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May 2000

April 22

Warp City is pleased to announce "Karen's Korner", a column written by Karen L. Mansbridge-Wood and appearing publicly to all OS/2 users through Warp City. Today Karen is offering an inside look and review of "Papyrus Office 8 International English". The article can be found at the following url:


April 22

The POLAR TeamOS/2 web is updated.

The site contains lots of information concerning OS/2 and networking, and the latest add-on; how to replace your Linux server with an OS/2 server. Everyone else is telling about the reverse alternative, so I thought I would do it the other way.

Point your browser to:


April 22

Dragen FTP Version 1.0 is now available as shareware.

Features include:

- Drag En-abled (DragEn FTP) capability for drag and drop ftping
- Drag and drop objects from the desktop to open and log on to a site
- Drag and drop objects to Dragen to upload to a site
- Drag and drop objects on local window to download

- Multi-Process (process independent) uploading and downloading

- Autokill feature will terminate logon attempts based upon preset time limit

- Process Kill - easily terminate uploads or downloads

- Streaming FTP MP3 Interface - stream and play MP3 files from an FTP server

- Long file name capability (including spaces in file names or directories)

- Site monitor - will keep a remote directory list up to date

- Automatic reget - go to bed while those long downloads are in progress

- Typical FTP functions - make directory, delete, rename, get, put, unix sort

- Multiple gets (with reget) or puts

- Proxy support

- Process log window shows logon, upload, download activity

- Remote file view

For more information and to obtain a copy, please visit:




April 21

RadioTrack2000 1 beta 3 is avaliable at my home site at the address:



1. Corrected several bugs
2. Use of WarpIN for installation process
3. Bitmap inside wpi file

RadioTrack2000 is a utility wich controls AIMS RadioTrack (New ~Old version).

April 21

CDRWizard 0.99 beta 12 is available at my home site at the address:



NEW: Support to CDDA2WAV from grabbing CD digital tracks Corrected several bugs!

CDRWizard is a GUI Wizard interface to CDRECORD/2 for burning CD-R / CD-RW (data, audio, etc) discs.

April 21

After a lamentably long time, my web page has had a couple of updates - namely:-

How to share one modem between 2 PCs How to list files on an ftp site in date order

Go to:


to take a look.

A reminder of the other items covered:

How to LPR with OS/2
How to keep your OS/2 printer drivers up to date
How to see where all your diskspace has gone
Picture capturing and modifying
How to install Warp 4 on an HP 3100 portable
How to connect OS/2 PCs to NT domains and get logon assignments
How to connect to Freeserve (a UK ISP) using DOIP
How to ftp through a firewall
How to use an NT domain home directory without getting a NET8191
Questions and answers I have been asked so far
A page covering OS/2 (and MS) exams.

I thank all those who have sent me emails and I will add the information some have sent provided shortly.

April 21

Some time ago I informed the OS/2 Warpcast community about my OS/2 virtual desktop. I asked for comments on it, so I could improve it. I received a lot of reactions (thanks of course!). The main comment was that I should add more interactivity and should use JavaScript for placing small images instead of loading big image files. Code examples for absolute positioning (thanks to the Internet community) helped me to create the thing you asked for. Within a few days I will leave for holiday, but I consider the result good enough to present it to the OS/2 community. It is still beta so you cannot access it from my home page. Access it at:


I tested it with Netscape Communicator 4.61 for OS/2 Warp, but in case you have access to MS IE you can test it with that browser.

I'm currently working on a kind of manual, but some hints follow here so keep this message for future reference.

You can click:
OS/2 Warp icon
Minimized Window Viewer icon
Tray icon
Connections icon
StarOffice icon

In the connection window you can click:
Drive C
Drive D

In the Drive D Icon View window you can click: View (and then Details view)

In all the windows you can click the Close Window symbol, so the window will close.

You can bring the Drive C and Drive D windows in focus by clicking the large gray space next to the Menu bar texts in Drive C, and clicking the small gray space in Drive D which is left when Drive D is covered by Drive C (hope I'm clear?).

April 21

1. The web page for Nice Enhancer has been created. It contains an overview and screenshots. The URL is:


English and Russian overviews are available. If anybody wants to translate an overview to German or another language, please contact me.

2. The version "4.1" is ready to release. Some weeks are required for testing, so it will be available this summer. No features were added in this version, but some bugs were fixed for "frame drawing" and "rooms" features.

April 21

Based on the GPLed source codes of JFS for Linux (that are actually taken from the OS/2 source code with some Linux adjustments and some stuff removed), the first source code release of the free Journaling File System (JFS) for OS/2 has been made available at the Netlabs public CVS server. The repository information is:

SET PSERVER=:pserver:guest@www.netlabs.org:d:/netlabs.src/openjfs
user: guest password: readonly

A source code snapshot can be found at:


There is no binary distribution available right now because there are still some problems to resolve. It works quite well without the lazy writer but with it, it can cause lockups. Shutting down the file system also causes some problems. Most of the utilities (like chkdsk) are not compiling yet. It should be usable on Warp Server for e-business and also Warp 4 with at least Fixpak 13 installed!

The goal is to fix the remaining bugs, build some stress test tools (a file system should be tested quite well before daily use) and to add new features that IBM is also working on or that are completely unique (lazy commit, disk quota, bootable file system, support for removable drives, performance optimizations, ...).

Therefore we are looking for talented developers that want to help working on this great file system!

Kudos go to Knut Osmundsen for getting the initial version working and especially Dave Kleikamp (lead JFS developer at IBM Austin) for being so helpful. According to Dave, the Linux JFS will be specifically supporting volume sharing between OS/2 and Linux!

April 21

1. The web page for Nice Enhancer has been created. It contains an overview and screenshots. The URL is:


English and Russian overviews are available. If anybody wants to translate an overview to German or another language, please contact me.

2. The version "4.1" is ready to release. Some weeks are required for testing, so it will be available this summer. No features were added in this version, but some bugs were fixed for "frame drawing" and "rooms" features.

April 21

The web site of the Philadelphia OS/2 SIG has been updated with information on the April 26 meeting and a report on the March meeting.

Visit us at:


April 20

The Big Warp Server for e-Business Giveaway

Have you registered yet? A $1699 copy of Warp Server for e-Business awaits one lucky early registration holder at WarpTech 2000.

"We have the $1699 prize right here, waiting to find its way into the hands of some WarpTech attendee who registers by May 1" says Esther Schindler, the WarpTech Program Chair. "We have three days of OS/2 sessions, we have the Exhibitor hall filled with OS/2 products, and we have a big shiny IBM box containing Warp Server for e-Business as an early-registration prize."

The WarpTech registration page is at


"All attendees are eligible as long as they sign up by May 1 and are present at the drawing" adds Marilyn Pizzo, the Exhibitor and Hotel Liaison for WarpTech. "Individuals are eligible. Exhibitors are eligible. If you register by May 1, the Warp Server for e-Business might go home with you."

Warp Server for e-Business is a $1699 software package. Come to WarpTech 2000 for three full days of sessions, vendors, OS/2 discussions -- and if you register by May 1, a chance to win Warp Server for e-Business.

- - -

WarpTech 2000 is a 3-day OS/2 technical conference taking place May 26-28 at a pristine 463-acre desert resort in the beautiful Southwest. Come to Phoenix, Arizona USA for three full days of OS/2 -- the biggest OS/2 conference ever held.

Visit the WarpTech web site at http://www.WarpTech.org

To volunteer or just to watch the goings-on, subscribe to the WarpTech 2000 planning list by sending mail to steward@bitranch.com with the following text in the body (not subject!) of the message: subscribe w2k

Hosted by the Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc.

April 20

IBM's DB2 version 7.1 is currently in beta test for Win32 platforms. I asked about the release date for OS/2 and other supported platforms, and was told this about the OS/2 version:

Subject: Re: OS/2 version of v7.1
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 13:42:16 -0400
From: Blair Kenneth Adamache
Org: IBM Software Group
Newsgroups: ibm.software.db2.udb.v7beta

We announced the GA availability date today: June 16 (this includes DB2 v7.1 on OS/2).

And about the beta release:

Subject: Re: OS/2 version of v7.1
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 21:22:59
From: Sandy Gregus
Org: IBM Software Group
Newsgroups: ibm.software.db2.udb.v7beta

We will probably have OS/2 EE ready for beta 1st week of May available for download off our Open Beta Web page (English only)

April 20

For urgent and complex problems, F/X Communications offers updated live chat support.

The chat now uses a more solid Java applet and a more reliable chat server. The chat is available at:


As a side-note, we have seen significant interest in the third party Java applet. The applet appears to work great with the Java capable OS/2 browsers and it's offered freely (without commercials) from:


It works great and NO, F/X in NOT affiliated.

April 20

I'm writing to tell you that my new program is available to download. The Drive Label Daemon is a little daemon that runs in the background and refreshes, from time to time, the title of your drive icons so they reflect their volume labels. The final appearance is something like the name that Windows 9x gives to its drives icons. It's something like: "C:[OS/2]" Instead of "Drive C".

You can download the software, that is distributed in the WPI format (WarpIn Package), on the Fudeba OS/2 Software page:


Go to the "Software" section and select "Drive Label Page". You'll find more information there.

April 20

"Due to personal problems I (Oliver Poggensee) have no more time to work on Tyra/2. Tyra/2 is now maintained by Jörg Sievers. Please contact him with problems, wishes..."

The new home of Tyra/2 and the CONFIG.SYS home page will be:


(in progress) and for questions you can now use the eMail-address jogi@warpsite.de (available). You can also get a copy of Tyra/2 on Hobbes or BMT Micro.

Tyra/2's development continues and I am working on the 1.91 release of Tyra/2.

April 20

PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA (April 19, 2000) - M. Bryce ~Associates (MBA) today announced the release of the May issue of OS/2 CONNECT, a freeware newsletter distributed through the various computer networks and bulletin boards. OS/2 CONNECT is THE authoritative source for contact information in the universe of IBM's OS/2 32-bit operating system.

The newsletter is implemented as a web page at:


Its HTML files are also available for downloading and viewing locally. The file is named CON0500.ZIP and can also be obtained at:

Hobbes -

Walnut Creek -

America Online and various Bulletin Boards.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Tim Bryce
Editor, OS/2 CONNECT
M. Bryce ~Associates (MBA)
a division of M&JB Investment Company
3310 U.S. Alt. 19
P.O. Box 1637
Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1637
United States
Tel: 727/786-4567
Fax: 727/786-4765
E-Mail: timb001@attglobal.net
WWW: http://www.os2ss.com/connect/
MBA: Developers of the "PRIDE" Information Factory ~Batch Manager
Since 1971: "Software for the finest computer - the Mind"

April 19

From now till the end of April, OS/2 users can get two of the programs listed below for $10 (US). The only restriction is that the purchase must be made directly from the author via snail mail.


The payment must be mailed by April 30 and must be made in US funds - checks from US banks or US Post Office money order.

Information about these programs may be found on my web site at: http://www2.southwind.net/~dwhawk/share.html

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about this offer and include "OS/2" in the subject to insure that your message gets past my junk filters.

Don Hawkinson , author of CCA, DH-Grep-PM,
PMStripper, Pastry Box, and DH_ClipSave/2

April 19

There is a new Beta 2.93 of GSView, the PM-Frontend for the Aladdin Ghostscript PostScript interpreter:


April 19

Retrocade is a multi-arcade game emulator, similar to MAME. It supports fewer games than MAME does (about 120 or so) but the emulation cores were designed for SPEED! The "business" part of the code was written almost entirely in assembly language and it shows!

In addition to the speed advantage over MAME, Retrocade offers a very attractive and futuristic GUI of its own making its oveall package very impressive. If you're a an of MAME or a fan of old arcade games, give it a try!

* Mouse support
* Partial vector game support (will be fixed/sped up for next release)

The currently released version is *alpha* level code. Please be sure to read the ReadMe.OS2 file before running it for the first time. This version finally lives up to the speed of the DOS version. The power of Scitech's MGL shines through in the fact that your CPU will likely be bored out of its mind with low utilization while you waste hours playing the old classics (without needed a magnifying glass to see them). ;-)

An MGL version of MAME for OS/2 is planned.



to download Retrocade for OS/2 Alpha 3.

April 19

Larsen Commander is upgraded to version 1.1.6.

This version is extremely stable and rock solid. It is the last upgrade before version 1.2, which is planned to be released in late summer or autumn this year.

You can download 1.1.6 and find more information at


For a complete list of fixed bugs and new features, take a look at


Larsen Commander is a powerful GUI File Manager and Command Processor that has a look and feel like the classic Norton Commander. The most notable difference is that the Larsen Commander is pure GUI. Still it has a built in command line and a scrollable console monitor.

Larsen Commander combines the very best of two very different worlds; - the command line and the file management panels. Both available at the same time, and even in parallel while commands are running in the background!

April 18

Yet another new fix for FixPak 13 on IBM's software FTP site.

* 04/18/2000
* The following fix is now available to correct a problem in the
* initial release of FP 13. If you apply this fix, you will not need
* to re-apply the re-released version of FP 13.
* PMMERGE.ZIP - Fix for blank PMFAX pages and other programs
* displaying blank objects. See PMMERGE.TXT in ZIP file for install
* instructions.


April 18

LBMix was updated to version 0.03. The main enhancements are:
- Only active controls are displayed. - Master volume control. - Bugfixes.

For more information and download please visit:


LBMix is a universal mixer for IOCTL90 Mixer API implemented in Crystal Semiconductor drivers. It should work with any audio driver implementing this API as well. Also supports pipe mixer API - the easiest way to create your own mixer.

April 18

The new version of my Pfarrkartei for OS/2 is ready for download via my home page:


Pfarrkartei/2 is tool that is based on MySQL. It is used for administering all members of a church-community. The software is currently available only in a German language version.

April 18

Audio/Data-CD-Creator is a set of folder classes to write CD-R/RW via drag and drop. CDRecord/2 and cdrdao/2 are used to actually burn the CD. The classes are released under the GPL so full source is avaiable.

Visit the home page for further information:


(Not yet updated for the new release as of this posting.)

New with V0.39 (13.Apr.2000):
-Check for valid CDRecord/2 path for scan button
-Added log for scanbus
-scanbus: CDRecord/2 started with DosExecPgm(), not DosStartSession()->failed on some systems
-new mp3decod.exe
-log for mp3decod.exe
-Audio-CD-Creator methods removed: AddCdrecordOptionPage, AddGrabOptionPage, AddMpg123OptionPage, AddCdrdaoOptionPage,cwAddGeneralOptionPage
-improved hires icons by Klaus Staedtler
-Error 'Not enough free CD space' may be overridden
-First version of a tutorial
-Settings object for global settings
-CDRTools: changed startData.InheritOpt to SSF_INHERTOPT_PARENT for DosStartSession() so modified environment by a skript is inherited. Needed when using e.g. BEGINLIBPATH.

Download here:


will be moved to:


April 18

Though the entire FixPak 13 hasn't been refreshed yet, there are now several individual fixes dated from April 17th on IBM's ftp site:

* 04/17/2000
* The following fixes are now available to correct problems in the initial
* release of FP 13. If you apply these fixes, you will not need to re-apply
* the re-released version of FP 13.
* PCMCIATB.ZIP - PCMCIA device table. D/L file and see PCMCIATB.TXT in
* ZIP file for installation instructions.


* TRAP6FIX.ZIP - Fix for non-Pentium systems that trap 6 on booting, D/L
* ZIP file and see READ.ME file for installation instructions.


* UNDELETE.ZIP - Replacement UNDELETE Command for FP 13. D/L ZIP file
* and see UNDELETE.TXT file for installation instructions.


* SYSINSTX.ZIP - SYSINSTX Command for FP 13 that might not have been
* applied to your system. FP 13, when re-released will
* automatically place this file on your system if it isn't
* present. If you just want the file, D/L the ZIP file
* and see SYSINSTX.TXT file for installation instructions.


* and one not documented at the site:


For more on FP13 issues, please see the Warp Doctor Warnings page:


April 17

Mati http://www.mati.net.mx/, an ISP, software reseller, and consultant, has joined Serenity Systems as a channel part and distributor, supporting Mexico and several other Latin American countries.

Like Orion Solutions http://www.orion-solutions.com.au/, supporting Australia, and Mensys www.mensys.nl in Europe, Mati will use WiseTalker and WiseManager products in their consulting services. They will also be able to develop a channel of fee service oriented consultants and supply product to these consultants, including the required IBM software, such as OS/2, Warp Server for e.business, DB2, Lotus Domino and so forth.

Serenity Systems continues to look for appropriate business partners for the Internet Enabled Business Computing services model in other territories, including South Africa. Interested parties should research Serenity Systems www.serenity-systems.com and email Info@Serenity-Systems.com for more information.

April 17

Infozip has released the well know UNZIP in version 5.41.

New:support for encrypted zips and some bugfixes


April 17

IBM has re-updated their OMNI, PSCRIPT, etc. printer drivers.


OMNI features additions of the Epson Stylus Color 760, 860, and 1160. HP DeskJet 610C and also maintenance features for the Canon Inkjet printers have been added.

April 17

While the beta version is currently available for only a few platforms, the product announcement clearly shows that an OS/2 version of DB2 v7.1 is coming.

quoted from http://www-4.ibm.com/software/data/launch/



The product will be generally available in the first half of 2000 on a variety of UNIX platforms, including IBM AIX, Sun=E1s Solaris Operating Environment, HP-UX and NUMA-Q, as well as Linux, Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000, ***and IBM OS/2***. Pricing will be announced at the time of availability.


April 17

Friday, April 14, 2000

The WarpTech Sessions have really taken shape over the past few days. Every time slot now has several outstanding presentations and we're looking forward to having you in the audience for all three days. Here, take a look at what you can choose from:


We've added the Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner categories to give you a better "feel" for each session, and we've expanded the descriptions too.

WarpTech now has a $1699 door prize for someone who registers by May 1. It's a copy of Warp Server for e-Business, the new Warp version with the journaling file system, the logical volume manager, and support for motherboards with multiple processors. This big (and expensive) prize goes to some lucky WarpTech attendee who registers by Monday May 1. See the contest information at


If you register by April 30 you also get the early registration discount. And don't forget that an on-site lunch is included in your WarpTech registration, which saves you both time and money.

I had a chance this week to stop by the resort where WarpTech will take place. It's absolutely beautiful. If you're used to downtown convention centers you'll have the surprise of your life when you arrive at The Wigwam. It was originally designed for private use, and it is elegant, beautiful, comfortable, and the grounds cover close to a square mile. This will be an OS/2 conference with style, and I now know why this resort was given a "Four-Star Rating".

You should check soon for your best airline flights. The WarpTech Travel page has airline links, info on discounts, even rail and bus connections if you prefer to watch the countryside roll by. Get the best travel "deal" by checking now before the summer travel rates kick in.


Don't wait until the last minute to buy a ticket. Once you have your travel schedule in place, the rest is easy.

We're holding a spot just for you, and we'll see you Friday to Sunday, May 26-28, at WarpTech 2000!

- Captain Craig captain@warptech.org

April 17

Larsen Commander is upgraded to version 1.1.5.

This version should be extremely stable for most users. Hopefully it is rock solid. If you find anything wrong in this version then please let me know. I am planning to start the work on version 1.2 which, among others, should finally have support for archive files (such as ZIP, etc.).

If no one reports any major problem with 1.1.5 then this is probably the last upgrade to the 1.1 version.

You can download it and find more information at:


For a complete list of fixed bugs and new features, take a look at:


April 17

Styler/2 is now available through Mensys www.mensys.nl

Mensys offers convenient online shopping from anywhere in the world. When you order from Mensys, the Styler/2 registration prices are:
* 18 Euro for an Ordinary License and
* 22 Euro for an Advanced License.

A new release of version 1 (v.1.6.1) is available for download from:




Most of Styler/2's documentation has been reviewed by Diane Gartner, who did a great job in translating from my own English to real English :-). Russian, German and Italian versions should be available in few weeks.

I'm still working on version 2 and am experimenting many new features. I'm sorry for the delay. I expect to distribute a first release in few weeks.

My web pages have been updated. Please check at:




for more details.

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