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November 2004

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Officers and Staff

There are Six Officers presiding over VOICE affairs. They are common OS/2 users, voted into office by the membership of VOICE, and act solely to carry the VOICE of our members to the rest of the world. They are:

Position Name e-mail
VOICE Board of Directors
President Roderick Klein
Vice-president Walter Metcalf
Treasurer Gordon Snider
Secretary John Edwards
Liaison Officer
Roderick Klein
Assisting the VOICE Board
System Administrator Ken Kirchner
Web Master Ken Kirchner
Mail Admin Vaughn Bender
VOICE Newsletter
Publisher/Editor in Chief Christian Hennecke
Founding Editor/Publisher Mark Dodel
Associate Editor Jason R Stefanovich
Associate Editor Marckus Kraft
News Editor Andrew Welty
Tips Editor William D Loughman
Translator/Assistant Editor John Armstrong
Assistant Editor Jim Gorman
Assistant Editor Bill Millikin
Assistant Editor James Moe
Translator/Assistant Editor Jürgen Gaida
Assistant Editor Bärbel Hennecke
Translator/Assistant Editor Karl-Heinz Markus
Translator/Assistant Editor Joachim Moritz
Translator/Assistant Editor Kai Wuttke
REXX Interface Martin Kiewitz -
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