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June 1998


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"So you're looking to show off OS/2"

By: Tom Nadeau, (

So you're looking to show off OS/2 to your friends who think windoze is where they want to go? What has always worked for me is the following:

1. Have a *nice* background screen (the sunrise one, or the blue lake). Have the icons neatly arranged in a vertical column on the left side. Have the best-looking font set up, with a nice clear font (not too big, not to small). The screen must *look good* to make a *good first impression*.

2. Make sure you already have it booted. Boot time is the *real* "first impression" and people who watch OS/2 boot get the silly idea that because the boot cycle is long, the OS is slow.

3. The "killer demo" involves running a DOS app and a Windoze app simultaneously, then logging on the Web and downloading two files simultaneously. Then open a DOS screen and run a batch file that makes an endless loop. Kill the runaway DOS screen. Note that the Windows, the other DOS, and the downloads are still continuing peacefully. Remind them that *** The computer that doesn't crash is always the most productive computer. *** Remind them that with OS/2 *** You never have to stop doing what you're doing to do something new. *** Then print something out while you continue to talk.

It's never failed to impress.

Remember to make a batch file called "test.bat" in the root directory. It contains:

@echo off
@echo Hello World!
@goto start

This will cause an endless loop. You can also WOW them by running two DOS windows simultaneously, each with this runaway app.... showing multitasking. There's something about a pair of runaway text boxes cascaded on a screen that blows people away. You can kill them one at a time, leaving the other stuff running in the background.

You might also show Lotus Smartsuite or Star Office running, to counter the erroneous belief in "no apps." The idea that OS/2 runs Netscape, Lotus apps, and maybe even version 4.3 of MS Office for Windows 3.1, generally dispels false notions that OS/2 users lack choices. The OS/2 Solitaire is also pretty impressive, especially when you play it during the downloads.

Tom Nadeau
OS/2 Headquarters -- Your Chauffeur on the Info Highway


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