SpeakUp with Sundial Systems from 12/04/2000

<SiuueD Rat-Salad is just spreading rumours 8-)
<Sector Hello rollin
<Rat-Salad the one on hobbes was dated in 99
<rollin Hello!
<Sector Hello StevenL
<crimso MADodel: The homepage given in the anouncement on OS2.org seems to be dead.
<Blackbird Hi StevenL
<StevenL Hey, there's a crowd here.
<StevenL Hi BB.
<Sector Randell/rollin tend to draw a crowd
<SiuueD But is it the right crowd 8-)
<Randell Assuming this all works right tonight, it's gonna be fun!
<Randell And the bigger crowd, the better.
<StevenL Humm. I smell software for sale
<Blackbird Who was Gordon Letwin...?????? might as well try one out....trivia question that is...
<Randell That would have been a good one...
<StevenL You should know that. I do.
<Randell Don't say the answer... we might use it for a tie breaker
<Blackbird ok
<StevenL OK.
<rollin I think he's one of the vote counters in Florida.
<DCasey Randell ... you want to explain how this is going to work, tonight?
<Randell Yep, are we ready?
<Randell Tonight we're going to give all you chat participants a chance to test your
<DCasey Probably as ready as we are going to be ... it's almost 9 minutes past the start time
<Randell OS/2 trivia knowlege
<Randell It's Sundial's first ever "Christmas in December" event!
<Randell Why the name?
<Randell Well, other companies have "Chistmas in July" promotions...
<Randell We decided to respect tradition, and celebrate the holidays in December instead.
<Randell We're not going to tell you what you're playing for until later in the game, however.
<Randell But it's definitely going to be worth the time...
<Randell And besides having a little fun, we think you might learn a few tidbits of knowledge along the way...
<Randell There will be 15 multiple choice questions and everybody gets a chance to answer them all.
<Randell But how do we do that on a chat?
<Randell Well, we're going to try to apply a little OS/2 technology to that problem!
<Randell Consider it a bit of an experiment...
<Randell To make it work, you need to get your brower started up since we'll be using it
<Randell in parallel with the chat...
<crimso do we need cookies and referers?
<Randell We're going to start with a practice question to get things started and make sure
<Randell everyone is connected to the game. This one won't count in the scoring.
<Blackbird will NS2.02 work...????
<Randell You'll now need to point your browser to:
<StevenL BB?
<Randell www.sundialsystems.com/voicegame.html
<rollin BB, yes
<Randell When you get there, enter the name or nickname you want to be known as during the game.
<Randell Again, that was:
<Randell www.sundialsystems.com/voicegame.html
<Randell We'll pause a bit while everyone has a chance to get there.
<StevenL Your updater is slow.
<Sector Any special requirments (Java, JavaScript, Cookies)"
<Randell StevenL, the slowness is intentional on our part...
<Randell Sector, no
<WyldFire What's the game?
<Randell Thanks, Dan...
<mandie are the VOICE bod allowed to play also?
<rollin They are EXPECTED to play
<DCasey WyldFire It's an OS/2 Trivia Game
<Randell mandie, EVERYBODY plays!
<mandie :)
<WyldFire Cool, I'll give it a shot =)
<DCasey FYI, I got in, answered the question .. and my brwoser is continually updating
<DCasey browser, even
<DCasey I hope spelling isn't part of the game, tonight :-)
<rollin That's correct. When we move to the next question, your browser will automatically piuck up the change.
<Randell DCasey, that's correct until we tell it to go on at this end...
<WyldFire Don't disqualify me for using a Mac to play
<crimso my name isn't shown
<Sector Mine simply went back to the question
<warspite I'm back..my apologies for crashing.
<Randell I'm going to repeat the questions and answers here just for people reading the chat...
<Randell 0: Current fixpak level for Warp 4 (last time we checked):
<Randell A. 10 B. 12
<Randell C. 14 D. 16
<WyldFire I want a lifeline!
<DCasey LOL
<Randell Is everybody with us that intends to play?
<WyldFire , sorry, had to be said
<warspite I'm here
<DCasey Randell ... you guys call the shots, tonight
<DCasey You can start whenever you're ready
<Randell Rollin, has just scored that question...
<SteveS Now I know why Rollin does not have any free time. Always working on these trivia games!!!
<mandie wow! it even highlights yor nick :)
<Randell Ok, I think we're about ready to start.
<Randell Again, for purposes of people reading the transcript, I'm going to repeat each question
<mandie Sundial Systems never ceases to amaze me :)
<Randell and all the answers here in the chat....
*  DCasey thinks more people need to be playing
<Randell But, PLEASE, do not answer the question in the chat... that will ruin the scoring.
<StevenL Where are the rest of the players?
<Randell The only way to have your answer count is to keep up with us at
<Sector Interesting, but mine didn't show up. (Think I got that fixed now though)
<Randell www.sundialsystems.com/voicegame.html
<Randell Ok, on to the first question... one about OS/2 file systems.
<Randell 1: Which is the most recently developed of these OS/2 file systems:
<Randell A. HPFS B. CDFS
<Randell C. JFS D. FAT
<Randell Don't answer here... goto www.sundialsystems.com/voicegame.html
<DCasey Is this a trick question?
<DCasey :-)
<StevenL Calling for a lifeline?
<Randell Rollin will score the question when he sees that most people have answered...
<mandie should it send us back to question 0?
<StevenL Just like Jeopardy, Rollin's in the back room.
<Randell As with other similar games, we're starting off with an easy one...
<Sector mandie, are you going through a proxy"
<warspite Think I've got the hang of it....
<mandie no
<StevenL Do we have any streaming audio?
<Sector Hmmm, did that to me till I bypassed the proxy... (I recall you messing with Opera for Projects and using one)
<DCasey StevenL don't need it .. it's playing in the back of my mind :-))
<mandie I'm running the browser on the machine that connected to the net
<Randell That was an easy one to get things started.
<Randell FAT goes back to 1.0 and HPFS to 1.1.
<Randell I'm not quite sure where CDFS came but certainly by the 2.0 era.
<Randell JFS, of course, was new with Warp Server for eBusiness.
<Randell Now let's turn to VOICE itself for our second quiz question:
<Randell 2: The C in VOICE stands for this:
<Randell A. competitor B. computer
<Randell C. consumer D. confused
<crimso he he he :-)))
<DCasey Could be all of the above .. depending on the day I'm having :-)))
<Randell I hope not too many many of you where "confused" by that one either.
<mandie :)
<Randell VOICE prides itseft on being a consumer-focused group -- OS/2 users helping other OS/2 users.
<Randell REXX is always an interesting topic... and it's lead to some of the best "answers"
<Randell and "questions" we ever got during Warped Jeopardy.
<Randell Like the answer "the difference between & and &&"
<StevenL What is /
<StevenL ?
<Randell And the question "what is one &?"
<Randell And REXX is such an important part of OS/2 and Sundial's products that you should know where it came from
<Randell 3: This person is considered to be the father (or "inventor") of REXX (and NetRexx):
<Randell A. Bill Gates B. Mike Cowlishaw
<Randell C. George Bush D. Al Gore
*  WyldFire is a bit ashamed to admit his REXX is very very rusty
<mandie and we all know who invented the Internet :)
<WyldFire Been years since I wrote anything in it
<Rat-Salad Al Gore...
<mandie shhh :)
<Rat-Salad oh
<Randell Please, no clues in the chat!
<Blackbird yah...right...
*  Rat-Salad shuts up
<DCasey If Al Gore knew what it was ... he'd have claimed credit for it
<Rat-Salad :)
<Randell Al Gore invented it didn't he!
<Randell Mike Cowlishaw invented REXX originally for use on IBM mainframes...
<Randell and continues to work on the future of REXX today.
<Randell Continuing on with a bit more about the history of OS/2:
<warspite I'm studying for my book, Randell
<Blackbird Randell.....this is absolutely fantastic....don't want to know how long it to to get it running....LOL
<Randell 4: Which of the following cities has never been a center for development work on OS/2:
<Randell A. Boca Raton B. Hursley
<Randell C. Redmond D. New York
<SiuueD Now that is a trick question!
<SiuueD 8-)
<Randell Blackbird, more work than we should have spent on it... but not all that much really.
<RLD what? no Dallas! :))))
<DCasey I want to know when we get to the commercials :-)_))
<Blackbird can I redo that last question....lol
<SiuueD Haven't you been keeping up with the subliminal messages DCasey.
*  DCasey has seen "Warped Jeopardy" ...
<Blackbird Will the Back button work...
<StevenL Nope.
<Randell That one might of be a bit tricky for some of you.
<warspite Woohoo!
<rollin Even if you manage to record an answer for a past question it's ignored.
<Randell Boca Raton is considered to be the "home" of OS/2.
<StevenL Clicked wrong.
<Randell The IBM labs in Hursley, UK did alot of the original work on the graphics system...
<warspite S.S. Boca
<Randell Redmond, thought usually associated with that other company, was a development center for OS/2...
<rollin That started to separate the OS/2 men (and women) from the boys
<Randell during the "joint development" years and lots of things (including HPFS I believe) came from there.
<mandie :(
<Blackbird that's why I wanted a back button...I answered too quichly...:)
<WyldFire I knew I hit the wrong one as soon as I hit it, but *shrug*
<Randell But, while New York is one of the focal centers of IBM's world, no major OS/2 development has been done there.
<WyldFire Me too
<Randell And now a bit of Sundial's history:
*  crimso pities that Jeopardy was canceled at Warpstock Europe
<WyldFire Impulsive answer, since I knew MS made it in the first place
<DCasey WyldFire this isn't Florida .... :-)))
<Randell 5: Company which was not an original devloper of any Sundial Systems product:
<RLD lol
<Randell A. Athena Design B. Designer Software
<Randell C. Orange Hill Software D. Microsoft
<DCasey Nice thing about the Web interface is: .... NO Hanging Chads :-)))
<mandie yay! a yo-yo :)
<Blackbird StevenL got that one wrong....:)
<warspite Is that Morgan or the Lake?
<Randell A bit of an easy one...
<Randell Mesa 2 came from Athena Design,
<Randell DBExpert from Designer Software,
<StevenL BB, not I messed up the one before.
<StevenL I clicked before thinking.
<Randell and the Rover Pack from Orange Hill.
<Randell We also developed created some of our products entirely from scratch.
<Randell Both JunkSpy and Relish fall in that category.
<Blackbird Trick question....trick question...:)
<Randell And we started developing Relish now long after OS/2 was first announced.
<Randell Which brings us to our 6th question.
<Randell 6: The year in which IBM and Microsoft announced "Operating System/2":
<Randell A. 1981 B. 1985
<Randell C. 1987 D. 1989
<WyldFire Announced, or released?
<Randell Announced
<WyldFire 'k
<mandie uh oh :(
<WyldFire Hrm, that's not the question I got anyway =)
<rollin I accidentally advanced the game too far. Just hit back and you'll be in sync.
<crimso I guess I need a calculator...
<StevenL Hey, the answer form popped up twice here.
<StevenL It must not have like my first answer.
<Rat-Salad ehh Chrissy's browser is to the next question... mines not
<DCasey I already answered the next question
<Sector Nor is mine
<mandie please note: this is not as bug free as Sundial's products! :)
<Chrissy I answered the next question too
<Randell Ok, we will get it back in sync now...
<Randell 1987 is the correct answer -- in April to be more specific -- along with the then new PS/2's
<DCasey Yep .. I got the "announced" question, again
<DCasey #6
<DCasey Can we get a ruling from the judges?
<rollin Chrissy, that's fine it will be scored too.
<WyldFire Darn
<Randell 1981 was the year IBM introduced their version of a personal computer -- the IBM PC
<Randell 1985 was the year Microsoft introduced Windows 1.0
<WyldFire I thought they released it in 87, so I figured they probably announced it earlier
<Randell By 1989, OS/2 reached 1.2.
<Randell Probably the most significant and innovative OS/2 feature introduced after 1.0 was the Workplace Shell.
<Randell And that's the focus of our next question.
<Randell 7: Which was the first OS/2 version to include the Workplace Shell:
<Randell A. 1.2 B. 2.0
<Randell C. 2.1 D. 3.0
<Dan_eCS I'm lagged REALLY bad on my other box
<Dan_eCS jumping back and forth, here
<Randell 2.0, of course. Though it significantly delayed the release of 2.0.
<Randell For that reason, many people think 2.0 should have been shipped without it...
<mandie you go! warspite!
<Randell And then the version changed to 2.1 (or something else) once it became available.
<SiuueD Go aussie!
<Randell The Workplace Shell is what provides you with your OS/2 desktop and all the objects on it.
<Randell It now works so well, you often don't think about it too much. So...
<Randell 8: On the default Warp 4 desktop, the icon closest to the bottom right corner of the screen:
<Randell A. OS/2 System B. Web Explorer
<Randell C. Shredder D. Connections
<WyldFire I still have a mostly default desktop ;)
<Randell An easy one for those of you that haven't modified your desktops much.
<DCasey It's the first thing I do ... but I've installed eCS so many times the past few weeks ... It's stuck in my head
<DCasey :-)
<crimso you should have asked about the bottom left one :-)
<StevenL Harruph.
<Randell Bottom *right* was much harder!
<Randell It's the Shredder, of course.
<Randell OS/2 System is near the top left, Web Explorer near the botton left...
<Randell and Programs along the left side as well.
<Randell For our next question, we return back to the OS/2 2.x days...
<Randell 9: The number of OS/2 "rings" (whole or partial) in the logo used from OS/2 2.0 until OS/2 Warp:
<MADodel And where is "My Computer"?
<Randell A. 3 B. 4
<Randell C. 5 D. 6
<Rat-Salad hehe
<DCasey hehe .. I have the box in front of me :-)
<MADodel I'm looking at my OS/2 Ambassador award for that one
*  Sector has the box just to the right...
<Chrissy not fair
<Chrissy LOL
<SiuueD I'm sitting in windows world right now 8-(
<DCasey MADodel hehe .. that, too :-)
<Blackbird Mines on the shelf above me...!!!
<StevenL It's OK. They still have to count correctly.
<Chrissy LOL
<SiuueD I can only guess.
<Blackbird Were're not in Florida....some of use anyway...:)
<Randell It pays to have a historical collection around the computer room...
<mandie hmmm :)
<Randell 5 rings -- in red, green, blue, yellow, and grey.
<Randell Historically, 1.x used only one "OS/2" in the logo.
<DSOM_eCS Hello all.
<Randell But the idea with 2.0 was that you could multi-task many things... thus the multiple OS/2's in the logo.
<Sector Hello DSOM_eCS
<Randell I've also heard some people claim that it's 5, and it's "rings", in part because of IBM's support for the Olympics.
<Randell Speaking of colors, this is a good time to mention that for participating in Christmas In Demember...
<Randell You also get a free Sundial Pen ($0.39 value) - in red, green, blue, or yellow/gold (sorry, no grey) - with any order
<Randell Now, we return to Al Gore's invention of REXX for our next question.
<Randell 10. Which year did REXX support first ship as part of OS/2:
<mandie lol
<Randell A. 1988 B. 1989
<SteveS Talking about having a historical collection arround, I was given yesterday the Ashton-Tate/Microsoft database for OS/2 systems software package.
<Randell C. 1990 D. 1991
<Randell SteveS, I don't think I've ever even seen that one!
<StevenL I believe is was a text mode dBase for OS/2.
<SteveS I had not seen it either until yesterday. Will add it to the OS/2 Museum collection.
<Randell SteveS, good plan!
<SteveS Randell, than means it is coming over to your basement!!
<Randell I know, I know...
<Randell That was a bit of a trick question but it still has only one right answer.
<Randell REXX support first shipped in the Extended Edition version of 1.2.
<Randell It didn't become part of the "base" Standard edition until 1.3
<Randell But both of those shipped in 1990.
<Randell So, after 10 questions...
<WyldFire Made back a point =)
<Randell warpsite has a slim lead
<Randell And we have a six-way tie for second place
<warspite Getting slimmer
<Randell Virtually every version of OS/2 has used some new "tagline" on the box.
*  DCasey thinks he should be looking up "Gordon letwin"
<DCasey :-)
<Randell And that's where we go for Question 11.
<Randell 11: The OS/2 version which used the tagline "Your on-ramp to the information superhighway" on the box:
<Randell A. Warp 3 B. OS/2 for Windows
<Randell C. Warp Connect D. Warp 4
<DSOM_eCS Later all.
<WyldFire I know this, it was the first one I used! =)
<Randell Sorry Dan is having such connection problems...
<DCasey I have every box since 2.0 :-)
<mandie me too...in storage!
<DCasey hehehe
<Sector Hey, don't hide em
<StevenL I'm a packrat, but some stuff just has got to go.
<Randell Rollin will enforce a strict time limit so don't run to find them...
<crimso that's hard, I only have a german package around
<Sector Display them proudly
<DCasey I just asked myself, this morning ... "What the hell am I keeping all this old stuff for"?
<DCasey Now, I know :-)
<Randell It's Warp 3.
<Randell Lot's of people thing this was for Warp Connect given that version's emphasis on "connectivity".
<Randell But Warp Connect was "The Totally Cool Way To Run And Network Your Computer".
<Randell While Warp 4 was "The Easiest Way To A Connected World"
<Randell And OS/2 for Wiodows was "A Whole New World Of Power and Performance"
<Rat-Salad got the warp connect box here
<WyldFire ?
<WyldFire Warp for Windows was redspine right?
<Randell Now warpsite is still in the lead and Steve S is alone in 2nd place...
<SiuueD I need to be at home rather than at work it would seem 8-)
<Randell and a, nine?, way tie for 3rd...
<DCasey OS/2 Warp for Windows was 2.x
<StevenL What I want to know is where where these folks when it was time for Warped Jeopardy?
<DCasey And it is Blue Spine
<warspite In Oz
<Randell Now, sooner or later, virtually everybody that uses OS/2 has to get into their CONFIG.SYS file.
<WyldFire Mine says "On ramp for hte information superhighway", but it was RedSpine, and sold as "For Windows"
<SiuueD In Oz
<DCasey Warp 3 (Red and Blue) have the same "saying" on them
<WyldFire *shrug*
<Randell So, for Question 12:
<Randell 12: Which of the following is a statement type which appears only once in CONFIG.SYS:
<Randell A. BASEDEV B. SET
<mandie hmm
<DCasey They're getting easier :-)
<SteveS I thought the questions were supposed to be getting harder?
<Blackbird times up....
<SiuueD Careful what you say Dan
<Rat-Salad yep.. that was a bit on the easy side
<DCasey I know .. I'm 2 points down ... I should talk :-)
<Randell IFS loads a file system like HPFS or CDFS... you can have multiple of those.
<mandie CGI.ID is not doing well :)
<RLD depends on often you diddle with the config.sys
<Randell BASEDEV loads a "base level" device driver... you always have many of those.
<SiuueD You may reqret having said that.
<Randell SET is the general purpose statement for setting environment varialbe... lots of those.
<Randell But PROTSHELL is what loads the "protected mode" shell... usually the Workplace Shell.
<Randell Those CONFIG.SYS questions often turned out to be harder that we thought they would in Warped Jeorpady.
<Randell Over time, we did 3 major Warped Jeopardy shows... each in a different city.
<Randell 13: Which of the following cities has not been a host for Warped Jeopardy:
<mandie and they were FUN!
<Randell A. Greater Los Angeles B. Greater Chicago
<Randell C. Greater Phoenix D. Greater Atlanta
<WyldFire Aw man, no idea
<DCasey That'll teach you not to attend Warp shows :-)
<Randell WyldFire, take a good, and careful, guess...
<SiuueD I'm going to have to guess as well.
<SteveS I know I bombed out in Phoenix.
<Randell Think about where shows have been...
<Randell Phoenix was the site of POSSI's WarpTech conference and our most recent show.
<Randell All the other cities were Warpstock cities, but we only did it for Warpstock in Atlanta.
<mandie as I did in Atlanta :)
<SiuueD I haven't had the pleasure of any of the shows.
<Randell Greater Los Angeles was our first stop, however, for Wrap Expo West.
<Randell So that leaves Chicago as the odd city out.
<mandie oops
<StevenL SteveS, you are doing better here.
<mandie persell!!
<Sector Hi there persell
<DCasey Ah .. I gained a point :-)
<Randell Two way tie for first between warpsite and SteveS...
<mandie and I lost a point :)
<DCasey Hiya. Mike
<SteveS Possibly because this is the third time around and some of the info is starting to sink in!!
<persell hey all
<warspite When is it coming to Perth?
<Randell Four way tie for second...
<WyldFire I didn't get in fast enough =)
<StevenL Hi Mike.
<rollin Mike we're playing Christmas in December. Go to http://www.sundialsystems.com/voicegame.html to join.
<Randell Speaking of "odd things out", we usually don't associate Bill Gates and OS/2 positively in the same sentense.
<MADodel warpspite: Is Perth putting in a bid for Warpstock. ;-)
<Randell But, back before the "divorce", IBM and Microsoft jointly developed and marketed OS/2.
<WyldFire I guessed right in the end though - it was between chicago and LA
<Randell And Bill made some interesting statements about it during a 1989 interview.
<warspite Yeah, all 3 of us LOL
<Randell 14: Bill Gate's stated target for the number of copies of OS/2 expected to be sold in 1990:
<Randell A. 1000 B. 100,000
<DCasey crap
<Randell C. 1,000,000 D. 10,000,000
<SteveS I think I just missed the correct answer to this question.
<Rat-Salad erm the question popped up on my screen a second time
<StevenL It will do that.
<Randell A million copies!
<Randell That was actually considered a huge number at the time since there were only about
<DCasey Ahhhh .. lucky guess :-)))
<Randell 40 to 50 millon PCs -- most running DOS and a memory extender -- at the time.
<Rat-Salad what do I do?
<rollin You can answer it, it will be ignored
<warspite I read "Big Blue", but can't remember the important bits
<Randell Ok, we're down to the last question and we have a two-way tie between warpsite and SteveS with 12 each...
<Randell Rat-Salad, dcasey, and crimso are tied for 2nd with 11 each
<Randell And finally, for Question 15, we return to the beginning of OS/2 just to see how far we've come.
<StevenL One small misstep...
<Blackbird me two
<Randell 15: The maximum disk partition size supported by OS/2 1.0:
<Randell A. 32M B. 256M
<Blackbird I mean toe
<StevenL I meant for the leaders. I don't know this stuff.
<Randell C. 512M D. 1G
<persell That should be apparent
<DCasey LOL
<Randell Don't leave after the last question... there's still more to come...
<StevenL It always was to me.
<Rat-Salad ack I was in diapers when 1.0 was released :)
<mandie and I was changing diapers!
<StevenL I was doing unix.
<DCasey LOL
<Chrissy LOL
<Randell Yes, just 32 megabytes.
<Rat-Salad gee thanks
<Rat-Salad hehe
<StevenL I do.
<Randell That's less space that most all of you now have as main memory in your PC.
<WyldFire Really
<DCasey Damn .. wrong guess :-(
<WyldFire That's what DOS did too, I'm surprised
<Randell Looks like we have a three way tie for first!
<persell I remember mfm and rll
<SiuueD At least I knew that one 8-)
<Sector Don't forget ARLL
<Sector ESDI
<crimso hi ho
<WyldFire A solid third place
<Randell crimso came up and tied with warpsite and SteveS with 12 points each.
<persell It took BIOS extenders to deal with the 80
<Randell Definite OS/2 trivia masters!
<Sector Damn, if I hadn't clicked one wrong earlier...
<crimso I'm just good at guessing :-)
<DCasey I blew the 1st question .... thought it was a trick question :-(
<Randell Sector, Rat-Salad, and dcasey tied after that with 11 points each.
<Randell We'll come back to those high scores in a minute...
<Randell But since it's December, we want everybody to be a winner.
<StevenL Two stupid answers here. The others I just didn't know.
<Randell Simple take your score, multiply it by 5, to get a number.
<Randell That number represents your own personal discount on any Sundial products you order
<SiuueD I was guessing between stints of work 8-)
<Randell during the entire month of December!
<WyldFire In whole dollars?
<Randell Fill in your collection! Give them as gifts!
<StevenL WyldFire, is that a trick question?
<Rat-Salad hehe
<crimso wow
<Randell Sorry, I wasn't clear... it's a *percentage* discount!
<DCasey LOL
<Sector Well, could be a percentage...
<mandie wow! that's excellent
<WyldFire StevenL: So there ;)
<WyldFire lol
<StevenL Oh.
<warspite Thank you. It will help our ailing Ausssie dollar.
<WyldFire Hmm
<Randell But, as we promised, there's even more!
<SiuueD Quite a bit warspite
<Randell We're now going give some of our high scorers a chance to copies of each
<Randell of Sundial's six products:
<Randell Clearlook, DBExpert, JunkSpy, Mesa 2, Relish, and the Rover Pack.
<Randell We've got more questions. We're going to start with our high scorers
<Randell and give them a chance to answer the question to win one prize...
<warspite I'm ready
<Randell then another question for a second prize, and on up to all six prizes.
<Randell First we need to break that tie for the top spot...
<crimso yeehaa
<warspite yup
<Randell So, will both Warpsite and Steve S please *private message* me...
<Randell with their answer to the following question..
<warspite how?
<DCasey warspite type " /msg Randell
<DCasey "
<DCasey no quotes ...
<Randell Sorry, crimso as well...
<Randell On the OS/2 2.x logo, which two color "rings" are the only complete ones
<Randell (though even a small part of one of these was cut off in some printings)
<Randell Well, they all got that one right!
<Randell Green and grey!
<WyldFire I know that one too!
<Randell Ok, the three of you again...
<Randell Closest correct answer...
<Randell Minimum memory requirement for OS/2 2.0 (per box)?
<Randell Only one correct answer!
*  Sector doesn't even have to look at the box for that one
<WyldFire I think I know it
<mandie me too :)
<Randell warpsite gets it with 2MB
<StevenL I remember that one because I got it wrong once. :-)
<warspite Woohoo!
<mandie congrats!
<DCasey Hmmm ... My box says 4Meg
<Randell Sorry, correction...
<crimso argh! I knew it the moment I pressed that button...
<Randell It is 4 mb... my error, we'll throw that one out
<StevenL Which one was 2MB?
<Sector I was gonna ask about that
<warspite Can't help bad luck :-)
<SteveS Whoa, you can't throw out my correct answer!
<StevenL Is that a Gore thing?
<rollin I think 1.0 was 2Mb. Many of the PS/2 came standard with 1Mb and required an upgrade to run OS/2.
<Randell Give me a minute here...
<DCasey OS/2 2.0 and 2.1 both have 4.0Mb as the minimum ... 6.0Mb is recommended
<DCasey for 2.1
<rollin Announcer voice on. Christmas in December is brought to you by...
*  Sector ran 2.0 on 8
<rollin Santa Claus he knows who's been naughty and nice. And...
<Randell Ok, here we go again...
<rollin VOICE
<mandie :)
<Randell For the three of you..
<Randell The year OS/2 for Windows shipped.
<Randell I'm still waiting for one more answer...
<Randell Ok, no one got it right...
<Randell But one person is the closest.
<Randell It was 1993, and based on the original answers I got, that gives it to
<Randell crimso!
<mandie crimso: congrats!
<warspite Congrats crimso!
*  crimso dances through the room
<WyldFire crimso: Congrats!
<crimso thanks
<SteveS Congratulations crimso!
<Randell Back to our main program... but we'll probably be back to SteveS and warpsite before we are done!
<crimso to be honest it was a wild guess
<Randell Ok, we'll now give crimso a chance to win up to 6 Sundial products!
<Randell But there's a catch.
<crimso uh oh
<Randell After revealing the question, you have the option to keep the prizes you've won so far...
<Randell or risk them all by answering that question.
<Randell If you pass, or get the answer wrong, we'll drop down the list to SteveS or warpsite!
*  mandie changes Randell to Regis
<crimso *gulp*
<Randell We've going to have you answer these questions "live" here on the chat
<Randell (rather than on the web) so everyone can see the answers.
<MADodel Talk about pressure
<Randell But, PLEASE, no help from the audience!
<Randell So, are we ready.
<crimso ok, but where do I start?
<Randell Here comes the question:
<Randell B1: The combined total of the current fixpak numbers for Warp 4, Warp Server, and Warp Server for eBusiness (last time we checked):
<Randell A. 55 B. 56
<Randell C. 58 D. 60
<Randell crimso?
<crimso 58
<Randell Correct!
<mandie WOW!
<Randell Warp 4 is 14. Warp Server is 43. And WSeB is 1. For a total of 58.
<crimso my heart is pounding
<mandie hehe
<crimso like a big big drum
<DCasey We MUSt do this again :-)
<Randell Which of our products would you like for that first prize?
<crimso Mesa/2
<Randell Got it!
<Randell For our next question, we turn to codenames:
<Randell Remeber, after I reveal the question you need to decide to answer or not.
<crimso yes
<Randell If you decide to answer, and don't get it right, you lose you copy of Mesa 2.
<Dave A question. On my new HD, I had xcopied my E:\ which holds all my apps from my old HD, and although I am not useing most of the app on the WSeB I find that some of the folders on E: have nothing in them now, is there any reason for this, like it is not in the config.sys file so it does not get installed on boot, such as acrobat reader?
<mandie Dave: can we hold until after the Sundial session?
<Randell Dave, please save that until after we finish the game if you don't mind.
<Dave sorry
<Randell Here's the question for crimso...
<Randell B2: Which of the following was not an IBM codename for some version of OS/2:
<Randell A. Warp B. Voyager
<Randell C. Ferengi D. Falcon
<Randell crimso, do you want to try that one?
<crimso Voyager, it was a hype from usenet
<Randell I assume you want to answer it... is that you "final answer"?
<crimso yes, it is
<Randell Got it right!@
<Randell Warp was the codename for "Version 3" -- that eventually came out as Warp because Gerstner liked the name.
<crimso yeeeepiiieehh
<Randell Falcon went along with Merlin (Warp 4) and was the one for OS/2 for the Power PC.
<mandie then what was Merlin
<Randell Ferengi was one fo the Startrek-series names... and was used for OS/2 for Windows.
<WyldFire What was Ferengi??
<Randell Voyager might have been a logical Startrek-series one...
<WyldFire Interesting
<warspite What of our beloved DeScribe?
<mandie very interesting
<Randell but by that time they weren't using the Startrek ones under pressure from Paramount.
<Randell We were going to put Starbase in here since we recall it to be the original
<Randell one for Workplace OS... but we couldn't find the confirming documentation for that.
<Randell So, crimso, what do you want for your second prize?
<crimso Hm, Relish I think.
<Randell Great!
<Randell For our next question, we move on to the control of DOS sessions:
<SteveS I am going to have to bow out now. Need to leave for my ORCHS meeting with slides of narrow gauge railroading. Hope Randell will understand.
<Randell B3: Which is not a controllable setting for DOS sessions under OS/2:
<Randell crimso, do you want to risk your Mesa 2 and Relish on that one?
<Blackbird b:
<Blackbird ooppps
<Randell Please, no help from the audience!
<Randell crimso?
<crimso ok, I'll try to answer
<Randell (throbing music in background)
<Blackbird I thought we were in All PLAY....sorry
<crimso video_sync is the one
<Randell Correct!
<Randell IDLE_SENSITIVITY helps control when OS/2 determines that the DOS program isn't doing anything "useful"
<Randell PRINT_TIMEOUT determines how long OS/2 waits before assuming it should "close"
<Randell the print job and print what has been spooled
<Randell COM_SELECT can prevent the session from using unnecessary COM ports VIDEO_SYNC is one we created out of thin air.
<Randell One of our Warped Jeopardy categories that people love or hate is Desktop Anagrams.
<Randell These are the names of desktop object when the letters rearranged.
<Randell For example, ICON might become COIN.
<Randell Oh, I got ahead of myself...
<Randell crimso, which product do you want for that third prize?
<crimso dbexpert
<Randell Ok, do you want to risk Mesa 2, Relish, and DBExpert on this question:
<Randell B4: Which of the following is an anagram for something in Warp 4 but not on the desktop:
<Randell crimso?
<Blackbird walk away....:)
<rollin He passed out.
<mandie no doubt!
<crimso huh that's hard, I only have a german version
<Blackbird he's still figuring...
<Randell There's three products on the table...
<Randell Yes, crimso, that could be very hard...
<crimso well, I know c and d...
<Randell You know, three products isn't a bad take for the night...
<Blackbird use your 50/50.....:)
<crimso randell, is it the desktop or also folders beyond?
<Randell Sorry, no lifelines...
<Sector Ummm, that's his 60
<Randell crimso, only the desktop
*  WyldFire figured out A, C, and D
<crimso ok, I quit. my brain is shut
<Randell OK.
<mandie crimso: nice job!
<Randell Let's give crimso a hand!
<WyldFire I think I fugured out B now
<crimso now tell me please!!
*  warspite claps
<Blackbird ?me give's a hand
<WyldFire B is the one!
<WyldFire B = Window List
<RLD ____ ____
<RLD _ __/ __ \/ __ \____
<RLD | | /| / / / / / / / / __ )
<RLD | |/ |/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /
<RLD |__/|__/\____/\____/ .___/
<RLD /_/
*  Blackbird claps
<Randell SteveS, had to leave (unfortunately)...
<Randell So we'll now turn to warpsite...
<Randell warpsite, do you like this question or do you want to go on to the next one... your choice
<WyldFire oh, sorry
<warspite Can I have another?
<Randell warpsite, yes...
<warspite Please
<WyldFire Didn't think we were going on with that one =\
<Randell Let me finish that one off...
<Randell CREW PARENT is Warp Center.
*  WyldFire apologizes
<Randell MRS PARGO is the Programs folder.
<Randell RED HERDS is the Shredder.
<Randell But TOWN IS WILD is the WINDOW LIST.
<Randell Ok, on to warpsite's first question...
<Randell We've touched on OS/2 for the Power PC several time tonight.
<Randell Sundial was deeply involved in that project for some time.
<crimso i should have known A... well, 3 packages is quite nice :-)
<Randell B5: Which was the first Presentation Manager application to ever appear on the screen of OS/2 for the Power PC:
<Randell A. Mesa 2 B. Workplace Shell
<Randell C. Relish D. Describe
*  WyldFire would love to have an OS/2 PPC machine
<Randell warpsite, there's no risk...
<Randell so what's your answer...
<warspite Hang on, please
<Blackbird Don't tell....keep it too yourself.....:)
<Randell (thumping music in background)
<Dave two companies make ppc machines
<mandie (clock ticking in foreground)
<warspite OK, I am going for Mesa/2
<Randell And?
<Randell Your answer, warpsite?
<Randell Or was Mesa 2 your answer?
<warspite I said Mesa/2
<WyldFire Dave: I have several PPC machines, but finding OS/2 PPC and a machine it'd run on would probably be hard
<Randell Are you *sure* that's your final answer?
<Blackbird Is that your final
<warspite Yes
<Blackbird no no no
<Randell Are you *absolutely* sure that's your final answer (hint)...
<Blackbird but then what do I know
<warspite Hold on then (thinking)
<warspite It makes ense it should be the WPS, I'll go for that if I could please
<Randell Are you absolutely, absolutely, absolutely sure about that... (hint, we said Sundial was deeply involved in this)
<mandie (re-think)
<Blackbird Pick me ....pick me....pick me...:)
<warspite Ah, maybe it was Relish
<Randell Final?
<warspite Yes
<Randell Yes, Relish!
<Randell Athena Design was there working on Mesa 2 and as were the folks from Describe.
<Randell But Relish was first! Even before the Workplace Shell by several days.
<Randell It was quite an interesting experience to use Relish as "the shell" and it's
<Randell ability to run other programs to as the only way to open multiple command windows!
<warspite Thanks for your patience
<Randell So, warpsite, which product do you want for your first prize?
<warspite Rover Pack please
<Randell Got it!
<WyldFire Is it even possible to get OS/2 PPC (obviously second-hand) and a PPC machine it can run on?
<Randell Ok, we're about out of time so it's on to our LAST question of the night!
<Randell warpsite, so you want to risk your copy of Rover Pakc on this question:
<warspite OK
<Randell B6: The original name under which "Relish 1.0" was shipped:
<Randell A. Algonquin B. TACO
<Randell C. NOW D. Tickle
<Randell ......
<Randell .......
<Randell ...............
<StevenL Now you put up the one's I know.
<mandie ............
<mandie .........
<mandie .....
<mandie ..
<warspite Randell, I will have to pass on this one.
<Randell Ok, let's give warpsite a big hand!
<Blackbird BIG HAND
<crimso Congrats!
<mandie congrats :)
<warspite Thank you all for your support.
<Randell Since SteveS had to leave us, I'm going to privately give him a chance at that one rather than continue down the list...
<Randell So here's the answer...
<Randell Algonquin was the name of the set of "starter programs" that were going to
<Randell ship with each copy of Taligent's Commonpoint... and we built a Relish-type
<Randell thing to be part of that.
<Randell TACO, or Time and Calendar Organizer, was a name we considered but ended up
<Randell rejected because the trademark was already taken.
<Randell Tickle was the original codename, but another product called Tickle/2 for OS/2
<mandie by Bell :)
<Randell shipped before we were ready.
<Randell NOW, or Notes on Who, What, Where, When, Why, was the original name...
<Randell and it still shows up in a few places in the product today.
<Randell (Like in the filenames, and in the NOW Service Process.)
<mandie Relish goes better with BUNS than NOW
<Randell We eventually changed the name due to an unforseen trademark conflict.
<Randell And, speaking of NOW 1.0, we have one more special offer tonight.
<Randell We've found a small stash of them in our warehouse. So, if any of
<Randell you on the chat want one of these classic examples of OS/2 and
<Randell Sundial history, you can have one FREE with any order (or alone for
<Randell just the shipping charge). Hurry, this offer only good while supplies last!
<Randell Thanks for playing!
<Randell Give yourselves all a round of appaluse!
<crimso Thanks for the game!
<StevenL As always, Sundial finds the fun.
<DCasey Thanks. Randell ... this was a LOT of fun!!!!
<mandie Randell: you're going to have to really do some thinking to top tonights session :)
<Blackbird Randell...thanks for the game...
<mandie once again...Sundial rulez!
<Randell warpsite, and crimso, please send me your contact info (randell@sundialsystems.com) so we can get your prizes out to you.
<MADodel Randell and Rollin: Thanks for all you have done for the OS/2 Community and VOICE
<Blackbird We're going to expect this from now on....:)
<warspite Thanks, as always, Randell, really enjoyed this one!
<WyldFire How do we use the discounts we got?
<mandie we also owe a special thanks to Carla :)
<Randell And don't forget, everyone multiply your score by 5 and take that as a percentage discount on all Sundial products you order in December!
<WyldFire Those of us not elite enough to win outright ;)
<WyldFire Randell: How do we go about redeeming that?
<Randell WyldFire, visit our website for our standared order forms... just note your discount on the order.
<rollin Thank you guys. I had fun too. I need to run, but I'll see you all next time!
<warspite Thank you Rollin
<Randell For any questions, just drop a note to orders@sundialsystems.com.
<Blackbird nite rollin
<crimso bye rollin
<warspite Randell, I'll send you a note thru MR2ICE
<Randell Let's all thank Rollin for his behind-the-scenes work as well... and the software that made the game possible!
<Randell warpsite, thanks.