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April 2001

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Networking FixPaks under OS/2 Warp

Article by Alex Taylor ©March 2001

Summary of MPTS versions and fix levels under OS/2 Warp

There are two current flavours of MPTS being maintained by IBM. Versions 5.1 and 5.2 (and all lower-numbered versions) contain a 16-bit TCP/IP stack. Versions 5.3 and up contain a 32-bit TCP/IP stack which is 4.4BSD-compliant. For the sake of simplicity, these two flavours will be referred to from here on as "MPTS-16" and "MPTS-32", respectively.

MPTS-32 is intended to be installed in conjunction with the 32-bit TCP/IP services package (versions 4.1 and up). These versions are not available as free updates; they must be purchased. It is possible to install MPTS-32 without the 32-bit TCP/IP services; however, IBM only recommends doing so on Warp Server SMP systems. For all other platforms, IBM recommends either purchasing the 32-bit TCP/IP services, or using MPTS-16 updates instead.

MPTS-32 is also included directly in OS/2 Warp Server for e-business and the OS/2 Convenience Packages (OS/2 Warp v4.51).

MPTS-16 is intended for use with the 16-bit TCP/IP services which are included in OS/2 Warp Connect, Warp Server, and Warp 4, if TCP/IP v4.1 or higher is not to be installed.

The diagrams below summarize the possible upgrade paths for MPTS. They do not include fix levels which are no longer publically available on IBM's FTP servers.

Fix levels in bold represent complete refreshes of MPTS. These are not FixPaks, but are fresh installations of MPTS which replace the currently installed version.

All versions of MPTS are Year 2000 compliant.


OS/2 Warp Connect, Warp Server, Warp Server SMP, and Warp 4 are shipped with MPTS-16 versions. The initial version level is indicated under the operating system version.

[Possible upgrade paths for MPTS-16]


The commercial TCP/IP packages which contain MPTS-32 depend on the base operating system version. Consequently, the available upgrade options are different for each of the following operating system versions:
  1. OS/2 Warp Connect (indicated in red)
  2. OS/2 Warp Server and Warp Server SMP (indicated in blue)
  3. OS/2 Warp version 4, OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, and the Convenience Packages (indicated in black)
To read the diagram below, first determine the base operating system, then follow the upgrade paths indicated in the appropriate colour. All other colours may be ignored.

Yes, I'm afraid this diagram looks like a subway map. If it looks complicated, however, remember: you should only ever be interested in one colour at a time. Once you've figured out which two colours to ignore, it shouldn't be all that hard to read.

[Possible upgrade paths for MPTS-32]


  1. The Client Connect Pak comes with OS/2 Warp Server for e-business; it may be used to update OS/2 Warp client systems to the same networking levels as Warp Server for e-business.

  2. WR_8620 is available as both a cumulative FixPak, and (with Warp Server for e-business and the Client Connect Pak) a complete install. The FixPak version may only be installed if either WR_8600 or WR_8610 has already been installed. Only the FixPak may be installed on OS/2 Warp Connect.

  3. OS/2 Warp version 4.51 is the Convenience Package available through Software Choice. It contains TCP/IP version 4.3.

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