12-17-97 19:55:21 *** Log Activated #VOICE (E:\INTERNET\GTIRC30\#VOICE.log)
12-17-97 19:55:26 <NewOrder> wooo hooo I'm here and going to be here for this voice! :)
12-17-97 19:55:39 -> congrats, Neworder
12-17-97 19:55:47 -> glad to see you
12-17-97 19:56:52 <Headache> re
12-17-97 19:57:35 <mandie> hello :)
12-17-97 19:57:40 -> Hiya, mandie
12-17-97 19:57:43 <Headache> hi mandie
12-17-97 19:57:50 <mandie> headache: hello
12-17-97 19:57:55 <mandie> abaraxas: hi :)
12-17-97 19:58:02 <Projects> mandie!
12-17-97 19:58:09 <mandie> projects!! :)
12-17-97 19:58:40 <mandie> longstaff: hi :)
12-17-97 19:59:27 <Longstaff> hi mandie
12-17-97 20:01:59 <Projects> op
12-17-97 20:02:31 <Projects> can we somehow delete those users in the voice mailing lists who have undeliverable mail?
12-17-97 20:03:20 <NewOrder> Well I ate my Crispy chicken and super size fry... time to tackle my double 1/4 pounder w/ cheese :)
12-17-97 20:03:57 -> Projects: who handles the mailing lists?
12-17-97 20:04:24 <zeosx> my time says 8:11pm est, what time is it really?
12-17-97 20:04:33 <Headache> 8:04
12-17-97 20:04:39 <Projects> Abraxas: vince someone (I always forget his name...)
12-17-97 20:04:51 <Projects> 5:04
12-17-97 20:05:39 -> Projects we need to get a list of the "undeliverable" to Vince and have him remove them
12-17-97 20:06:21 <Projects> Abraxas: yeah... next time they come in, I'll take some notes
12-17-97 20:06:32 <mandie> I don't like to remove after just a couple of undeliverable's...
12-17-97 20:06:48 <Projects> mandie: one person has been undeliverable for weeks now
12-17-97 20:06:51 <RedNivek> Hello?
12-17-97 20:06:51 <mandie> there may be some problem with the persons email
12-17-97 20:07:01 <mandie> projects: then he needs to go :)
12-17-97 20:07:06 <mandie> Rednivek: welcome :)
12-17-97 20:07:14 <RedNivek> is this the meeting?
12-17-97 20:07:27 <mandie> Rednivek: yes
12-17-97 20:07:37 <RedNivek> any word on the colorforms stickers?
12-17-97 20:07:48 <Projects> mandie: yup... just gotta figure out who he is :)
12-17-97 20:08:01 <Projects> next message I send out to the list will tell me :)
12-17-97 20:09:28 <mandie> I wonder where madodel is..he always logs
12-17-97 20:09:46 * Abraxas is logging (just in case)
12-17-97 20:10:02 <Projects> Abraxas has been logging too
12-17-97 20:10:05 <mandie> great
12-17-97 20:10:13 * Terrulen is also logging if it makes any difference =)
12-17-97 20:10:24 <mandie> I'd like to welcome everyone to our meeting
12-17-97 20:10:52 <mandie> We had an election to fill the officer positions and here are the results
12-17-97 20:11:10 <mandie> David Both who was VP is now the President
12-17-97 20:11:16 <Projects> anyone know which netscape is the java 1.1.x enabled version (I get so confused when they're all called the same thing)
12-17-97 20:11:28 <mandie> and Dan Casey (abraxas) is now our VP..congrats Abraxas :)
12-17-97 20:11:38 -> Thank you, mandie
12-17-97 20:11:43 <mandie> Mark Rudy (tandie) is our new secretary
12-17-97 20:12:48 <NewOrder> who was the orignal president?
12-17-97 20:12:51 <mandie> NewOrder: Gerry Ellingtoon (stryder)
12-17-97 20:12:56 <mandie> Ellington that is
12-17-97 20:12:59 <NewOrder> mandie why he back out?
12-17-97 20:13:12 <mandie> NewOrder: personal reasons
12-17-97 20:13:15 <NewOrder> o
12-17-97 20:13:56 <mandie> Tonight our guest will be Timothy Sipples and he plans to discuss home/soho networking
12-17-97 20:14:10 <RedNivek> neat!
12-17-97 20:14:13 <mandie> His session is scheduled to begin at 9pm
12-17-97 20:14:35 <mandie> Thank you all for coming and I'll turn the meeting over to our new VP...Abraxas (bow) :)
12-17-97 20:14:53 <TCell> i think that is 2 gmt
12-17-97 20:15:03 <mandie> TCell: it is :(
12-17-97 20:15:18 <RedNivek> think globally
12-17-97 20:15:26 <TCell> ok im in germany
12-17-97 20:15:29 <mandie> It was originally scheduled to start at 8pm but last minute things came up and he had to change the time
12-17-97 20:15:32 <madbrain> hi
12-17-97 20:15:39 <mandie> madbrain!! hi :)
12-17-97 20:15:42 <madbrain> mandie !!!
12-17-97 20:16:31 <Projects> re madbrain!
12-17-97 20:16:36 <swordedge> the delayed time lets me watch voyager
12-17-97 20:16:36 -> Well, the only things that seem to be open for discussion is the issue of Bumper Stickers and the role of VOICE in planning Warpstock 98
12-17-97 20:16:51 * madbrain is at work
12-17-97 20:17:26 <RedNivek> yeah man
12-17-97 20:17:27 <mandie> abraxas: bumper stickers...
12-17-97 20:18:08 <mandie> abraxas: I will go back to my original thought on those
12-17-97 20:18:18 <Projects> or window stickees
12-17-97 20:18:18 <Projects> and/or
12-17-97 20:18:18 -> mandie last we met, there was some discusison about printing bumper stickers, or those "static cling" window stickers
12-17-97 20:18:36 <mandie> I would like to see us wait until a location for warpstock is determined and include that on these *stickers*
12-17-97 20:18:58 <mandie> I believe we're getting close to finding a location..looks like a couple of good posibilites
12-17-97 20:19:04 <RedNivek> colorforms!
12-17-97 20:19:10 -> mandie that's a good idea.....
12-17-97 20:19:22 <Projects> none of which are close enough :(
12-17-97 20:19:34 <RedNivek> how big do you think they'll be, mandie?
12-17-97 20:19:37 <mandie> projects: are you on the warpstock mailing list?
12-17-97 20:19:41 -> There are several groups posting about possible sites in Chicago, NYC and DC
12-17-97 20:19:51 <Projects> mandie: yup
12-17-97 20:20:00 <RedNivek> i think you should get stickers that will be generic
12-17-97 20:20:08 <mandie> rednivek: I really have no idea..they are Tom Nadeau's projects..but I won't put a *bumper sticker* on my car...window sticky...yes :)
12-17-97 20:20:10 -> But as of yet, there is noone really keeping track of proposals
12-17-97 20:20:20 <Projects> mandie: but there's more traffic about warpstock on os2-l than there is in warpstock (at least lately)
12-17-97 20:20:23 <swordedge> there is a separate germany effort for a warpstock europe as well
12-17-97 20:20:28 <mandie> rednivek: they'll fade over time so I'd rather see something annual
12-17-97 20:20:38 <mandie> swordedge: excellent!
12-17-97 20:20:48 <RedNivek> how much are people willing to pay?
12-17-97 20:20:51 <mandie> projects: oh really!
12-17-97 20:21:07 <mandie> Red: good question
12-17-97 20:21:20 <RedNivek> quick survey?
12-17-97 20:21:43 <swordedge> price: What does it cost to make?
12-17-97 20:21:46 <Projects> mandie: yeah... there's been quite a bit of warpstock discussion in there
12-17-97 20:21:47 <NewOrder> I have some IDEAS for window/bumber stickers. but they are not VOICE related. But would be cool :)
12-17-97 20:22:18 * Projects doesn't have bumbers
12-17-97 20:22:19 * Headache has set away! (auto away after idling [15 min]) [Log:ON] .Head
12-17-97 20:22:19 <NewOrder> Want me to explain my sticker idea? or no?
12-17-97 20:22:24 <mandie> NewOrder: Warpstock is OS/2...VOICE is OS/2
12-17-97 20:22:50 <mandie> projects: you don't know what you're missing!
12-17-97 20:22:52 <RedNivek> i would be willing to pay $5
12-17-97 20:23:10 <mandie> NewOrder: how about Warpstock related?
12-17-97 20:23:12 <NewOrder> mandie one idea is a totaly RIP on MS (like thoses stickers that make fun of other car companies with that little kid) and one is actully based on an Image that Ptackbar made for my WWW page
12-17-97 20:23:59 <mandie> Neworder: we don't do any MS bashing at all..they aren't in this picture :)
12-17-97 20:24:14 * zeosx doesn't have a bumper on his motorcycle
12-17-97 20:24:28 -> NewOrder well, we do.....but not publicly :-)
12-17-97 20:24:35 <mandie> zeosx: then put that on your xmas list ;)
12-17-97 20:24:45 <mandie> abraxas: :)
12-17-97 20:24:56 <zeosx> Is Microsoft that pron site I hear about all the time?
12-17-97 20:24:58 <swordedge> mandie: as esther always say, you get more flies with honey than vinegar
12-17-97 20:25:01 <NewOrder> mandie Well.. I kinda figured that. but I was thinking of asking my friends dad to draw up a picture and make a sticker that said "Powered by OS/2 Warp"
12-17-97 20:25:59 * KoolAde says he would put that bumber sticker on his Harley Davidson motorcycle ;)
12-17-97 20:26:06 <mandie> I'd like to see something that pertains to Warpstock '98
12-17-97 20:26:16 <NewOrder> and I know mandie knows what I'm talking about with the little kid and the car company logos you C on cars? :) replace the car company logo with the MS logo..... So if you any one has spare time and makes one like that. let me know I'll buy one :)
12-17-97 20:26:24 <mandie> you GO Koolade!:)
12-17-97 20:26:56 <Projects> NewOrder: sure... got a reference picture anywhere?
12-17-97 20:27:10 <mandie> Tom Nadeau has a couple of samples that he's worked on...
12-17-97 20:27:16 <mandie> Does anyone have his url off hand?
12-17-97 20:27:17 <Projects> http://cnnfn.com/digitaljam/9712/17/microsoft_a/
12-17-97 20:27:21 -> Projects it's Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes)
12-17-97 20:27:29 <Terrulen> How about a Bluebird perched on a guitar, done in the style of the Woodstock logo?
12-17-97 20:28:01 <NewOrder> yeah.. that's it's! Calvin!
12-17-97 20:28:07 <mandie> Terrulen: that's neat if we can get away without any legal problems
12-17-97 20:28:08 -> Terrulen gotta be careful about copyrights
12-17-97 20:28:09 <swordedge> terrulen: that depends on the reader knowing what bluebird is
12-17-97 20:28:28 <mandie> abraxas :)
12-17-97 20:28:42 <mandie> WSOD=WhoSaidOS/2'sDead
12-17-97 20:29:07 <mandie> hello Luneman and Gilees
12-17-97 20:29:10 <mandie> gilles too :)
12-17-97 20:30:09 -> Anyone up for a "bumper Sticker" contest?????
12-17-97 20:30:12 <mandie> Red: I just found a size that Tom mentioned...3"x10"
12-17-97 20:30:42 <swordedge> what does is cost to make a bummer sticker?
12-17-97 20:30:55 <mandie> I really don't know
12-17-97 20:30:58 <RedNivek> you need something simple, and the sticker cant be 8 1/2 x 11", .... more like 4x4... so, if you dont have a simple basic design thats easy to recognize, its just a jumbled mess.
12-17-97 20:31:05 <RedNivek> mandie, where?
12-17-97 20:31:18 <mandie> Projects: wasn't tom checking on the cost of the window sticky's also?
12-17-97 20:31:21 -> Hi, Mick
12-17-97 20:31:23 <mandie> Red: I'm looking for the url
12-17-97 20:31:25 -> Welcome
12-17-97 20:31:34 <Projects> mandie: afaik
12-17-97 20:31:48 <MickBrown> abraxas, everyone: Hi
12-17-97 20:32:06 <mandie> this is what I have for Tom http://www.mindspring.com/~os2headquarters
12-17-97 20:32:19 <RedNivek> i've been looking for the last 30 minutes
12-17-97 20:32:37 <mandie> red: can't find them there?
12-17-97 20:33:18 <Headache> I would like to suggest that a t-shirt or baseball cap might be a better idea to put whatever logo you decide to design it is more personal and ppl ask questions about things like that seeing it on a car in passing most ppl wont have an idea what it was about
12-17-97 20:33:19 <MADodel> Sorry I'm late. System problems (not mine)
12-17-97 20:33:46 <mandie> Red: did you click on the IBM OS/2 sticker at the top of the page :)
12-17-97 20:33:47 -> better late than never, MADodel
12-17-97 20:33:51 <MADodel> Is anyone logging?
12-17-97 20:33:58 -> MADodel I am
12-17-97 20:34:08 <mandie> it says $2.00 each
12-17-97 20:34:39 <MADodel> Abraxas: I figured you would be. :-)
12-17-97 20:34:46 <mandie> and VOICE members get 50% off :)
12-17-97 20:35:06 -> MADodel just in case you were here, and forgot to turn your logfile on :-)
12-17-97 20:35:08 * MADodel agrees about hats. Always wears his Warped T-Shirts when out in public.
12-17-97 20:35:17 * Projects has already got a VOICE t-shirt :)
12-17-97 20:35:29 <Projects> well... sweatshirt... don't wear T's much up here
12-17-97 20:35:42 <mandie> projects: and where did you get that?
12-17-97 20:35:44 <MADodel> Projects: Hey how can I get one of those?
12-17-97 20:35:55 * Abraxas wants to know, too
12-17-97 20:36:00 <Headache> not only that but ppl could make their own with most color printers and an iron
12-17-97 20:36:04 <MADodel> Abraxas: rub it in. :-)
12-17-97 20:36:26 -> MADodel hehe.....some things I never forget
12-17-97 20:36:29 -> like that one
12-17-97 20:36:30 <Projects> mandie: made it on my canon with that special paper and ironed it on ;)
12-17-97 20:36:36 <swordedge> Headache: hot idea
12-17-97 20:36:57 <Headache> well, mjoe deserves the credit. I just have a bigger mouth then he does =)
12-17-97 20:38:02 * Mjoelner likes to keep a low profile
12-17-97 20:38:16 <zeosx> VOICE t-shirt?
12-17-97 20:38:30 * Headache has returned. .Head
12-17-97 20:39:32 <MADodel> There's a new MPTS fix at ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/ps/products/mpts/fixes/english-us/wr08421_conv/ if anyone is interested.
12-17-97 20:39:55 -> MADodel I saw that
12-17-97 20:40:26 <Projects> zeosx: I just used the voice logo and ironed it on... you can buy the special transfer paper, and canon bj printers have the option to print in reverse
12-17-97 20:40:26 <mandie> madodel: did you install tcpip 4.1?
12-17-97 20:40:26 <MADodel> mandie: I had backed it out. I'm waiting to hear if anyone applied the 4.1 fixes and lived to tell about it.
12-17-97 20:40:28 <mandie> mad: I see that you posted that there's a new java 1.1.4 update also
12-17-97 20:40:39 <MADodel> mandie: it's on testcase
12-17-97 20:40:42 <mandie> madodel: :)
12-17-97 20:40:48 <Gilles> I am new to IRC; do you read this? Is Timothy expected at 9pm EST?
12-17-97 20:41:01 <mandie> Gilles: Welcome Tim!
12-17-97 20:41:01 <zeosx> MADodel: what specifically does the MPTS fix fix?
12-17-97 20:41:12 -> Gilles yes....9:00PM
12-17-97 20:41:16 <mandie> Gilles: do you read us?
12-17-97 20:41:20 <MADodel> welcome Gileles, you made it this far. So far so good. :-)
12-17-97 20:41:53 <Gilles> Yes, I read mandie, Abraxas, zeosx...
12-17-97 20:42:42 <KoolAde> MADodel is the new java 114 newer than like dec4 date
12-17-97 20:42:50 <madbrain> there is a new java update ?
12-17-97 20:44:00 -> madbrain testcase has one dated today
12-17-97 20:44:12 <KoolAde> madbrain i know that the java114 you dl now is newer files than the orginal one was and sense then there were updates at the java page
12-17-97 20:44:15 <MickBrown> KoolAde: I thought there was an announcement of java 1.14 in cooa recently
12-17-97 20:44:15 <Projects> dammit, I'm lagged to siberia and back... twice even
12-17-97 20:44:19 <MADodel> KoolAde: These are fix files - runtime.exe, toolkit.exe and samples.exe dated 12/17/97
12-17-97 20:44:46 <ampersand> Hmmm...has anyone tried those Java fixes yet?
12-17-97 20:44:48 <MADodel> The unzipped files have 12/05/97 dates
12-17-97 20:44:57 <Spoc> Hmm
12-17-97 20:45:00 <KoolAde> ok MADodel those are the ones on testcase
12-17-97 20:45:17 <KoolAde> yea they were at the java web site then
12-17-97 20:45:19 * mandie will wait until they become official
12-17-97 20:45:20 <madbrain> ah
12-17-97 20:45:35 * Spoc java 1.1.4 doesn't work period, so I doubt the testcase version will help me any
12-17-97 20:45:53 <Spoc> Well, on my box that is..
12-17-97 20:46:03 <Spoc> never did get 1.1.1 to work eather.
12-17-97 20:46:07 <swordedge> if your going to be spoc, arn't you supposed to say fasinating rather than Hmmm?
12-17-97 20:46:17 <Spoc> hehehe
12-17-97 20:46:18 <MADodel> And java is supposed to save the world from M$ domination, yet few can even succesfully install it. :-(
12-17-97 20:46:27 <Spoc> hmm is easier to type. :-)
12-17-97 20:46:42 <MickBrown> BTW, does the IBM d/l site have the latest NS/2 2.02e ?
12-17-97 20:47:02 <Spoc> MADodel: I installed it exactly according to instructions... didn't help me any...
12-17-97 20:47:21 <mandie> Mick: not the leaked one that uses java 1.1.4
12-17-97 20:47:21 <MADodel> MickBrown: The Nov NS/2 is a leaked beta.
12-17-97 20:47:43 <swordedge> you guys are running 1.1.4, what apps are you running on it?
12-17-97 20:47:57 <Headache> I run ICQ on it
12-17-97 20:48:02 <MickBrown> damn... the vs I have crashes if I enable Java :-(
12-17-97 20:48:03 <Headache> but it leaks mem
12-17-97 20:48:16 * KoolAde says he knows how to cure the java114 not being able to install
12-17-97 20:48:23 <madbrain> mick brown = cooa moderator ?
12-17-97 20:48:39 <MickBrown> yep
12-17-97 20:48:39 <madbrain> nice to meet you!
12-17-97 20:49:17 <madbrain> californian too ?
12-17-97 20:49:17 <Spoc> KoolAde: it installs here, just doesn't work.
12-17-97 20:49:17 <RedNivek> kewl, i found 16 places with static window stickers
12-17-97 20:49:17 <mandie> Mick: the official version doesn't work with 1.1.4 :(
12-17-97 20:49:18 * MADodel thanks Mick for all his help with posts to c.o.o.a
12-17-97 20:49:18 <mandie> Rednivek: do they list prices?
12-17-97 20:49:18 <MickBrown> mandie, I an still using one of the previous Java versions
12-17-97 20:49:20 <Spoc> KoolAde: gives me unable to initalize threads garbage...
12-17-97 20:49:30 <KoolAde> NickBrown are you sure that at command line you get version -? = java 114 and a date
12-17-97 20:49:56 <RedNivek> of course not... but this one lets you get a price quote.
12-17-97 20:50:02 * madbrain got some problems with Java 1.1.4 under Warp Server SMP
12-17-97 20:50:04 <KoolAde> Spoc do the command line thingy and tell me what it says
12-17-97 20:50:05 <madbrain> otherwise, it works ok.
12-17-97 20:50:06 <mandie> Gilles: still here?
12-17-97 20:50:32 <RedNivek> i need size, number of colors and quantity.
12-17-97 20:50:45 <KoolAde> command line = java version -?
12-17-97 20:51:01 <mandie> java -version
12-17-97 20:51:13 <mandie> koolade: yes, cmd line
12-17-97 20:51:42 <MADodel> there is also a web site that will tell you what version of java you are using with NS/2 - http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/9885/osapplet.html
12-17-97 20:51:45 <Spoc> Hmmm, telling me it's 1.02 still odd.
12-17-97 20:52:06 <MADodel> Spoc: your config.sys is messed up then
12-17-97 20:52:09 <mandie> JAVA.EXE version "JDK 1.1.4 IBM build o114-19971122"
12-17-97 20:52:12 <KoolAde> Spoc go into config sys and rem out the java home line
12-17-97 20:52:23 <swordedge> Spoc: the new java install in a different directory and path order is important.
12-17-97 20:52:24 <Spoc> hmmm
12-17-97 20:52:36 <KoolAde> then make sure the path is java 11 is first
12-17-97 20:52:37 <MADodel> JAVA.EXE version "JDK 1.1.4 IBM build o114-19971205" :-)
12-17-97 20:52:48 <MADodel> my java is later then your java. :-)
12-17-97 20:52:49 <RedNivek> hello?
12-17-97 20:52:57 <KoolAde> the main problem is the java home line trust me on this one
12-17-97 20:52:57 <mandie> mad :)
12-17-97 20:53:01 <mandie> Red: hello ?
12-17-97 20:53:08 <MickBrown> I've been too busy trying to fix a news server, and get out from under my spam problems to mess much with java :-(
12-17-97 20:53:20 * madbrain starts the java download
12-17-97 20:54:00 <RedNivek> ahhh, back. odd lag considering i'm on my own server.
12-17-97 20:54:20 <KoolAde> mandie and I have the same java version ;)
12-17-97 20:55:09 * MADodel still can't get sound scultures to play. :-( But the applets run without crashing now.
12-17-97 20:55:13 <mandie> Koolade: I know I d/l a newer verson a bit ago..just have to find it now :)
12-17-97 20:55:13 <RedNivek> check this: www.websticker.com
12-17-97 20:55:28 <swordedge> madbrain: cable modems... I wish they would stop testing it and sell me it here
12-17-97 20:55:48 * MADodel has a cable modem.
12-17-97 20:55:52 <Spoc> hmmm, my config.sys looks fine......
12-17-97 20:56:09 <TCell> ne1 using gradd with matrox ?
12-17-97 20:56:11 <mandie> Red: going there now
12-17-97 20:56:16 <madbrain> sword : I am on a T1
12-17-97 20:56:20 <madbrain> at work ...
12-17-97 20:56:33 <swordedge> close enough
12-17-97 20:56:35 <mandie> Tcell: I installed the gradd for matrox..but it benched lower than the regular drivers..so I went back to the old ones
12-17-97 20:57:16 <KoolAde> Spoc did you check your config.sys
12-17-97 20:57:22 <swordedge> gradd with matrox does not have my resolution and crashed alot. I backed out.
12-17-97 20:57:27 <madbrain> sword : cable modems aren't available here. I have an analog modem at home.. connecting at 48000
12-17-97 20:57:50 <Spoc> Yup, java11 is listed befor 1.02....
12-17-97 20:57:50 <madbrain> here = silicon valley .. where the cable modems are made :) but the cable networks don't support it
12-17-97 20:57:50 <Spoc> everywhere I looked....
12-17-97 20:59:05 <mandie> Red: I'll point that site out to Tom..thx
12-17-97 20:59:05 <Projects> that was ugly...
12-17-97 20:59:05 <Spoc> except for classpath, witch has netscapes's needed settinf listed first...
12-17-97 20:59:05 <swordedge> all I know is that they spent $140 Million upgrading to fiber.
12-17-97 20:59:05 <KoolAde> Spoc rem out hte java_home=C:\Java11;C:\java0s2
12-17-97 20:59:31 <MADodel> madbrain: wait til M$ gets it going then it will be everywhere. Won't work but it will be everywhere.
12-17-97 20:59:37 <Spoc> KoolAde: I don't have that line
12-17-97 21:00:01 <KoolAde> that was my main problem I had as soon as I did that it cured my java 11 problems and I quit crashing the Java11 NS
12-17-97 21:00:17 <swordedge> maybe we can let someone else implement cable modem and let MS do the billing!
12-17-97 21:00:17 <RedNivek> mandie, okay, i've requested several general quotes, like 4x4, 4 color, transparent, static cling decal, less than 1000 quantity
12-17-97 21:00:23 <madbrain> madodel : I don't think it'll get into MS hands
12-17-97 21:00:30 <madbrain> madodel : I am getting DSL next week, BTW.
12-17-97 21:00:31 <mandie> Red: excellent
12-17-97 21:00:39 <madbrain> 384 / 384 kbits permanent connection
12-17-97 21:00:50 <MADodel> madbrain: M$ is buying into cable companies big time.
12-17-97 21:01:00 <madbrain> mad : but there are too many of them.
12-17-97 21:01:32 <Projects> ops
12-17-97 21:01:32 <MADodel> madbrain: but only a handfull own a huge part of the market.
12-17-97 21:01:44 <MADodel> Welcome Tim
12-17-97 21:01:45 <swordedge> Helloooo tim
12-17-97 21:01:48 <WarpFAQ> Good evening, all!
12-17-97 21:02:00 <mandie> WarpFAQ: Welcome!! :)
12-17-97 21:02:25 <Projects> before we start, wanna ask my question once more since everyone here's into networking... anyone heard of Lanus networking?
12-17-97 21:02:28 <Spoc> Well, I think I'll try rebooting... bbiab
12-17-97 21:02:34 <WarpFAQ> Sorry I'm a bit late. :-)
12-17-97 21:02:44 <swordedge> nope
12-17-97 21:02:55 <Projects> WarpFAQ: naw... you're right on time
12-17-97 21:03:26 <MickBrown> BTW: for IBM.net irc.wwiv.net is the best tracing server
12-17-97 21:03:26 <WarpFAQ> Thanks.
12-17-97 21:03:38 <mandie> the latest runtime I have is 11/27...
12-17-97 21:04:08 <Projects> there's a new one on testcase if anyone's brave enough
12-17-97 21:04:26 <MADodel> mandie: you just are not on the bleeding edge here
12-17-97 21:04:27 <ampersand> Hello, WarpFAQ!
12-17-97 21:04:27 <mandie> mad: hehe
12-17-97 21:04:34 * MADodel is running the 12/05/97 runtime
12-17-97 21:05:02 * nathana is Away (Away [Virtual IRC for OS/2])
12-17-97 21:05:35 <Projects> MADodel: any problems?
12-17-97 21:05:50 <MADodel> Projects not so far
12-17-97 21:06:36 * Projects hasn't gotten the guts to install the previous one yet :)
12-17-97 21:06:36 <mandie> I'd like to thank everyone for coming tonight
12-17-97 21:07:15 <mandie> I'd also like to introduce our guest speaker Tim Sipples WarpFAQ
12-17-97 21:07:15 <swordedge> can we get the main topic started?
12-17-97 21:07:18 <J_Schmidt> Hi Tim, any update on when we can expect an announcement from IBM that it will support OS/2 on Merced ?
12-17-97 21:07:34 -> *MADodel* tell me, again, how to set the +voice mode?
12-17-97 21:07:38 <samster> wasnt this supposed to start at 0020 GMT ??
12-17-97 21:07:57 <WarpFAQ> Thanks!
12-17-97 21:08:09 <mandie> We are going to moderate the channel so that we can try to maintain some sort of organization :)
12-17-97 21:08:18 <mandie> the moderators will be .............
12-17-97 21:08:48 <mandie> madodel: are you moderating? and abraxas?
12-17-97 21:09:10 <Projects> how come the channel's secret?
12-17-97 21:10:02 <mandie> hmm
12-17-97 21:10:07 <samster> hey when si this gonna statr ?
12-17-97 21:10:10 <RedNivek> the modem nazis will be....
12-17-97 21:10:23 <MADodel> Trying to remeber how to do this. sorry.
12-17-97 21:10:24 <mandie> samster: in just a sec
12-17-97 21:10:37 <RedNivek> heh.
12-17-97 21:11:06 <Projects> os2hq just logged onto efnet
12-17-97 21:11:36 <os2hq> Howdy, neighbors!
12-17-97 21:11:58 <mandie> mad: just +o the person and then rem
12-17-97 21:12:22 <MADodel> mandie we got it now
12-17-97 21:12:22 <mandie> os2hq: hello
12-17-97 21:12:22 <MADodel> Ok shall we start?
12-17-97 21:12:32 <mandie> os2hq: checl www.stickers.com
12-17-97 21:12:39 <mandie> yes OK....This is the beginning of the dialog with Timothy Sipples.....
12-17-97 21:13:08 <MADodel> Please direct questions for tim to MADodel or Abraxas. Let's give Tim a chance to speak first before questions.
12-17-97 21:13:41 *** #Voice Mode change: +m by MADodel
12-17-97 21:13:41 <WarpFAQ> Just say when and I'll introduce myself.
12-17-97 21:13:41 <MADodel> OK Tim go ahead the channel is yours
12-17-97 21:13:41 <WarpFAQ> Thanks.
12-17-97 21:13:48 <WarpFAQ> Welcome, everyone! I'm pleased to be here online in the #voice
12-17-97 21:14:07 <WarpFAQ> channel, chatting with all of you. This evening I've been asked to
12-17-97 21:14:18 <WarpFAQ> come here to answer any questions you may have about OS/2 Warp and
12-17-97 21:14:32 <WarpFAQ> networking, and I'll try to do my best to provide intelligent answers
12-17-97 21:14:37 <WarpFAQ> to your questions on this topic.
12-17-97 21:15:30 <WarpFAQ> I work for IBM, officially as Advisory Technical Marketing Specialist, based in Chicago,
12-17-97 21:15:47 <WarpFAQ> with the new IBM Network Computing Software Group.
12-17-97 21:16:06 <WarpFAQ> I'm the coauthor with Mike Kaply of "IBM's Official OS/2 Warp Frequently Asked Questions,"
12-17-97 21:16:17 <WarpFAQ> published by IDG Books in several languages (including English). For more information
12-17-97 21:16:40 <WarpFAQ> about the book (and me), please visit my web page at http://www.secant.com/sipples.
12-17-97 21:16:52 <WarpFAQ> Back to the moderator to open the floor for the first question...
12-17-97 21:17:26 -> Please /msg either MADodel or Abraxas for questions for Tim
12-17-97 21:17:45 <MADodel> If you have a question for Tim, please ask Abraxas or MADodel to give you voice so you can speak on channel
12-17-97 21:18:18 <MADodel> Yes use /msg Madodel or /msg Abraxas
12-17-97 21:18:54 <Headache> Is IBM's only interest with OS/2 now directed towards network computing?
12-17-97 21:19:33 <ulthar> At work, we have Token Ring and Ethernet. My big machine is (Token-Ring) and my laptop is (Ethernet).
12-17-97 21:19:46 <WarpFAQ> Headache: Hard to answer that with a straight yes or no.
12-17-97 21:20:06 <WarpFAQ> Headache: It's fair to say that IBM (the corporation as a whole) is focused on network computing,
12-17-97 21:20:33 <WarpFAQ> Headache: and I think what's driving that is what I like to call the "third piece of the
12-17-97 21:20:55 <WarpFAQ> Headache: puzzle." That third piece is networking. If you go back in recent history,
12-17-97 21:20:55 <ulthar> Both machines have their gateway set as our AS/400, which has both flavors ( and
12-17-97 21:20:55 <ulthar> I can ping and FTP connect as well as NFS mount between machines, but can't transfer files. Any ideas?
12-17-97 21:21:06 <WarpFAQ> Headache: the computer industry has been largely driving by the reduction in cost of
12-17-97 21:21:23 <WarpFAQ> Headache: processing (microprocessors) and by storage (hard disks, RAM, etc.)
12-17-97 21:21:46 <WarpFAQ> Headache: But what hasn't come down in price that fast (and what hasn't been as widespread) is
12-17-97 21:21:58 <WarpFAQ> Headache: networking, particularly high speed networking. Until now, that is.
12-17-97 21:22:10 <WarpFAQ> Headache: I would argue that most people want cheap (and fast) processing, cheap (and big) storage, and cheap
12-17-97 21:22:34 <WarpFAQ> Headache: (and fast) networking. If you get that third piece, then that really affects
12-17-97 21:22:35 <WarpFAQ> Headache: how you design computers and software. One of the great strengths of OS/2 Warp
12-17-97 21:22:52 <WarpFAQ> Headache: for years has been its communications skills and networking, and IBM's redoubling
12-17-97 21:23:02 <WarpFAQ> Headache: its efforts to improve those aspects of the product line. Doesn't mean it'll be the
12-17-97 21:23:08 <WarpFAQ> Headache: only thing, but it's clearly the "big thing."
12-17-97 21:23:52 <WarpFAQ> Ulthar's question next, then we can open up to another questioner...
12-17-97 21:24:04 <WarpFAQ> Hang on a sec, Ulthar, while I read what scrolled by... :-)
12-17-97 21:24:29 <ulthar> At work, we have Token Ring and Ethernet. My big machine is (Token-Ring) and my
12-17-97 21:24:29 <ulthar> laptop is (Ethernet).
12-17-97 21:24:45 <ulthar> Both machines have their gateway set as our AS/400, which has both flavors ( and
12-17-97 21:24:45 <ulthar>
12-17-97 21:24:56 <ulthar> I can ping and FTP connect as well as NFS mount between machines, but can't transfer files.
12-17-97 21:24:58 <ulthar> Any ideas?
12-17-97 21:25:00 <WarpFAQ> Ulthar: I need a bit more info -- what do you mean "transfer files"?
12-17-97 21:25:28 <ulthar> I can do an "ls" and see a directory from one machine to the other in FTP, but it times out on a transfer
12-17-97 21:25:39 <ulthar> likewise I can mount NFS drives, but a "dir" times out
12-17-97 21:25:48 <WarpFAQ> Ulthar: And what version of OS/2 Warp are you running?
12-17-97 21:26:18 <samster> Tim, what are recommended ethernet cards (low end) for os/2 and win95 at home?
12-17-97 21:26:25 <ulthar> Warp 4/FixPak1 on big machine, Warp 4/FixPak 5 on laptop, both with latest TCP/IP from Upgrade Protection Option
12-17-97 21:26:36 <WarpFAQ> Samster: One moment... Trying to debug Ulthar's question first... :-)
12-17-97 21:26:59 <MADodel> samster wait til Tim is done with Ulthar then ask again
12-17-97 21:27:03 <WarpFAQ> Ulthar: And this is trouble between the two OS/2 Warp systems or between OS/2 Warp and the AS/400?
12-17-97 21:27:18 <ulthar> both machines can telnet the AS/400
12-17-97 21:28:00 <ulthar> problem is between Token-Ring big machine and Ethernet laptop only
12-17-97 21:28:18 <ulthar> (big machine = Pentium Pro PC)
12-17-97 21:29:06 <WarpFAQ> Ulthar: We have to keep moving, but one thing I'd check is to make sure that you do not install the NFS Kit *after* TCP/IP 4.1 -- TCP/IP 4.1 should always be installed after NFS.
12-17-97 21:29:07 <ulthar> right, NFS had latest CSD's before as well
12-17-97 21:29:07 <WarpFAQ> Ulthar: It should also be installed after any NFS updates (and there are some available from http://ps.software.ibm.com). Otherwise you could backlevel
12-17-97 21:29:35 <WarpFAQ> Ulthar: your TCP/IP code (and have some of the problems you describe).
12-17-97 21:30:18 <WarpFAQ> Ulthar: Could also be a bridge problem. Try running PING continuously for a while and see if you're dropping packets.
12-17-97 21:30:18 <WarpFAQ> Thanks, Ulthar... We'll have to keep moving!
12-17-97 21:30:19 <ulthar> OK thanks Tim :)
12-17-97 21:30:41 <MADodel> Go ahead Samster
12-17-97 21:30:42 <samster> i) recommended ethernet cards (cheap, reliable) for os/2 win95
12-17-97 21:30:42 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Now, for low end ethernet cards...
12-17-97 21:31:24 <WarpFAQ> Samster: I don't follow the day-to-day prices, but some of my favorites are from IBM, 3Com, Intel, Kingston, and SMC.
12-17-97 21:31:29 <WarpFAQ> Kingston adapters are probably the lowest priced, actually.
12-17-97 21:31:52 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Low price doesn't always mean good value, though.
12-17-97 21:32:23 <WarpFAQ> Samster: If you choose an NE2000 "clone" ethernet adapter (which I think is fine for home use),
12-17-97 21:32:24 <samster> ok.. ii) Why no esuite for os/2 ?
12-17-97 21:32:24 <WarpFAQ> Samster: then I'd download and use one of the generic NE2000 drivers that are available for OS/2 Warp.
12-17-97 21:32:40 <TCell> I want to know if there are any techs coming in the near future, that would improve networking speed from dialup lines in the near future.
12-17-97 21:32:41 <WarpFAQ> Samster: I put together a package called ne2000wc.zip not too long ago with just such a driver.
12-17-97 21:32:46 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Most people report that it works well for them.
12-17-97 21:33:27 <WarpFAQ> Samster: For notebooks I'd definitely look at either IBM or 3Com PCMCIA adapters, since these seem well supported under OS/2 Warp.
12-17-97 21:33:29 <WarpFAQ> Samster: (Toshiba's also got one.)
12-17-97 21:33:57 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Hope that helps!
12-17-97 21:33:57 <samster> thanks
12-17-97 21:35:50 -> *tcell* your turn
12-17-97 21:36:10 <TCell> I want to know if there are any techs coming in the near future, that would improve networking speed from dialup lines
12-17-97 21:37:26 * WarpFAQ standing by for the next question...
12-17-97 21:37:36 <mandie> lag
12-17-97 21:37:56 <swordedge> networking seems to be IBM's mantra these days, I run warp 4 on a pent and ncsa telnet on a 386/40 that I use for file dumps (works fine). How does IBM define networking?
12-17-97 21:38:33 <MADodel> I want to know if there are any techs
12-17-97 21:38:33 <MADodel> coming in the near future, that would
12-17-97 21:38:33 <MADodel> improve networking speed from dialup
12-17-97 21:38:33 <MADodel> lines
12-17-97 21:38:39 <mandie> I still haven't received a ping back from WarpFAQ
12-17-97 21:39:46 <MADodel> We are having a lag problem
12-17-97 21:39:53 <WarpFAQ> Samster: eSuite is very definitely supported for OS/2 Warp. (I've got it -- works great.)
12-17-97 21:40:19 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Lotus will be testing it on OS/2 Warp (and WorkSpace On-Demand).
12-17-97 21:41:05 <WarpFAQ> OK, question about high speed dial-up networking. Yes, there is. I think the technology that holds the most promise is probably ADSL.
12-17-97 21:41:20 <WarpFAQ> ADSL works over existing copper telephone wires but vastly outperforms ISDN.
12-17-97 21:41:30 <WarpFAQ> (Stay tuned for that.)
12-17-97 21:42:25 <WarpFAQ> I think I'm all caught up now. Maybe. :-)
12-17-97 21:42:25 <MADodel> swordpage please ask your question again
12-17-97 21:42:37 <MADodel> WarpFAQ what about cable modems?
12-17-97 21:43:07 <TCell> what improvements will we see ?
12-17-97 21:43:36 <WarpFAQ> MADodel: Great technology, but it does obviously require coax wiring (from the cable TV companies).
12-17-97 21:44:01 <swordedge> networing seems to be IBM's mantra these days. What is IBM definition of networking. Does it include me who sometimes dumps files to my 396/40 (ncsa ftp) from warp 4.
12-17-97 21:45:00 <WarpFAQ> IBM has both ADSL and cable modem pilots going on, and I think you can expect the IBM Global Network (ibm.net), for example, to keep pace with that.
12-17-97 21:45:17 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: Well, "networking" is not the same thing as "network computing."
12-17-97 21:45:17 <swordedge> MADodel: I was told by the local cable company that all they will need is a great TCP/IP stack.... should they ever leave testing mode.
12-17-97 21:45:26 <swordedge> whats the difference
12-17-97 21:45:57 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: Network computing embraces a lot of other concepts, such as on-demand software
12-17-97 21:46:49 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: distribution, roaming (being able to get your desktop wherever you happen to be), security, data protection (keeping your private files private and secure), and
12-17-97 21:46:50 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: simple, easy to maintain systems that can be managed across the network.
12-17-97 21:46:51 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: So really we're trying to design solutions (including OS/2 Warp) to achieve a lot of those goals.
12-17-97 21:47:13 <swordedge> how much of that applies to the home
12-17-97 21:47:18 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: Oh, perhaps most importantly it means a common way of communicating and supporting applications, which is why Java is so important for tying everybody together.
12-17-97 21:47:34 * MADodel is running a cable modem under OS/2 as we speak. :-)
12-17-97 21:48:12 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: Plenty, ultimately, applies to the home. Remember I said that networking is the "third piece of the puzzle"? It's
12-17-97 21:48:13 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: coming down in price and getting a whole lot faster, so this will change the way we compute (first in business, then in our own homes).
12-17-97 21:48:30 <WarpFAQ> MADodel: I'm jealous. :-)
12-17-97 21:48:46 <MADodel> :-)
12-17-97 21:48:46 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: Personally, I want it ALL, and that definitely includes great networking to my house.
12-17-97 21:49:41 <MADodel> Do your first 4, then my 4 then zeosx then nathana
12-17-97 21:50:55 <WarpFAQ> Good question, Swordedge!
12-17-97 21:52:14 <MADodel> For questions to Tim /msg Abaraxas or /msg MADodel for voice to speak
12-17-97 21:52:28 <MADodel> go ahead CDP
12-17-97 21:52:35 <swordedge> What tech will be demoed in Nagano (winter olympics)
12-17-97 21:53:17 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: I haven't got the complete briefing yet on that, but you can visit www.nagano.olympic.org for some info on that.
12-17-97 21:53:34 <WarpFAQ> Swordedge: They're definitely using OS/2 Warp there, by the way.
12-17-97 21:53:36 <WarpFAQ> CDP, go ahead!
12-17-97 21:53:52 <CDP> I currently support approx. 300 OS/2 Warp clients on a Novell network (with Warp Servers mixed in ). Currently IBM seems to be deeply involved with continued support for the Novell Netware Requester for OS/2. I have read claims from Novell that IBM may develop the next version of Netware Requester for OS/2. Will Novell or IBM develop a 32bit Netware Requester? I have seen requirements for the 32 bit client in IBM's own products, like IB
12-17-97 21:55:14 <WarpFAQ> CDP: So far it's been a joint effort, as you've noted. Their current requester (2.12) is pretty darn good (especially with the new notebook computer and NDS support).
12-17-97 21:56:28 <WarpFAQ> CDP: Novell's retooling NetWare into a more IP-oriented product (with more web serving capabilities, for example), and that's ultimately only going to help them support more clients better (including OS/2 Warp).
12-17-97 21:57:06 <WarpFAQ> CDP: Truthfully, though, I don't know who's going to do what (in terms of which company's going to provide what particular client code), but we're going to keep working together.
12-17-97 21:57:11 <CDP> Yes, 2.12 (and the fixes in os2pt1.exe) are very good. But I still lack some features. And some people, including IBM AntiVirus Tech support tell me would be overcome if we had a 32bit client.
12-17-97 21:57:39 <WarpFAQ> CDP: Sorry for the non-answer. :-)
12-17-97 21:58:03 <CDP> Thanks, the truth is always better...
12-17-97 21:58:32 <CDP> I'll keep bugging Novell.
12-17-97 21:58:34 <WarpFAQ> CDP: That's a new one to me, actually. But, like I said, I think there's some big developments on the server end for Novell, relating to TCP/IP, so perhaps we'll see something along those lines (which is obviously a pure 32-bit, fast protocol).
12-17-97 21:59:32 <WarpFAQ> Thanks, CDP.
12-17-97 21:59:35 <ampersand> We know a lot of time and effort have been put into Workspace on Demand, but what does that mean for any further versions of Warp? Will there be a Warp 5? Or will it ultimately divide between Warp Server and WOD? And if there will be a Warp 5, when should we look for it and what will it include?
12-17-97 21:59:35 <WarpFAQ> CDP: Always. :-) You bug us, I'm sure. :-)
12-17-97 22:00:25 <WarpFAQ> CDP: By the way, Novell is a good partner in the JavaSoft group, and we've worked with them in that effort.
12-17-97 22:01:10 <WarpFAQ> CDP: Also, I believe our DHCP now interoperates with Novell's.
12-17-97 22:01:31 <WarpFAQ> CDP: (I don't think they have a DDNS yet, though.)
12-17-97 22:01:31 <CDP> That DHCP info is good to know... thanks!
12-17-97 22:01:31 <WarpFAQ> CDP: And NetFinity manages NetWare (which you can control straight from OS/2 Warp).
12-17-97 22:02:06 <WarpFAQ> CDP: And the IBM Antivirus folks just came out with a great new NetWare version in 3.0.
12-17-97 22:02:23 <WarpFAQ> CDP: Now that I think about it, I guess there are a few things going on. :-)
12-17-97 22:02:36 <CDP> The netware for AntiVirus 3.0 can NOT be managed from OS/2 Warp -- it requires NT or 95!!! That is why I need the 32 bit os/2 client.
12-17-97 22:02:38 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand, fire away!
12-17-97 22:03:13 <CDP> But, I did get around installing NT to support the Antivirus for Netware (I had to go to the lead developer) hit ALT-E to get the old Netware console back up! -- works for me.
12-17-97 22:03:31 <ampersand> We know a lot of time and effort have been put into Workspace on Demand, but
12-17-97 22:03:31 <ampersand> what does that mean for any further versions of Warp? Will there be a Warp 5? Or will
12-17-97 22:03:32 <ampersand> it ultimately divide between Warp Server and WOD? And if there will be a Warp 5, when
12-17-97 22:03:32 <ampersand> should we look for it and what will it include?
12-17-97 22:03:32 <CDP> Thanks.
12-17-97 22:05:24 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand: What I can tell you is that there will be enhancements released for ALL members of the OS/2 Warp family, intially through IBM Software Choice.
12-17-97 22:05:44 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand: At some point they reach "critical mass," and we'll release a new version.
12-17-97 22:06:06 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand: The point is, though, that you don't have to wait for the new version to get enhancements.
12-17-97 22:06:27 <ampersand> Software Choice is good for two years; will there be an OS/2 Warp (even if by another name) for that long?
12-17-97 22:07:15 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand: Now, will that happen in 1998? Well, as you know, Warp Server last got a major refresh BEFORE Warp 4, so it's due before Warp 4. We'll see how things go, but at this point we've got to get a new Warp Server out first.
12-17-97 22:07:40 <ampersand> I'm sure Server and WSOD will be around, but what about any direct descendents of Warp4?
12-17-97 22:08:12 <ampersand> For those who use standalone systems, is their upgrade route ultimately going to be Warp Server, perhaps without networking features installed?
12-17-97 22:08:14 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand: By the way, rumor has it (and I'm afraid I haven't confirmed it yet) that shrinkwrapped versions of Warp 4 with the latest FixPack already included are starting to appear in stores.
12-17-97 22:08:28 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand: You can call that 4.01, if you like. :-)
12-17-97 22:08:28 <MADodel> We have to move this along. Please try to keep your questions to 1 or 2 for Tim so others get a chance.
12-17-97 22:09:24 <WarpFAQ> Very good question...
12-17-97 22:10:10 <MADodel> Go ahead headache
12-17-97 22:10:11 <Headache> Does IBM have any plans on supporting 3d accelerated hardware for OS/2 through device drivers?
12-17-97 22:10:38 <KoolAde> thanks
12-17-97 22:12:20 <MADodel> headache We'd like to keep questions to networking topic
12-17-97 22:13:27 <WarpFAQ> CDP: Well, that's almost true. If you install NetFinity for NetWare (comes with Warp Server) you can manage it through that route.
12-17-97 22:13:34 <WarpFAQ> CDP: (Thank you for reminding me of that.)
12-17-97 22:15:40 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand: We already announced that even current releases of OS/2 Warp are supported through year end 2000.
12-17-97 22:16:00 <WarpFAQ> Last I checked that was beyond the two year Software Choice period... :-)
12-17-97 22:16:16 <KoolAde> WarpFAQ my first question is as a home user SOHO so called I quess my understanding of NetWorking is different than IBM so as I see it NetWorking is hooking up to the internet or through a company network , I would use the internet to do my networking
12-17-97 22:16:38 <WarpFAQ> Ampersand: I doubt it. Warp 4 (and its successors) are going to be around for a while. Until networking gets REALLY cheap, I suspect.
12-17-97 22:16:58 <KoolAde> why am I useing a browser that is more than 3 versins behind both of the major windows versions
12-17-97 22:17:41 <WarpFAQ> Headache: Good question, one I confess I don't know the answer to. My guess is that it would be done through OpenGL, and the driving force would be Java requiring 3D support (which I hear is likely).
12-17-97 22:18:29 <KoolAde> as I see it IBM is pushing networking and from my view I am not getting all the support I would need to do my networking
12-17-97 22:18:31 <MADodel> Please don't message Tim. Direct all /msg to either MADodel or /Abraxas
12-17-97 22:18:40 <WarpFAQ> KoolAde: It's actually one version back (2.02 is really 3; see the README file and -3 option).
12-17-97 22:19:07 <WarpFAQ> KoolAde: And even that's not really true -- we'll probably have the first (and only) major Java 1.1x enabled browser on the market before long.
12-17-97 22:19:16 <WarpFAQ> KoolAde: (OS/2 Warp's Java support is TRULY state of the art.)
12-17-97 22:19:59 <WarpFAQ> KoolAde: Admittedly we're not going to get real excited about a "cool" feature in a browser simply because it's "cool."
12-17-97 22:20:06 <KoolAde> WarpFAQ I know abouth the -3 but I still cant go into some area that require java they say I am not up to level and I use the leaked java ns
12-17-97 22:20:06 <WarpFAQ> KoolAde: But we're going to try and close the gap.
12-17-97 22:20:36 <WarpFAQ> KoolAde: In the meantime be advised that Netscape has tested Netscape Communicator 4 for Windows 3.1 under Win-OS/2, and it does work fine.
12-17-97 22:21:17 <WarpFAQ> KoolAde: So choose your favorite weapon. :-)
12-17-97 22:21:17 <MADodel> Go ahead terrulen
12-17-97 22:21:17 <Terrulen> We have three machines in our home office that I'm thinking of networking. Two have OS/2 Warp 4 on them, and the third has Windows 3.1. First, what hardware do I need to network them together?
12-17-97 22:21:26 <WarpFAQ> KoolAde: Maybe we need a -4 then. :-)
12-17-97 22:21:52 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: OK, typically you'd choose ethernet or Token-Ring. They both work on the same,
12-17-97 22:22:08 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: basic wiring for a small network... Adapters for each system, then cables from
12-17-97 22:22:43 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: each adapter to a "hub" (or "MAU" for Token-Ring). 10BaseT ethernet is what I'm talking about.
12-17-97 22:23:08 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: Then you choose your speed... Most typically for a small network you'd choose 10 Mbit ethernet.
12-17-97 22:23:25 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: One quick second question?
12-17-97 22:23:27 <Terrulen> Would the software that comes with Warp 4 and WFWG be all I needed after I got the hardware?
12-17-97 22:23:39 <Terrulen> Sure.
12-17-97 22:23:45 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: You bet!
12-17-97 22:24:06 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: Warp 4's File/Print Client (for peer-to-peer networking) and Windows for Workgroups communicate great.
12-17-97 22:24:19 <Terrulen> Okay, Second, if I were to later get cable modem service (it's offered in my area) would all 3 machines be able to work off the same cable modem? (that's connected to just one of the machines)
12-17-97 22:24:26 <Dark> I have a few noname network cards on my lan (10base T consisting of 3 machines). When all 3 machines ran os/2 warp 4 I could only get about 350KB/s across it. This is very very slow. I eventually (as a test) installed win95 on them, and got 500KB/s (still slow, but better). My question is, is there anyway to improve network speed? The no-name cards hold it back a bunch, but os/2 SHOULD in my mind been the faster of the 2. All cards are NE2000
12-17-97 22:24:27 <mandie> what if he setup a socks server?
12-17-97 22:24:28 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: I would recommend looking through the back issues of "Ask Timmy" (a column on networking) in www.32bitsonline.com for more info.
12-17-97 22:25:05 <WarpFAQ> Terrulen: Yes, get InJoy for that (see http://www.fx.dk) -- it's excellent for setting up such a network.
12-17-97 22:25:38 <WarpFAQ> Dark: I would try another NE2000 driver -- the throughput is probably limited by an older
12-17-97 22:26:08 <WarpFAQ> Dark: driver. There are a variety of NE2000 drivers out there for OS/2 Warp. The best one seems to be the one from National Semiconductor (look for ns2000.zip).
12-17-97 22:26:32 <Dark> WarpFAQ: All the cards are less than 6 months old.
12-17-97 22:26:32 <Dark> as are the cables, etc.
12-17-97 22:26:32 <WarpFAQ> Dark: If that doesn't work, try another. Also be sure to take advantage of any performance features on the card, such as interrupts (rather than polled I/O) and, if possible, DMA.
12-17-97 22:26:59 <WarpFAQ> Dark: Oh, one other thing: if you're using NetBIOS that can be tuned quite a lot.
12-17-97 22:27:11 <Dark> warp: Ok I'll take a look for those things. Thanks.
12-17-97 22:27:38 <WarpFAQ> Dark: I think there is a good performance tuning whitepaper for Warp Server (applies to Warp 4, too) on www.software.ibm.com/os/warp.
12-17-97 22:28:07 <WarpFAQ> Thanks, Dark!
12-17-97 22:28:30 <WarpFAQ> Dark: And don't forget the MTU (for TCP/IP) -- set that appropriately!
12-17-97 22:28:44 <TheSeer> Ok.. 2 Questions... First: If IBM says PC-Hardware can't fit all the Serverneeds..ok.. But why do they develeop eCommerce-Stuff for NT and *NON* for OS/2 ?
12-17-97 22:28:51 * Dark scrambles to open netscape to get the help pages...
12-17-97 22:29:10 <WarpFAQ> I'm happy to say past our allotted time so we can take more questions -- we'll go another half hour, so please stay tuned everyone...
12-17-97 22:29:38 <mandie> WarpFAQ: excellent! thank you :)
12-17-97 22:29:46 <TheSeer> ( eCommerce itself or Visual Age for eCommerce (i just read a html for it.. ;) )
12-17-97 22:30:00 -> We're going to have to speed this up to get everyone in....please limit your questions to 1 question, and a followup
12-17-97 22:30:03 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Simple. Some code (good example is NetFusion) we got (bought) from outside companies, and they perhaps didn't have an OS/2 Warp version yet.
12-17-97 22:30:23 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Longer term we try and move as much of our software as possible to as many platforms as possible.
12-17-97 22:30:54 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: It works both ways sometimes (with exclusives on OS/2 Warp, AS/400, System/390, etc.)
12-17-97 22:31:37 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: We don't like this "gap," but it doesn't mean we won't stop selling a version for another platform.
12-17-97 22:31:37 <TheSeer> Hmm.. it's a bit "strange" to say "yes" to OS/2 but develop all stuff needed for NT.. :( I'd like to have a 100% pure OS/2-System or even a possibilitty to have it.. WWW, FTP, FIREWALL (?)..
12-17-97 22:31:59 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: OS/2 Warp has the first Java 1.1.4, for example.
12-17-97 22:32:22 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Well, we've got solutions along those lines -- have you checked out Lotus Go yet?
12-17-97 22:32:53 <TheSeer> Go is an updated ICS for me.. ;)
12-17-97 22:33:00 <TheSeer> ICS = SLOW..
12-17-97 22:33:01 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Our firewall is for AIX (and only AIX at the moment).
12-17-97 22:33:35 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: By the way, this is one reason we're so gung-ho about Java.
12-17-97 22:34:14 <TheSeer> But you can't code a Firewall in Java.. (not until java is muuuuuuuuuuch faster ;) )
12-17-97 22:34:42 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: It's a *heck* of a lot faster than ICS.
12-17-97 22:35:13 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Well, we aren't too far from Java in silicon on some of IBM's bigger iron... :-)
12-17-97 22:35:37 <WarpFAQ> TheSeer: Faster still with TCP/IP 4.1 underneath.
12-17-97 22:35:49 <WarpFAQ> Thanks, Seer.
12-17-97 22:36:00 <NathanA> OS/2 seems to have an even smaller niche market than before, now that it is no longer being, er, even "optimized" for the home market (I say "optimize" rather than "target" because OS/2 never really *was* targeted towards the home market) and now that the client version of OS/2 is gradually being turned into a Java machine and a "slim" client (WSOD). However, with that being the case,...
12-17-97 22:36:08 <NathanA> ...what is the point of OS/2 anymore? Many would agree (perhaps even people inside IBM!) that Unix has a much better and much more integrated networking structure. So how would you convince the public at large out there that OS/2 can perforn these tasks better and/or has features that might make it easier to maintain a [corporate] network? GA.
12-17-97 22:36:09 <TheSeer> But the second question is still to come.. : I want to have a User beeing able to Telnet my Warp-System but i want to have a restriced Axs only.. how can i do that? ( Maybe the JFS (rumors) will help ?)
12-17-97 22:37:11 <TheSeer> NathanA: good question ;)
12-17-97 22:37:25 <NathanA> TheSeer: Thanks. :-)
12-17-97 22:37:37 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: OS/2 Warp is still the best way to run a variety of applications written since the PC was first produced, continue to run them, but provide fast TCP/IP and fast, certified, and complete Java for modern, Java applications.
12-17-97 22:37:37 <TheSeer> Put the WPS on an X-Server and i'll kick OS/2 ;)
12-17-97 22:38:09 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: Now, you're asking a deeper question perhaps... What is the future of proprietary operating systems that cannot speak the common language of the Internet, Java.
12-17-97 22:38:39 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: So I guess I'm answering your question with a question. :-)
12-17-97 22:38:41 <NathanA> WarpFAQ: Yeah, but the gist *I've* gotten is that soon, that won't be the case. DOS and Win16 apps are less and less valuable nowadays, and fairly soon, PM apps won't be worth the overhead either.
12-17-97 22:39:01 <NathanA> :-)
12-17-97 22:39:19 <NathanA> WarpFAQ: Well...
12-17-97 22:39:57 <NathanA> WarpFAQ: ...what *I'm* asking is, why OS/2 if Windows, MacOS, Rhapsody, and other Unices can run Java?
12-17-97 22:40:26 <NathanA> (well, that's *part* of what I'm asking, at least)
12-17-97 22:40:29 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: We don't expect that those applications will go away for YEARS. RELAX. We're planning for the future, not surrendering the past.
12-17-97 22:41:07 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: It's real simple... You design for the FUTURE, and we firmly believe that the future is a common way of computing across a network.
12-17-97 22:41:14 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: OS/2 Warp is playing that game big time.
12-17-97 22:41:21 <NathanA> WarpFAQ: But at the same time as you have OS/2, you've got AIX and other things which might be able to perform the task better! Why the conflict of interests there?
12-17-97 22:41:46 <NathanA> (I'm not saying it DOES perform it better, mind you... ;-))
12-17-97 22:41:47 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: Well, I'm going to say something shocking, perhaps. PICK THE BEST JAVA PLATFORM THAT YOU PREFER.
12-17-97 22:42:01 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: That's my point.
12-17-97 22:42:15 <mandie> add STABLE to that
12-17-97 22:42:33 <NathanA> WarpFAQ: OK...well, I don't guarantee OS/2 will go anywhere, then, if that's your selling point :-P I don't mean to be negative, but...
12-17-97 22:42:43 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: Because one size does not fit all. You chose the right weapon for the job. If you want AIX, GO FOR IT.
12-17-97 22:43:16 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: I cannot dissuade you from that opinion, if that's your firmly held opinion.
12-17-97 22:43:24 <NathanA> ...right now, I don't know what else to say! ;-) Because OS/2 isn't just competing against other IBM products...
12-17-97 22:43:39 <NathanA> 'k
12-17-97 22:43:54 <mandie> we need to move on with the questions
12-17-97 22:43:57 <MADodel> OK let's ask Tim a question he can answer. :-)
12-17-97 22:44:08 <NathanA> I don't know of another way to look at it... that's my prob ;-P ;-)
12-17-97 22:44:26 <samster> ok, for webserving, I dont see any advantage to warpserver over warp, right ?
12-17-97 22:44:33 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: Nor do I want to. I'm telling you to choose the platform you prefer. We think we've got a darn good one in OS/2 Warp, one which is going to protect your future growth by providing first class Java. Whichever platform you choose, though,
12-17-97 22:44:39 <WarpFAQ> NathanA: I would still choose it on that basis.
12-17-97 22:45:00 <samster> basically what extras does wserver gove for IP based server apps ?
12-17-97 22:45:19 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Well, Warp Server Advanced has an enhanced, "turbo" file system which can improve web serving performance.
12-17-97 22:45:37 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Warp Server SMP might help with processing heavy duty CGI and Java backend work.
12-17-97 22:45:52 <WarpFAQ> Samster: So I would say that there are advantages to Warp Server.
12-17-97 22:45:52 * MADodel wants Warp SMP.
12-17-97 22:46:15 <samster> does wserver has unix like telnet server ?
12-17-97 22:46:53 <WarpFAQ> One more point on NathanA's question... Look, if folks are asking us to design a proprietary, CLOSED system, we just ain't going to do it. We're designing OS/2 Warp to be as OPEN a Java platform as possible. That's a key design point. And if
12-17-97 22:47:04 <WarpFAQ> people have a problem with that, I JUST DON'T GET IT. :-)
12-17-97 22:47:19 <Projects> I have to network my dos box and my OS/2 box out of necessity. I found a great little networking app (Lanus) but I have no OS/2 client, so I can't see the dos box from the OS/2 one. Is there an affordable, simple (lanus is extremely simple) solution that will allow peer to peer between these boxes?
12-17-97 22:47:57 <MADodel> Go ahead Projects
12-17-97 22:47:58 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Not Unix-like, really. (Both NT and Warp Server are not "classic" multiuser systems designed to support terminals.) They're multiuser of a different breed.
12-17-97 22:48:02 <WarpFAQ> thanks, samster.
12-17-97 22:49:12 <mandie> WarpFaq: I have an older laptop and I installed warp 4.0 using laplink cable/parellel port to install...is there an easier way...other than buying a laptop with a cdrom :)
12-17-97 22:49:54 <WarpFAQ> Samster: Just occurred to me, though, that there are some interesting solutions which turn Warp or Warp Server into a multiuser telnet.
12-17-97 22:50:13 <WarpFAQ> Samster: One is the classic BBS-type software. I also believe the popular "OS2You" remote control software will support that.
12-17-97 22:51:12 <WarpFAQ> Projects: Beg, borrow, or steal a Warp Server CD -- it's got the "IBM DOS LAN Requester" on it that'll internetwork with OS/2 Warp. (To legally use it just buy a "Warp Server Use-Based Feature" from your
12-17-97 22:51:32 <WarpFAQ> Projects: favorite OS/2 Warp software dealer, like www.indelible-blue.com or www.os2store.com.
12-17-97 22:52:24 <Projects> WarpFAQ: and that'll allow peer to peer between the dos box and the OS/2 one?
12-17-97 22:52:26 <WarpFAQ> Mandie: Maybe. If you can copy the contents of the CD-ROM to, say, Drive D on the notebook, then boot up with the regular installation diskettes, it doesn't really care that that isn't a CD-ROM. It'll install from it anyhow. You'll need enough
12-17-97 22:52:38 <WarpFAQ> Mandie: disk space during installation, but it does work.
12-17-97 22:52:43 -> *Projects* finally an answer to your question....and I think I have Warp Server in one of the devcon packages or BESTTeam packages....I'll look, tomorrow
12-17-97 22:53:01 <WarpFAQ> Go SwitchTec!
12-17-97 22:53:13 <SwitchTec> Despite its superior networking, the large company I
12-17-97 22:53:13 <SwitchTec> work for dropped OS/2 and picked up Windows (server
12-17-97 22:53:14 <SwitchTec> and desktop) to stay compatible with "everyone else.
12-17-97 22:53:14 <SwitchTec> MS even helped port all our 16 bit apps to Win32.
12-17-97 22:53:14 <SwitchTec> Our company isn't betting on JAVA - just Win32.
12-17-97 22:53:19 <SwitchTec> How can OS/2 stay competitive against Windows
12-17-97 22:53:19 <SwitchTec> with such momentum behind Windows (and MS Office
12-17-97 22:53:19 <SwitchTec> 97)?
12-17-97 22:57:29 <WarpFAQ> Projects: Yes!
12-17-97 22:57:56 <Projects> WarpFAQ: THANKS!! That's just what I've been looking for! :)
12-17-97 22:58:03 <WarpFAQ> Projects: The DOS machine is limited to one peer connection at a time, but it will peer-to-peer with OS/2 Warp.
12-17-97 22:59:01 <Projects> WarpFAQ: not a problem... I only have the two machines connected at the moment, and if I do all five, 4 of them will be OS/2 boxes
12-17-97 23:00:42 <MADodel> This lag is killing us tonight. Tim is obviously lagged
12-17-97 23:00:49 <mandie> Well, it's getting late
12-17-97 23:01:03 <mandie> I'd like to thank everyone for coming tonight
12-17-97 23:01:03 <MADodel> os2hq ask your question
12-17-97 23:01:03 <os2hq> You don't need to convince me about "network computing," since I have noticed a night vs. day difference in getting OS/2 support once I got on the Net.
12-17-97 23:01:15 <mandie> and especially thank our guest Tim Sipples for his support of OS/2
12-17-97 23:01:21 <WarpFAQ> The lagging's getting REALLY bad everyone.
12-17-97 23:01:33 <os2hq> So, wouldn't it be VERY important to have OS/2 Install include getting on IRC, etc.?
12-17-97 23:01:56 <WarpFAQ> My first try at this.
12-17-97 23:01:59 <os2hq> In other words, shouldn't one goal of IBM be improving the install experience so that OS/2 newbies get right into our "community" on the Web??
12-17-97 23:02:10 <WarpFAQ> I suggest we adjourn until the next meeting.
12-17-97 23:02:31 <os2hq> okay &(
12-17-97 23:02:36 <MADodel> Perhaps Tim can come back and answer some more questions. Hopefully on a night when the net cooperates.
12-17-97 23:02:49 * SwitchTec thanks Tim for coming!
12-17-97 23:02:49 <WarpFAQ> In the meantime, I encourage people to read "Ask Timmy" at www.32bitsonline.com as well as visit my
12-17-97 23:02:49 <WarpFAQ> homepage at http://www.secant.com/sipples.
12-17-97 23:02:50 <WarpFAQ> Thanks for the invitation to spend a couple hours with you here.
12-17-97 23:02:50 <mandie> WarpFaq: thank you again..maybe you can come back at a later date and we can discuss Warpstock :)
12-17-97 23:02:57 *** #Voice Mode change: -m by MADodel
12-17-97 23:03:07 <GamerX> Yay!
12-17-97 23:03:13 <MADodel> The channel is now unmoderated
12-17-97 23:03:17 <swordedge> thanks tim
12-17-97 23:03:19 <GamerX> Dankishin, Tim.
12-17-97 23:03:21 * NewOrder runs around the channel
12-17-97 23:03:21 <Projects> WarpFAQ: thanks very much for coming
12-17-97 23:03:35 <MADodel> Sorry about the lag, I had some questions of my own. :-(
12-17-97 23:03:40 <GamerX> Yeah..
12-17-97 23:03:57 <mandie> Mad: it was the net tonight..not the network
12-17-97 23:04:02 <GamerX> 486 Optimizations, Networking LAN's behind cable modems :)
12-17-97 23:04:22 * Mjoelner drags his prepared question to the shredder...
12-17-97 23:04:28 <Spoc> hehehe
12-17-97 23:04:34 <mandie> Mjoelner: doesn't pay to be toooooooo quiet :)
12-17-97 23:04:39 <MickBrown> MAE-E stinks on ice
12-17-97 23:04:40 * MADodel said net not WEBBnet
12-17-97 23:04:58 <mandie> Mad: correct :)
12-17-97 23:05:05 <Mjoelner> MADlog: well with +m I dont have much choise do I ?
12-17-97 23:05:10 <TheSeer> Maybe we should create some kind of mailinglist (mail all questions to one guy.. filter.. send to Tim, send Answer-paket around) ?
12-17-97 23:05:15 -> Apologies to those in the queue who never got a chance to ask their questions
12-17-97 23:05:25 <MickBrown> Tim was using IGN networking, and the only serve which didn't cross MAE-e was irc.wwiv.net
12-17-97 23:05:25 <Knadles> VOICE members: Thanks...good meeting!
12-17-97 23:05:25 <MADodel> I hope we can convince Tim to come back next month
12-17-97 23:05:26 <GamerX> Dagnabit.
12-17-97 23:05:34 <swordedge> I know one thing that is in the works that will solve a good percentage of net problems....IPv6 (it's at v4 now) 128 bit addressing or something like 1500 address per square (foot or meter can't remeber witch) of earth.
12-17-97 23:05:34 <GamerX> I hope so too :)
12-17-97 23:05:50 <LuneMan> MADodel: next week maybe!!! :)
12-17-97 23:05:52 <mandie> Knadles: ya'll come back now :)
12-17-97 23:06:05 <Knadles> mandie: Of course! :-)
12-17-97 23:06:10 <MADodel> re WarpFAQ
12-17-97 23:06:10 <mandie> :)
12-17-97 23:06:11 <kf8nh> erm, this is *not* lagged. not like the 5-minute-delay lags that drove me away from IRC a few years ago. :-)
12-17-97 23:06:15 * SwitchTec repeats thanks to Tim for coming!
12-17-97 23:06:26 <WarpFAQ> Just a final good night!
12-17-97 23:06:29 <WarpFAQ> Thanks again.
12-17-97 23:06:29 -> Thanks to ALL who attended, tonight....we meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month....same time....same channel
12-17-97 23:06:37 <GamerX> 5 minute lags? Ieeee..
12-17-97 23:06:38 <Projects> kf8nh: it was horrible earlier this evening
12-17-97 23:06:46 <Knadles> *** PING (WarpFAQ): 4 Seconds
12-17-97 23:06:47 <mandie> WarpFaq: maybe our next session can be in reference to Warpstock :)
12-17-97 23:06:51 <GamerX> Ack.. I repaired my server just to ask Q's here :)
12-17-97 23:06:54 <WarpFAQ> I'm sure we'll have better luck next time.
12-17-97 23:07:05 <WarpFAQ> Mandie: I'd like that! Chicago's threatening to bid... :-)
12-17-97 23:07:10 <kf8nh> Projects: I did a ping back then. worst I saw was 2mins.
12-17-97 23:07:13 <Spoc> GamerX: you needed to fix your server anyway..
12-17-97 23:07:16 <Knadles> mandie: Warpstock in Chicago, I hope!
12-17-97 23:07:25 <mandie> If anyone has a request of someone that they would like as a guest..please email me and let me know...within reason :)
12-17-97 23:07:32 -> WarpFaq I saw that....great news
12-17-97 23:07:33 * MADodel really hopes Warpstock is in Sept or the Spring then
12-17-97 23:07:41 <kf8nh> thanks for coming, Tim!
12-17-97 23:08:17 <Knadles> Bah! I've seen 12-15 minute pings...
12-17-97 23:08:17 <GamerX> Spoc, True.. :) But it was more compelling than usual
12-17-97 23:08:17 <WarpFAQ> Still working on the facilities, though.
12-17-97 23:08:17 <mandie> Knadles: same here! 4-5 hr drive for me :)
12-17-97 23:08:17 * NewOrder still would like WarpStock to be in detroit.. I bet mandie would like that one also :)
12-17-97 23:08:18 <Projects> kf8nh: I got disconnected... took me 10 minutes or so to reconnect to find I was still there (on efnet)
12-17-97 23:08:18 <Knadles> mandie: 5 minute drive for me...hehe
12-17-97 23:08:20 <WarpFAQ> Over and out...
12-17-97 23:08:24 <kf8nh> one horrific time we got 25-minute pings...
12-17-97 23:08:24 <SwitchTec> kf8: I got bounced for 241 second delay (4 min).
12-17-97 23:08:24 <swordedge> warpstock... austin, chicago, nyc, washington where ever
12-17-97 23:08:29 * NewOrder just had to check some stocks... C ya's
12-17-97 23:08:33 <GamerX> 25 mintues!
12-17-97 23:08:38 * SwitchTec votes for san antonio!
12-17-97 23:08:42 <mandie> WarpFaq: I maintained the #warpstock channel on this network..it's down right now until I figure out how to setup an ircd on linux..then it will be back up and open
12-17-97 23:09:11 * Projects still votes for anchorage (if it has to be in the us) or Vancouver if it can be in canada
12-17-97 23:09:15 <os2hq> Gnight, all. Hmmm, lag seems less now.
12-17-97 23:09:16 * mandie votes for a Warpstock '98 period!
12-17-97 23:09:22 <mandie> projects: ah, we know :)
12-17-97 23:09:22 <Knadles> MADodel: Why do you want a spring or fall Warpstock?
12-17-97 23:09:27 <kf8nh> 25 minutes. still, faster than some Delphi chats from years ago :-)
12-17-97 23:09:33 <os2hq> wonders if it was "moderation-influenced"
12-17-97 23:09:40 <Projects> mandie: :)
12-17-97 23:09:47 <swordedge> ya won't give up on alaska will ya ;-)
12-17-97 23:09:50 <kf8nh> Projects: you only get a vote if you're organizing it.
12-17-97 23:09:51 <MADodel> Knadles if it's in Chicago I don't want to be there in OCt through Feb
12-17-97 23:09:52 <mandie> lol
12-17-97 23:10:11 <Mjoelner> someone looked at the new issue of OS/2 e-zine ?
12-17-97 23:10:11 <Projects> hehehe
12-17-97 23:10:12 <MADodel> Yeah where is the lag now?
12-17-97 23:10:18 <Spoc> btw, anyone here have a ESS PNP card and a SB16 working together fine?
12-17-97 23:10:25 <MickBrown> IGN has a problem getting across MAE-e the suntrix server was on the wrong side
12-17-97 23:10:25 <os2hq> MJ: yep.
12-17-97 23:10:26 <os2hq> Good headline.
12-17-97 23:10:29 <Projects> kf8nh: I offered :) Trouble is, nobody in their right mind would come way up here...
12-17-97 23:10:29 <Mjoelner> I noted there was no voting form in it (at least not one I could find)
12-17-97 23:10:33 <MADodel> Spoc: why 2 sound cards?
12-17-97 23:10:45 * Abraxas is on IGN and had no problems to speak of
12-17-97 23:10:46 <mandie> spoc: not giving up on that eh :)
12-17-97 23:10:47 <GamerX> Delphi?
12-17-97 23:10:50 <Knadles> MADodel: Hah! We haven't had a good, "Where'd I leave the Volvo?" kind of blizzard in a long time.
12-17-97 23:10:50 <os2hq> MJ: it's there.
12-17-97 23:10:53 <GamerX> Spoc, I wish.. I just have an ESS688 normal.
12-17-97 23:10:59 <Mjoelner> MADlog: cause he's gonna test the warpamp multi soundcard code for us
12-17-97 23:11:02 *** Log Terminated.