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April 2003

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Letters, Addenda, Errata

Translation: Christian Hennecke

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Mar 14, 2003 - Here's an update from Philhard Ackermann in regard to his article last month on Video-DVDs and eCS / MCP:
Klaus Staedtler informed me that my statements about UNICODE.SYS were wrong. The driver should not only be loaded before UDF.IFS and JFS.IFS, but it should rather be the very first device driver in CONFIG.SYS at all. Please make sure that this is the case in your system.

In addition, concerning my mentioning of his problems with region code settings the description in the article missed the point. I don't intend to deal with this subject in full here, but a few comments seem to be needed though. DVD drives manufactured before January 2000 could be 'RPC1', which literally means 'code free'. Devices after that date are built as 'RPC2', which means, that they store region code information inside the device. Klaus Staedtler's drive was an 'RPC2' type bulk drive with no region code preset, so it depended on software to set one. Windows does that, OS/2 and WarpVision don't. So, without regionset.exe, there would have been no chance to make the drive work  with OS/2 (except for applying an 'illegal' bios flash with an 'RPC1' firmware, but this spoils the manufacturers warranty for the drive).

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