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July 2000

Letters, Addendum, Errata

If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to editor@os2voice.org. We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

June 15, 2000 - Following is a letter from Robert Basler in regard to my article in the June newsletter on the IBM Wireless LAN Kit:

Does the wireless PCMCIA card support suspend/resume? I am running a Xircom hardwired LAN card, and every time I suspend, it shuts down permanently.
My response:

As to Resume, I never use it, but I kind of doubt it will. When I pull the IBM PCMCIA wireless NIC out of the socket my system freezes(not quite, it just gets almost to the same point) and I have to CAD to get it back. Then again it could be the chipset/driver for my Toshiba Satellite.


June 16, 2000 - Following is a letter from Robert Basler in regard to Don Eitner's End(User) article in the June newsletter on CD Grabbing For The Masses:

Dear Mr. Eitner,

I would like to express my thankfulness for your report on CDDA using OS/2.

As an user of Teac's 532S drive, I was facing the same trouble as you did. Unlike you I'm using an 2940UW from Adaptec with the same result: It didn't work. With Dawicontrol's 2975U adapter it didn't work either, as well as my other drive, a Pioneer DRU 12X (told to be one of the most reliables for Warp)...

Lately I found some "underground" information on parameters for OS2CDROM.DMD but it didn't help at all. I was really about getting angry: Why the heck was I using expensive SCSI devices while some dumb folks using M$ OSes were CDDAing on IDE devices?

Now - finally, your article solved my troubles out of the hand. I wonder why IBM doesn't use Daniela Engert's DANIS506.ADD, or the driver mentioned in your article just the way they did with Scitech's display doctor... Anyway - why wait for "official support" from big blue - there are a lot of solutions available.

I guess there are a lot of people around having this kind of trouble doing CDDA on Warp. I hope, they will be able to get a link to your report... this would be worth mentioning on the (un)official CDDA homepage maybe... Well, to sum up: Thank you very much for not abandoning the everyday struggle with Warp and device drivers (like I was almost about to do...).

BTW: Im going to change from my ess audio adapter (had a crystal chipset first) to an aureal card if I can get me one at ebay... ;)

Thanks for your article! Keep on the great work.

Here is Don's response:

Daniela Engert and now Takayuki 'January June' Suwa have certainly done some incredible work to make the underlying system more modern and flexible. In a way I'm glad that IBM hasn't put much effort into the base OS in a very long time because it has allowed the better developers to come forth and prove not only their own worth but OS/2's potential as a user-supported OS. Of course, I cannot deny that having these wonderful tools right out of the box would make OS/2 infinitely more appealing to first-time users and returning veterans. It would be especially nice to see IBM approach these user-developers to enhance the supposedly forthcoming Warp 4 Client Refresh. While we're at that, let's get the developers of XWorkplace in on the deal to make the WorkPlace Shell infinitely more flexible on a fresh install. You can read all about the latest release of XWorkplace in this month's View From The End (User).

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