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April 2001

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Letters, Addendum, Errata

If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to editor@os2voice.org. We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

February 20, 2001 - Here's a letter to the editor from William B. Higinbotham:
I wish to ask to to pass on my thanks to Innoval employees for the wonderful products and support. It was a great loss to me to find that after buying a site license for Web Willy and a personal JStreet license to find the company go away. It seemed to me that Web Willy needed to communicate with a server initally to work. Are the authors still around. It would be nice to keep Web Willy server going.

I am indeed greatful for the Polarbar folks for their interest to keep this JStreet going (now Polarbar Mailer). There are allot of great past programs and programmers. Crystal Sound chipset mixer by 40th floor, Boca, Magus PageTurner (Postscript viewer), Seagate Backup Exec for OS/2 (Now Veritas- which really hurts!). Only to name a few. If it was not for the new products being developed such as UPS Monitor for OS/2 http://home.att.net/~ASchw/upsmonitor.html which replaces APC's OS/2 software which I had brought a long time ago. Java apps such as Simplicity being most of my new ones and most imporatantly those companies that are still around(Loud applause!!!). Buy the way, lets not use the title OS/2 Warp any more; how about Quantum Photonic Platform.

I just received eComStation and I am very pleased with it. To get Lotus 1.5 alone was worth it since I had older 1.1. A self booting CD with most of the latest patches and updates is something I have been waiting for (I am too lazy to try to burn my own). I found a new product on the CD called Desktop on Call version 4 which is really nice remote desktop web utility. One of the tricks for speed improvement in this package is truncating screen color depth to 16. I did not see a way to change this, but a choice of 256 and next higher color resolution would be nice. But for a free add in - I am not complaining.

Thank You

William B. Higinbotham

Editor's reply:
I haven't heard anything about Innoval in a while. Last I heard they had switched to an ISP which was having problems. Bob Eager has some information on Innoval software at http://www.tavi.co.uk/os2pages/oldsoft.html but nothing on WebWilly other then the file itself.


March 4, 2001 - Here's an update from Peter Hinckley on his article on the Actiontec PC700 Internal PCMCIA Reader and a Compact Flash Adapter under OS/2 -http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL0201H/vnewsf3.htm:
I've never solved the BIDI "problem", but at the recommendation of one of the more knowlegeable posters on the os2 newsgroups (L. Sunley, J. or T. Troughton, W. Harztell, etc. I can't remember who), setting the parallel port to ECP in the BIOS makes the Z51 run almost as fast as with the BIDI driver. I'm using the 1284 cable, routed through a switch box to select between a Panasoninc KXP-2023 (reading programming code), IBM 4029 (general letters and doucments), and the Z51 (special jobs which require color). With ECP, the Z51 never really stops when printing a 8 x 10 color picture, nor is the CPU load so high, so for now this set up is sufficient.

March 27, 2001 - Here is a letter from Zsolt Kadar about the VOICE News List:

Thank you for providing this new service. Is it possible to provide a daily digest version?


Our reply:

We have a request in to the developer of the mailing list package we are using (MajorMajor) for this feature. As of now it doesn't support digests, and the author(Peter Moylan) hasn't given use a timeframe for it, but it is high on our lists.

Right now our efforts are devoted to putting in a search engine and web archive of News list posts. We currently have an archive of the past four years of Warpcast messages on our server ( http://www.os2voice.org/warpcast/index.htm ). Once the search engine is done (which should be soon), we plan to focus on the digest version. As a matter of fact you can preview the new search engine at http://www.os2voice.org/search/www-gtw.cmd?

Also the ability to confirm a subscribing address would be nice as we are seeing more and more mail addresses bouncing because people submitted the request with their Reply to address mangled with anti-spam verbiage.


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