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May 2000

April 29

Dear OS/2 community members:

You are hereby invited to visit and participate in a discussion group I started at:


I recommend using a public account to access this. It appears that some of the "free" services on the net have a tendency to attract SPAMs. I don't know if eGroups is such a service. Please check eGroup's privacy before joining.

If you are not familiar what Serenity Managed Client is, please visit:


This is the product mentioned in PCWeek Peter Coffee's article at:


which begins like this:

"I pushed one button and deployed a network in 29 seconds per node. It was worth my trip to Atlanta to see the vision of network computing delivered by Serenity Systems' technology based on IBM's OS/2."

And, one more thing: since I am the moderator, please be kind to reduce my workload by not posting messages like "oh, this is great, best of luck. Bye.", or ask business related questions that I will not answer. I am only trying to search for the answer to the question: What would make an operating system based on components of OS/2 THE most suitable operating system for eCommerce. Messages similar to lots of those one would find in the comp.os.os2.advocacy group WILL not be welcomed. Please be constructive.


Kim Cheung

April 29

I am about to create a tool, kTaskMgr, for displaying information about processes, threads, executable modules, open files, shared memory*, semphors*, memory map*,... (* = not impelemented yet). kTaskMgr is also able kill processes. I've just released a new alpha/preview of it.

It's of course available from Hobbes. Currently located in the incoming folder:


But it will probably end up here:


It can also be found at:


BTW, for those interested in kBootManager, I am creating an open source project for it at SourceForge:


April 29

An update to TCP/IP 4.3 is now available for Software Choice subscribers:


April 29

WarpTech Early Registration Ends On Sunday

WarpTech 2000 early registration saves you $10. The last day for this discount is Sunday April 30, and you can register online or by fax.

Your three days at WarpTech will be filled with OS/2 technology, software, presentations, demonstrations, business contacts, e-business solutions and the chance to make dozens of friends among OS/2 users from all over the world. See the WarpTech Sessions page at:


and then sign up now (and save $10) at:


- - -

Monday Last Free $1699 Warp Server Day

Register by Monday, May 1, and be eligible to win the $1699 copy of Warp Server for e-Business at WarpTech 2000.

"You have to register now" says Craig Greenwood, the WarpTech Captain. "Monday May 1 is the deadline. If you register for WarpTech by then, you're eligible to win the Warp Server for e-Business prize."

The WarpTech registration page is at:


"You can register online right now" says Mike Willmoth, WarpTech's Webmaster. "You can register by fax as well. With a prize like this one, there's no reason to wait."

Register for WarpTech 2000 by May 1 and be eligible to win the $1699 Warp Server for e-Business package while you're there. It's one more reason to come to WarpTech!

- - -

WarpTech 2000 is a 3-day OS/2 technical conference taking place May 26-28 at a pristine 463-acre desert resort in the beautiful Southwest. Come to Phoenix, Arizona USA for three full days of OS/2 -- the biggest OS/2 conference ever held.

Visit the WarpTech web site at:


To volunteer or just to watch the goings-on, subscribe to the WarpTech 2000 planning list by sending mail to steward@bitranch.com with the following text in the body (not subject!) of the message: subscribe w2k

Hosted by the Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc.

April 29

Seems like maybe the word hasn't gotten around on this one...

Here's an excellent site with a how-to workaround for the Windows 2000 / Boot Manager problem:


April 28

Here is a reply I got from the VMware people to a question I posed about why they dropped their OS/2 support.


There was no sinister Microsoft influence at all on our decision. It was based purely on technical and business reasons. To complete a commercial product release with full OS/2 guest support was going to require engineering and support resources at a time when we are dedicating all our efforts to bringing some very promising new applications for virtual machines to market. We did not want to continue providing what we consider to be a sub-standard quality experimental OS/2 feature, so we are getting out of OS/2 entirely.


April 28

An update for users who have TCP/IP 4.1 is available. See the INF file in the first disk image for list of problems fixed in this release.


April 28

Yesterday (Thursday, April 27, 2000) I asked Jungo (Formerly KRFTech: http://www.jungo.com/ about compiling code generated by Windriver for OS/2. Jungo staff replied that they were about to add makefile samples to the Windriver beta for OS/2 which would be downloadable from the 27th of April:

"Basically this code may be compiled with any compiler , however in this stage we will not add OS/2 support to Wizard that mean you need create a makefile manually for each compiler that you want to use. I will add a makefiles to the samples that we are provide with WinDriver for OS/2 so they may be used as a templates for creating makefiles. I used gcc for compiling samples so the makefile will be for gcc."

WinDriver for OS/2 simplifies and tremendously speeds up OS/2 device driver development by freeing the developer from the need to master the OS/2 Kernel and the driver development details. Using WinDriver, developing drivers for the OS/2 platform now takes hours instead of months. WinDriver for OS/2 supports the PCI and ISA busses, and offers enhanced Support for the leading PCI chip-set vendors (PLX, Galileo, Altera, V3 and AMCC).

More info can be found at:


April 27

I just saw WR08621 (MPTS fixes) have been posted on:


(P.S. DSKXTRCT won't process the images...)

April 27

Warpstock, Inc. (Internet) Contact: David Ameiss, Secretary david@ameissnet.com

Every year, hundreds of OS/2 users from around the world gather to talk about their favorite operating system. And every year, these hundreds of hungry minds cry out for more presentations.

The Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. hereby formally calls out to adept OS/2 users far and wide to submit their proposals for presentations to be given at Warpstock 2000.

Presentations on any OS/2-related topic are more than welcome, regardless of the technical level. Topic categories include programming, advocacy, software demonstrations, internet and networking, how-to's, and anything else of interest to OS/2 users.

Interested individuals should email Luc Van Bogaert at luc.vanbogaert@pandora.be or visit:


There, you will find example presentations from previous years, templates in various formats for use in overheads, and a list of suggested deadlines.

To ensure that the Warpstock staff have enough time to prepare, interested speakers should submit a title and abstract by August 12. Papers, if applicable, should be submitted by August 25.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2000 web site:


April 27

Check the IBM OS/2 Strategy for 2000 at:


April 27

It appears you can now order an update to RSJ CD-Writer for OS/2 3.01 (from Version 2.50 to 2.85) Internet version (license via email) for DM42.24(US$20.67) excluding VAT or DM49.00(US$23.98) including VAT, directly from RSJ:


They also list the CD-Writer for OS/2(Internet only) for only DM257.76(US$126.15) or the Full package (including a printed manual and diskette) for DM301.72(US$147.66) both prices excluding VAT and Shipping( for the full package).

You can download the 3.0 Update at:


"The update from version 2.x to version 3.0x (which includes dynamic detection of new drive types) will install as a 30 day demo version, until the upgrade fee is paid."

Changes from version 3.00 to 3.01
Wrong keyfiles in English and French version corrected
Keyfilehandling in installer improved
Writing speed in filesystem can now be set higher than 4x

Changes from version 2.85 to 3.00:
Dynamic detection of new, CDMMC or CDATAPI compatible drive types
Copy wizard for simple copies of complete CDs
New compression algorithm for installer
Installer support OS/2 2.1 again
Improved CONFIG.SYS parser in installer
CDWPOPUP has Hide button again
Improved stability for LOCKCDR on ATAPI only systems
New DANI version included

April 27

The Warp Doctor Warnings page:


has alerted WSeB users that before they can install any FixPak using Remote Software Upgrades (RSU) on a Warp Server for e-Business machine, they must apply either APAR IC24998 or FixPak UN02101.

APAR IC24998 can be found at:


Full information can be found at IBM's Software Updates Page, updated April 26, 2000:


April 27

The OS/2 port of the open source Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Linux audio driver is now officially available.


- Up to 32 simultaneous wave playback streams
- One record stream
- Full duplex
- Support for the IOCTL90 mixer interface
- RTMIDI playback ~recording (not yet implemented in this release)
- Full source code (GNU license) available at the Netlabs CVS server: http://www.netlabs.org:d:/netlabs.src/sbliveos2

Login as 'guest' with password 'readonly'

- OS/2 Warp 4 or Warp Server for e-Business (Warp 3 not tested) - Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! soundcard


The driver binaries have been uploaded to the incoming directories of http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/, ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/ and ftp://ftp.leo.org/ as sbliveos2.zip It's also available at:


Note that this is beta software and should be used with caution.

April 27

I sent a message to the VMware people asking if they might consider making it available as a "not supported" version. This is the response I got. It's really a shame that they have chosen not to press forward with OS/2 support. VMware provides a nice way of being able to use OS/2 on machines without the hassle of (a) having to repartition disks and (b) reboot to get to other operating systems.

They haven't given a reason as to why they decided not to proceed. They have an announcement on the main page of their web site http://www.vmware.com about having signed an OEM agreement with Microsoft to provide Windows preinstalled in virtual machines. Given the kinds of MS tactics that surfaced during the anti-trust trial, one has to wonder about the timing of all this...


Thank you for your support, but we are withdrawing our OS/2 experimental release. Releasing OS/2 as an unsupported guest OS was considered, but we did not feel that our OS/2 guest support was at the same quality level as other guest OSs and we did not want that to reflect badly on our product.

Regards, Eric

April 27

After a very long time I finally found the time to update the OS/2 Netlabs with a brand new design and a great database back-end. I will still include more features in the future but the most important part is updated: The projects. It will now be much simpler for me to update the projects so they should be much more up to date than the past month. :-)

Have a look at the pages and enjoy it, I will add more later, a lot of content is not yet in the database, this will change too. Oh yes, if you can't see the images your DNS-Server does not yet have the new DNS-Entries for images.netlabs.org and so on, this should change automatically after a few hours (in the worst case it can take about 48 hours).

And for sure we are always looking for some talented developers so get in contact with us if you are interested in joining OS/2 Netlabs!

BTW: The web server is running OS/2 with Apache, MySQL and PHP3! Unfortunately the machine is quite old so it could be that it is slow but this will change in a few months, I should get some new hardware then.

Have fun!


Adrian Gschwend
Webmaster @ OS/2 Netlabs

April 26

Contact: Craig Greenwood captain@warptech.org 1-480-968-8625 office

You'll miss a lot of great OS/2 networking presentations if you skip WarpTech 2000.

Sessions like Managing a Server-based Environment, High Availability with Warp Server (two sessions) and Getting OS/2 Warp Server Past Impulse Power. These four sessions will cover setting up new networks using existing legacy hardware, how to integrate current software into the network environment, security setup, accelerating client deployements, building in the necessary flexibility for future web-based solutions, using new Warp Server software to cross-protect mission critical servers and keep them from ever becoming unavailable, tuning the servers for optimal performance, plus major demonstrations showing exactly how these benefits perform in real-world settings.

And you'll learn remote management with sessions such as Remote-Booting Alien Operating Systems From OS/2, Remote Access And Virtual Enterprise Networking Systems, and Demystifying CID. You'll see how to set up Warp Server for e-Business so it RIPL boots Windows 9x/NT desktop clients, how to manage these and other clients remotely across an entire enterprise, and how to apply fixpaks remotely across a network using IBM's CID (Configuration, Installation, Distribution) process to automate this task.

Then there's The OS/2-Linux Road Map, POTS To T3: Understanding Bandwidth, and Designing A Home Network. Attend these sessions and gain the exact technical info you need to put together robust, cross-platform, high-speed networks in your office, your home, or between cities.

Still Time To Register For Free $1699 Warp Server

Your WarpTech registration by May 1st makes you eligible for the $1699 door prize of Warp Server for e-Business, and you still have a few days left before the cutoff.

"Monday May 1 is the deadline" advises Captain Craig Greenwood of WarpTech 2000. "WarpTech is three full days of OS/2 sessions, discussions, vendors and products. There's no reason to wait when you can register online right now and be eligible for the $1699 Warp Server for e-Business prize."

The WarpTech registration page is at:


Esther Schindler, Program Chair for WarpTech 2000, has filled the WarpTech 2000 schedule with presentations for everyone. "And this $1699 prize will make WarpTech a jump-up-and-down-with-joy experience for one attendee" says Esther. "The winner gets the manuals, the registration, the box -- the full package."

You'll miss your chance at a free $1699 Warp Server for e-Business if you delay your registration past May 1. Be present to win! Come to WarpTech!

- - -

WarpTech 2000 is a 3-day OS/2 technical conference taking place May 26-28 at a pristine 463-acre desert resort in the beautiful Southwest. Come to Phoenix, Arizona USA for three full days of OS/2 -- the biggest OS/2 conference ever held.

Visit the WarpTech web site at:


To volunteer or just to watch the goings-on, subscribe to the WarpTech 2000 planning list by sending mail to steward@bitranch.com with the following text in the body (not subject!) of the message: subscribe w2k

Hosted by the Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc.

April 26

OS/2 e-Zine! http://www.os2ezine.com is looking for writers to contribute to our online magazine. Writers will review OS/2 software and cover the latest developments in the OS/2 operating system and associated community.

Writing for OS/2 e-Zine! will initially be voluntary (i.e., you will not be paid) but we wish to change this soon.

If you are interested in writing for us, please contact Christopher Wright at wrightc@dtcweb.com

April 26

I just received the following depressing email from VMWare:

Dear VMware OS/2 User,

As a registered licensee of VMware's experimental release with OS/2 guest support, the effort you have made testing VMware and reporting your OS/2 experiences has been greatly appreciated. OS/2 users have responded enthusiastically to VMware's technology and the freedom it gives to run OS/2 applications on Linux and Windows-based PCs.

However, VMware users have high expectations from our products and we do not feel, given our present strategic directions and commitments, that we can support OS/2 as VMware guest operating system.

We have been very grateful for the interest shown by you and the rest of the OS/2 community in testing our experimental OS/2 release. We regret that we will not be able extend VMware support to include OS/2, but we hope you can find applications for VMware technology with the other operating systems you use.

Thank you again for your interest in VMware. The VMware Team

April 26

FixPak 1 for Warp Server for eBusiness (US-English) is now available. It is the same Build Level as Warp4 FP13 14.040:


Or by RSU:


April 26

Tucows is planning on reinstating its OS/2 shareware/freeware section. I received this message from Tucows helpdesk upon inquiry:

--- We are glad to know that somebody missed the OS/2 section :) It has been gone for just about 2 years now. Good News!!! Coming later this year we are bringing it back. Expect it late summer or possibly fall.

Tucows is at:


April 26

dBase Info is freeware PM viewer for DBF files with basic functions (GOTO, FIND, SUM, MAX, MIN, AVG). Files can be converted into SDF, ASCII and HTML format.

- Language support: English, Croatian, German, Italian, Polish, Swedish and Spanish.
- Output to file formats (SDF with PRG, ASCII text, HTM). You can select range (start and end record), sort options (no sort, ascending or descending) in output file.

To download dBase Info 0.96, visit:


April 26

This morning (Apr. 25), it appears that IBM has re-released Warp 4 FixPak 13. It is available via FTP at:


For those using RSU, it is at:


April 25

GammaTech, Inc., developers of OS/2 software, has announced that there is a new corrective service for GTIRC bringing it to version 3.06 . The demo of GTIRC has also been brought up to version 3.06.

A new version of OS2Bot, the IRC bot for OS/2, is now available for download. This updated version fixes various Y2K problems.

Electronic downloads are available at http://www.gt-online.com

April 25

For a different (and very negatively written) account of what the new OS/2 "Convenience Packs" mean, check out this article on Infoworld.com. It implies that IBM is only releasing convenience packs to aid migration to Windows 2000:


April 24

GammaTech, Inc., developers of OS/2 software, has announced that there is a new corrective service for GTIRC bringing it to version 3.06. The demo of GTIRC has also been brought up to version 3.06.

A new version of OS2Bot, the IRC bot for OS/2, is now available for download. This updated version fixes various Y2K problems.

Electronic downloads are available at:


April 24

Finally: The Team Trier Collection Vol.6 CDROM for OS/2 is now available!

For only DM 10/EUR 5 it includes (among lots of other share- & freeware, demos, etc.):

- FP 13 for Warp 4 English
- FixPak 12 for Warp 4 German
- XFree86/OS2 3.3.6
- XFree86/OS2 4.0 alpha
- The GIMP/2 1.1.19
- CrystalSpace 0.15 (free 6DF 3D engine)
- FixPak 42 German for Warp 3 Server
- Visual Age for Java 3.0 Entry
- First release of the Open JFS sourcecode for OS/2
- ODIN Alpha 5 (of course the most recent day built!)
- Povray 3.1g
- Ghostscript 6.01 and Ghostview 2.9
- Current Pentium optimized GCC (PGCC)

Two comfortable menu-systems, an HTML interface that can be used with any web browser and a PM program, developed specially for the TTC, support you at selecting and installing the programs.

The FixPaks and XFree86/OS2 may be most easily installed directly from the CD!

For more information and the complete list of contents see the web pages of Team OS/2 Region Trier e.V. at:


(Note: This CDROM may be of interest only to German speaking or at least European customers: Though most of the documentation and the installation programs on the CD are now also available in English the shipping charges may get really steep outside of Europe...)

April 24

I received the following from SUN Microsystems:

-------------------Susan Grabau susan.grabau@sun.com

Thanks for your note. Here's a bit of an update.

We are planning on making the StarOffice source code available in the next few months. This will enable OS/2 users and organizations to migrate later versions of StarOffice to OS/2. Of course this strategy will also enable interested parties to deploy StarOffice on any operating system platform not supported by Sun.

Best regards,

Susan Grabau

-------------------Susan Grabau susan.grabau@sun.com

April 24

On saturday april 29 a session about embedded OS will be held at the KHLim in Diepenbeek Belgium. This session is an initiative of the OS/2 UserGroup Belgium in cooperation with the KHLim. The session will be about the use of embedded OS/2, embedded Linux and Windows CE. The speaker will be Achim Hasenmueller of Innotek. He is one of the developers of the MetaBox. This is a device with the size of an ordinary VCR that allows the user to have an Internet connnection and more by using his television.

More information can be found on the following web sites:



The session will start at 14h00 and will end about 18h00. A detailed routedescription to the buildings of the KHLim (Dutch and English version) can be found on our web site:


If you phone us ask for John Bijnens.

April 24

How much work is it to put on a three-day OS/2 show? Our WarpTech volunteers like to say that they're putting this conference together for fun, but there's plenty of work involved.

For example, our Hotel Liaison volunteer is Marilyn Pizzo. She takes care of the meeting room requirements, the seating layouts, the preparations for the free lunches each day of the event, and all of the other show requirements that the hotel will supply us with.

Then there's David Azarewicz, our volunteer in charge of the show LAN. David will make sure that every exhibitor and every presenter is connected to the Internet. Cables, hubs, connectors and high-speed net access are all part of David's job.

Esther Schindler is our volunteer Program Chair. She's spent hundreds of hours over the past few months contacting the speakers, discussing possible topics, creating the three-day schedule, then writing the session descriptions and speaker bios.

Volunteer Burke Swanson is taking care of our Audio and Video needs. Every presentation room will have high quality projection and audio systems thanks to his efforts.

Gil Day and Marilyn Pizzo are the volunteers who contact the exhibitors. Bill Schindler runs our extraordinary web site. Daniel Goggia handles announcements. Richard Klemmer is in charge of travel info, Robert Rosenwald does the printing, Mike Willmoth is our treasurer and Mark Kerzner is our registrar. And Sam MacDonald is coordinating a number of other WarpTech volunteers as well, each one helping to create this three-day OS/2 extravaganza which is just a month away.


And don't forget the WarpTech $1699 door prize for someone who registers by May 1. It's a copy of Warp Server for e-Business, the new Warp version with the journaling file system, the logical volume manager, and support for motherboards with multiple processors. This big (and expensive) prize goes to some lucky WarpTech attendee who registers by Monday May 1. See the contest information at


If you register by April 30 you also get the early registration discount. And don't forget that an on-site lunch is included in your WarpTech registration, which saves you both time and money.

That's it for this week. We'll see you Friday to Sunday, May 26-28, at WarpTech 2000!

- Captain Craig captain@warptech.org

April 23

The May 2000 edition of "The Warped Perspective" has been posted at OS/2 Headquarters:


This issue explains some of the reasons why OS/2 is not currently an Open-Source platform, and what is needed to change that. OS/2 HQ has also updated the OS/2 User Group list, as well as the Classic Articles page.

April 23

T&V HappyPlayer 1.10 is just released.

T&V HappyPlayer is an OS/2 TV-tuner applications.

New in version 1.10: more cards, user plug-in interface, a plug-in for support AVerMedia TVPhone98 remote control (plug-in source text included).

Check T&V HappyPlayer home page:


or Hobbes archive.

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