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January 2001

Guidelines for configuring OS/2 Warp 4.0 for Access to a Routed NT Domain

By Matt Pierce ©January, 2001
Surviving with OS/2 Warp in a sea of Windows: http://home.flash.net/~roknrob/sea.htm

If you need to network an OS/2 Warp 4 box to an NT 4 server, this article should help provide some step by step directions. Most of the information for this article came from Robert "RokNroB" Thomas's site Surviving with OS/2 Warp in a sea of Windows. Besides that site, I found some good suggestions both in the OS/2 mail lists and newsgroups.

If you are doing a new install of OS/2 Warp 4, you have to install TCP/IP and also File and Print Services. Otherwise, if you don't have these installed already, you have to install them using Selective Install for Networking in the Install/Remove folder in the System Setup folder.

Finishing Installation

The TCP/IP networking installation program will prompt you to enter the TCP information for the Work Station (You will be prompted for this information even if you have Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) enabled. You can just skip this step and finish the configuration from within Warp.)

IP address setup

The setup program may tell you that DHCP cannot be used with the NeBIOS over TCP protocol . I have tested and found that this is not so. I did find that the Domain Name Server (DNS) was not always correctly handled unless the IP was hardcoded in American Internet, but the option is available, and the problem is most likely a setting problem.

After Installation

After Installation is complete you will need to adjust several settings in the TCP/IP Configuration tool. (This can be reached in the System Setup folder. The first tab is where you configure either DHCP or a Static IP.
1.Using DHCP it is not necessary to setup DDNS. This is apparently only useful when a Warp machine is the server.
The Routing Tab should be checked so that the subnet for the default route given is correct.
1.If you chose not to define this information during boot you may need to
add a default route. If you add a route then set the type to N and then enter the information
Next the Hostnames Tab should be configured.
1.Set the machines hostname, and domain name if it is not already configured.

2.Next add the DNS addresses to the Nameserver addresses box.

3.At the bottom of the page select the right button to change to page 2 and Set the Primary Domain Controller's (PDC's) address and the Domain's name as the Hostname. Also the Backup Domain Controller (BDC) may be likewise configured:

IP address
Double Click on the Blue Microchip in the upper left corner to close and save the network settings. If prompted to autostart Ultimail it is up to your situation; but if it is not used then you may not wish to start this service.

Now go back to the System Setup Folder and select MPTS Network Adapters and Protocol Services. MPTS is used to configure what protocols are bound to each network card.

Choose to Configure.
Select LAN adapters and Configure.
From the protocols box select "IBM OS/2 NETBIOS OVER TCP/IP" and Add this protocol.
Select the above protocol from the Current configuration and Click on Change Number. Set this protocol to Logical Adapter #1
Now Select IBM OS/2 NetBIOS OVER TCP/IP and choose Edit.
Then select Driver Parameters and click Configure.

1. Change Node type to H-Node.
2. Set NetBIOS Name Server address to the primary WINS server.
3. Set the Backup NeBIOS Name Server to the secondary WINS server.
4. Click OK to close dialogue.
Next select Names List and click Configure
1.Click on Add and set the NetBIOS name prefix to the name of the PDC and then enter its IP Address:
NetBIOS name prefix
Host name or IP address
Now select Broadcast list and click on Configure.
1. Click on add and enter the address for the PDC and choose Ok. Then close the Broadcast List Dialogue.
Now Close the NetBIOS over TCP/IP dialogue. Then click Ok, Close the configure Dialogue, Exit MPTS, Allow MPTS to update config.sys and Exit. And Reboot.

Final Setup

Now open the find utility (the Icon on the Warpcenter that looks like a flash light). Search for the name hosts. Open both hosts files and verify that the PDC and BDC if configured are referenced by an IP address and their domain name is set.

Now find a file call rfcbcst.lst and add the PDC's address to this file. Then find a file call ibmlan.ini

1.Under the [networks] section add the line net2 = tcpbeui$,1,...... (The 1 is a reference to the logical LAN adapter you set earlier and the rest of the entry can be copied from the net1 statement.) Find the line wrknets under [requester] and add Net2 to this setting, Eg. Wrknets = NET1,NET2. Now reboot and you should be done.


You will now have a domain network account created so you can log in to the domain from the Warp machine. The password for this account must be in all CAPS. OS/2 will not handle any non capitalized password. To logon to the domain open the Connections icon on the Desktop. Next open the Network selection, and double click on Logons. Now open the LAN Server Logon item to start the login redirector. The network browsing functionality of OS/2 Warp is not very good. The easiest way to handle data between the two systems is to use the command

This should help you along. I put it together to setup OS/2 machines so they could share on our corporate domain.

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