[WarpCast] CUSeeMe/2 Terminated - 1/04/98

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Source: Loren Bandiera, http://catbert.istar.ca/os2/
Reply-to: lorenb@inforamp.net

>From the CUSeeMe/2 web site [ http://inet.uni-c.dk/~deckkh/index.htm ]:

The CUSeeMe/2 project has been terminated. There will be no more
releases of it. It was fun while it lasted but it it is time to move
on. Please support White Pine and remember that there are far more
important things in life than an operating system for a PC.

Kim Kruse Hansen
Jan. 4 , 1998 

(** Moderator's note: CUSeeMe/2 was the OS/2 version of CU-SeeMe, a
fairly well-known video conferencing software pcakage which allows
transmission of live sound and video over local networks and the
Internet. More information about CU-SeeMe can be found at
http://www.cuseeme.com/ **)

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