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Mayl 2000

April 15

CDRWizard 0.99 beta 11 is avaliable at my home site at the address:



NEW: Support to MPG123 to create AudioCD from MP3 audio files NEW: Support to WarpIN Netlabs installation file (You must have WarpIN installed!)

CDRWizard is a GUI Wizard interface to CDRECORD/2 for burning CD-R / CD-RW (data, audio, etc) discs.

April 14

A $1,699 (US$) copy of Warp Server for e-Business is the door prize for one early registration holder at WarpTech 2000.

"Anyone who registers by Monday May 1 is eligible," says WarpTech Captain Craig Greenwood. "Attendees, Exhibitors and Speakers are all eligible to win. They just have to be registered by the first of May, and be present when the prize-winner is chosen."

The WarpTech registration page is at:


Warp Server for e-Business is the "Aurora" version of Warp.

"This is the retail in-the-box version," notes Esther Schindler, Program Chair for WarpTech 2000. "The winner gets the manuals, the registration, the box -- the full package."

If you've already registered for WarpTech 2000, you're already a potential winner. And if you're not yet registered, sign up by May 1st! Don't miss out on this chance to win a $1699 Warp Server for e-Business and be the coolest OS/2 user in town.

- - -

WarpTech 2000 is a 3-day OS/2 technical conference taking place May 26-28 at a pristine 463-acre desert resort in the beautiful Southwest. Come to Phoenix, Arizona USA for three full days of OS/2 -- the biggest OS/2 conference ever held.

Visit the WarpTech web site at:


To volunteer or just to watch the goings-on, subscribe to the WarpTech 2000 planning list by sending mail to steward@bitranch.comwith the following text in the body (not subject!) of the message: subscribe w2k

Hosted by the Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc.

April 14

The firm Met@box claims to have a contract to provide 500,000 set-top boxes. These boxes run on OS/2.


(German and English press release.)


(German article mentioning that the set-top boxes use OS/2.)

April 14

A very realistic view on the current status of OS/2 is available at The Register:

Also well informed and good research.


This is the total opposite of the ZDNet article recently.

April 14

IBM has a FixPak for WSeB (FixPak WR08660) which adds SSL 128bit encryption to WSeB.

IBM OS/2 Global Security Runtime for SSL Protocol (128-Bit):


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