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April 2001

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Networking FixPaks under OS/2 Warp

Article by Alex Taylor ©March 2001

TCP/IP versions and fix levels under OS/2 Warp

TCP/IP for OS/2 versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, and 4.0 were all included with retail versions of OS/2 Warp. FixPaks and service updates for these versions are available for free from IBM.

TCP/IP version 4.1 was sold as a separate, commercial package. This version marked a major upgrade to the OS/2 TCP/IP subsystem, introducing support for a new 32-bit stack (part of MPTS), an advanced firewall, IPSec support, and many other new features and enhancements.

TCP/IP version 4.21 was a minor upgrade to version 4.1, and was included as part of OS/2 Warp Server for e-business. Also included with the new Warp Server was a 'Client Connect Pak' CD, which allowed OS/2 Warp client workstations to be upgrade to TCP/IP version 4.21.

TCP/IP version 4.3, which has recently been released on Software Choice (for paid subscribers only), is another upgrade to the TCP/IP v4.1 software. It is also included in the OS/2 Warp Convenience Packages, and eComStation.

FixPaks are freely available for all versions of TCP/IP. However, for users of OS/2 Warp Server, Warp Server SMP, and Warp 4, the complete versions of TCP/IP v4.1 and above must be bought from IBM, either through Developer Connection or Software Choice/Passport Advantage.

MPTS versions 5.3 and above are designed to be installed alongside TCP/IP versions 4.1 and above. (TCP/IP v4.1 comes with MPTS v5.3; v4.21, with MPTs v5.5; and v4.3, with MPTS v6.0.) It is possible to use TCP/IP v4.0 in conjunction with MPTS v5.3 and up, although IBM does not recommend it. However, TCP/IP v4.1 and above require the later (v5.3+) versions of MPTS.

The version of MPTS which each version of TCP/IP requires is noted further down this page.

The diagrams below summarize the possible upgrade paths for TCP/IP under OS/2. They do not include fix levels which are no longer publically available on IBM's FTP servers.

16-bit TCP/IP

The initial version level is indicated under the operating system version.

UN_0965 and UN_0980 are Year 2000 compliant. Earlier versions may have some minor date display issues.

[Possible upgrade paths for free TCP/IP]


  1. Some early versions of OS/2 Warp Connect have the TCP/IP version string internally coded as "IC*" instead of "UN*", and this does not change with subsequent FixPaks. Due (apparently) to an oversight at IBM, TCP/IP FixPak UN_0980 only accepts a "UN*" version string as an acceptable target for installation. Therefore, UN_0980 cannot be installed on these Warp Connect systems (unless the SYSLEVEL.TCP file is manually edited).

32-bit TCP/IP

The initial version level is indicated under the operating system version.

The versions included are:

  1. OS/2 Warp Connect, OS/2 Warp Server, and OS/2 Warp Server SMP (indicated in blue)
  2. OS/2 Warp version 4, OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, and the Convenience Packages (indicated in black)

As with the MPTS-32 diagrams, in order to read this diagram, you should figure out which colour you want, then ignore the other colour.

All 32-bit TCP/IP versions are Year 2000 compliant.

[Possible upgrade paths for commercial TCP/IP]


  1. The Client Connect Pak comes with OS/2 Warp Server for e-business; it may be used to update OS/2 Warp client systems to the same networking levels as Warp Server for e-business.

  2. OS/2 Warp version 4.51 is the Convenience Package available through Software Choice. It contains TCP/IP version 4.3.

Required MPTS versions

TCP/IP version
Minimum MPTS version
Warp Connect, initial level (v3.0)
WR_8000 - Warp Connect, initial level (v2.60.5)
Warp Server, initial level (v3.1)
WR_8200 - Warp Server, initial level (v5.00.0)
Warp Server SMP, initial level (v3.5)
WR_8500 - Warp Server SMP, initial level (v5.20.0)
Warp version 4, initial level (v4.0)
WR_8400 - Warp 4, initial level (v5.10.0)
UN_1000 - TCP/IP version 4.1
WR_8600 - TCP/IP version 4.1 (v5.3)
WR_8600; WR_8610 is recommended*
UN_2100 - Warp Server for e-business, initial level (v4.21)
WR_8620 - Warp Server for e-business, initial level (v5.5)
WR_8620; IBM recommends WR_8621
UN_2200 - TCP/IP version 4.3
WR_8700 - TCP/IP version 4.3 (v6.0)

* If WR_8610 is installed after UN_1001, some files will be backlevelled; and UN_1001 will have to be installed again.

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