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April 2003

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OS/2 Tips

We scan the Web, Usenet and the OS/2 mailing lists looking for these gems. Have you run across an interesting bit of information about OS/2 or eComStation recently? Please share it with all our readers. Send your tips to If you are interested in joining a particular OS/2 mailing list, check out the VOICE Mailing List page for subscribing instructions for a large variety of existing lists -

Editor's note: these tips are from OS/2-eComStation users and in some cases can not be verified by myself. Please heed this as a warning that if you are not sure about something, don't do it.

Feb 11, 2003 - Our first tip of the month is from Al Savage posted on comp.os.os2.apps regarding problems with printing in the latest GSView version with Ghostscript 8.00:
This is going to have to go in a FAQ somewhere.

I stole the below directly from Helge Blischke in comp.lang.postscript

In the Options menu, switch off the "SAFER" option in GSView. The default is to deny file system write access.

This problem is new with v8.00

Feb 13, 2003 - On news://, Sandra Seywald of RSJ Software GmbH responded to a question on how to use two CDR drives with RSJ CD Writer:
You may use our cdattach program in the following way to access the second recorder: just call
cdattach z: -d cdr:a.i
a has to be replaced with the adapter number of the SCSI adapter
i has to be replaced with the SCSI target id of the recorder
cdattach z: -d cdr:0.2
if the recorder id connected to the first adapter with target id 2.

It's not guaranteed that 0 is the adapter number to use, because that number depends on the adapter driver, number of SCSI chains on that adapter, ... . So just use the target id (that you know), and try different adapter numbers, starting from 0.

Feb 13, 2003 - Someone said on news:// that they installed the installer version of Mozilla 1.3b over a zip version and Michael Kaply, the lead on the Warpzilla project responded:
Don't ever do that.

You can only install installer builds over one another.

Feb 16, 2003 - Frequently I see people having problems formatting UDF media. Here is a tip from the USBGuy on that might be something to try:
You need at least version 1.6.1 (of DANIS506.DMD) or you need to add the switch to not export the IDE drives as SCSI, I think that was /NO_SCSI. Problem is a bug in the OS2CDROM/UDF drivers combo which surfaces if a device is listed as SCSI. Versions > 1.6.1 only report devices as SCSI

If OS2ASPI.DMD asks for the list and hence get around that bug in those drivers.

Feb 16, 2003 - On comp.os.os2.apps someone was asking about a patch for Colorworks 1.0 which had problems with systems running GRADD based video drivers. Klaus Staedtler did some looking around and here's what he found:

Mar 4, 2003 - Voytek Eymont sent in the following tip after reading Tim Sipples' review of PDF viewers from the November 2001 VOICE Newsletter and noting Tim's concern about Acrobat Reader for OS/2 3.0 having a problem with newer PDF formats.:
On Julian Thomas' site:

" ...
*** Get my command line utility that removes one specific backward-compatibility problem between Acrobat 4 Distiller and Acrobat 3 Reader. The symptom of this problem is the message "Could not find the ColorSpace named 'Cs9'" or Cs6, etc."

Mar 13, 2003 - On comp.os.os2.apps, dink offered the following tip that might speed up page loading on Mozilla:
Make pages (especially ones with lots of graphics) load a ton faster by adding
user_pref("network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server", 8);
to your prefs.js file

Mozilla uses 2 by default, which might be good for a 56k modem connection but is really inefficient on a cablemodem/adsl line.

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