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June 2001

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Article by Walter Metcalf ©May 2001

This year's Warpstock is historic for two reasons: it will be the first original (i.e. North American organized) Warpstock conference to be held outside the United States. It will also be the first original Warpstock conference to extend for more than two days. The 2001 Warpstock will be three days long instead of the usual two. Many people have pointed out that there were just too many presentations and exhibits to properly absorb in merely two days. Many felt that visiting with friends, often seen only once a year, attending all the excellent presentations, and strolling through the exhibit hall--all with enough time to chat with the developers--was just not possible in a crowded two-day schedule. So Warpstock 2001 is also a bit of an experiment. Will the new three-day schedule work well enough for you to want us on the Warpstock team to repeat it? Come and judge for yourself!


At Warpstock, presentations usually fall into five categories. They are:

*   Users & Advocacy
*   Product Demonstrations
*   Networking - Internet
*   Programming
*   OS/2 Techniques (Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting, etc.)

Other possible topics are:

*   eComStation
*   Driver Writing
*   Netlabs Projects, including Odin
*   Netscape
*   Workspace on Demand
*   Birds of a Feather (Ad hoc groups meeting organized to discuss common subjects.)

As this is being written, presentation offers have been coming in to the Event Team at a very good rate. We have had several from IBM, one from the Odin group, and since eComStation GA will almost certainly have been released by the time you read this, it's a virtual certainty that Kim Cheung and his team will be there in full force. Remember, these presenters are only the tip of the iceberg. It's also encouraging that once again we are getting a strong interest from OS/2 users in Europe.

If you have a specific knowledge in some of the above--or other--categories and you wish to share that information in support of the OS/2 community, now is the time to step forward! Go to http://www.warpstock.org/2001/presentations/presenter_form.html to contact the Event Team, or to http://www.warpstock.org/news/press/042101a.html for more information.


Strong interest has already been expressed by a number of developers in putting on exhibits at this year's Warpstock. In the past we have seen exhibits from vendors such as Serenity Systems, Sundial Systems, and even IBM. I'm sure Serenity Systems will have a sizable booth since the eCS GA will haven been released. The strong interest being expressed at this early date is an impressive indicator that we will have a very interesting exhibit hall this fall.

However, one of the best parts of being at Warpstock lies not in the presentations or the exhibits, as important as they are. It's being in the midst of hundreds of other people who don't say, "OS/2 ... what's that?" every time you mention the name of your favourite operating system; who don't look at you funny when you tell them you're not running Windows or the latest Microsoft Word , and have no intention of doing so. There is nothing quite like that feeling.

To keep up-to-date on the latest information regarding presentations, exhibits, and other Warpstock 2001 information, be sure to check the official Warpstock site at http://www.warpstock.org regularly.


Border crossings of any kind may sometimes represent an area of perceived difficulty. Fortunately, we can assure you that our industry which supports the meetings trade has made great progress. With the influx of new convention centres opening across the country, all of which have been partially funded by the Canadian Federal Government, the philosophy of Canada Customs has changed greatly in relation to convention business and the American meetings market in particular.

To protect the substantial investment made, the Customs Act was completely reviewed and streamlined in January of 1983 to make it easier than ever to import convention and exhibit materials. In addition, Steve Harris, Warpstock exhibitor coordinator is in touch with some of the highest levels of government to make sure our conference doesn't encounter any unforeseen snags.

So if you are a hardware or software vendor (i.e. exhibitor) and considering setting up a display at Warpstock 2001, please make sure you contact Steve at mailto:steve@jbsinternational.com or by phone at 416-699-5444 so that the necessary minimal paperwork can be prepared.

We only have a limited number of booths. So if you are considering setting up an exhibit, be sure to contact Steve Harris early!


LOCATION AND ACCESSIBILITY. Situated on the Northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is farther south than Boston, Minnesota and much of Michigan. Toronto's ideal location between New York and Chicago, within 90 minutes air time of 60% of North America's population reduces travel time and cost of travel.

TRANSPORTATION. Our international airport enjoys frequent air service from major Canadian, US and overseas locations. Over 350,000 flights a year, with some 300 flights from the USA arriving daily. Including:

*   15 daily flights from Chicago
*   18 from New York
*     3 from Los Angeles
*   12 from Washington, D.C.
*     6 from Atlanta
Discounts for flights with Air Canada are as high as 35%, depending on the type of ticket, although most flights will qualify for discounts between 5% and 15%. Call Air Canada at 800-361-7585 or 514-393-9494 and mention "convention number" CV674086 to the travel agent, who will then work with you to determine the best schedule and rates for you. If you do purchase a ticket from Air Canada, make sure the convention number appears on it. For additional information such as overseas locations, flight schedules and additional airfares, see the Air Canada web site at http://www.aircanada.ca.

Shuttle transportation is available from our international airport to the downtown hotels at a current cost of $12.00 (or $7.75 US, based on current exchange rates). However, the good news is that there is a courtesy (free) shuttle from the airport to the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport.

ECONOMIC IMPACT. In light of today's escalating costs, Toronto represents excellent value both against the US dollar and against the EC euro. The 7% Federal Goods and Services Tax is totally refundable to non-Canadian resident delegates as well as convention and trade show organizers on all goods and services, except for food, beverage, and entertainment related expenses. Canada is the only country in the world to offer this type of refund to its visitors.

WEATHER. As perhaps you are aware, Toronto enjoys a much more moderate climate than most areas in Canada due to its southerly location (south of Boston), and being tempered by the effects of Lake Ontario.

The average high temperature in October is 59.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In the event of inclement weather, Torontonians retreat to an area known as the "Underground City" - a six mile network of pedestrian walkways encompassing over 1000 shops, restaurants and services.

SAFETY. Delegates need not be concerned about enjoying all that our city has to offer at any time, day or night. Last year Toronto reported one of the lowest crime rates relative to population in North America. Delegates can comfortably walk Toronto's streets and travel the subway at any time of the day or night. Downtown streets bustle with activity at night as visitors and residents alike shop, drive, dance, and visit the theatre, attractions, and special events in the city's vibrant core.

Warpstock 2001 Hotel and Conference Centre

Visit the URL http://www.toronto.com/E/V/TORON/0020/15/70/1.html for pictures of the official Warpstock Hotel and Conference. Once there, you can use the menu at the left of the screen to get more detailed information and even pictures regarding the following facilities:

Guest Rooms - Each guest room features two phones, voice mail, data ports, remote-control cable TVs, in-room movies, coffee-makers, hairdryers, ironing boards and irons, and work desk with lamp. Suites also available.

Banquet and Exhibit Facilities

Fitness Centre

Business Facilities, which include

- Secretarial Services

Relaxation Facilities, which include:

- indoor and outdoor swimming pools
- sauna
- whirlpool
- fully equipped fitness centre


Toronto has over forty major visitor attractions, which allow our city to be considered one of the largest cultural and incentive destinations in North America. It is interesting to note that many of our attractions are either free to the public or carry a nominal entrance fee. What follows is just a small sampling. After New York and London, England, Toronto has the largest concentration of live theatre in the world.

Eighty ethnic nationalities call Toronto home, making the city the most multicultural city in the world. We enjoy the largest Italian and Chinese population outside their homelands. The fascinating ethnic mosaic of Toronto is reflected in the wide variety of fine restaurants - more than 5,000, many of these are located in the core of the city, in close proximity to the major hotels. Toronto dining now ranks among the best on the continent. Gourmet Magazine, in a recent article, labeled Toronto as a "true gastronomic Mecca." Italian, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek... one could literally sample specialty dishes from every corner of the world.

Toronto has more retail shops per capita than anywhere else in North America, over 9 million square feet! Our stores are open on Sunday.

Art Gallery of Ontario. Discover an outstanding collection of Old Masters to Contemporary Art in 50 galleries spanning 1,000 years in North America's 8th largest gallery. Home to the largest Henry Moore Sculpture Centre outside of Britain.

Boat Cruise Of The Toronto Harbour & Islands. Both public and private, we can cruise 10 or we can cruise 500 people around the Toronto Harbour, Islands, or sail beyond into the open waters of Lake Ontario.

Casa Loma. The only authentic castle in North America. The prominent Toronto businessman, Sir Henry Pellatt, built this medieval-style castle between 1911 and 1914. Learn about an important part of Toronto's history while you explore elegant rooms, secret passages, towers and formal gardens through a self-guided audio tour.

CN Tower. The world's tallest building (1,815 feet!) Offers a fun, educational, youth-friendly experience all in one trip. Activities include interactive exhibits, motion simulator rides and even a Glass Floor.

Centrically, Toronto Islands. A 14-acre family theme amusement park on Centre Island, just seven minutes across the harbour by ferry.

Famous Players IMAX® Theatres: Imax, a Canadian invention! Six story screens, stadium style seating, 3-D capability, state of the art sound, laser pre-show--the ultimate film experience!

Historic Fort York. Toronto's birthplace and Canada's largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings. Costumed staff recreate a period when Canada and the USA were at war.

Hockey Hall of Fame. Ultimate tribute to the fastest game on earth including revolutionary technology, breathtaking interactive displays, movies, games and all the NHL trophies including the coveted Stanley Cup.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Set amid 100 acres of beautiful conservation land, it houses an extensive display of works by Canada's renowned landscape painters, The Group of Seven, along with other impressive First Nations, Inuit and contemporary artists.

Niagara Falls. One of the great natural wonders of the world, the thunder of Niagara draws tourists from all over the world. [One of the seven wonders of the world, Niagara Falls is a two-and-one-half hour trip from Toronto. ed.]

Ontario Place. A waterfront island entertainment park featuring 22 attractions, entertainment, interactive/virtual reality games, educational IMAX® films, restaurants and much more.

Ontario Science Centre. The pioneer of the interactive experience, this world-famous centre lets students and youth explore over 800 "hands-on" exhibits, experience Ontario's only IMAX® Dome Theatre, witness live demonstrations and more.

Playdium Toronto. Canada's most dynamic virtual reality entertainment complex. With 260 state-of-the-art games and attractions, it is the ultimate place to play.

Skydome. The first multipurpose facility in the world with a fully retractable roof. Home to the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball team.

Toronto Eaton Centre. Toronto's most visited attraction and legendary landmark, is home to more than 300 shops, services and restaurants, all contained under a spectacular glass galleria.

Toronto Zoo. Over 5,000 animals. Focus on conservation, animal survival traits, animal habitats and animal behaviour tours. Handle artifacts such as skulls, skins and teeth.


"... the miracle of Toronto... with about 3 million people [now over 4 million ed.] is buoyed by vibrant ethnic districts, restored theatres, snappy museums and good new hotels... Visitors are stunned at how well Toronto works. While the city has become cosmopolitan, it manages to seem a snug metropolis, as secure as America's larger cities in the 1950's." THE SAN DIEGO UNION. [Indeed, Canada has always sought be a "great experiment", endeavouring to prove that people from different cultures can live harmoniously side-by-side. Toronto is proof on a smaller scale that the experiment is working. ed.]

"I've been booking hotels for meetings for five years and the Toronto convention was the best experience I've had. No exception. The hotel people performed like a team, with me as the manager. Our delegates certainly took advantage of what the city has to offer. They felt that they got what they wanted. John Stevens, Executive Director, CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF JOURNALISTS

"There are a lot of things for people to do during their free time in Toronto, which makes it easy to plan off-property events. There are so many venues that you can use, too." - Linda Branchaud, Conference Manager, NONPRESCRIPTION DRUG MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION OF CANADA
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Warpstock, Inc: http://www.warpstock.org
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