04-20-98 17:08:57 *** Sipples (tsipple@gate11.ny.us.ibm.com) has joined #voice [17:08:57]
04-20-98 17:09:04 *** #voice Mode change: +o Sipples by I-P
04-20-98 17:09:16 <Sipples> Sorry about that, folks. :-)
04-20-98 17:09:39 <I-P> It's okay :) Would you like to make an opening announcement?
04-20-98 17:09:50 <Sipples> I'd be honored!
04-20-98 17:10:09 <Sipples> Well, thanks for stopping by this evening's chat.
04-20-98 17:10:30 <Sipples> I know you're all excited about Warpstock '98, and I hope I can answer your questions about it.
04-20-98 17:10:45 <Sipples> We have posted quite a bit of information to www.warpstock.org already, but I'm sure many of you
04-20-98 17:10:48 <Sipples> will have even more questions.
04-20-98 17:11:21 <Sipples> In particular, we JUST posted pricing information, and if you register really quick you'll get a tremendous bargain.
04-20-98 17:11:34 <I-P> what's "really quick"?
04-20-98 17:11:36 <Sipples> It's even a bit LESS expensive than Warpstock '97 if you register early.
04-20-98 17:11:51 <Sipples> Has to be by the end of May, so I wouldn't wait.
04-20-98 17:12:09 <Sipples> But I'll have more info on that as this evening goes on...
04-20-98 17:12:11 *** Bluegrass (wjdelong@slip-32-100-18-222.ky.us.ibm.net) has joined #voice [17:12:11]
04-20-98 17:12:25 <Sipples> So let's just dive right into the discussion...
04-20-98 17:12:32 *** ptackbar (ptackbar@jamawkinaw.vnet.net) has joined #voice [17:12:32]
04-20-98 17:12:47 *** VirBonus0 (~robert@dsl143.phnx.uswest.net) has joined #voice [17:12:47]
04-20-98 17:13:20 *** #voice Mode change: -m by I-P
04-20-98 17:13:39 <I-P> since the group here is a bit small at the moment, we'll open it up a bit :)
04-20-98 17:14:15 <I-P> questions, comments, and concerns are welcome from all
04-20-98 17:14:50 <VirBonus0> Is there a firm date set for WarpStock98?
04-20-98 17:15:08 <Nenad> Q: will there be any steps to make new Warpstock have better coverage my mainstream press?
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04-20-98 17:15:40 <I-P> ahh, network problems :(
04-20-98 17:16:06 *** Abraxas (dcasey@dyn1-tnt2-225.indianapolis.in.ameritech.net) has joined #voice [17:16:06]
04-20-98 17:16:16 *** #voice Mode change: +o Abraxas by Q-Z
04-20-98 17:16:47 *** Mjoelner (mjoelner@ragnarok.campus.luth.se) has joined #voice [17:16:47]
04-20-98 17:16:48 <I-P> The internet is such a fickle thing at times
04-20-98 17:17:11 <Q-Z> I say it's Bill Gates demoing Windows98.
04-20-98 17:17:14 <Q-Z> :-)
04-20-98 17:17:18 <Nenad> split, huh?
04-20-98 17:17:18 <I-P> nonono :)
04-20-98 17:17:19 <Longstaff> LOL
04-20-98 17:17:25 <Abraxas> VirBonus0 In case your question didn't get answered, the dates are October 16-18
04-20-98 17:17:33 *** Sipples (tsipple@gate10.ny.us.ibm.com) has joined #voice [17:17:33]
04-20-98 17:17:36 <VirBonus0> In Chicago?
04-20-98 17:17:39 *** #voice Mode change: +o Sipples by I-P
04-20-98 17:17:40 *** #voice Mode change: +o Sipples by Q-Z
04-20-98 17:17:43 <Sipples> Sorry about that, again!
04-20-98 17:17:48 <Abraxas> VirBonus0 yes
04-20-98 17:17:56 <I-P> it's alright, there was a netsplit
04-20-98 17:17:58 <Sipples> I'm having some terrible problems tonight. I think it's a Microsoft conspiracy. :-)
04-20-98 17:18:01 <Abraxas> VirBonus0 All the info is at www.warpstock.org
04-20-98 17:18:22 <VirBonus0> Thanks - I'll check it out.
04-20-98 17:18:24 <Q-Z> Tim: You using Windows 98 beta?
04-20-98 17:18:33 <Sipples> Hell, no!
04-20-98 17:19:10 <Nenad> it's not conspiracy, it's public ;)
04-20-98 17:19:17 <Nenad> Q: will there be any steps to make new Warpstock have better coverage my mainstream press?
04-20-98 17:19:48 *** Porter (java@innoval.tiac.net) has joined #voice [17:19:48]
04-20-98 17:19:52 <I-P> Since we have much more time before Warpstock '98 than we had before '97, I'm sure the schedule of presenters will change, but what can you tell us about the current set of presentations planned for this year?
04-20-98 17:20:07 <Nenad> Q: will IBM demo new WarpServer at Warpstock?
04-20-98 17:20:14 *** A-H is now known as TheSeer
04-20-98 17:20:18 <Sipples> Nenad: We'll sure try. I have a "press team" which will be trying to get as much publicity as possible.
04-20-98 17:20:22 <Q-Z> Nenad: no fair that was my question
04-20-98 17:20:30 *** Swanee (WayneSwans@ has joined #voice [17:20:30]
04-20-98 17:20:34 <Nenad> sorry :)
04-20-98 17:20:58 *** I-P is now known as Freiheit
04-20-98 17:21:18 *** #voice Mode change: +o ptackbar by Q-Z
04-20-98 17:21:24 <Sipples> I-P: Actually, we don't have that much more time, believe it or not. The city was chosen later than anyone would have liked, but now that we're set we've got some interesting things planned.
04-20-98 17:21:37 <Sipples> One thing that will be a little different is that we're going to have some more variety than we had in the past.
04-20-98 17:21:49 <Sipples> So I've been working with our program chair, Illona Cowen, a lot of interesting ideas.
04-20-98 17:21:50 *** Signoff: Porter (Connection reset by peer) [17:21:50]
04-20-98 17:22:01 *** Bluegrass (wjdelong@slip-32-100-18-222.ky.us.ibm.net) has joined #voice [17:22:01]
04-20-98 17:22:05 <Sipples> For example, we plan two tours of Chicago-area companies using OS/2 Warp (to see what a key role it plays for them).
04-20-98 17:22:13 <Sipples> That'll be a bit more fun than sitting in a chair for two days.
04-20-98 17:22:25 <Freiheit> That will be interesting to see--I thought the variety at Warpstock '97 was pretty good--more would very much impress me
04-20-98 17:22:37 <Sipples> Another thing we're going to try for the first time is a Warpstock game show, where contestants (that's you all) get to participate and try to win prizes.
04-20-98 17:22:48 <Sipples> You'll get to answer trivia questions about, what else, OS/2 Warp.
04-20-98 17:22:56 <Freiheit> very cool!
04-20-98 17:23:14 *** Ike (chilton@nashdial219.isdn.net) has joined #voice [17:23:14]
04-20-98 17:23:24 <Sipples> We're going to bring back all the things that worked, though. For example, we expect we'll have the Warpstock Museum, which was a really big hit.
04-20-98 17:23:31 * Abraxas begins work on his trivia database (and cheatsheet)
04-20-98 17:23:35 <Sipples> And of course we'll have exhibitors and seminars.
04-20-98 17:23:51 <Sipples> What will likely happen is that there will be "tracks," meaning that if you want to go to just programming sessions you can fill your schedule with those.
04-20-98 17:24:27 <Sipples> And, although I can't announce it yet, I think we've got a pretty interesting speaker for our closing ceremonies.
04-20-98 17:24:44 <Sipples> You'll of course see more and more be announced at www.warpstock.org as time progresses.
04-20-98 17:24:45 <Freiheit> (or if you want to go to just "promoting OS/2 to SOHO users" :))
04-20-98 17:24:49 <rivr> I'm a long-time OS/2 user; could you note the main focus/goal of WarpStock?
04-20-98 17:25:03 <Sipples> And, naturally, I'd like to invite those who wish to speak to please e-mail us at questions@warpstock.org, because we still have speaking slots open.
04-20-98 17:26:02 <Sipples> Rivr: Surely. It's really the only, general, conference and show devoted to OS/2 Warp users, not just the big corporate ones (although we welcome them) but also the people using OS/2 Warp at home and in small offices.
04-20-98 17:26:15 <Sipples> It's designed to be affordable and fun.
04-20-98 17:26:21 <Freiheit> and informative
04-20-98 17:26:30 <Sipples> Well, that too. :-)
04-20-98 17:26:33 <Q-Z> Tim: Is there any plans to start something for WarpStock99 before 98 actually happens? That would give the next group some extra time.
04-20-98 17:26:36 <Nenad> will WarpStock focus on Java, too, or only on native OS/2 solutions?
04-20-98 17:27:15 <Sipples> I'm going to make an effort personally to make sure that we have a host city named certainly no later than year end 1998, and hopefully a lot earlier than that.
04-20-98 17:27:50 <Sipples> Nenad: Both, certainly. Java is a big part of OS/2 Warp. (Remember: it was the first operating system to have Java built in. None other can claim that.)
04-20-98 17:27:52 <Q-Z> That would help a lot
04-20-98 17:27:58 <VirBonus0> \whois nenad
04-20-98 17:28:06 <VirBonus0> sorry
04-20-98 17:28:50 <Sipples> Nenad: In fact, we have tentatively planned a "Java 101" seminar, to help people write their first Java application. Should be a lot of fun.
04-20-98 17:29:18 <Freiheit> Sipples, in regards to EuroWarpstock, first do you have anything to do with that and if so do you foresee it being of essentially the same design?
04-20-98 17:29:56 <Nenad> today's InfoWorld electric reports about high prices of Microsoft's Windows Terminal, quote: "One company that evaluated WTS instead chose to stick with its IBM OS/2 servers and installed"
04-20-98 17:30:16 <Sipples> EuroWarpstock '98 is the first time, and it's inspired by the U.S. effort in '97. We plan to cross-link both web pages (in both directions). They're held at different times, and there are some folks who are planning to attend both.
04-20-98 17:30:44 <Nenad> will new WSOD with support for more open protocols be ready for WarpStock?
04-20-98 17:30:44 * Longstaff was seriously considering that
04-20-98 17:31:03 <Q-Z> Tim: will IBM be lending a hand to the European group as well?
04-20-98 17:31:27 <Sipples> Nenad: I think so, although I'm still working through what the best IBM presentations will be. I do expect IBM will provide some information at Warpstock '98, but I want that to be balanced.
04-20-98 17:31:42 <Sipples> Nenad: It looks like we'll definitely have them as an exhibitor as well.
04-20-98 17:32:08 *** ptackbar has left #voice [17:32:08]
04-20-98 17:32:10 <Sipples> I don't know about IBM helping with EuroWarpstock -- I'm afraid I haven't been in communication with that team myself.
04-20-98 17:32:17 <Swanee> Sipples: First off, Thank you Tim and all those that helped put together the bid. This "has been/will be" alot of work and I, for one, appreciate it. Question? What are the possibilities of small developers sharing display or table space at WarpStock?
04-20-98 17:32:23 <Nenad> "...and installed IBM's WorkSpace on Demand." is the end of the quote, sorry
04-20-98 17:32:47 <Sipples> Swanee: Well, we've actually dropped the advance price for exhibit space at Warpstock.
04-20-98 17:33:06 <Sipples> Swanee: An exhibit table went down by $100 if you get one before the end of May.
04-20-98 17:33:16 <Sipples> Swanee: We really do want small developers to feel at home.
04-20-98 17:33:27 <Swanee> Sipples: I guess I hadn't checked but I knew there was some talk last year about sharing space
04-20-98 17:33:33 <Sipples> Swanee: And that table includes two passes to Warpstock itself (details on the web site).
04-20-98 17:34:00 <Nenad> is there special offer planned for shareware/freeware developers?
04-20-98 17:34:00 <Sipples> Swanee: I don't think we'd have any problem with two exhibitors getting together and sharing space, splitting the cost of the table.
04-20-98 17:34:02 <VirBonus0> I'm unclear what registering as an Exhibitor will get me regarding events and seminars.
04-20-98 17:35:07 *** Signoff: Craig_G (>>searching for lag free servers<<) [17:35:07]
04-20-98 17:35:22 <Sipples> Well, as an exhibitor (assume that exhibitor provides a prize with a retail value of $50 for the drawing), you get an exhibit table, a chair, an electric outlet, a room where shipments can be received, and two "platinum" guest passes providing full
04-20-98 17:35:24 * Sandro has set away! (auto away after idling [30 min]) [Log:ON] .gz.
04-20-98 17:35:28 <Sipples> access to all Warpstock events and activities.
04-20-98 17:35:42 <Sipples> And that's all $100 less than last year (provided you sign up by May 31).
04-20-98 17:36:28 <Sipples> We also have a "Warpstock Store" premier venue available for an exhibitor who wishes to set up a larger display and store. For details on that please e-mail questions@warpstock.org.
04-20-98 17:36:50 <VirBonus0> Thanks - we are coming again, just wanted to find out what was included. It doesn't give adequate info on the registration page.
04-20-98 17:37:07 <Sipples> Exhibitors are allowed to pick their spots in order of payment received.
04-20-98 17:37:32 <Sipples> Yes, I have some complaints about the registration page, too. We will beef it up -- sorry about that.
04-20-98 17:37:48 <Sipples> (Actually, we already have, it's just that our webmaster didn't get the text in the right place. :-)0
04-20-98 17:38:19 *** Ike has left #voice [17:38:19]
04-20-98 17:38:21 <Freiheit> those darned webmasters--oh wait, I'm one too :)
04-20-98 17:38:28 <Sipples> Hah!
04-20-98 17:38:51 <Longstaff> i would appreciate it if there was a supporters' page like last year
04-20-98 17:38:55 *** Signoff: TheSeer (Warp 4 - Engage !) [17:38:55]
04-20-98 17:38:56 <Sipples> Which reminds me, this is a volunteer effort, and despite a few rough edges, our volunteers are really off to a roaring start. (Thanks, guys. :-))
04-20-98 17:39:07 <Sipples> Yup, Long, that too is coming.
04-20-98 17:39:30 <Sipples> You can get the Warpstock '98 logo and banner now, though. (See www.warpstock.org.)
04-20-98 17:39:51 <VirBonus0> One exhibitor registration sent.
04-20-98 17:40:00 <Sipples> Excellent, Vir! Welcome!
04-20-98 17:40:20 <Freiheit> the snowball continues to build :)
04-20-98 17:40:21 <Longstaff> uuh, actually those banner and logo hyperlinks aren't working right now :(
04-20-98 17:40:47 <Sipples> By the way, exhibitors will be located on the 27th Floor of the IBM Building, which is the main "nerve center" for Warpstock '98, housing some of the seminars and the Warpstock program offices. It'll also be the site for the Welcoming Reception
04-20-98 17:40:49 <Sipples> on Friday evening, open to Platinum Pass guests.
04-20-98 17:40:50 <rivr> What about improving the internet coverage of Warpstock? Provide more incentive for developers to gain a wider audience.
04-20-98 17:40:54 <VirBonus0> If you need a copy of Smack! to handle snail mail addressing or name badge generation let me know.
04-20-98 17:41:19 <Sipples> Long: Just grab 'em from the main web page. We don't mind.
04-20-98 17:41:32 <Longstaff> hehe...okay :)
04-20-98 17:41:59 *** Dave (Username@anx-ana0098.deltanet.com) has joined #voice [17:41:59]
04-20-98 17:42:14 <Sipples> Rivr: That's a big part of the publicity effort. Right now we're focusing on getting Warpstock '98 listed anywhere and everywhere on the Internet that's possible.
04-20-98 17:42:51 <Sipples> Thanks, Vir. Actually, if you could do me a favor and drop a note to questions@warpstock.org I'd be grateful.
04-20-98 17:43:04 <Dave> Sorry I'm late ... is this going to have an internet focus, perhaps?
04-20-98 17:43:31 <Sipples> Do mean Warpstock '98, Dave? Yes, the show will have a lot of Internet-related topics.
04-20-98 17:43:55 <VirBonus0> If someone could create a button and a simple FAQ on adding it to a page it might help.
04-20-98 17:43:59 <Sipples> (I was mentioning the Java content earlier, how we're planning a "Java 101" seminar to help people learn how to write their first Java applet/application with OS/2 Warp.)
04-20-98 17:44:27 <Sipples> Duly noted, Vir. I'll scold our webmasters. (They love hearing from me. :-))
04-20-98 17:44:33 <rivr> I was thinking more about publicizing the results/outcome than up front.
04-20-98 17:44:45 <Dave> I'm with the LA user group (SCOUG) We have an "almost ready for primetime" Java intro.
04-20-98 17:44:51 <Sipples> By the way, Matt, Seth, and Illona are manning the web pages. (I'd like to give them credit.)
04-20-98 17:45:10 *** phethmon (phethmon@warp.hethmon.com) has joined #voice [17:45:10]
04-20-98 17:45:13 <Nenad> Q: do you plan to actively ask vendors to participate or the web page is the only invitation they'll get? if yes, will that include hardware vendors?
04-20-98 17:45:48 <Sipples> Rivr: We do plan to use www.warpstock.org, at a minimum, to keep people outside informed. Obviously our main goal is to make the event as enjoyable as possible for paid attendees, but we're not going to forget the "greater cause."
04-20-98 17:46:34 <Sipples> Dave: I have a feeler out for someone who'd be really good at "Java 101," but I can't say that's definite, so if you have a speaker in mind we'd love to hear about him/her at questions@warpstock.org.
04-20-98 17:47:02 <Sipples> That goes for any seminar topic, of course -- questions@warpstock.org is the place to contact.
04-20-98 17:47:27 <Dave> We haven't decided on a delegation yet, but our pres, Terry Warren, gave a 4-evening course last year.
04-20-98 17:47:48 <Sipples> Sounds very interesting.
04-20-98 17:47:52 <Dave> Terry might be willing to provide his materials if he can't make it. Needs some updating.
04-20-98 17:48:51 <Freiheit> Here's a question I hope can be answered--might IBM show off/release Communicator/2 at Warpstock?
04-20-98 17:48:56 <Sipples> By the way, is everyone aware of the United Airlines airfare discounts?
04-20-98 17:49:31 <Sipples> Freiheit: Well, I am good friends with one of the programmers for Communicator/2, so if it's at all possible it'll be shown at Warpstock '98.
04-20-98 17:50:14 <phethmon> Make sure to nag Mike about it ;->
04-20-98 17:50:21 <Sipples> Any published airfare on United Airlines qualifies for the discount: 10% off 60+ days in advance, 5% off 30+ days in advance.
04-20-98 17:50:35 <Freiheit> it might be interesting also if we got the Opera/2 team there--show off both of the new OS/2 browsers side by side :)
04-20-98 17:50:38 <Sipples> If it's not already there, we'll have the United Airlines code number on the web site.
04-20-98 17:50:54 <Sipples> Paul: Shhh... :-)
04-20-98 17:51:28 <Sipples> And for that matter Communicator 5 for OS/2 Warp, what with the source code and all. And don't forget HotJava, which runs just fine on this here ThinkPad, thank you. :-)
04-20-98 17:51:50 <Sipples> Yeah, I guess you could say that a seminar on browsers would be nice.
04-20-98 17:52:29 <VirBonus0> Any idea how registrations are going?
04-20-98 17:52:34 <Sipples> How do you all like our hotel information? Complete enough? :-)
04-20-98 17:52:57 <Abraxas> Sipples I'll say .... GREAT info
04-20-98 17:53:04 * Freiheit hasn't really checked into them yet--still not even positive I'll be able to make it :(
04-20-98 17:53:09 <Sipples> Way too early, Vir -- I still haven't even gotten my first report yet. But the initial "I want to register" e-mail traffic was really encouraging.
04-20-98 17:53:39 <Abraxas> But the Embassy Suites is already full for that weekend ... I already checked there
04-20-98 17:54:02 <Q-Z> Tim: Are there any plans to invite the press to Warpstock98?
04-20-98 17:54:19 <Sipples> We really worked our (ahem) butts off getting that hotel information together, so use it, and the earlier the better! :-)
04-20-98 17:55:07 <Freiheit> Well surely all the OS/2 press (VOICE, E-Zine, EDM/2, Connect) will be there this time
04-20-98 17:55:18 <Sipples> Q-Z: Yes, but none specific yet. We're hopeful that James Coates (syndicated, Chicago Tribune computer columnist) will at least make it, but it's still really early at this point.
04-20-98 17:55:23 <Freiheit> though I for one would like to see some form of more "mainstream" press
04-20-98 17:55:30 <Sipples> Q-Z: A task my press team will be pursuing.
04-20-98 17:55:54 <Sipples> And that's a good point, Freiheit. We want to get the word out there, too.
04-20-98 17:56:35 <Sipples> Some sites have picked up the logo, link, etc., but not everyone. I'm working on "WarpFM," for example, which is IBM's newsletter. And that's been rather interesting, to say the least.
04-20-98 17:56:47 <Dave> If you're going to demo browsers, be sure to contact Kim Rasmussen to show his clever package Internet Adventurer. He was in LA, but I'm not sure if he presented.
04-20-98 17:57:06 <Q-Z> Tim: Why interesting? WarpFM that is?
04-20-98 17:57:25 *** Dave has left #voice [17:57:25]
04-20-98 17:57:27 <Sipples> One of our volunteers is starting right now by going through all the sites that carried the Warpstock '97 logo and getting them to update, then going after even more sites. We've got one volunteer doing nothing but trying to get our logo everywhere
04-20-98 17:57:28 <Sipples> possible on the Internet.
04-20-98 17:57:45 <Sipples> He's just starting, but I hope that'll bear fruits.
04-20-98 17:57:52 <Freiheit> well my site has already been updated for '98 :)
04-20-98 17:58:08 <Sipples> Q-Z: Well, it's actually going to be tough to get them to carry it.
04-20-98 17:58:14 <Longstaff> i'll get to mine in a day or two
04-20-98 17:58:15 <Q-Z> well VOICE is behind this as we were for Warpstock97. :-)
04-20-98 17:58:32 <Freiheit> and I'll do some volunteer work to get the word out in other places (like the PC/Computer forum where I'm a regular :))
04-20-98 17:58:36 <Sipples> Yah, Freiheit!
04-20-98 17:58:39 <Q-Z> Because of the market segment?
04-20-98 17:58:48 <Freiheit> err, PC/Computing
04-20-98 17:58:51 <Sipples> Q-Z: Something like that.
04-20-98 17:58:59 <Sipples> Q-Z: They haven't ran it yet, anyway.
04-20-98 17:59:20 <Sipples> Er, haven't *run* it yet... :-)
04-20-98 17:59:24 <Q-Z> They did mention Warpstock 97 last year.
04-20-98 17:59:30 <VirBonus0> FWIW, the links on the Warpstock page for logo and banner are not working
04-20-98 17:59:47 <Sipples> Q-Z: Yeah, there's precedent.
04-20-98 18:00:06 *** Bluegrass has left #voice [18:00:06]
04-20-98 18:00:16 <Freiheit> Vir, just drag the images right off the page--afaik they're the same ones the links are supposed to go to
04-20-98 18:00:28 <Abraxas> VirBonus0 I just used the RMB click and SAVE AS on both the banner and the logo
04-20-98 18:01:06 <VirBonus0> Dumb guy...dumb guy...dumb guy :-)
04-20-98 18:01:51 *** Q-Z is now known as MADodel
04-20-98 18:01:55 <rivr> At the risk of beating a dead horse, I'm still concerned about the balance between physical attendees and the rest of the universe; I understand that without a physical presence, the rest is immaterial.
04-20-98 18:02:14 <Sipples> Vir: Yup, got it. Noted, will be fixed.
04-20-98 18:02:25 <Sipples> Freiheit's got it right.
04-20-98 18:03:14 <Sipples> Rivr: Well, we plan to repeat the photo gallery on www.warpstock.org that was so popular in '97.
04-20-98 18:03:31 *** VirBonus0 is now known as Rosey
04-20-98 18:03:33 <Sipples> We also do NOT plan a Warpstock CD. Instead we're planning to put everything on the web site, open to everyone.
04-20-98 18:03:44 <Sipples> (Presentation materials.)
04-20-98 18:03:48 * Freiheit never got his Warpstock CD :(
04-20-98 18:04:01 <Freiheit> but I was there, so that's better anyway :)
04-20-98 18:04:29 * Longstaff was only in one pic
04-20-98 18:05:16 <Freiheit> one important thing for people who will be travelling, say from California where our winters are usually not very distinguishable from summer except for the heat--what's the weather usually like in Chicago in mid October?
04-20-98 18:05:35 <Freiheit> should I invest in ski equipment for getting around the streets or what? :)
04-20-98 18:05:56 <Sipples> Not that dramatic, no.
04-20-98 18:06:27 <Rosey> But a dog pack wouldn't hurt
04-20-98 18:06:32 <Freiheit> lol
04-20-98 18:06:50 <Swanee> Freiheit: I don't think you'll need snowshoes but a bottle of schnapps will always help you catch a ride. (Oh no, that's in Wisconsin)
04-20-98 18:07:08 <Sipples> It varies, but I'd recommend bringing an umbrella (just in case it rains) and some layered clothing, with maybe a jacket and sweater in case it gets chilly at night.
04-20-98 18:07:20 <Longstaff> i hope that new hotel across the street from ibm will open on schedule
04-20-98 18:07:25 <Sipples> Which reminds me -- that's on my list of things to have our webmasters add... :-)
04-20-98 18:07:51 <MADodel> What hotel is that?
04-20-98 18:07:53 <Sipples> Of course, if you're coming from Canada, the Dakotas, etc., it'll be tropical. :-)
04-20-98 18:08:07 <MADodel> But windy as hell
04-20-98 18:08:16 <Abraxas> MADodel House of Blues?
04-20-98 18:08:18 <Sipples> October's a wonderful time of year in Chicago -- my favorite, actually. We even get a bit of autumn color in the trees.
04-20-98 18:08:35 <Sipples> Well, actually places like Boston are windier. The "wind" probably refers to the politicians.
04-20-98 18:08:50 <Freiheit> excellent, so cool & maybe rainy--perfect shorts & t-shirt weather :)
04-20-98 18:09:03 <Sipples> IBM is right across the street from the House of Blues, and we expect that'll be a popular watering hole for Warpstockers. :-)
04-20-98 18:09:10 <MADodel> I've been there in Oct/Nov it was pretty damn windy to me.
04-20-98 18:09:28 <Sipples> MADodel: March is much worse, I think.
04-20-98 18:09:36 <Swanee> Does the House of Blues have cots?
04-20-98 18:09:44 <Abraxas> It wasn't real calm up there this afternoon :-)
04-20-98 18:09:44 <Freiheit> haha
04-20-98 18:09:46 <MADodel> Well we should count our blessings then. :-)
04-20-98 18:09:51 <Sipples> Freiheit: I'd bring a pair of shorts, but it may go unused. :-)
04-20-98 18:10:12 <Sipples> Swanee: No, but they're opening a hotel there in September, just in time.
04-20-98 18:10:29 * Swanee wants to stay there...
04-20-98 18:10:47 <Sipples> Swanee: I think we've got info on it at www.warpstock.org.
04-20-98 18:11:03 <Sipples> Swanee: If you stay there (House of Blues Hotel) you're REALLY close to the action.
04-20-98 18:11:04 <Swanee> Got the page loaded now...
04-20-98 18:11:23 <Sipples> Swanee: It's supposedly going to be a Loews Hotel.
04-20-98 18:11:26 <Swanee> That's exactly what I want. I may not need to sleep
04-20-98 18:11:26 * Freiheit notes the irony of the House of Blues across the street from Big Blue
04-20-98 18:11:40 <Longstaff> House of Blues is on top of the list
04-20-98 18:11:42 <Sipples> Yup, kind of ironic. :-)
04-20-98 18:12:09 <Longstaff> Freiheit - very sublime :)
04-20-98 18:12:13 <Sipples> We actually considered renting the House of Blues, but if we did Warpstock '98 would probably be $500 per person. :-)
04-20-98 18:12:16 <Freiheit> is there a musical guest lined up as there was last year, or will you just direct us across the street for that? :)
04-20-98 18:12:32 <Sipples> Still, everyone is welcome to go and have a few drinks there.
04-20-98 18:12:56 <Sipples> If you're not busy enough -- there's plenty to do.
04-20-98 18:13:43 <Sipples> Oh, I almost forgot... A new innovation this year is the "Birds of a Feather" session. Basically you can create your own seminar for Sunday morning.
04-20-98 18:13:44 <Sipples> We'll have all the seminar rooms available for impromptu meetings. Just pick up a petition at the Warpstock office. The most popular sessions will be assigned rooms, space available.
04-20-98 18:14:09 <Sipples> So if you want to get together a group to talk about MIDI with OS/2 Warp (or whatever), just pick up a petition from the Warpstock office and sign up people.
04-20-98 18:14:09 <Freiheit> ooh, interesting
04-20-98 18:14:14 <Swanee> Freiheit: I heard the 3 remaining Beatles were going to reunite one last time for WarpStock Saturday night.
04-20-98 18:14:36 <Freiheit> Swanee, don't you mean the 2 remaining Beatles? :)
04-20-98 18:14:58 <Freiheit> I'd been wondering what "Birds of a Feather" implied
04-20-98 18:15:00 <Swanee> Oops... That's it... No more Mountain Dew for me!
04-20-98 18:15:24 <Sipples> Freiheit: To be announced. Saturday evening's entertainment is still to be revealed. There will be something official, whether it's a boat ride, a theather excursion, etc., but we won't announce it just yet.
04-20-98 18:15:46 <Sipples> Of course, if you want to skip that and go get liquored at the House of Blues, we can't exactly stop you. :-)
04-20-98 18:15:52 <Swanee> I smell a riverboat gambling tour.
04-20-98 18:15:59 <Freiheit> nah, I'd have to pass on getting liquored
04-20-98 18:16:16 <Swanee> I'll be back...
04-20-98 18:16:20 *** WarpGuru has left #VOICE [18:16:20]
04-20-98 18:16:20 *** Signoff: Swanee (Times Squared .gz.) [18:16:20]
04-20-98 18:16:24 <Sipples> One thing I do promise: it won't be rides in my airplane. I don't have enough space. :-)
04-20-98 18:16:50 *** Swanee (WayneSwans@ has joined #voice [18:16:50]
04-20-98 18:17:06 <Freiheit> wb Swanee
04-20-98 18:17:09 <MADodel> A Thinkpad with OS/2 and an airplane. What a charmed life you lead.
04-20-98 18:17:12 <Sipples> Chicago's a really fun city, and we're right in the heart of downtown, so we have so many options to consider.
04-20-98 18:17:38 <Swanee> I still haven't been to the top of Sears Tower
04-20-98 18:17:48 <Freiheit> maybe we could hit a Bulls game then :)
04-20-98 18:17:57 <Swanee> It's only a couple blocks away isn't it?
04-20-98 18:18:01 <Freiheit> with OS/2 signs to hold up
04-20-98 18:18:20 <Swanee> Freiheit: And a rainbow wig?
04-20-98 18:18:22 <Nenad> would you at least fly over building with WarpStock banner attached to plane? :)
04-20-98 18:18:24 <rivr> a Musketeer? Actually it's great.
04-20-98 18:18:25 <Sipples> Swanee: And you can do that! That's on the agenda! It's not part of your registration fee, but we'll have a guide taking you there if you're on a Platinum Pass and arrive before Friday afternoon.
04-20-98 18:19:11 <Swanee> I plan on it but my wife says I'll be out of the country
04-20-98 18:19:17 <Sipples> Freiheit: About the Bulls... Mind you, this isn't a promise, but let me just say that there are going to be some EXCELLENT prizes in the Warpstock drawing on Sunday afternoon.
04-20-98 18:19:30 <Sipples> Nenad: :-)
04-20-98 18:19:46 <Swanee> Sipples: She may have to travel alone... a man has priortities you know...
04-20-98 18:19:58 <Swanee> priorities
04-20-98 18:20:19 <Sipples> Swanee: Of course. Warpstock is very important.
04-20-98 18:20:46 <MADodel> So go to the Warpstock Europe with her.
04-20-98 18:20:52 <Sipples> Does everyone understand the Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze passes and how they work?
04-20-98 18:21:01 <Swanee> I'm trying to rearrange the schedule, she knows why
04-20-98 18:21:02 <MADodel> No please explain
04-20-98 18:21:12 <Sipples> OK.
04-20-98 18:21:21 * Freiheit looked at them and believes he understands--and if the prices aren't a misprint the early registration Platinum is a GREAT value
04-20-98 18:21:54 <Sipples> Bronze pass is a one day pass (only), good for either Saturday or Sunday. It doesn't get you in the drawing, nor does it let you participate in the optional Friday afternoon activities.
04-20-98 18:22:08 *** Sandro has left #voice [18:22:08]
04-20-98 18:22:10 <Sipples> It's not very expensive, though, and it's good if you're making a day trip and can't stay for the drawing.
04-20-98 18:22:34 <Sipples> A silver pass is a two day pass, good for both Saturday and Sunday. It also includes one chance (ticket) for Sunday's drawing.
04-20-98 18:23:03 <Sipples> (Oh, a Bronze Pass for Sunday does let you into the Closing Ceremonies, so you can hear the closing guest speaker.)
04-20-98 18:23:37 <Sipples> A gold pass is also a two day pass, good for both Saturday and Sunday. It's also good for all the optional Friday afternoon activities with the exception of the Welcoming Reception.
04-20-98 18:23:39 <Freiheit> the to be announced special speaker :)
04-20-98 18:23:50 <Sipples> The gold pass provides two chances (tickets) for the Sunday drawing.
04-20-98 18:24:32 <Sipples> Finally, the Platinum Pass gets you everything: admission to all events (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, including Welcoming Reception) and THREE chances in the drawing.
04-20-98 18:24:48 <Sipples> Right now the Platinum Pass is a mere $40. That's before May 31.
04-20-98 18:24:54 <Sipples> After that, prices start going up.
04-20-98 18:25:25 <Nenad> yoo should create cross refference table for those passes :)
04-20-98 18:25:27 <Sipples> There are discounts for youth, students, and seniors.
04-20-98 18:25:46 <Freiheit> Nenad, there is one
04-20-98 18:25:50 <Sipples> It's actually easier than I described it. Gold and Silver passes aren't even available right now.
04-20-98 18:26:05 <Sipples> Basically the longer you wait the more expensive precious metals get. :-)
04-20-98 18:26:21 <Nenad> no, one with all features listed and dots checked for pass that includes it :)
04-20-98 18:26:28 <Freiheit> oh
04-20-98 18:26:38 <Sipples> Nenad: Something worth considering, actually.
04-20-98 18:26:53 <Swanee> Sipples: Did you say earlier that an Exibitor pass has two Platinums included?
04-20-98 18:27:18 *** Drumpig (os2user@cr364139-a.hnsn1.on.wave.home.com) has joined #Voice [18:27:18]
04-20-98 18:27:22 <Drumpig> yo
04-20-98 18:27:27 <Freiheit> hey Drum :@)
04-20-98 18:27:35 <Drumpig> yo Grim
04-20-98 18:27:48 <Sipples> Oh, one caveat: food and beverage MAY not be included. Some people like expensive food and some people like Taco Bell, so we decided to just cut the prices instead.
04-20-98 18:28:16 <Sipples> We're also downtown in Chicago, and there's so much available. We'll probably have something available ourselves for lunch, etc., but it's likely it won't be paid for in the registration.
04-20-98 18:28:22 <Freiheit> ahh, thanks for that bit of extremely valuable information
04-20-98 18:28:38 <Drumpig> food is most important part :>
04-20-98 18:29:09 <Swanee> You mean taco Bell isn't expensive?
04-20-98 18:29:09 <Sipples> Swanee: Yes, I did. An exhibitor *that provides a gift for the drawing, combined retail value $50 or more*, receives two platinum passes (per table, per gift).
04-20-98 18:29:12 <Sipples> These passes are fully transferable.
04-20-98 18:29:16 * Freiheit ponders the value of having a bunch of people in OS/2 shirts and stuff wandering about downtown Chicago...
04-20-98 18:29:24 <Rosey> Did someone mention Pizza?
04-20-98 18:29:34 <Sipples> Freiheit: Good publicity? :-)
04-20-98 18:29:48 <Drumpig> probaly get jumped
04-20-98 18:29:53 <Nenad> second try: should we expect some hardware vendors at warpstock? will you actively invite exhibitors?
04-20-98 18:29:54 <Freiheit> rotfl
04-20-98 18:29:58 <Swanee> That sounds good, the exibitor deal looks like a real nice deal when done early also.
04-20-98 18:30:17 <Sipples> Nenad: Yes, and yes. Indelible Blue, for starters (with their Einstein systems).
04-20-98 18:30:38 <Freiheit> hmm, and that's about the time I'm planning to upgrade my system, too...how convenient
04-20-98 18:30:43 <Sipples> Nenad: IB's already aboard; we just need their decision on the size of the space they'll need.
04-20-98 18:31:09 <Sipples> Swanee: It is. Early is better across the board.
04-20-98 18:31:31 <Rosey> Tim,
04-20-98 18:32:06 <Rosey> Tim, who do we conatct re. providing a gift for the drawing?
04-20-98 18:32:16 <Freiheit> it might behoove us to get Elsa and Hauppage(?) at Warpstock, since they seem intent on continuing to support OS/2
04-20-98 18:32:36 <Nenad> I esspecialy had in mind some OS/2 friendly component and card makers, like Elsa, Matrox, 3COM, S3, Compaq...
04-20-98 18:32:48 <Sipples> Rosey: Just drop a note to questions@warpstock.org if you need info on the drawing (and how to get your platinum passes if you're an exhibitor).
04-20-98 18:34:03 <Sipples> Freiheit: Well, I'm pretty sure IBM is on board, but I'll have to make a note to see if the hardware folks will show up as well.
04-20-98 18:34:03 <Longstaff> might be an idea to get some soundcard manufacturers onboard too, if that's possible
04-20-98 18:34:11 <Freiheit> since all the software in the world is useless if there's no hardware to run it on--this could help them get a better feeling about their decision the way OS/2's software developers did at last year's Warpstock
04-20-98 18:34:13 <Sipples> Would a ThinkPad display be interesting?
04-20-98 18:34:34 <Sipples> Long: yup.
04-20-98 18:34:47 <Sipples> Freiheit: Sounds logical to me.
04-20-98 18:35:37 <Nenad> Sipples: have you considered showing off some OS/2 applications that are used mostly in larger companies to a wider audience? when I browse IBM catalogs I find many apps. that I was not aware of before.
04-20-98 18:35:40 <Freiheit> and maybe EuroWarpstock will manage to get Epson Germany to show up
04-20-98 18:35:52 <Sipples> I'm afraid I have to sign off in about 10 minutes, but I'll keep tackling more questions...
04-20-98 18:36:31 <Freiheit> well we're all glad you came Tim, and perhaps as Warpstock gets closer we can have you back to give more information :)
04-20-98 18:36:56 <Sipples> Nenad: We hope the company tours will do that. These aren't 100% definite, but it's looking like one will be of a major newspaper (all the reporters use OS/2 Warp to file stories) and the other will be of a trading exchange (seen in "Ferris Buehler")
04-20-98 18:37:22 <Freiheit> ooh! I want a job with that newspaper! =)
04-20-98 18:37:28 <Sipples> The trading exchange uses OS/2 Warp throughout the trading floor, to, well, conduct trades.
04-20-98 18:38:10 <Nenad> i recently saw that AP uses OS/2 for getting their photos over satelite to other agencies :)
04-20-98 18:38:28 <Longstaff> before you go tim, thanks from all of us for ibm's level of interest and support...a little goes a long way with us
04-20-98 18:38:40 <Sipples> Well, we'll get a glimpse of the newspaper business hopefully. I also believe that the newspaper uses OS/2 Warp to run the printing presses.
04-20-98 18:38:45 <Nenad> they install OS/2 bexes on site :)
04-20-98 18:39:48 <Sipples> Well, Warpstock '98 is not an IBM event, but I'll sure be glad to lean on 'em to help out. :-)
04-20-98 18:40:49 <Freiheit> in regards to the Thinkpad display issue, I'm not so sure on that myself, but I'd be more impressed with an Aptiva running OS/2, since I refuse to buy a system with an OS I'm just going to uninstall and replace with OS/2
04-20-98 18:41:16 <Sipples> OK, good to know.
04-20-98 18:42:11 <Longstaff> actually installing warp on a laptop would make a good session topic
04-20-98 18:42:40 <Sipples> Yes, it certainly would.
04-20-98 18:42:43 <Sipples> (Pencil scribbling...)
04-20-98 18:42:55 <Sipples> So, you offering to do it, Longstaff? :-)
04-20-98 18:43:01 <Freiheit> haha
04-20-98 18:43:46 <Longstaff> Sipples, i would but i've never tried it...video driver issues and so forth
04-20-98 18:44:18 <Nenad> remote installation session would be nice, that disk 2 will never create on my system :)
04-20-98 18:44:42 <Sipples> Nenad: Another good one.
04-20-98 18:45:55 <Rosey> Good night all - time to go hit the feed trough.
04-20-98 18:46:00 <Freiheit> night
04-20-98 18:46:07 *** phethmon has left #voice [18:46:07]
04-20-98 18:46:08 *** Rosey has left #voice [18:46:08]
04-20-98 18:46:16 <Sipples> Likewise. Thanks again, everyone. Send your registrations in early, and visit www.warpstock.org often!
04-20-98 18:46:39 <Nenad> best wishes
04-20-98 18:46:40 <Freiheit> And thanks again to you, too. Always a pleasure having you here.
04-20-98 18:46:51 *** Signoff: Sipples (Read error: 0 (Success)) [18:46:51]