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April 2001

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Networking FixPaks under OS/2 Warp

Article by Alex Taylor ©March 2001

Summary of LAN component versions and fix levels

The diagram below summarizes the possible versions and upgrade paths of the LAN components (LAN Server and LAN Requester, IBM Peer, User Profile Management services, etc.). Keep in mind that not all components from each package may be installed on any given system; frequently, a service update or fixpak will contain fixes for all possible components, but only those whose corresponding packages are detected on the system will be applied.

This diagram does not include fix levels which are no longer publically available on IBM's FTP servers.

Fix levels in blue are Year 2000 compliant, according to IBM's documentation.

[Possible upgrade paths for LAN services]

The reason the diagram includes DB2 version 5.0 (and no other DB2 versions) is simply because it was running on the specific systems that I was researching. (And caused me a great deal of confusion until I figured out that it was installing its own version of UPM!)


  1. OS/2 Warp Connect includes the Requester and UPM components of IBM LAN Server v4.0, but not the Server components.

  2. Either IBM Peer v1.0, or IBM LAN Requester v4.0, may be installed under OS/2 Warp Connect -- but not both. If Peer is already installed, it must be uninstalled before LAN Requester may be installed; and vice versa.

  3. IBM DB2 Universal Database v5.0 includes the UPM component of IBM LAN Requester v5.0, but nothing else (i.e., not the Requester component). It will only install UPM if it does not detect a version of UPM already present on the system. It does not prompt (or even notify) the user in either case.

  4. Starting with Warp v4, IBM Peer v4.0 and IBM LAN Requester v5.04 are combined into a single package, called the "File and Print Client". These are installed (or uninstalled) together. This is in contrast to OS/2 Warp Connect (as indicated under note 2), where the two are separate and mutually exclusive packages.

  5. The File and Print Client under Warp 4 appears to take its component level (IP08400) from the Peer portion, rather than the LAN Requester portion. This is misleading, since IP08400 contains a higher version of LAN Requester than IP08500 (5.04 as compared to 5.03).

  6. OS/2 Warp version 4.51 is the Convenience Package available through Software Choice. It contains version 5.20 of the LAN components (Server and Requester for the Aurora (server) Convenience Package, Requester and Peer for the Merlin (client) Convenience Package).

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