02-18-98 20:04:07 <Q-Z> I'd like to welcome Tim Sipples of IBM Networking, our guest speaker.
02-18-98 20:04:31 <Q-Z> He will be taking questions for the next 90 minutes on Networking under OS/2
02-18-98 20:04:49 <Q-Z> !ask q
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02-18-98 20:05:21 <Q-Z> Tim do you have anything to say?
02-18-98 20:05:37 <TimurTabi> me?
02-18-98 20:05:38 <TimurTabi> ok
02-18-98 20:05:38 <TimurTabi> Tim, I'm a little confused about IBM's NC strategy and OS/2. IBM says that OS/2 is the premier NC platform. Yet, I heard that the server for Lotus' eSuite will not run on OS/2. Is this correct, and if so, how can IBM claim OS/2 is for NC's when their primary NC app won't run on it?
02-18-98 20:05:42 <MADodel> no Tim
02-18-98 20:05:50 <WarpFAQ> Just a brief "hello" to all and thanks. I appreciate being invited back to try to answer more questions. Here we go...
02-18-98 20:06:56 <WarpFAQ> Timur: Funny, I run eSuite on Warp Server and OS/2 Warp 4 today. Actually, Timur, as far as I know the only issue is when they'll test it. This first release is only for network computers. The 2Q release will be tested for various PC platforms,
02-18-98 20:07:27 <TimurTabi> information on eSuite is hard to find on Lotus' web site
02-18-98 20:07:28 <WarpFAQ> Timur: including OS/2 Warp. Believe me, it works, I run it. In fact, a lot of OS/2 Warp savvy programmers are on loan to the eSuite team.
02-18-98 20:07:48 <TimurTabi> so when I heard the rumor, I tried to find out for myself
02-18-98 20:08:07 <TimurTabi> so there is a server and a client portion?
02-18-98 20:08:07 <WarpFAQ> Timur: It is. It's still creeping out of beta, and the programmers aren't exactly writing a lot of documentation like they should. I finally got to pry the OS/2 installation instructions out of them. But they exist and will be published, probably
02-18-98 20:08:11 <WarpFAQ> second quarter.
02-18-98 20:08:41 <WarpFAQ> Timur: As far as I know, yes. I'm serving up from Warp Server to a Warp client, so I guess that means both server and client, right? :-)
02-18-98 20:08:58 <TimurTabi> ok, thanks
02-18-98 20:09:35 <WarpFAQ> Timur: No problem. And congratulations on your Win32-OS/2 project!
02-18-98 20:10:17 <os2hq> Okay, Tim, and welcome!
02-18-98 20:10:47 <WarpFAQ> There's a big company in St. Louis that's running eSuite on OS/2 Warp, by the way. Lotus has assisted.
02-18-98 20:11:10 <WarpFAQ> Lotus is also certifying it for WorkSpace On-Demand.
02-18-98 20:11:22 <os2hq> I'm going to set up a "test pc" to do product reviews on OS/2 apps. I want to network this PC to another OS/2 PC. I have Warp4 client, and Warp3 client. Is that all I need?
02-18-98 20:11:53 <WarpFAQ> OS2HQ: Yes, provided the Warp 3 system has Warp Connect.
02-18-98 20:12:01 <truguy> Tim, I would like to ask what kind of improvments will be done on warp server, as far as DHCP setup and DDNS...
02-18-98 20:12:05 <WarpFAQ> OS2HQ: On Warp 4 you'd install the "IBM File/Print Client (Peer)"
02-18-98 20:12:14 <WarpFAQ> OS2HQ: On Warp Connect you'd install "IBM Peer."
02-18-98 20:12:40 <os2hq> Okay, so I really need Warp3 connect. And obviously 2 Warp4 Clients can do it. Good.
02-18-98 20:12:41 <WarpFAQ> OS2HQ: Cable them together with ethernet, Token-Ring, or some other type of network connection and you should be all set.
02-18-98 20:13:13 <WarpFAQ> Truguy: Did you have anything specific in mind? We just released a whole bunch of enhancements in TCP/IP Version 4.1. Are you familiar with these?
02-18-98 20:13:54 <WarpFAQ> OS2HQ: Yes indeed. Warp 3 (without "Connect") won't do it by itself; it'll need some networking software.
02-18-98 20:14:23 <os2hq> Will there be a "Patch" or "FP" to take Warp3 regular up to Connect level?
02-18-98 20:14:51 <WarpFAQ> Truguy: Funny you should ask, though, since I'm going to be helping to write a new IBM "Redbook" on Dynamic IP. It should be out mid year.
02-18-98 20:15:06 <truguy> Tim, well, the main problem I have had is understanding some of the setup, it's a bit complex at the outset.
02-18-98 20:15:29 <WarpFAQ> OS2HQ: No, but when that version was current we offered an upgrade price. (Now I'd simply recommend getting the Warp 4 upgrade, since it's a better deal all around.)
02-18-98 20:15:30 <Q-Z> DHCP is all the rage now with cable modems. :-)
02-18-98 20:15:56 <os2hq> Okay, good. Better off with two Warp4 clients anyway.
02-18-98 20:16:00 <MADodel> !ask q
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02-18-98 20:16:11 <WarpFAQ> Truguy: It can be. TCP/IP 4.1 helps to simplify it a lot, and the online documentation has improved dramatically. But that's also why we're working on a redbook for you.
02-18-98 20:16:47 <WarpFAQ> Q-Z: Excellent point. However, you don't need Warp Server for DHCP (client). Warp 4 can do that just fine.
02-18-98 20:17:04 <WarpFAQ> Q-Z: And that's usually a no-brainer to set up.
02-18-98 20:17:17 <truguy> Tim, that would be a great help, I'll have to download that ASAP, thanks for your time...
02-18-98 20:17:30 <WarpFAQ> Q-Z: (I use DHCP on my Warp 4 ThinkPad. No problems.)
02-18-98 20:17:52 <I-P> macgyver, you may ask your question now
02-18-98 20:17:59 <WarpFAQ> Truguy: Good luck! And keep watching for our new redbook (due around mid year)!
02-18-98 20:18:07 <WarpFAQ> Truguy: www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks
02-18-98 20:18:51 * mandie is sure there will notification of the new Redbook in c.o.o.announce :)
02-18-98 20:19:07 <WarpFAQ> Mandie is right! :-)
02-18-98 20:19:14 <macgyver> Ok, tim... I'm a Admin on a Warp server domain, There are many other admins on the Domain.
02-18-98 20:19:44 <WarpFAQ> Mandie is doubly right if I get royalties! :-) (Not likely...)
02-18-98 20:19:54 <mandie> hehe
02-18-98 20:20:03 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: OK.
02-18-98 20:20:04 <macgyver> I want to Set up a V4.0 Peer workstation with 'share level' ACL.. when I put security=share in the IBMLAN.ini File Peer nor req will start?
02-18-98 20:20:42 <macgyver> Is this posible?
02-18-98 20:21:31 <macgyver> ( The point is to keep the other Admin's out ;)
02-18-98 20:21:40 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: Stand by... I'll see if I can find out in 5 or 10 seconds...
02-18-98 20:21:56 <macgyver> OK.
02-18-98 20:22:04 <MADodel> dum de dum de dum
02-18-98 20:22:11 <MADodel> :-)
02-18-98 20:22:18 <WarpFAQ> OK...
02-18-98 20:22:18 * mandie want his database! :)
02-18-98 20:22:18 <WarpFAQ> At first I thought you wanted them to get in, but I see your point.
02-18-98 20:23:25 <WarpFAQ> Well, here's a guess... How about giving the peer another domain name? Then simply set yourself up as admin in that peer's User Profile Management.
02-18-98 20:23:25 <mandie> !ask mod
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02-18-98 20:23:39 <mandie> !ask Q
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02-18-98 20:24:29 <macgyver> Thats a Possiblity.. But will that will make me login-out of different domains all day..
02-18-98 20:24:52 <macgyver> and also the others that want to access files on my PC..
02-18-98 20:25:03 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: Not quite. You can set up a cross-domain alias on the server.
02-18-98 20:25:17 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: I still think that'll shut out other admins.
02-18-98 20:25:32 <macgyver> is that 'otherdomain' param in IBMLAN.INI?
02-18-98 20:25:40 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: Possibly listing the original domain name in the "othdomains" line in IBMLAN.INI will also foster interoperability across domains.
02-18-98 20:26:16 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: Well, that too. But cross-domain aliases can be set up on Warp Server. You just have to hand-type the domain name of the peer when you create a resource object.
02-18-98 20:26:39 <macgyver> Ok, Thanks... I see what I can do with that Fix ;) Thanks for Answering our Questions.
02-18-98 20:26:57 <Q-Z> OK TheSeet you are next
02-18-98 20:27:05 <Q-Z> TheSeer even
02-18-98 20:27:09 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: If you wanted to do the reverse (have the peer authenticate against the domain controller all the time) that's called forwarded authentication, and it's something also supported. (That's what I thought you were originally driving at.)
02-18-98 20:27:09 <TheSeer> :)
02-18-98 20:27:24 <TheSeer> ok.. 3 questions ;)
02-18-98 20:27:25 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: That's called a "give it a shot" answer. :-) Hope it's a good guess!
02-18-98 20:27:49 <TheSeer> 1. Is there a ppp-server (by ibm ?) avail ? i need to have some guys login from outside to the intra/internet..
02-18-98 20:27:54 <macgyver> OK, Thanks.
02-18-98 20:27:56 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: One more thing... Check out the latest fixpack for the IBM Warp 4 Peer. http://ps.software.ibm.com.
02-18-98 20:28:38 <macgyver> OK. was it put back out.. last time I knew it was pulled.
02-18-98 20:29:09 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Yes sir! It's called "Remote Access Server" and it's available on our Software Choice homepage (http://www.software.ibm.com/swchoice). It runs on Warp Server, Warp Server Advanced, or Warp Server SMP. It's an extra cost option, though,
02-18-98 20:29:19 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: available by getting a Software Choice subscription.
02-18-98 20:29:29 <TheSeer> grmpf.. ok..
02-18-98 20:29:30 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver: I think it's back.
02-18-98 20:29:56 <TheSeer> 2. I need a FIREWALL (can't be i have to install linux for that..) !
02-18-98 20:29:56 <Q-Z> What about pops? The EWS pop server
02-18-98 20:30:00 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Really nice piece of software with a lot of sophisticated security features.
02-18-98 20:31:05 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Yes, the one I know of on the market for OS/2 Warp (any release starting with Warp Connect) is called "Guardian." I've misplaced the vendor, but it should be findable at one of the search sites (like www.yahoo.com).
02-18-98 20:31:27 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: There are other free and low cost ones, too. But if you're looking for a commercial firewall product, Guardian should fit the bill.
02-18-98 20:31:51 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: If you're just looking for a web proxy gateway, then Lotus Go web server will do that (as will many other web servers for OS/2 Warp).
02-18-98 20:32:04 <TheSeer> well.. just did a lot of searching ... on guardian site it's "FIREWALL FOR NT" only for me.. and i only found an old SOCKS...
02-18-98 20:32:21 <WarpFAQ> Q-Z: Yes, there's an "IBM Employee Written Software" POP mail server. Lotus Domino is also a POP mail server. And there are others.
02-18-98 20:32:22 <TheSeer> nono.. proxy is allready there.. just need to protect the internal network ;)
02-18-98 20:32:35 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: I believe they've also got an OS/2 Warp version.
02-18-98 20:32:45 <mandie> LanOptics=Guardian
02-18-98 20:33:02 <TheSeer> well.. i'll search again ;)
02-18-98 20:33:16 <TheSeer> but i did that many hours ;)
02-18-98 20:33:17 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Truthfully most people do not trust anything other UNIX as a firewall. (Network people go a little looney with a PC guarding the network. :-))
02-18-98 20:33:36 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: We've got one called IBM Firewall for AIX, for example.
02-18-98 20:33:47 <TheSeer> hehe.. since pc normally is windows i won't trust it either ,)
02-18-98 20:34:09 <WarpFAQ> Someone just reported to me that the Guardian people have a demo CD of their Warp firewall. (Thanks, whoever that was... :-))
02-18-98 20:34:09 <Q-Z> TheSeer: are you done now?
02-18-98 20:34:16 <TheSeer> Q-Z: one last :)
02-18-98 20:34:41 <Q-Z> !ask q
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02-18-98 20:35:31 <Q-Z> TheSeer: then ask, we have others waiting
02-18-98 20:35:38 <TheSeer> Last question: we're trying to get netscape/2 as a network-app... but it does *NOT* show up in the folder.. even though it works by direct start .. question: how do we setup a SHARED bookmark ?
02-18-98 20:35:48 <TheSeer> Q-Z: sorry.. i'm finished now ;)
02-18-98 20:35:59 <Q-Z> np :-)
02-18-98 20:36:06 <I-P> Mr-Data has a question on a Novell client for OS/2?
02-18-98 20:36:19 <Mr-Data> First, I'd like to say thanks for answering our questions. :) Can we expect a new Novell client for /2? and if so, when? I'm asking because I have had problems with the last client and NDS, such as I can't connect to any NDS printers.
02-18-98 20:37:36 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: I'll investigate that... Stay tuned for about 30 seconds...
02-18-98 20:37:39 <Mr-Data> What I'd really like to see is something that allows login to the tree and browsing of the tree like win95 allows... (yuck)
02-18-98 20:38:05 <WarpFAQ> Mr-Data: Are you using 2.12 (with latest patches) of the client now?
02-18-98 20:38:17 <Mr-Data> yes
02-18-98 20:38:36 <Mr-Data> I can see the printers, but when I setup an object it fails to actually print anything
02-18-98 20:39:12 <WarpFAQ> Could be a printer queue problem then (in IBM's code). What fixpack are you running, and what release of OS/2 Warp?
02-18-98 20:39:28 <Mr-Data> Warp 4 with FP 5
02-18-98 20:39:46 <Mr-Data> obviously, this is a problem, but what I'd really like is the ability to browse the tree, that is something this version of the client does not allow
02-18-98 20:40:00 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: I think if you put a BOOKMARK.HTM file (probably read only) in a directory, and then set that as the working directory, Netscape should find it. (Or perhaps put it on the PATH.)
02-18-98 20:40:31 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: The other crude but effective way to do it is to have a batch file that copies the master bookmark file over to a user's home directory. :-)
02-18-98 20:41:18 <WarpFAQ> Mr-Data: Well, the printing problem sounds like just your run of the mill bug, so I'd get that reported in (probably starting with Novell). They're pretty good about fixes.
02-18-98 20:41:23 <DaBull> hunter
02-18-98 20:41:42 <WarpFAQ> Mr-Data: They do have NDS support virtualized into Win-OS/2, so you can use any Windows 3.1-type stuff to roam around the trees there if you like.
02-18-98 20:41:52 <WarpFAQ> Mr-Data: Do you think that might work?
02-18-98 20:42:00 <Mr-Data> maybe, but any chance of it natively tho?
02-18-98 20:42:21 <Mr-Data> I don't have winos2 installed in one of the systems
02-18-98 20:43:12 <WarpFAQ> Mr-Data: There is a native Netware 4.x graphical admin tool for OS/2 Warp. The filename is usually something like OS2NDx.ZIP or .EXE, where x is 6 (I think?).
02-18-98 20:43:26 <Mr-Data> ok, I'll look for it... thanks
02-18-98 20:43:45 <WarpFAQ> Mr-Data: If it's not on Novell's site it might be at "hobbes" (ftp-os2.nmsu.edu)
02-18-98 20:43:50 <WarpFAQ> Mr-Data: That *might* fit the bill.
02-18-98 20:43:55 <Mr-Data> ok :)
02-18-98 20:44:19 <I-P> thank you for your question Mr-Data
02-18-98 20:44:30 <ledoDAM> !ask q
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02-18-98 20:44:33 <TimurTabi> ok, 4 questions :-)
02-18-98 20:44:45 <TimurTabi> #1: what's the deal with all these TCP/IP 4.0 updates? It seems there's a new one every week. Perhaps this is more of a gripe than a question, but why can't they get it right? I've tried a few of the updates, and they've always hosed my TCP/IP apps, so I'm afraid to try new ones.
02-18-98 20:45:53 <WarpFAQ> Timur: Well, this is a byproduct of the fact that TCP/IP is a real hard core "focus area" in the OS/2 Warp family. So's Java. So the updates will come fast and furious.
02-18-98 20:46:14 <WarpFAQ> Timur: Ditto 4.1, by the way. There are already a half dozen or so updates (two within a week of each other).
02-18-98 20:46:17 <TimurTabi> yep, but each ones seems to break more apps than fixing them.
02-18-98 20:47:00 <TimurTabi> anyway,
02-18-98 20:47:02 <WarpFAQ> Timur: Could be. My advice would be probably what you're doing already... there's (usually) no need to stay bleeding edge on these releases, but they're there if you really feel you need them.
02-18-98 20:47:11 <TimurTabi> #2: What is the smallest size network that IBM expects for WSOD? I'd like to set it up in my house (with terminals in every room), but it costs way too much. In addition, I think you already need to have Warp Server to use the WSOD, making it even more expensive. Is this true?
02-18-98 20:47:34 <WarpFAQ> Timur: They're not being generated in a vacuum, though. It's all because of bug reports that come in from various people having very, very specific problems.
02-18-98 20:48:48 <WarpFAQ> Timur: The smallest WorkSpace On-Demand network would be one client and one server. Software-wise you'd need a copy of Warp Server (Advanced/SMP not required), WorkSpace On-Demand Manager, and WorkSpace On-Demand client (discounted
02-18-98 20:49:04 <WarpFAQ> Timur: if you have a copy of Warp 4). That's several hundred dollars, admittedly.
02-18-98 20:49:24 <WarpFAQ> Timur: One thing I've been asking for is to at least merge the Warp Server and WorkSpace Manager prices somehow. (Those are the big price items.)
02-18-98 20:49:31 <TimurTabi> no, I mean what is the smallest number of client that IBM thinks is normal for a WSOD installation?
02-18-98 20:49:38 <WarpFAQ> Timur: That's planned, but I don't know how fast that'll happen.
02-18-98 20:49:50 <WarpFAQ> Timur: That would help with smaller offices (which even the largest companies often have).
02-18-98 20:50:08 <WarpFAQ> Timur: I'd put it in the "Requirements Form," definitely, if you haven't done already.
02-18-98 20:50:42 <TimurTabi> well, I would, but it costs way too much. I can get 80% of what I want by installing Warp 4 on each machine, which won't cost me anything.
02-18-98 20:50:53 <WarpFAQ> Timur: Well, I've seen installations of 3 clients in a small office.
02-18-98 20:51:01 <WarpFAQ> Timur: IBM's very happy with that.
02-18-98 20:51:09 <TimurTabi> ok, next question
02-18-98 20:51:16 <TimurTabi> #3: It seems that IBM is not very good about letting people know about updates to OS/2. My only source of information are volunteer efforts like WarpCast, because that's the only place I see news on things like Peer updates or new TCP/IP stacks. Am I missing something, or does IBM really not tell anyone about software updates?
02-18-98 20:51:36 <WarpFAQ> Timur: Right. You've got the skills and know-how (and sophisticated needs) for a full Warp client, so I think that makes sense.
02-18-98 20:52:25 <WarpFAQ> Timur: WarpFM is trying to keep up with that, so I'd get on that subscription list if you aren't already. (The latest issue
02-18-98 20:52:39 <ledoDAM> http://ps.boulder.ibm.com/pbin-usa-ps/getobj.pl?/pdocs-usa/fixnews.html has the news on updates
02-18-98 20:52:51 <WarpFAQ> Timur: talks about Java 1.1.4 updates, the latest Netscape, and even how to get the 128-bit version!)
02-18-98 20:53:05 <WarpFAQ> Timur: ledoDAM has another good page.
02-18-98 20:53:11 <TimurTabi> I don't think WarpFM does a good enough job.
02-18-98 20:53:14 <mandie> yep, received that email tonight
02-18-98 20:53:17 <WarpFAQ> Timur: And I do my part, as well.
02-18-98 20:53:27 <TimurTabi> but these are all volunteer efforts
02-18-98 20:53:35 <TimurTabi> put together by people who watch web and ftp sites
02-18-98 20:53:35 <WarpFAQ> Timur: WarpFM is going to focus on the highlights, basically. (The real important stuff.)
02-18-98 20:53:57 <WarpFAQ> Timur: We also have some subscription plans (Technical Connection, specifically) if you just want us to send everything on CD every quarter.
02-18-98 20:54:05 <TimurTabi> I'm surprised IBM doesn't have a central, focused, and most importantly, COMPLETE update information database.
02-18-98 20:54:11 <TimurTabi> every quarter?!?!!?!?
02-18-98 20:54:14 <TimurTabi> that's way too slow.
02-18-98 20:54:27 <TimurTabi> I expect IBM to tell me EVERY DAY what's been updated
02-18-98 20:54:27 <WarpFAQ> Timur: Well, I get paid to help out. :-)
02-18-98 20:54:44 <ledoDAM> We have to keep moving along, Timur. Lot's of other questions for Tim.
02-18-98 20:54:52 <WarpFAQ> Timur: I think you can get Technical Connection every month, if you like.
02-18-98 20:54:53 <TimurTabi> ok, last one?
02-18-98 20:55:08 <TimurTabi> #4: I heard IBM was supposed to announce some OS/2 enhancements in yesterday's phone session, but it appears they only talked about their upcoming NT-OS/2-AIX suite. Did we miss something?
02-18-98 20:55:30 <WarpFAQ> Timur: But point taken. I would try the page ledoDAM gave to see if that fits the bill.
02-18-98 20:56:21 <WarpFAQ> My guess is this was probably the same as the info that ran in PC Week this past week (which was generally a very nice article).
02-18-98 20:56:50 <ledoDAM> I think we were all expecting FP6
02-18-98 20:58:24 <A-H> As it is getting late, and we have quite a few users to get to, we'll ask that everyone limit themselves to 1 question and 1 followup for Tim.
02-18-98 20:58:55 <A-H> goon, go ahead with your question, now
02-18-98 20:59:01 <ledoDAM> !ask q
02-18-98 20:59:02 <VOICEBot> [q] The channel is moderated. Please direct questions via /msg to moderator based on the 1st letter of your nick. A-H, I-P, Q-Z (MADodel)
02-18-98 20:59:41 <WarpFAQ> ledoDAM: Just checked and FixPack 6 has not yet emerged from testing.
02-18-98 21:00:22 <goon> hello I just wanted to know if 2 pc's are connected through peer to peer can one run a program of the other withhout hinderance?
02-18-98 21:00:48 <ledoDAM> Oh well we keep waiting. Hopefully we get the unified kernel someday. :-)
02-18-98 21:01:08 <WarpFAQ> Goon: Sure. You can share a drive or directory across the network and launch an application directly from the network drive.
02-18-98 21:01:37 <goon> thank you i'll let some else go ahead now
02-18-98 21:01:37 <WarpFAQ> Goon: Sometimes there are setup details involved, but just about any application can be run that way.
02-18-98 21:01:51 <WarpFAQ> ledoDAM: :-)
02-18-98 21:02:13 <I-P> nenad had a question on Warp Server
02-18-98 21:02:25 <Nenad> it's simple one: Will announced new version of WarpServer include JFS and 32-bit IFS's, TCP/IP as default network transfer protocol, LDAP, IP v6, multiuser desktops and JVM in kernel?
02-18-98 21:02:39 <Nenad> :)
02-18-98 21:02:51 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: Easy question, eh? :-)
02-18-98 21:03:03 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: OK, in my best IBM-speak, let me answer it this way...
02-18-98 21:03:39 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: "We are seriously looking at the following... JFS, 32-bit IFSes (JFS needs it),
02-18-98 21:04:11 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: "further TCP/IP enhancements, LDAP (expected on Software Choice before the next major
02-18-98 21:04:39 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: "release, IP v6, more support for WorkSpace-type technologies, and continued state-of-the-art
02-18-98 21:05:27 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: "enhancements to Java, among other things. I cannot give you a specific time or date, but I encourage you to keep us informed as to your needs. The 'Requirements' form on the web is a great place to let us know what you're most interested
02-18-98 21:05:27 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: "in."
02-18-98 21:05:42 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: "Subject to the laws of Afghanistan... (etc. etc.)"
02-18-98 21:05:44 <Nenad> thank you
02-18-98 21:05:47 <I-P> WarpFAQ, on a related topic (32-bit IFSes) macgyver asks "...HPFS386 isn't that a 32-bit IFS?"
02-18-98 21:05:52 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: How's that?
02-18-98 21:06:00 <Rhunter> I'd like to be able to have a win95 client use the internet link that is established from warp server. I have heard of using injoy but was wondering if this can be done directly thru warp server itself, so that the client is able to logon onto the internet when connected to the server. any suggestions??
02-18-98 21:06:21 <Nenad> good enough for me :)
02-18-98 21:07:18 <WarpFAQ> Macgyver is right, but, without boring everyone, there are certain things we're looking at doing to the IFS interface to help improve performance and capacity.
02-18-98 21:08:00 <Q-Z> And without saying specifically what to expect. :-)
02-18-98 21:08:10 <WarpFAQ> Rhunter: Yes, as far as I know InJoy supports "IP masquerading" to non-Warp clients. You'd have to consult their setup instructions (and perhaps the newsgroups for advice), but I believe it can be done.
02-18-98 21:08:30 <Rhunter> anyway to have warp server do it instead??
02-18-98 21:08:33 <mandie> I use injoy for IP masquerading...os2 & win95
02-18-98 21:08:52 <WarpFAQ> Rhunter: You'd run InJoy on Warp 4 or Warp Server (or perhaps even Warp Connect), have it dial out to the Internet (or connect through ISDN, cable modem, etc.), and then share out that single connection to your ethernet, Token-Ring, or whatever.
02-18-98 21:10:11 <WarpFAQ> Q-Z: Bingo! I have to be somewhat vague. I should remind everyone that the people who plan these products have a wish list, just like you do, and they try to tackle as much as they can. Looks like they'll have a good budget, but it's hard to say
02-18-98 21:10:11 <WarpFAQ> Q-Z: that something's definitely coming.
02-18-98 21:10:19 <Rhunter> ok..thanks..was hoping not to need extra software
02-18-98 21:10:44 <WarpFAQ> Rhunter: You can use InJoy on Warp Server, sure. Is that what you meant?
02-18-98 21:11:08 <Q-Z> No he was asking if it could be done without InJoy
02-18-98 21:11:32 <WarpFAQ> Rhunter: Oh, I see. Can you do it with Warp Server by itself. I think the masquerading part is extremely tricky (at best) to set up without InJoy. I'd recommend it just to make life simpler.
02-18-98 21:11:59 <GentleBen> Tim, Nenad asked part of what I wanted to ask, so I am just going to elaborate a little more.
02-18-98 21:12:01 <WarpFAQ> Rhunter: Warp Server's "Remote Access Server" has a bridging capability which is related to this, but for your purposes I think InJoy is preferred.
02-18-98 21:12:33 <GentleBen> I was wondering if you have any info you can divulge on wether there will be a Warp 5 client or is Warp 5 only going to be Warp Server?
02-18-98 21:13:11 <ledoDAM> See above. :-)
02-18-98 21:13:12 <WarpFAQ> Ah, excellent question.
02-18-98 21:13:49 <WarpFAQ> Well, a few folks do use Warp Server SMP as their personal workstations. Obviously this isn't inexpensive, but it's really nice.
02-18-98 21:14:15 <ledoDAM> And without the benefits of Warp 4.0
02-18-98 21:14:15 <ledoDAM> :-(
02-18-98 21:14:22 <WarpFAQ> Warp Server 4 was released prior to Warp 4 (client), so it's in most need of an upgrade next.
02-18-98 21:15:06 <ledoDAM> Any time frame on WS 5.0?
02-18-98 21:15:07 <WarpFAQ> But I can tell you that (if I ran the company) I'd try to provide a single CD with two different prices. The client price would let you use everything on the CD except the high end server stuff (like NetFinity Manager, Dynamic IP server, WorkSpace
02-18-98 21:15:28 <WarpFAQ> Manager, etc.) The server price would let you use everything. Perhaps a software key and a radio button would be the only
02-18-98 21:15:43 <WarpFAQ> separation between these. It would simplify our lives here at IBM, too, to have a single converged product.
02-18-98 21:15:43 * mandie will take stock out in WarpFAQ's co! and a free cd :)
02-18-98 21:15:54 <I-P> :)
02-18-98 21:15:55 <GentleBen> To follow up on that...Will Warp Server 5 be similar to that of Warp 4.0 as in GUI interface?
02-18-98 21:16:18 <GentleBen> And that's all I'll need to know for now. :p
02-18-98 21:16:31 <WarpFAQ> BUT, I don't run the company, so I'm still arguing this. We'll see what happens. But it's pretty darn sure that there will be a Warp Server 5 (or whatever it's called). The question
02-18-98 21:16:52 <WarpFAQ> is whether that important work (to get an upgrade out) can also be the basis for a client release.
02-18-98 21:17:06 <WarpFAQ> Feel free to use the "Requirements" form if you like this idea (or don't like it).
02-18-98 21:18:05 * I-P has used the requirements form a few times to express the need for ongoing client upgrades and marketing :)
02-18-98 21:18:06 <WarpFAQ> Gentle: Probably, although I suspect it'll even go a bit farther (particularly in the Java areas).
02-18-98 21:18:46 <WarpFAQ> I-P: Good for you!
02-18-98 21:19:49 <WarpFAQ> I will tell you that we sell an AWFUL lot of clients, contrary to popular press opinion. (It helped pay my bills, that's for sure.) We're still struggling with what the mix is going to look like between WorkSpace On-Demand, other new products
02-18-98 21:20:00 <WarpFAQ> (some of which have been rumored in the newsgroups), "traditional" "fat" clients, and servers.
02-18-98 21:20:40 <I-P> nenad has another question on TCP/IP 4.1 and DDNS?
02-18-98 21:20:41 <Nenad> ok, here is the hard one :)
02-18-98 21:20:52 <Nenad> I tried to use instructions from one of IBM's WWW servers to install some WarpServer components to Warp 4 machine. It works as expeceted, but when I tried to upgrade box to TCP/IP v4.1, installation program (FI) wouldn't let me install DDNS - it requires WarpServer... Is there any way to install DDNS from TCP/IP v4.1 on a Warp 4 machine?
02-18-98 21:21:05 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: Yikes! I haven't written the book yet. :-)
02-18-98 21:21:26 <Nenad> Also: current IBM's DDNS is, as stated in documentation, based on BIND 4.9.3. Do you recomend it over free EMX-based BIND 4.9.5? I heard that current 4.9.6 build offers some important security related fixes.
02-18-98 21:21:28 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: And you have a Warp Server license?
02-18-98 21:21:39 <Nenad> yes
02-18-98 21:22:10 <Nenad> but I want to replace all Warp3 base OSes with Warp 4, becaouse of fixpaks
02-18-98 21:22:21 <WarpFAQ> Right.
02-18-98 21:22:21 <WarpFAQ> One sec...
02-18-98 21:23:21 <Nenad> it's not so important, but I would like to do it... will make my life easier
02-18-98 21:23:32 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: I'd recommend IBM's. It's good stuff.
02-18-98 21:24:20 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: Still checking... one more sec...
02-18-98 21:25:29 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: I'm striking out on an answer to that. The crude way to do it is obviously to install on Warp Server then put Warp 4 on top of it (without installing TCP/IP). This is tricky, though.
02-18-98 21:25:45 <Nenad> instructions were at http://servicepac.mainz.ibm.de/cd1root/TAINFO/WSONW4/0000FM.HTM, but now are gone...
02-18-98 21:25:55 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: Probably just some version check we do (and we're keeping the workaround pretty well secret :-)).
02-18-98 21:26:36 <Nenad> ok... never mind, thanks for trying!
02-18-98 21:26:37 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: I bet they'd tell you if you had a telephone support deal. I'll see if we can't find out and sneak it in the redbook. :-)
02-18-98 21:26:37 <ledoDAM> NeNAD I was looking for that as well the other day. :-(
02-18-98 21:26:43 <WarpFAQ> Nenad: See, this is why we need a converged product, right? :-)
02-18-98 21:27:05 <ledoDAM> WarpFAQ: you have my vote
02-18-98 21:27:28 <I-P> nnnn, your question is up
02-18-98 21:28:04 <nnnn> Can you direct me to any decent books dealing with TCP/IP and the other internet tools for OS/2?
02-18-98 21:29:27 <WarpFAQ> Sure. I would try looking at some of the IBM Redbooks (www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks). The latest one dealing with TCP/IP on OS/2 Warp extensively is actually a Warp Server redbook. (It's still helpful for Warp 4.)
02-18-98 21:29:55 <WarpFAQ> I also think the "Certification Handbooks" are excellent for OS/2 Warp 4 and another for OS/2 Warp Server.
02-18-98 21:30:14 <WarpFAQ> These are big, thick manuals that are designed for people who have to install and use these products for a living, so they're comprehensive.
02-18-98 21:30:26 <nnnn> My problem is I don't have any conceptual overview of what's going on under the covers when I'm online.
02-18-98 21:30:27 <WarpFAQ> Does that help?
02-18-98 21:31:16 <nnnn> I'll check out the Certification Handbooks. thanks. :)
02-18-98 21:31:28 <WarpFAQ> Well, what do you mean by "conceptual overview"? Do you need something perhaps on TCP/IP (generically) and how it works? If so, I've always been partial to the O'Reilly and Associates books.
02-18-98 21:31:50 <WarpFAQ> Mcgyver just recommended "Inside TCP/IP" as another possibility.
02-18-98 21:32:53 <phs> What about things like a "cache manager" serving all IFS and a "unified handle manager" as in NT. I really wish the kernel would be brought up-to-date.
02-18-98 21:33:10 <nnnn> Yeah, a how it works type of book first.
02-18-98 21:34:03 <WarpFAQ> Yes, that would be nice. It would certainly be performance related, and we're rather interested in that as we're working this year.
02-18-98 21:34:09 <I-P> thanks for your question and patience nnnn
02-18-98 21:34:23 <WarpFAQ> phs: But I didn't say anything specific, did I? :-)
02-18-98 21:34:41 <phs> OK, got it :) Thanks.
02-18-98 21:34:44 <TheSeer> In all annoucemnets (are there any ? ) it says IBM's interest it "the big company"... So why the f*ck is there no plan for a Notes 5 Client (since it's assumed Notes *IS* for big companys..), what need such a long time for that Communicator ? and.. on server side - why is there no eNetwork-Support for OS/2 (even though intelbased servers are assumed to be slower then risc-os-based..)
02-18-98 21:35:18 <ledoDAM> OK we have 1 more question in the queue for tonight. We'd like to thank everyone for attending and asking great questions.
02-18-98 21:35:30 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: I'm not sure what you mean on the second part, but I'll certainly tackle the first.
02-18-98 21:35:52 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Why no Notes 5 client? Well, first of all, there's none planned for UNIX (including AIX, Solaris, or HP-UX) either.
02-18-98 21:36:39 <TheSeer> I asked IBM for the eCommecre-stuff.. NT or AIX.. no OS/2.. :(
02-18-98 21:36:49 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Second, the current level (4.5.3b) will be enhanced and supported indefinitely. So while it won't be feature-for-feature the same as Notes 5, it'll get what's needed to keep up in communicating with a Version 5 server.
02-18-98 21:37:19 <WarpFAQ> Third, if you've been following Lotus at all, Domino is emerging as a web application server. Meaning that if you attack it with a browser, you're no longer a second class citizen.
02-18-98 21:37:38 <WarpFAQ> Not so coincidently, OS/2 Warp and Unix platforms have superior Java capabilities.
02-18-98 21:38:08 <WarpFAQ> Finally, there's a Windows 3.1 client coming out. I haven't found out whether support will be available under Win-OS/2, but it should work fine if you really have to run it.
02-18-98 21:38:26 <mandie> *IF*
02-18-98 21:38:32 <WarpFAQ> (I've used Windows versions of Notes 4.5x under Win-OS/2 with no problems myself.)
02-18-98 21:38:46 <WarpFAQ> There's an official statement on this in WarpFM, but I've just related the gist of it to you.
02-18-98 21:39:09 <ledoDAM> Tim thank you very much for taking the time to answer all these tough questions.
02-18-98 21:39:18 <WarpFAQ> Oh, one more thing... Nothing's cast in stone on this. If Lotus has customers who line up to buy Notes 5 client for OS/2 Warp, they'll do it.
02-18-98 21:39:32 <ledoDAM> Dan Casey VOICE vice president has a quick announcement
02-18-98 21:39:56 <ledoDAM> Tim you are always welcome here
02-18-98 21:40:04 <WarpFAQ> ONE MORE THING: Notes 5 server is very definitely going to be available on both OS/2 and UNIX.
02-18-98 21:40:24 <A-H> First of all, I'd like to thank Tim for returning to #VOICE to take questions.
02-18-98 21:40:47 <A-H> I'm sure we can persuade him to come back, again, and snawer more questions as they arise
02-18-98 21:40:57 <A-H> Answer, even
02-18-98 21:41:19 <A-H> This time around, everyone got to ask at least 1 question
02-18-98 21:41:32 <mandie> -lag :)
02-18-98 21:41:34 <A-H> And we were'nt plagued with lag
02-18-98 21:41:35 <Q-Z> "Give me OS/2 or give me death"..... :)
02-18-98 21:41:51 <WarpFAQ> Thanks again, all. It's always fun.
02-18-98 21:41:58 <A-H> I have a couple of announcements, then we'll turn the channel loose
02-18-98 21:42:07 <Q-Z> Thank YOU!
02-18-98 21:42:08 <I-P> thank you WarpFAQ
02-18-98 21:42:18 <mandie> WarpFaq: thanks again..maybe we can get you back in a few months ?
02-18-98 21:42:18 <A-H> WarpFAQ Thank you....always a pleasure to have you with us
02-18-98 21:42:25 <mandie> always!
02-18-98 21:42:48 <A-H> First on the agenda....The meeting schedule is changing
02-18-98 21:43:10 <A-H> Effective in March, the General meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month
02-18-98 21:43:20 <A-H> 8:00PM EST
02-18-98 21:43:45 <A-H> 2nd, we have a board postion open....Secreatary
02-18-98 21:44:03 <ledoDAM> Secretary even
02-18-98 21:44:03 <I-P> I'd also like to thank the people in my letter range for putting up with me on my first time as a moderator :)
02-18-98 21:44:20 <A-H> UncleGrim has been nominated, and accepted
02-18-98 21:44:34 <A-H> AKA I-P
02-18-98 21:45:05 <A-H> VOICE is all about support for the Individual and SOHO user
02-18-98 21:45:28 <A-H> At this point, we'll open the channel
02-18-98 21:45:41 <CDP> WarpFAQ, Thank you!
02-18-98 21:46:08 <mandie> are there any requests for future Speak-up session guests?
02-18-98 21:46:16 <mandie> topics?
02-18-98 21:46:20 <UncleGrim> Opera?
02-18-98 21:46:35 <macgyver> mandie: Lou ;) but I'd think that he wouldn't like it ;)
02-18-98 21:46:39 <UncleGrim> since Opera for OS/2 is now in development
02-18-98 21:46:39 <Nenad> what about OS/2 Guy from Warpcity? ;))
02-18-98 21:46:42 <mandie> mac: I think you're right :)
02-18-98 21:46:58 <mandie> nenad: ahhh...I'd have to put that up for a vote :)
02-18-98 21:47:06 <Q-Z> night folks!
02-18-98 21:47:14 <mandie> uncle: I could check on that
02-18-98 21:47:23 <Mjoelner> I got a comment on the two sessions with Tim that I followed
02-18-98 21:47:27 <Mr-Data> is there anything that must be done to become an actual voice member?
02-18-98 21:47:30 <mandie> also, there's netlabs that are porting apps to os2
02-18-98 21:47:39 <macgyver> mandie: How about a net-labs rep?
02-18-98 21:47:39 <mandie> !ask voiceurl
02-18-98 21:47:40 <VOICEBot> [voiceurl] http://www.os2voice.org (mandie)
02-18-98 21:47:43 <truguy> the opera thing sounds good
02-18-98 21:48:00 <UncleGrim> Mr-Data, fill out and mail in the membership form at the address above
02-18-98 21:48:01 <Mjoelner> I cant speak for anyone else, but IMHO you moderators should tone down your role a bit
02-18-98 21:48:01 <Nenad> maybeit's better to get those people they have contracted to do OS/2 port?
02-18-98 21:48:02 <MADodel> Mr-Data: there is a membership page on our web site
02-18-98 21:48:05 <GentleBen> Latter all, have a paper to write for class tommorrow.
02-18-98 21:48:06 <mandie> mac: I was thinking of that..I've corresponded with them via email..I just might try to get them for a session
02-18-98 21:48:23 <UncleGrim> bye Ben
02-18-98 21:48:45 <mandie> mjoelner: what do you mean?
02-18-98 21:48:48 <Abraxas> Mjoelner In what way?
02-18-98 21:48:53 <macgyver> mandie: May be a panel if it could be aranged...
02-18-98 21:48:55 <UncleGrim> Mjoelner, how do you mean exactly?
02-18-98 21:48:59 <Mjoelner> I think most ppl are here to ask questions and listen to Tim, not hear moderator remarks
02-18-98 21:49:02 <UncleGrim> oops, sorry, everyone else asked, too
02-18-98 21:49:07 <mandie> mac: good idea
02-18-98 21:49:11 <macgyver> mandie: or timur on win32 project
02-18-98 21:49:55 <mandie> mac: timur will return when he has news..we've already approached him
02-18-98 21:50:00 <Mjoelner> I mean, person A asks something, Tim answers and in between or directly after a moderator fills in his/her opinion in the matter
02-18-98 21:50:24 <mandie> mjoelner: point taken
02-18-98 21:50:31 <Swordedge> sounds like our UG meetings
02-18-98 21:50:36 <macgyver> mandie: OK ;) he's got a project that has some eye's from IBM looking at it ;)
02-18-98 21:50:43 <mandie> mac: right :)
02-18-98 21:50:55 <truguy> Mjoelner, maybe, but some of the comments given by the moderators, was usfull info.
02-18-98 21:51:06 <TheSeer> Maybe we can get some1 from STARDOCK to the channel ??
02-18-98 21:51:19 <MADodel> We had Brad before
02-18-98 21:51:25 <mandie> TheSeer: we've had Brad in the past
02-18-98 21:51:31 <TheSeer> oups..mist that ,)
02-18-98 21:51:34 <Nenad> yeah, and I have that demo CD with firewall for OS/2 :)
02-18-98 21:51:48 <Mjoelner> trugy, sure they can be, but they dont have to say it the few precious minutes Tim is here
02-18-98 21:51:49 <TheSeer> Nenad: demo ?? how big is it ??
02-18-98 21:51:51 <MADodel> We try and get him again. Another good speaker is Dan Porter of Innoval
02-18-98 21:51:53 <macgyver> bye everyone, Have a good night/day
02-18-98 21:51:58 <Swordedge> TheSeer: or someone from the Stellar Frontier whoses beta I am participating in
02-18-98 21:52:10 <Nenad> there should be a method for posting usefull remarks...
02-18-98 21:52:20 <mandie> macgyver: thanks for coming :)
02-18-98 21:52:31 <truguy> Mjoelner, you do have a point, there were some that were just chit-chat...
02-18-98 21:52:35 <macgyver> mandie: thanks for your VOICE ;)
02-18-98 21:52:36 <Nenad> I must check... but first to get my cat from closet :))
02-18-98 21:52:42 <mandie> :)
02-18-98 21:52:59 <BlueKing> anyone tried the secure ip in the tcp4.1 update, do you have to use IBM firewall?
02-18-98 21:53:01 <Nenad> what about Sam Detweiler?
02-18-98 21:53:14 <Nenad> I think that you have to use it...
02-18-98 21:53:30 <phs> Nenad: Good suggestion. I 2nd that :)
02-18-98 21:53:55 <mandie> Nenad: Sam is on the list...but he won't be able to participate until after March..he's to contact me when available
02-18-98 21:54:14 <MADodel> Nenad: Sam was my idea originally. :-)
02-18-98 21:54:23 <Mr-Data> nite all
02-18-98 21:54:34 <mandie> but I sent him a *friendly* email :)
02-18-98 21:54:35 <mandie> hehehe
02-18-98 21:55:01 <Nenad> good, Sam would be usefull and informative I think
02-18-98 21:55:36 <mandie> yes, he tried out IRC when we asked him...and he was very eager to talk :)
02-18-98 21:56:34 <Nenad> may I recomend someone from Star Division, someone who works with OS/2 version of StarOffice
02-18-98 21:56:40 <RedNivek> Hmm
02-18-98 21:56:48 <mandie> nenad: yes...
02-18-98 21:57:03 <TheSeer> Nenad: i know a supporter working at StarDiv's Helpdesk..
02-18-98 21:57:06 * UncleGrim has to go make dinner
02-18-98 21:57:08 <TheSeer> .-)
02-18-98 21:57:15 <UncleGrim> see you later all (1st Monday of March?)
02-18-98 21:57:23 <TheSeer> I can ask him.. even though he might get some help other online..
02-18-98 21:57:26 <BlueKing> will they ever get out of beta?
02-18-98 21:57:26 <Abraxas> UncleGrim Yep....
02-18-98 21:57:27 <mandie> Theseer: English?
02-18-98 21:57:32 <Swordedge> if you can find anyone from stardivision. Buck and Katie of IB said that as near as they can tell, SD is a virtual company
02-18-98 21:57:47 <UncleGrim> okay, thanks a lot everyone
02-18-98 21:57:54 <TheSeer> mandie: well.. StarDivision is in Hamburg.. but i think there should be no problem getting him writing english ;)
02-18-98 21:57:55 <mandie> TheSeer: that would be excellent...contact me jmcderm@ibm.net
02-18-98 21:58:02 <Nenad> maybe Alan Mertner from fPrint, he's one of developers behing Virutal Pascal (excelent compiler) -- also Tom Langer from SpeedSoft, developers of Sibyl, Delphi clode (and more) for OS/2
02-18-98 21:58:21 <Nenad> Delphi clone
02-18-98 21:58:22 <mandie> Nenad: know any of these folks?
02-18-98 21:58:34 <TheSeer> mandie: i'll check that tomorrow..
02-18-98 21:58:43 <mandie> great
02-18-98 21:58:46 <ledoDAM> I see VP plans a version 3.0 for OS/2
02-18-98 21:59:01 <Nenad> not personally, but I'm on mailing lists and discuss often, I can ask them and forward them to you?
02-18-98 21:59:02 <TheSeer> ledoDAM: actually VP 2.0 is in beta.. ;)
02-18-98 21:59:14 <mandie> nenad: thanks
02-18-98 21:59:15 <ledoDAM> OH sorry meant 2.0
02-18-98 21:59:28 <Nenad> what's your e-mail?
02-18-98 21:59:38 <mandie> jmcderm@ibm.net
02-18-98 22:00:11 <phs> Mr. Mike "Rexx" Colishaw ?
02-18-98 22:00:36 <mandie> we had discussed a series on REXX
02-18-98 22:00:52 <ledoDAM> Another of my suggestions
02-18-98 22:01:09 <Nenad> phs: that would be great, if you can get him... from what I heard, he uses OS/2 :)
02-18-98 22:01:09 <mandie> lol
02-18-98 22:01:15 <TheSeer> maybe you can get the NEON-team online ? (if you know neon (vector 2d, 3d, gfx-stuff)
02-18-98 22:01:50 <Nenad> TheSeer: there is OS2 dir on CD, it's about 5megs... but I'm not sure about other dir's, are they needed or not...
02-18-98 22:01:55 <phs> Nenad: Sure, but I'm afraid he won't obey my call to #voice :)
02-18-98 22:01:59 <Nenad> TheSeer: talking about Guradian firewall
02-18-98 22:02:11 <Nenad> he's from UK?
02-18-98 22:02:42 <TheSeer> Nenad: hmm.. try to put everthing i *might* need together.. if its <10 Meg i'd like to ftp it ?
02-18-98 22:03:51 <Nenad> TheSeer: I think that what I have is version behind current, and I think that current version doesn't support OS/2 administration, just server.... I don't know, maybe it's the same with this version
02-18-98 22:03:51 <TheSeer> mandie: did you get my proposal ? (Neon)
02-18-98 22:04:19 <mandie> TheSeer: yes and someone is going to ask them to contact me :)..in the works :)
02-18-98 22:04:19 <TheSeer> hmm.. os/2 as SERVER but no OS/-Admin ??
02-18-98 22:04:19 <Swordedge> I did find a 30 day trial version of Guardian Firewall at http://www.lanoptic.com/netguard/free2.htm
02-18-98 22:04:49 <TheSeer> Swordedge: thanx..
02-18-98 22:04:53 <Nenad> there is NT version to download from their site, when I asked about OS/2 version they responded that is only available on demo cd... you may contact them for current version?
02-18-98 22:04:55 <TheSeer> Is there a SOCKS for OS/2 ??
02-18-98 22:05:22 <mandie> yes
02-18-98 22:05:49 <Nenad> btw, have you tried InetGate? it's not like Guardian, but it's much cheaper...
02-18-98 22:05:58 <mandie> TheSeer: I setup sockd and bind so that I could use internet through os2 on my other machine
02-18-98 22:06:00 <Swordedge> the page says NT but the link says NT and OS/2. They should be called on that
02-18-98 22:06:03 <mandie> but it's a PITA to setup
02-18-98 22:06:05 <Nenad> if it servers your purpose
02-18-98 22:06:33 <mandie> theseer: Injoy is much easier :)
02-18-98 22:06:48 <TheSeer> mandie: i don't mind that setup.. just want an ACTUAL firewall ... do you have an url for me to get socks in an actual version ?
02-18-98 22:07:01 <TheSeer> mandie: injoy ?? it's a dialer..?
02-18-98 22:07:20 <mandie> TheSeer: there was an article in eZine about setting it up...
02-18-98 22:07:33 <mandie> theSeer: yes, guess I was just thinking of IP masquerading
02-18-98 22:07:55 *** Log Terminated.