Mode change: +o Swanee by Sector
<Swanee>  mandie: :-)
<Luc>  I personally feel WS99 was a great show
<mandie>  I feel the same Luc
<Swanee>  Sector: I missed that. I never REALLY thought you forgot. :-)
<Abraxas>  Luc I'll agree with that assessment :-)
<Swanee>  Agreed
<Luc>  I mean almost everything had improved w/r to Chicago...
<Luc>  not that Chicago wasn't any good...
<Ratti>  No rain indoors, for one thing ;->
<TS2>  I heard only good things, 'cept for that guy on the possi list : )
<mandie>  each year has shown improvements
<Abraxas>  Chicago was my 1st Warpstock .... Atlanta was even better
<Luc>  The only thing IMO that could have been better was attendance...
<Abraxas>  I regret that I missed WS97
<Macgyver>  luc: Come on in the atrim it suppose to rain ;)
<Swanee>  I tend to overlook any glitches and enjoy the event. I'd have fun if we were in a warehouse.
<mandie>  Luc: considering the "late start" that WS99 got, I think that could be expected
<mandie>  I'm actually glad that we had as many as we did
<mandie>  Swanee: as long as it had a bar! <G>
<Projects>  hahahahaha
<Ratti>  luc: I agree.
<Swanee>  mandie: It's byob for me... just in case!
<Luc>  yes, but we really have to better for WS2000
<Abraxas>  mandie That's the 1st thing *I* found :-) .... and I found you and Wayne an dozens of others had already found it :-)
<mandie>  the board is off to a better start then past years...I see nothing but the best ever for WS2000
<TS2>  I think we should work with SCOUG to put a greater length of time between Warpstock and WEW next year. That did hurt us some, I think.
<Luc>  When I got home, I realized that many people, not only in the States...
<Luc>  are beginning to expect Warpstock to deliver...
<mandie>  Abraxas: I had to keep our German friends happy :)
<Luc>  It's getting important to a lot of people...
<mandie>  Luc: very true!
<Ratti>  Luc: That's actually gratifying to hear.
<Swanee>  Luc: In what way do you mean?
<Luc>  People seem to be very curious about Warpstock and...
<Abraxas>  Luc I agree ... and I think the timetable you've all (Board) set is very conducive to a successful WS2K
<Luc>  they don't want to see it fail, or become yet another initiative that
<Luc>  doesn't help them any further.
<Swanee>  Luc: Thanks, just wondering what you meant. (I'm slooow) :-)
<Luc>  They want to see Warpstock succeed, and with that have prove that OS/2 is still a viable solution for them
<lmaxson>  What do you sense, Luc, that people want out of WarpStock?
<Sector>  Insert proof for prove...
<Luc>  I think people need one (1) common forum...
<Luc>  I think they need WarpStock to reflect everything to like so much about OS/2
<dave>  If WEW continues then I think you will need at least four to six months between WarpStock and WEW. And Warpstock will have to be first
<Ratti>  Now there's a _goal_! Make Warpstock as good as Warp!
<Projects>  Ratti sets his sights *real* high :-)
<mandie>  sky's the limit! :)
<Sector>  Now to live up to it...
<Sector>  And reach those heights
<lmaxson>  First, I have to challenge the idea that WEW put a damper on attendance at WS99.
<mandie>  shall we just say it was a "distraction"
<Luc>  lmaxson: somehow, i feel the same way
<lmaxson>  As a member of SCOUG, one not really in favor of WEW, I attended both and have no knowledge of the attendance at one affecting the other.
* Projects thinks the "distraction" stemmed from hearing 3-4 posts/day regarding wew, and very little regarding ws99 *
<mandie>  I am not speaking for SCOUG......but
<Abraxas>  I saw WEW as a "distraction" .... there were initial connotations that WEW was competing with WS99 .... (whcih I, personally, don't think was true)
<TS2>  I have a couple questions I would like to toss out to everyone, it 'yall don't mind?
<lmaxson>  Now Peter Skye did market WEW very well.
<Abraxas>  TS2 go for it :-)
<mandie>  from the information that I do have...WEW may not be a yearly event
<lmaxson>  He could do the same for WarpStock.
<Swanee>  I think that may only be a geographical problem in rare cases where they would be within thowing distance
<Projects>  hey, that's my line! :)
<TS2>  There has been suggestions that Warpstock be made a 'member' org. Any thoughts on that?
<lmaxson>  In the order of IFIPS?
<mandie>  Paul!!!!!!!11
<phethmon>  Hi Judy, sorry I'm so late.
<mandie>  np :)
<Luc>  Hey, Paul's here to save me!
<mandie>  Paul: do you have figures on attendance for WS99?
<lmaxson>  International Federation of Information Processing Societies.
<phethmon>  Luc, shouldn't you be in bed ;-)
<lmaxson>  Use to sponsor both the Spring and Fall Joint Computer Conferences.
<lmaxson>  SJCC and FJCC.
<Ratti>  I've volunteered to be a test site for ALLTEL's (my employer) to install ADSL. If it ever happens, it will be: 1) Great! nice and fast and 2) 6 months to get it working...
<Luc>  phethmon: you should know by now that I don't sleep.
<TS2>  AH, I see. Yes, something like that I would guess.
<Swanee>  phethmon: He is... he's talking to his irc client. (You can do that you know) :-)
<lmaxson>  I assume then that by member you refer to the various user groups and isv's.
<WarpHoss>  Ratti > could u help arrange that for me???
<Ratti>  WarpHoss: Are you in an ALLTEL local phone area or CLEC?
<WarpHoss>  Tatti> yes.
<WarpHoss>  Rattis> oops.
<Sector>  Double oops
<Ratti>  some of them already have ADFSL. See www.alltel.com
<Luc>  Let's get back to WS guys... thanks
<lmaxson>  TS2?
<Ratti>  sorry
<TS2>  Yes, I'm back
<lmaxson>  What constitutes a "member".
<TS2>  BRB again...
<lmaxson>  Does anyone here go back to data processing before the PC?
<TS2>  Ah..kids.
<mandie>  I was a IBM certified keypunch operator :)
<Ratti>  How does 1401 autocoder sound?
<TS2>  Anyway, the 'membership, would provide a solid base of prospective attendees
<TS2>  and would be involved in the selection of the BOD.
<lmaxson>  Again, TS2, what constitutes a member?
<lmaxson>  Is it an individual or a group?
<TS2>  That is the question : )
<lmaxson>  What did you have in mind?
<TS2>  Individual, I would guess
<lmaxson>  I would guess just the opposite.
<TS2>  Anything is possiable,
<lmaxson>  WarpStock is not getting competition from individuals.
<TS2>  I just was wondering what peoples thoughts were.
<lmaxson>  You have user groups going their independent ways.
<lmaxson>  My thought would have the user groups as members.
<Projects>  OT quick question: what's a 10 sided polygon called? (helping with homework here)
<lmaxson>  Decagram.
<TS2>  Are you in favor of *one* os/2 show per year?
<Projects>  thanks
<Projects>  TS2: if that's to everyone, then: no
<Sector>  Polyheadron (I think)
<Ratti>  not me.
<Swanee>  Projects: Crooked circle
<TS2>  Anyone else?
<mandie>  I don't like the idea of only one show a year
<Projects>  Swanee: now why does your answer a) not surprise me, and ii) sound exactly like what I would have said? :-)
<Sector>  I see no problem with more then one show per hear
<lmaxson>  Projects, "decagon".
<mandie>  there are those that can't attend because of location
* Projects raises his hand *
<Swanee>  TS2: I'm not sure that we have any control over how many shows per year there are unless you mean WS-Spring WS-Fall
<mandie>  offering additional shows in alternate locations allows those to possibly attend one or the other
<Ratti>  Lynn: no, DEC isn't gone, just fading away..
<lmaxson>  You have numerous previous national examples that had two conferences per year.
<Projects>  location was a definate factor for me two years in a row
<TS2>  That is true, but I assume WEW will always be in Calif? And the Possi gig in Phoniex?
<TS2>  Warpstock does move around....
<lmaxson>  It's decagon, not decagram.
<Ratti>  I think they only answer to that is to move WS each year. Try to spread the joy around.
<Projects>  lmaxson: doesn't matter... she settled for an octagon 'cause it's easier to draw :)
<mandie>  Ratti: agreed
<mandie>  and make it worthwhile to attend
<Ratti>  Smart girl
<Luc>  phethmon: a final number on WS99 attendance?
<mandie>  hehe
<Swanee>  Projects: Square is easier. Have her draw a picture of me. :-)
<phethmon>  Luc: About 360 paid. I didn't think to keep an accurate count of actually attending, but I would guess about 20 to 30 less showed up.
<Projects>  Swanee: she has to turn this in tomorrow... and wants to pass! :-)
<mandie>  wow! that's great
<Swanee>  Projects: hehe
<Luc>  mandie: agreed!
<Luc>  All:what could we have done better at WS99? Any thoughts?
<Projects>  phetmon: is that individuals, or individuals + vendors?
<mandie>  we had 190 pay for the social.....which was a great success I might add :)
<phethmon>  Projects: Total. Individuals plus vendors.
<Swanee>  Out of the 300 or so that were there, 300 or so seemed to be having great fun.
<Abraxas>  Luc started with the PR a LOT earlier
<Luc>  Abraxas: agreed, definitely.
<Abraxas>  Luc I know there were issues with the WS99 Team ... but the lack of info and PR really hurt the attendance, I think
<dave>  how many attendies did WS99 have?
<Projects>  constant email postings... regardless if they actually said anything or not, would've been welcome
<Swanee>  I'd agree with Abraxas. A lot of it had to do with the late starting date but that should be easier with the early start this year
<Luc>  Sounds like we just need more 'publicity' and sooner, right?
<Projects>  yup
<phethmon>  dave: As opposed to vendors? I don't know off the top of my head, but my guess is around 310-320 of the 360 were individual.
<Abraxas>  For the record .... (and I know this is being logged) ... I still have the e-mail addresses that all the (late) PR was sent to ... and I'm willing to do it, again, for WS2K
<Swanee>  dave: Paul said 360 paid and maybe 20-30 no-shows
<dave>  thanks
<TS2>  I have to go do my daddy stuff, but I was also wondering if Warpstock should try to get non-os/2 users to attend future shows? I realize that this is supposed to be *for the OS/2 community*, but should we (Warpstock) be showing what OS/2 is and can do to people who would normally not be informed?
<TS2>  I'll try to get back, but I have to go for now, bye all.
<lmaxson>  TS2, you ask good questions.
<DavidA>  You mean <gasp> Marketing?
<mandie>  TS2: I don't think a little publicity in the non OS/2 community would hurt...
<lmaxson>  I'm not too sure that we are holding up our answering end.
<Abraxas>  I do have a comment (or 2) on the "Vendor Pro" initiative
<Sector>  Bye TS2 thanks for stopping in and giving us some of your time
<lmaxson>  Go for it, Dan.
<mandie>  I do think that local user groups would be a better place to start for sparking interest
<Swanee>  TS2: That would be a noble cause but I think it would be hard to get a non-OS/2 user to shell out $60-$90 for a computer show that does not cater to anything they use.
<MADvirc>  Any idea if there was any followon from the Linux(I think that was what it was) show that preceded WS99?
<mandie>  MAD: from what I understand...NONE
<lmaxson>  Go for it, Dan.
<Abraxas>  The idea and concept behind the "Vendor pro" was good ... a chance for vendors to show off their software ... even if they couldn't, physically, be there
<lmaxson>  What about Vendor Pro?
<Abraxas>  But the implementation, I think, was a bit flawed.
<Luc>  Abraxas: in what way?
<Abraxas>  If the Vendors (ISVs) ccan't be there, physically, I feel it would make for a better "presence" to have THEM (the ISVs) hand-pick their representatives ...
<mandie>  abraxas: that would be ideal...but in the absence of such representatives
<Abraxas>  There is a BIG difference in having a volunteer demo an app ... and having a user who really LOVES that app ... do the demo
<mandie>  the volunteers were provided with the software prior to the event so that the could become familiar with it
<Swanee>  Abraxas: Ah yes... And STILL have a physical presence in the form of an actual user of the software that knows a bit about it at least.
<Luc>  Abraxas: I was even surprised that some of the ISV's that WERE at WS, didn't demo their product in a seperate session!
<Swanee>  Luc: I wish I had... but didn't
<Abraxas>  mandie in the absence of thoise reps ... then a volunteer would suffice .... but I think that, given enough lead rtime, the ISV could well afford to choose who will represent him at the show
<mandie>  abraxas: good point! Maybe this year it can be arranged
<Luc>  Abraxas: very good suggestion, thanks.
<lmaxson>  This is one volunteer who had the agreement of the ISV.
<Abraxas>  I subscribe to many (too many) mailing lists that deal with a specific application ... and there are users on those lists who are passionate about those apps
<Swanee>  How large an area did Vendor Pro have this year? (How many machines etc) (forgive my ignorance)
<Ratti>  With more lead time for the PR, we should be able to convince more ISVs to show up in person.
<Swanee>  Ratti: Agreed
<Abraxas>  Ratti tHAT WOULD BE THE ideal SITUATION
<Luc>  Swanee: about 5 machines I think, on three booths
<Abraxas>  Capslock key ... I HATE it when it does that :-)
<Swanee>  Ratti: I think it would help to get ISV's involoved in helping coax their peers into going to the show
<lmaxson>  If all volunteers were of the level of Michael Lavender, there would be no argument.
<mandie>  and I thought you were just over zealous about his statement :)
* Sector takes away Abraxas's Caps Lock key *
<Abraxas>  I also think that the Vendor Pro area .... those Vendors and/or ISV's who are represented by Proxie ... should be in an area all their own .... it will lead to less confusion
<mandie>  lmaxson: and the "ignorant" asks..who was Michael Lavender?
<Abraxas>  In Atlanta, I wasn't sure who was and wasn't *really* there
<lmaxson>  He was in the independent area separate for Serenity Systems.
<lmaxson>  for -> from
<lmaxson>  A former SCOUG member transplanted to Atlanta.
<mandie>  hmm...I must have missed him...John, Kim and Glenn are the only ones I recall
<Abraxas>  Basically, it comes down to the fact that Warpstock is a GREAT marketing opportunity for ANY ISV doing dev work for OS/2 apps
<lmaxson>  Well, you missed him. He's the one who resembled pictures of JC.
<Luc>  mandie: we had a lot of terrific volunteers this year, including michael
<mandie>  abraxas: it is, because the attendees are avid OS/2'ers
<Abraxas>  From reading the info on the WS99 Website, for example, I knew that PMFax would be shown ... but I never saw it
<mandie>  I probably just don't know him by name..would recognize him if I saw him
<Luc>  Abraxas: VendorPro originally started as a side project...
<mandie>  and grewwwwwwww :)
<Swanee>  Serenity was trying to get Keller (Faxworks) to go and in retrospect, I should have stopped in there to help coax them. They joined Vendor Pro I believe but it is possible that another isv dropping in for a short visit on the pro's and con's may have swung the balance for them. Is this something we need to keep in mind?
<Luc>  given more time, hopefully we will be able to use your suggestions to make it better
<Luc>  I still think it is something we should do again next year.
<Abraxas>  I don't mean to take anything at all away from the concept ... or the implementation in Atlanta .... but I think that, if it (Vendor Pro) is going to be a part of WS2K ... that it could be done *better*
<mandie>  it's a nice opportunity, but do you think that some of the vendors will choose that route instead of actually attending?
<Abraxas>  mandie it depends on how VP is marketed ....
<Sector>  It's possible that some would, but I think most would like the excuse to attend...
<mandie>  abraxas: and suggestions are welcome. Being the first year for the Vendor Pro exhibit, there is room for improvement
<lmaxson>  We have discussed allowing isv's to support Vendor Pro remotely.
<Swanee>  mandie: It's much easier and ALOT cheaper to do Vendor Pro. It's a great idea but we need to convince the ISV that it is better to be there in person.
<Abraxas>  IMHO ... VP should be a "Last Resort" for ISVs .... in the event that there is no way they can physically attend
<mandie>  Swanee: point exactly :)
<Abraxas>  But if the ISV chooses the VP ... then they are the ones who need to set it up ....
<Luc>  A lot of people simply can't justify the cost :-(
<Luc>  of attending, I mean
<Abraxas>  Luc maybe they CAN justify it ....
<Swanee>  Luc: That's where the isv's that are already involved come in. They need to help convince the new isv that it IS worth the cost and effort
<mandie>  especially since they will have more lead time for budgets etc
<Abraxas>  For an OS/2 ISV .... the best place to market his/her software *SHOULD* be Warpstock
<Swanee>  Abraxas: Amen and.... Amen
<Luc>  Abraxas: can I put that up the web site :-) ?
<mandie>  he'd be disappointed if you didn't! <G>
<Ratti>  Then WS needs to make sure that it is the best place, and that the ISVs know it.
<Swanee>  Where else can the OS/2 developer go and reach his targeted audience effectively?
<mandie>  can I make a suggestion?
<Abraxas>  Swanee shouldn't be anywhere else but WS
<Swanee>  Go mandie
<Luc>  We need to 'work' more with the ISV's, not wait 'till they finally arrive at WS
<Swanee>  Abraxas: Agreed
<Luc>  mandie: sorry..
<Swanee>  Luc: Ageed/2
<mandie>  I think the ISV's that attended WS this year should be contacted for comments and those comments posted on the WS website
<mandie>  I contacted them all last year and used comments for my EA article on WS98...you get some very good input/comments
<Sector>  And solicited for suggestions on things they would like to see...
<Swanee>  mandie: Good thinking... then you can point prospective isv attendees to the comment page for more info
<Abraxas>  This is based on my personal experience ... but 2 of the most active ISV's in the OS/2 Areana, these days, are Bjarne Jensen (FX Communications) and Peter Nielsen (PMView).
<mandie>  Swanee: testimonials of the poor an infamous :)
<Abraxas>  Both of these guys are turning out EXCELLENT software
<Swanee>  or build a page with relevant comments for prospective isv's
<Abraxas>  But they are developers .... not marketing wizards
<Abraxas>  Maybe waht Warpstock needs is a Marketing Consultant .... a group whos specific purpose is to assist ISVs in marketing their products
<mandie>  welcome Chrissy
<|Chrissy|>  hey
<mandie>  Abraxas: that's not Warpstock's mission
<Abraxas>  And market their products with the eventual taget of actually attending Warpstock and showing the product .... and selling the product ... to a "captive audience"
<Abraxas>  mandie I know it isn't ... now ...
<Abraxas>  But most Software Developers don't have the "gift of gab" that someone like Brad Wardell has
<Luc>  Abraxas: we should at least prepare to offer the ISV's a better framework for the next event
<WarpHoss>  Luc> You are correct.
<Abraxas>  You all can have any opinion of Brad that want ... but the man KNOWS how to market his products
<DavidA>  Abraxas: Or Kim Cheung!
<mandie>  Kim is excellent!!!
<Abraxas>  DavidA .... another good example
<Luc>  So, we had publicity, Vendor Pro, ISV's, ....
<DavidA>  Abraxas is right. But this doesn't fall under Warpstock's aegis.
<Luc>  any more good suggestions?
<DavidA>  But it'd make a hell of a small business opportunity!
<Projects>  Bill Gates -- has to be the best marketing guy in the world :p
<MADvirc>  gates is scum
<ccureau>  Quite.
<DavidA>  Proof that development skill and marketing skill are inversely proportional
<Projects>  yeah, but he can sell air conditioners to eskimos... faulty ones at that
<Abraxas>  Yeah ... well that "scum" is worth $98 BILLION (with a "B") Dollars
<Swanee>  Luc: I'd like to see WS find a way to get to the businesses that use OS/2. For them to send their IS department people to WS for the latest in OS/2 software.
<MADvirc>  with a gun to their head, he is one whizbang marketer
<mandie>  Projects: they're programmed to turn off when the temp falls below 72..what more could you want :)
<Projects>  hahahaha
<Luc>  Swanee: another good one!
<Abraxas>  MADvirc .... his tactics are dirty as hell ... but he *did* get the job done ....
<MADvirc>  Abraxas: money can't buy a soul or a conscience
<lmaxson>  Luc, a clear definition of the scope of WarpStock, past, present, and future.
<Luc>  Swanee: instead of just sending out those PR's, actually go after the target audiance and invite them to the convention...
<Ratti>  Hitler got the job done too.
<lmaxson>  You have suggestions to extend it into new territory.
<Swanee>  There are alot of businesses that use it and have no idea how, what, where or why there is a WarpStock. This would also allow the developers of business based software to justify taking part in WS
<Projects>  Abraxas: looks like your answer just appeared in the InJoy mailing list
<Abraxas>  MADvirc no ... but with that kind of money .... does it matter *to him)?
<Abraxas>  Projects ... to the thingy?
<Ratti>  Proj: What is the answer?
<Projects>  Abraxas: yup
<MADvirc>  Abraxas: not til he hits the gates of Hell
<Luc>  Swanee: exactly
<Swanee>  How to reach them? I don't know but would like to...
<lmaxson>  You should look at WarpStock in much the same sense that we are looking at WarpDoctor: How do you best support the needs of the OS/2 community?
<Projects>  Ratti: could be that the sender used the mailer to activate dod
<Ratti>  _Gates_ of Hell?
<DavidA>  A natural conduit SHOULD be the user groups
<Luc>  Anyone suggestions on how to reach bussiness users of OS/2?
<Sector>  Maybe some presentations geared towards ISV would help get them to attend in person? (Marketing, ect)
<Ratti>  Hmmm...
<Luc>  lmaxson: although relatively small, the OS/2 community IMO is rather diverse... that poses a problem...
<mandie>  sunny!!! :)
<Swanee>  IBM "used" to have a couple of mags they sent out to businesses but the last one I got said that it will be web based from now on. Can we get IBM to throw some blurbs into some of their pages?
<lmaxson>  Diversity poses a challenge.
<Projects>  Sunny!
<SunnyBear>  dandiemandie
<SunnyBear>  hey ProjectsSugar
<MADvirc>  Was there any local advertizing done for WS99?
<Luc>  MADvirc: practically none :-(
<thecaptai>  Would you have bet on Apple a few years ago or would you have played it safe with a windows bassed system. Are we at os/2 not in the same spot now?
<mandie>  not even a bumper sticker! <G>
<Swanee>  I don't go for the "business <separator> soho/desktop" paradigm. I really think that one hand washes the other even though IBM doesn't seem to think so. The business user is important to us too.
<WarpHoss>  <WarpHoss> /Luc> I think people need one (1) common forum.../ said it earlier and I couldn't agree more.
<DavidA>  Business users will normally buy direct from IBM, right? Why not advertise (other than $$$) in the IBM catalogs or other rags?
<mandie>  hmm
<Sector>  Hmmmm
<Swanee>  DavidA: Ageed
<Swanee>  DavidA: haha, AGREED
<lmaxson>  Disagree.
<Luc>  DavidA: how about contacting those businesses directly?
<Luc>  lmaxson ?
<Projects>  anyone get PCWeek?
<DavidA>  Luc: the problem is identifying them in the first place.
<lmaxson>  PCWeek? Yes.
<Swanee>  It doesn't change anything for WS except for trying to reach them. They would attend like any other user. ISV's would buy space like any other isv.
<DavidA>  Projects: yep
<Projects>  article in there about Microsemi using OS/2
<Luc>  DavidA: aren't there any useful resources on the web?
* Swanee dropped PCWeek and PC Computing years ago *
* Projects did too *
<Ratti>  Family duty calls. I'll stay online, but I'll be away.
<Swanee>  Ratti's kids must have found nintendo controller again.
<Swanee>  :-)
<DavidA>  Luc: Dunno. It almost seems that businesses are "embarassed" to admit they use OS/2.
<MADvirc>  ibm certainly appears to have that problem
* Projects uses OS/2 for business and is proud of it *
<mandie>  Projects: shhh..don't tell IBM :)
<lmaxson>  I'm with Projects.
<Swanee>  DavidA: Hopefully they aren't ALL embarrassed. A business shouldn't have a complex like that. :-)
<lmaxson>  IBM knows very well who continues to use OS/2.
<Projects>  mandie: heh... too late. I'm on one of their mailing lists, but all I get is win solutions :p
<lmaxson>  Luc, I think you need to schedule regular sessions on the #warpstock channel.
<DavidA>  Maybe we need a coming-out event: "I'm Joe" "Hi, Joe" "I use OS/2"
<Luc>  lmaxson: good suggestion...
<lmaxson>  Maybe once a month.
<Luc>  maybe following board meetings to communicate progress?
<lmaxson>  Reasonable.
<MADvirc>  DavidA: hehehe
<thecaptai>  quit
<lmaxson>  It's a good way to hash out some of the details.
* Projects hands thecaptai an unused / *
<MADvirc>  thecaptai: I can't quit
<Swanee>  DavidA: LOL!!!
<Projects>  hahahahaha
<MADvirc>  I'm hooked
<lmaxson>  I'm out of here.
<WarpHoss>  <thecaptai> quit \\ ???
<Luc>  Anyone knows this list ? http://rover.wiesbaden.netsurf.de/~meile/los2cl.html
<mandie>  is that the list of all the businesses that use OS/2?
<Luc>  Yes, Large OS/2 Customers List
<DavidA>  Luc: Good place to start
<Swanee>  hmmm... Neither of my banks is on there and they both use OS/2
<mandie>  swanee: then submit them
<Swanee>  I outta' do dat...
<mandie>  has there been any inquiries <sp> pertaining to WS2000?
<Luc>  mandie: meaning?
<mandie>  Luc: has anyone shown interest in ws2000?
* mandie is VERY behind on her email :( *
<phethmon>  mandie: Not yet.
<mandie>  still pretty early
<mandie>  do we have anymore questions for the WS board?
<Swanee>  Not off hand. Just do all the things I said and I'll be happy. <BIG grin>
<mandie>  VOICE would like to thank you all for being our guests tonight!
<Luc>  My pleasure
<mandie>  Warpstock has an open invitation and just drop us an email for any future speakups that you'd like scheduled
<mandie>  or I'll come "knocking" on your door! :)
<Swanee>  Thank you to the WarpStock officers that were able to be here. It's nice to know the kind of people we have working in our interests.
<DavidA>  You're welcome