SpeakUp with Serenity Systems & Mensys from 12/15/2000

<MADodel Look what the cat drug in
<BobStJohn ... I'm out of breath ... running to get here
<Sector Hi there Smazesofa
<Smazesofa Yep!
<OS2NL hello!
<Sector It's BobStJohn–––
<Smazesofa Hey Sector.
<BobStJohn Yes .. it is.
<BobStJohn Of course, I could be an alternate personality
<MADodel You are late. Our two German viewers just left
<Chrissy hi everyone
<BobStJohn Interesting .. did Joachim come at all?
<Sector Hi Chrissy
<Sector Ummm, well...
<MADodel No, Ulrich Moeller was here
<BobStJohn He was one of the two?
<MADodel yes
<MADodel Can't keep the Germans waiting. I think they pay by the micro-second for connect time
<BobStJohn OK .. I sent him a message ... maybe I'll get him back
<BobStJohn I see OS2NL his here .. That would be Roderick Klein .. who works at Mensys between semesters
<MADodel I have to leave in half an hour to pick up my daughter. The school gets upset when we leave kids there overnight
<Sector They've had enough of them by then
<OS2NL If all goes well I will ask Mensys if I can get a permanent job in february next year... At the moment I'm working on my end project...
<BobStJohn Well, I'm not sure where you want to start. Seems like we just did this a week ago. ;-)
<MADodel Is Kim stopping by?
<MADodel BobStJohn: I was hoping your alter ego from usenet would come. That would make for an interesting session.
<BobStJohn Don't know ... I know he's been heads down on stuff ... so I've tended to leave him alone
<Sector Hi ulli
<ulli Dunno what just happened... didn't get any messages here. Hi Bob!
<MADodel Guess mr. Martin is busy saving the world from eCS
<BobStJohn Ulrich has been kind enough to participate in our GUI update project
<BobStJohn And I expect we will have some more work with him on a more formal level.
<BobStJohn Mr. Martin .. amazing. I'm coming to believe there is no real Mr. Martin.
<OS2NL Just a small note about the generic WIN/OS2 driver. John Gow expects to have a new version under "XMAS tree"....
<OS2NL This thing will have MIDI support in WIN/OS2...
<MADodel Yet more good news
<BobStJohn No secret that he posted a rumor stating that Serenity Systems was in financial trouble and our plan to get out of it was to migrate OS/2 - eCS users to Windows.
<BobStJohn Of course ... he didn't explain where the money would be in such a strategy, since all our stuff is OS/2.
<MADodel Now all we need is a generic OS/2 sound driver and Kim's CD boot version can have complete sound
<OS2NL For next year full duplex WIN/OS2 and SB emulation for OS/2 DOS sessions is next on the menu
<OS2NL Aaaah!
<OS2NL Wrong (quiz buzzer :) )
<OS2NL The generic WIN/OS2 driver uses an OS/2 audio PDD to access the souncard!
<BobStJohn But I'm not going to take mention of our finances lightly, so that could have been lawyer time. Problem is, I can't even prove the guy is real.
<ulli Bob: I remember seeing a discussion on the Stardock news server a couple of months ago where they managed to find out who that guy apparently was.
<MADodel I don't think he is real. I think he is a kid with a mental problem.
<OS2NL One thing is strange, the warpcity site is updated very frequently....
<BobStJohn One thing we should point out is that I'm keen to get some action on the software which will accompany the GA eCS.
<OS2NL I don't think somebody would invest much time just for fun...
<MADodel OS2NL: So it won't work off a CD boot?
<OS2NL That is the point of the generic WIN/OS2 driver!
<OS2NL Its an audio driver that passes audio data from WIN/OS2
<OS2NL sessions TO the PDD (Physical Device Driver) of any OS/2 supported audio card!
<BobStJohn Jim Burke has been willing to step up to head the 'adoption' process ... and I don't have his url handy
<BobStJohn I'm sure Dan can post it ... he's like that ...
<MADodel I don't think Dan is here
<MADodel At least not in Body
<BobStJohn The thing is, if there are applications users would like to see "WiseMachine" enabled .. then we need to get those scripts going so those apps are supported.
<OS2NL Say anybody interested in an MPPM/2 uninstall ?
<BobStJohn Besides this .. we can include marketing materials, trials, demos, and products in the packaging.
<MADodel http://www.ionet.net/~jimburke/ecs/3rdparty.htm
<OS2NL (something nice for ecomstation ???)
<Sector Hi DSOM_eCS
<DSOM_eCS Hello a..
<DSOM_eCS all.
<OS2NL If I remeber it CORRECTLY
<OS2NL I saw something like that at the MMPM/2 japan site...
<BobStJohn What I'm particularly interested in ... is getting those software packages which users would enjoy ..and which do not add cost to the product .. because I'm not willing to change pricing at this time.
<BobStJohn Soooooo ..... if there are any "favorites" that folks would like to see going into the packaging .. it's time to visit the URL which Mark posted so ...efficiently.
<ulli Bob: If you haven't figured it out... I'm Ulrich Moeller. What do I have to do to "adopt" my own XWorkplace package? Kim showed me WiseMachine in Karlsruhe, and I believe "adopting" is writing a REXX script?
<ulli I also talked with Kim about making some sort of transition possible between WarpIN and WiseMachine. Has he mentioned that again?
<BobStJohn Yes ... that's the key part .. but it's also providing some information which would help the user. And I don't think you need to actually write the script .. because you don't need to know REXX to adopt an app
<BobStJohn As to WiseMachine and WarpIN ... best to have those discussions directly with Kim. I don't have any info.
<ulli OK. I must admit that I still don't have eCS here, except for the very, very early preview that Kim sent me in September.
<DSOM_eCS ulli - Adoption is not that difficult. Object Package (from Object Desktop) would do most of the work.
<ulli DSOM: Now that's good. ;-) I wrote XWorkplace because I don't have OD.
<BobStJohn OK .. email me and address and I'll get you a copy of "preview 2" .. though, for all practical purposes .. it is very similar to what went out in October .. still you are talking September so that had to be a "private" drop to you.
<MADodel XWP 0.9.6 works fine on the eCS Preview
<ulli Bob: Yes it was. It was before the "official" preview.
<David Hi everybody
<BobStJohn Ok .. just let me know where to send it.
<ulli Bob: OK. I'll send you my snailmail address.
<ulli Bob: Is there anything else you'd like to discuss right now WRT XWorkplace? Problem is, I gotta go in about ten minutes...
<BobStJohn No ... I want to thank you for your work and suggestions.
<BobStJohn I know we aren't done .. we'll have more of a relationship later.
<ulli OK. I've told you you are very welcome... thanks for everything you are doing in the first place.
<BobStJohn I really wish Joachim was here ... so he could update us on the GUI update .. but David might be the guy to do that, now.
<MADodel Any chance IBM will let anyone look at the source for the WPS?
<BobStJohn MADodel There is always a chance. But right now we have limited the discussion to MMOS2
<ulli Bob: The discussion with IBM?
<BobStJohn And there will be no word on that until after the holidays
<BobStJohn Yes .. we asked for access to WPS, WarpCenter .. told them we wanted to work on anti-alias fonts.
<BobStJohn We also wanted MMOS2 to work on MM for OS/2 (eCS)
<MADodel In regard to MMOS2, is that just fixing bugs, or actually plans to modernize the multi-media support?
<BobStJohn The discussions hit a couple of seasonal hurdles .. end of year crunches
<BobStJohn end of year vacations
<ulli About WarpCenter.... that's not really needed. I have already rewritten WarpCenter last week. It's not that difficult, the sources are on CVS right now. The "XCenter" can already do everything the WarpCenter can. But it supports plugin DLLs.
<BobStJohn and an unusual ammount of personnel turnover
<MADodel The election
<ulli Sorry, CVS means Netlabs CVS.
<BobStJohn Our primary contact in IBM just got back from vacation and found out that, while he was in Puerta Villarta, the lawyer he was working with left IBM.
<MADodel ulli: That is great news
<MADodel Will that be part of XWP?
<BobStJohn I think a key to getting initial access to source is to ask for things on which there was no Microsoft collaboration.
<MADodel BobSt.John: You mean he didn't take his lawyer on vacation with him?
<ulli I'm a bit proud of the XCenter... Martin Lafaix has also started contributing, and more people have expressed interest. The engine is working, what's missing is plugins for more monitors (TCP/IP, POP mail etc.).
<BobStJohn LOL
<ulli The XCenter is currently part of the XWP sources and tied to that.
<DSOM_eCS ulli - I believe that there is a copy of Object Desktop "lite" on the Application Sampler CD which shipped with Warp 4.
<David Hi again..
<BobStJohn DSOM_eCS Yes
<David It is a 30 day evaluation version...
<BobStJohn Hi David .. can you update folks on where the GUI project is?
<David Yes, I can...
<ulli Gee it's been four years that I looked at the application sampler... I'll take a look.
<BobStJohn David Would you, then ... please?
<David Alessandro created a nice set of new icons.
<David We are now looking which we still miss
<BobStJohn C'mon, David .. there has been more than that going on.
<David Also we discussed a change in the layout of the desktop. That is: which folders
<David are going to be on the desktop
<David and where on the desktop we put it.
<ulli I have been discussing a couple of things with Alessandro on the technical level (replacing the help system, for example), but that won't make it for GA. I guess that what can be done for GA is replacing the icons
<ulli and changing the standard desktop layout.
<David Also have we been looking at the dialogs.
<David With the techniques of DE some of them will be updated
<David To look better, and be more intuitive
<BobStJohn As you can imagine .. the interest in modifying the UI is broad and active. We are trying to simply define what will be the first GA cut. Then carry on a project to continue updating and enhancing.
<David It is the intention that everything can be easily changed through WiseMachine.
<MADodel Replacing the help system with what?
<David The idea which came up is to replace it with a searchable HTML based help system...
<ulli MADodel: We are still discussing. The OS/2 help system is a bit dated and looks ugly. It needs a rework. But that won't make it in time for GA.
<David Which would make it easier to update and maintain. But it is very complicated to do so.
<David The help system is very much tied in with the system.
<ulli The engine is the same for VIEW.EXE and the PM help system. Replacing view is as simple as creating an executable. Replacing the help APIs for applications is much more difficult.
<ulli Sorry, gotta go now... it's friday night, and I have a date... I'll read the transscript and get back to you, Bob. Nice talking to you again!
<DSOM_eCS Later ulli.
<Sector Ok ulli, thanks for stopping by
<BobStJohn A date .. ah, yes .. I remember dating when I was young, thin, single, and in Berlin
<BobStJohn Viel spass
<David In all we want to change the GUI to be more consistent over all.
<David Have fun ulli
<ulli Bob: merci...
<OS2NL sorry have to go, my end project...
<BobStJohn ulli de nada .. besides, you speak better German than I ever did. Do you date the US Touristas in the summer?
<BobStJohn Well .. he'll have to answer that on after the log, I guess.
<David That is that we want to put programs that belong together together and not spread them all over the WPS
<BobStJohn David btw ,, Kim wants to show some of the UI stuff at SCOUG tomorrow. Would be great if you or Joachim or someone could help him.
<BobStJohn Any questions for our UI expert?
<David I think I could get him a patched DLL so he can show the new icons.
<BobStJohn We are very lucky to have Ulrich, Richard Castle, Nicky Morrow, Alessandro (Syler/2) and other working on the UI.
<BobStJohn David by all means .. send it along to Kim .. with any comments and suggestions you think are appropriate .. so he knows what he's doing.
<David Okay. Remind me at the end of the speakup :-)...
<BobStJohn DSOM_eCS You want to say anything about Coral Reef?
<BobStJohn DSOM_eCS You there, Senor Plant?
<DSOM_eCS Who me?
<BobStJohn duh
<DSOM_eCS :-)
<BobStJohn :-)
<Sector No the other plant over there in the corner
<BobStJohn Yeah .. the wall flower
<DSOM_eCS Nothing much to discuss at the moment. Still quiet..low key. Unofficial.
<BobStJohn DSOM_eCS OK .. then I won't say a word about it. Count on my discretion!
<DSOM_eCS In other words....much like the plant itself....low key, quiet...unofficial.
<BobStJohn So ... is there anyone here?
<BobStJohn Any sort of question .. or comment?
<BobStJohn Anyone want to buy anything?
<BobStJohn Hmm .... I'm feeling ... alone.
<DSOM_eCS A vowel?
<David I am still here...
<Sector Present and accounted for
<BobStJohn No, no .. don't go to the attic .. *he* could be up there .. with a knife or other maiming object!
<BobStJohn I worry about being alone
<BobStJohn So, Chrissy .. what flavor ice cream in the freezer
<Sector How's Preview 2 doingó
<Chrissy burgundy cherry and chocolate chunks :)
<BobStJohn Preview 2 ... preview 2 is just a test to reconcile some hardware issues. Nothing remarkable. Seems to be fine.
<BobStJohn Though the plan is to replace the installer by GA if at all possible.
<BobStJohn Chrissy Geez .. whatever happened to vanilla!
<Chrissy vanilla is boring LOL
<DSOM_eCS After or beyond GA....what will be the next major project?
<Sector Well, you can always add to the vanilla
<BobStJohn I'm not a product guy .. but IBM feels good about the work Kim is doing to enable a new front end for the CID installer and that will be a lot easier for folks.
<David I think most of you have read on Kim's progress with the bootable CD in the eGroups list. It is of course one huge step forward in the ease of installation when he/we get everything working.
<BobStJohn Once the GA comes out we get a little more agressive about marketing above and beyond the OS/2 advocates who have been so helpful up to this point.
<DSOM_eCS Hmmmm....front end for CID installer.....interesting.
<BobStJohn We continue to work on the UI
<BobStJohn Hopefully we can get started on improving MM so we have a more Inet capable 'experience'.
<BobStJohn DVD player is still on the radar.
<BobStJohn One thing I'm interested in is Kim's new CD runnable eCS
<David The CID installer is a very power full means of scripting the installation process.
<BobStJohn Runnable CDs could be a powerful way to handle line of business workstations .. customer service, reservations, and so forth. You could create custom runnable CDs for users and customers.
<DSOM_eCS Yes...would make good Kiosk applications.
<BobStJohn You could support Inet appliances .. even mail out monthly updates to subscribers
<BobStJohn Seems to be very quiet on the ... cyber front
<BobStJohn I get antsy
<Sector Single step upgrade, simply replace the CDROM
<David And fool proof :-)
<BobStJohn Nothing is fool proof. You have no idea how clever a fool can be.
<BobStJohn They think of things that a non-fool ... well, you get the idea.
<DSOM_eCS It would be interesting to see a blurring of lines between RIPL and CID. The end goal for both is to deploy applications but quite often the methods used are world's apart.
<BobStJohn DSOM_eCS See.... there you go. A comment ... a heckuva comment. I have no clue wrt it's import .. but I love the basic dichotomy
<Joachim Hye all
<BobStJohn Hi, Cowboy
<Sector Welcome Joachin
<Joachim Sorry i'm late
<David I think in WiseManager is already stepping in and making use of both RIPL and CID techniques.
<DSOM_eCS Hello Joachin.
<BobStJohn It's OK .. the critical mass was not attained.
<Joachim Someone told me it would be at 8 PM
<BobStJohn Well, you are late even for 8PM
<BobStJohn David talked about the UI project ... and you don't know what he said
<BobStJohn Care to add anything?
<Joachim nope
<Joachim What should i add?
<Joachim Things are looking very well, imho.
<BobStJohn Well .. I hope so .. cuz, you da man!
<BobStJohn You are in charge
<Joachim that's why i say i think it's looking good of course, duh ;-)
<os2r re
<BobStJohn OH .oh .. that sounds like a Euro
<Joachim I got one comment today from a *new* eCS user who stated:
<os2r may i ask a question about install with a cd changer?
<Joachim eComStation is sooo cool, it is the coolest i've seen, better than BeOS, Linux, Win9x !
<Joachim I like those comments ;-)
<BobStJohn os2r Sure ... as long as you can accept I don't know as an answer ... fire away
<BobStJohn Find the new guy and begin a cloning program, asap
<BobStJohn os2r the floor is yours
<Joachim he's pretty silent.
<os2r i've installed ecom station on my all scsi machine with no problem.....i've removed it to start installing warp on other office machines....this one i'm trying is ide with a panasonic 5 cd changer.....ecom starts the install ok but when it does the first reboot, it can't find the cd in the changer then installs basic warp....i can't get the networking to install nor the java
<DSOM_eCS David - Well, I think that some CID methods are performed during WiseManager installation and configuration. But this is like the local re-directed sort of techniques. I don't know if CID (and all else like response files etc.) are used in the case of non-hd RIPL clients with WiseManager although no one is preventing you from say running like NetView DM/2 as well.
<Joachim os2r - how comes it starts installing 'basic' warp?
<Joachim It cannot find the CD right?
<os2r because it says it can't find the cd so it will install basic warp......then it does, fine
<os2r after the 1st reboot, it cannot find the cd, correct
<Joachim so, why does it install basic warp? Where does it get the files?
<os2r the changer goes through all the 5 slots and even though the cd is in slot 1 it says it can't find it
<os2r before the first reboot, it finds the cd fine
<Joachim Weird
<Joachim David?
<David Do you use Daniela's driver on first boot?
<os2r i have another cd drive but the cd changer is a much older model and i can't connect another cd drive
<os2r it won't let me chose d
<David You are booting from diskette?
<os2r yes
<Joachim You should be able to insert the CD in any drive you have available, iirc
<David Did you need any special driver for your CD changer?
<os2r no, seemed to find it fine....
<os2r btw, when i had ecom on this machine, mine, i liked it, especially desktop on call. :-) can't wait for the ga
<Joachim it must have to do with a changed IDE / ATAPI setting.
<Joachim GA will be neat
<BobStJohn os2r
<os2r it seems to be a scsi cd changer connected to a card...let me check
<os2r yes
<BobStJohn os2r maybe you should post this on news.ecomstation.nl or egroups where we might get Dani to look at it.
<Joachim Okay, SCSI... That is different, there have been lot of things going on wrt SCSI.
<David I know of rare instance that the CDROM drivers are not in the config.sys, you could check for their presence...
<os2r i haven't been able to get to ecomstation.nl...as of this morning it was not available
<BobStJohn os2r Yeah .. I noticed that, too.
<os2r David: when i installed winNT on that same machine, it found an adaptec scsi controller so that is also on the basic setup for ecom station, isn't it?
<BobStJohn Saves a lot of my time .. not having to read all the fan mail .. well a lot of it is fan mail, you know
<David Yes, adaptec is supported in the basic setup. Is your harddisk also SCSI?
<os2r no, it isn't scsi, just checked......
<DSOM_eCS Dani knows her stuff.
<os2r it's the harddrive that's connected to the scsi card
<Joachim Okay, i'll elaborate a bit on the newsserver issue.
<os2r let me try again to use the dani drivers.....thanks folks.........good work Bob.....keep it up........
<Joachim news.ecomstation.nl has been moved over from Notes to Changi and is running better since,
<Joachim so we decided to add more newsgroups to split out the threads accordingly
<Joachim All was pretty well, until a major powerfailure hit yesterday and (all) servers went down.
<DSOM_eCS There are a few bugs in Dani 137...so get the upgrade.
<os2r where's the upgrade?
<Joachim Changi wasn't coming up rightaway, and i started it this morning but had to clean up / expire the news.
<David You can find it on: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu
<os2r i purchased the preview ecom which will give me the ga.....what about the purchase of support? is there any support included in the basic price or is it time to make that commitment as well?
<David Search for Danis506 and daniatapi
<Joachim This has caused all messages older than 7 days to be wiped out. Luckily i received an offer from Dan Casey to restore all messages he has mirrored.
<Joachim So probably old threads can return, we'll look into that early next week. At the sametime we will be investigating the setup of a mirror newsserver so trouble like this will have less impact.
<Joachim Thanks to everyone for their patience and help with the newsserver, so far.
<Joachim (BTW all our servers are running on Warp Server for eBusiness on SMP hardware)
<os2r ok...just got dani stuff. i'll copy that over to the diskettes.....which diskette is it?
<Joachim disk 1
<David On disk 1. And you need to add set copyfromfloppy=1 to the config.sys
<Joachim (disk 2 if you count in a human fashin)
<David Also I would suggest to rename danis506.add in ibm1s506.add so it is used after reboot...
<BobStJohn So ...we doing support on VOICE's irc server during .. well ... I guess it's OK. Nothing else was going on. Its
<BobStJohn it's a little like watching surgery being performed
<David Only less blood :-)
<Joachim you are right Bob.
<Joachim We should be discussing more generic and interesting stuff.
<Skip I know Kim is very busy, but I wondered if he was going to check in here today.
<Joachim i guess not, skip
<Skip Understood.
<Joachim it is very silent... are there any questions wrt eComStation, GA, included apps, suggestions? Whatever?
<BobStJohn I guess not ...
<BobStJohn Well, who is in charge, here?
<Skip Is there any news about content of developer tools?
<DSOM_eCS I don't know.....is this group mostly Europe today?
<Joachim i am
<Joachim ;-)
<Joachim david is...
<Skip Iowa,USA here.
<Chrissy where in Iowa Skip???
<BobStJohn Well, the OS/2 Developer Kit is in there. I was having conversations with MicroEdge about some deal on the OS/2 version of Visual Slick Edit.
<BobStJohn But .. the programmer kit or eCS programmer Workbench ..or whatever, moved to the back burner.
<Joachim Ah. Speaking of deals, we arranged a discount on BackAgain/2000 server which works with JFS/LVM.
<Skip Burlington, Chrissy.
<Chrissy I see :) I was in Cedar Falls
<BobStJohn And Chris Graham has expressed interest in updating his work to support large disks and get into the act.
<DSOM_eCS Joachim - Not that's cool. Discount only as part of an eCS sale or all WiseXXX products?
<DSOM_eCS Joachim - Now that's cool. Discount only as part of an eCS sale or all WiseXXX products?
<BobStJohn btw .. joachim .. I have a feeling no one has been talking ot Richard Clements .. the German we had lunch with in October. I need to go stoke that a bit, I think.
<Joachim Hm. Inititally on eComStation, but i'm sure they're open for other suggestions.
<Joachim yup. I guess we should, nice fellow, BTW.
<os2r David: are you saying rename danis506.add and name is ibm1s506.add?
<Joachim he is
<os2r thanks
<os2r and how about the atapi?
<Joachim that way you'll make sure OS/2 copies (and uses) the right driver
<Skip An update to C. Graham's disk tools would be great!! (Weather here - freezing rain now as we chat, Blizzard scheduled for tommorow - No Joke)
<David Keep the name for danisatap.flt
<Joachim you won't need atapi on install, iirc
<BobStJohn Well, between now and the end of the month I'll be pushing for application information. Solution Technologies, the scanner folks, are interested in getting some of their apps visible on eCS
<DSOM_eCS Sounds like the reunion of some old players/developers.
<BobStJohn Those that are still around. Maybe we should make this a focus for Warpstock .. see if we can't build up the exhibit area ... get it to what it was three years ago ..
<DSOM_eCS Impos?
<Skip Bob - Have sales of ECS been what you anticipated, or would you rather not say?
<BobStJohn For a suggestion .. which flies in the face of Warpstock .. maybe we should try and get OS/2 skilled consultants to come and talk about supporting small businesses.
<BobStJohn Impos/2 .. applause .. I don't remember
<MADodel BobStJohn: You mean corporations with less then 50,000 seats?
<David Applause uses the engine of STi, but it is not a STi product itself...
<Joachim BTW for the BackAgain/2000 offer check http://shop.mensys.nl/catalogue/mns_BACK2000.html - the article is listed below as 303879
<BobStJohn MADodel I mean more than 5 seats
<DSOM_eCS I have an old Impos/2 here...looks like compart.
<BobStJohn Maybe less than seats, too. ;-)
<MADodel Compart has just released an update to Impos/2 drivers, but I hear the web site is German only
<BobStJohn Leon Z (www.stiscan.com) has been talking to me .. but I'm not sure what I should be asking for
<os2r thanks Joachim.....i'm going to see if it installs now......
<MADodel USB scanner support
<MADodel SCSI scaneers are becoming diffcult to find
<Joachim well. We have them (of course ;-) http://shop.mensys.nl/cgi-bin/db2www/mnl_art2.d2w/report?catname=SM636
<David Consumer SCSI scanners are indeed getting extinct :-(. But high end (50ppm) is SCSI only... But USB scanner support is a must to keep us up with the rest of the field...
<MADodel There is no USB scanner supported under OS/2. That is a big problem.
<Joachim I think USB support may come... eventually.
<David The people who ported SANE are looking into it.
<MADodel Especially if you plan to eventually attract windoze users
<David They just need someone to write the USB driver. SANE itself already supports many of the USB scanners...
<MADodel Any word from IBM on better base USB support? That is more then just Intel support
<DSOM_eCS The other side of the coin is finding image editing software with features equivalent to the Win and Mac platforms. I don't work with that type of software but I imagine that some folks do.
<Joachim You have Impos/2, it's pretty powerfull!
<Joachim (More than you would say at first sight)
<DSOM_eCS I have not used Impos/2 in over 4 years....I hope they kept adding features.
<Joachim well. You should give it a second try, it's very nice. Totally REXX prorammable too.
<Skip Gotta go chip ice off the car. Goodbye for now.
<DSOM_eCS Later Skip.
<Joachim good luck
<David Bye Skip
<BobStJohn I'm here ... I'm here! But ... is there any reason for me to be here?
<Joachim how come i see about 20 people in the list, but it's so quiet?
<Joachim (Ah same Q)
<BobStJohn Bathroom break?
<BobStJohn Anyone want to guess what I'm wearing .. or not wearing?
<DSOM_eCS Maybe I should dust off and power up the old SCSI flatbed scanner.
<Joachim you're in Texas right?
<BobStJohn ... yes, Cowboy
<Joachim ... well... guess a big HAT then ;-)
<BobStJohn LOL
<Joachim (we could start on Bush) - NO let's not do *that!*
<BobStJohn Well, Joachim .. you have to get to bed early. You have a lot of work to do.
<os2r Joachim: now it can't get to the cd at all...at the second diskette the machine stops with the message it can't control the harddrive.....did it once with the normal install and once with the disable hardware detection....both had same result....cannot use the "D" option
<BobStJohn You need to work on the application packaging .. and the UI. Not that you have to do it.
<Joachim as a matter of fact i do, i have a fair tomorrow, like Kim.
<BobStJohn Well, show them the new UI ..
<BobStJohn like Kim
<Joachim showing of eCS again ;-)
<Joachim I will.
<BobStJohn Make sure Kim knows what to do .. goodness knows he can't count on me.
<BobStJohn Well ... I'm outtahere.
<Joachim okay, anyone have an urgent question for Bob????
<BobStJohn love, kisses and lollipops .. you know how to reach me
<Joachim Don't let him slip away ;-)
<DSOM_eCS BobStJohn - Thanks again....see you later.
<Joachim oops... too late guus.
<DSOM_eCS Hmmm.
<MADodel os2r: Is that a mixed SCSI IDE machine?
<Joachim guys
<Joachim damn, my OpenChat will expire soon.
<David os2r: can you send an e-mail to the support groups on the news server and include your config.sys from disk 1?
<Joachim Forgot to register...
<MADodel hehehehe, doesn't Mensys sell OC/2?
<David Guess we do...
<DSOM_eCS Can one still register OC/2?
<Joachim I do have it, just not on my thinkpad.
<os2r MADodel: yes it seems to be
<os2r David: as soon as I can get to the newsserver I will. thanks
<DSOM_eCS Maybe a better question would be - Are updates still being produced?
<Joachim to OpenChat: No.
<Joachim It's terrific, but lacks support currently :-(
<MADodel os2r: Then try changing the postion/sequence of your IDE and SCSI drivers
<os2r MADodel: wow...how do i do that?
<MADodel That sums up most OS/2 apps
<Joachim haha
<Joachim sure
<MADodel os2r: In CONFIG.SYS
<MADodel Just move which ever is first to be after the other
<Joachim Perhaps it'll change a bit after renewed interest in those still useable and advanced apps...
<os2r MADodel: i forgot to put daniatapi in the config.sys....could that have done it?
<Sector Gotta get going, so long
<DSOM_eCS Folks - How would one print a spreadsheet with StarOffice 5.1 without grid lines?
<MADodel Is THEIBM ATAPI driver there?
<os2r MADodel: not now...i changed it to daniatap.flt since I moved that driver there
<os2r then i changed the driver in the config.sys to match it
<MADodel os2r: I have no idea, I never do much with IDE anymore
<os2r let me give it another shot
<Joachim Guys, as much as we like to support everyone... this is not the primary place for it.
<Joachim Are there any questions directed to Serenity, Mensys?
<os2r got it started but it's still playing around with that lousy cd changer and not finding the cd.
<os2r Joachim: could you explain the support program? i've purchased ecom but I presume that only includes the ga......the extra for support includes the updates for 2 years, correct?
<Joachim Ah!
<Joachim Good question actually!
<Joachim Fortunately we've arranged that all 'crucial system-fixes' will be provided to registered eComStation users for free (i.e. you can download them)
<Joachim In earlier statements, it would require you to purchase upgrade protection, even for those fixes.
<Joachim That is no longer required!
<Joachim You can now wait with the purchase of eComStation Upgrade Protection until there is an offering there which you think is worth your money.
<os2r Joachim: will they then be priced individually or for a time period?
<Joachim Specifically this will mean the applications/stuff IBM will release as *extra* (we've had TCPIP4.3 as an example)
<Joachim Nope. The pricing is the same.
<Joachim You purchase the UP for a period of one or two years.
<os2r thanks for clarifying that......and i don't have to decide that until the announcement of what's coming is made?
<Joachim But the period starts when you actually do the purchase. Actually we recommend everyone to hold off on the Upgrade Protection for now, until there will be considerably features added.
<Joachim No. You can start the UP subscription any time. You will have an overview of the contents, so you can decide when you see it fit to do the purchase.
<Joachim This is DIFFERENT from earlier announcements, btw.
<os2r yes, i see that
<Joachim okay. Everyone clear on this? It's rather important...
<Joachim btw, the support options you can buy at Indelible-Blue are different, because they offer telephone support on installation.
<Joachim Mensys currently has no such system in place.
<Joachim We'll try to do the best we can at the newsgroups
<MADodel Is it possible that Mensys may offer Installation support in the future?
<Joachim Well... we hope to be able to provide some of that, we actually do if you call us, but it is not as well arranged s Indelible Blue.
<Joachim Serenity is plnning on some sort of certifiction program, which may result in 'certified' support professionals (this is way far in the future of course ;-)
<MADodel understood
<MADodel Any word on the News Server?
<DSOM_eCS Ok....figured out the grid line issue.
<MADodel I believe Dan was talking with Kim about VOICE mirroring the eCS News groups
<David If you don't need me at the moment I will leave...