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August 2000

July 15

ConfigTool is a CONFIG.SYS editor with:
- searchable database which explains the entries, - sort and checking routines, - boot/recovery options, and - suggestions for optimization.

CFGTOOL.DAT database is based on OS2CFG11.DAT for ConfigInfo 4.0 by Rick Meigs. All entries from the CM2CFG.DAT for ConfigMaint/2 are also included, as some of the howto.dat.

New in version 0.94:
- Minor errors in sort and optimize fixed - Expanded Cfgool.dat (802 entries). - Optimize enhanced for filesystems and drivers.

To download ConfigTool 0.94, visit:




Later it will be placed in:


Authors: Goran Ivankovic and Klaus Staedtler.

July 14

Precompiled OS/2 binaries of the CURRENT DEVELOPMENT VERSION of gnuplot as available from gnuplot's SourceForge CVS tree, branch pm3d, on July 12 2000, which are based on:

- gnuplot version 3.8c patchlevel pm3d 6
- mouse patches for Presentation Manager, X11 and Linux VGA: see 'help set mouse' (notice cool 'set mouse labels'), 'help set bind',
- pm3d splot mode for colour filled maps and surfaces are now available.


July 14

Brian Harvard has released the 4th Alpha for the upcoming FileCommander/2 v2.20


FileCommander/2 is a file manager for OS/2 with too many features to list here.

July 14

For information on the upcoming eComStation managed Operating System, please visit our datasheet.


You can preorder this product as well.

July 14

InCharge version 1.02.67 is now available for downloading from our web site http://www.spitfiresoftware.com. This version significantly enhances our multiple currency features and provides for easy connection to our web site for access to the user support forum and for downloading the latest version of InCharge from within InCharge. Following the list of specific enhancements is additional information on the changes to multiple currency support. The specific enhancements are:

1. Currency exchange rates can now be imported from six different Internet sites.

2. Standard currency identifiers are now provided for 160+ countries.

3. A new chapter has been added to the on-line manual for multiple currency support.

4. As a new service, Spitfire Software is providing a currency exchange rate table for import into InCharge from its web site. This table covers 64 different currencies and will be updated every one or two weeks (sometime longer based on time available).

5. When importing stock quotes from Yahoo!, a new dialog has been added which connects you to the Yahoo! site and provides the user id and password for signing on.

6. You can now access directly the Spitfire Software Internet web site, electronic updates download page, and InCharge Support Forum from within InCharge on the Main dialog's help menu.

The enhancements to multiple currency support for importing exchange rates from the Internet make it very easy to update the exchange rates for your secondary currencies at any time. The key to this support is that you must redefine your the currency id for your primary currency and all secondary currencies to be consistent with the InCharge standard currency identifiers for over 160 different currencies. To do this you will need to use the Currency Information dialog on the Main dialog's Files menu to edit each currency changing the currency id to the standard id which can be selected from the drop down list associated with the currency id entry field.

All users should read the new chapter on Multiple Currencies in the on-line documentation.

All of the exchange rate web site update their exchange rates every day except for the Spitfire Software site. The Spitfire Software site will be updated as time allows but normally every week, some times more often. the advantage of the Spitfire site is the large number of currencies carried. If you do not need daily updates for the exchange rates and the ones you do need require you to visit more that one site, then consider using the Spitfire site.

We are planning to continue our focus on the Internet, the next area is using bill payment facilities provided by, for example, Yahoo! and banks. After that, stock brokerage accounts.

The Internet is changing the whole world of personal finance. We intend to move with it providing those facilities that allow our users to integrate the financial functions and data provided by banks and other financial institutions with the financial records kept on one's personal computer. Only by integrating the two can you insure the integrity of your financial position and check one against another.

Bruce W. Landeck
Spitfire Software

July 13

It appears TCP/IP v4.3 for OS/2 Warp and for OS/2 Warp Server for e-business is available on the web:

In the Internet tools section, scroll to the end of that section and it's the fourth from the bottom...

The direct URL is:


July 13

IBM has updated all printer drivers for several countries:


e.g. Those who want to use an HP 970C can do this now. Also new, a web notebook with direct access to updates. :-)

July 13

Today I have uploded a the first beta of PlayRec on my home page.


English home page:


PlayRec is a command line player and recorder for very big wave files.

The program ist Freeware. Direct URL is:


July 12

I have updated the "OS/2 Emualtion Site". Now it has a request area to give ideas to developers of which emulators can be ported to OS/2. You can send me any request, so I can put it on my web page, to martiniturbide@email.com

I have also updated the navigation bar and added more emulators.


July 11

Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp 4 Release 1.5.1 was released today. It's a 29 megabyte file to download and update an existing 1.5 installation. It contains improved MS Office filters and various fixes.


July 11

Every year, hundreds of OS/2 users from around the world gather to talk about their favorite operating system. And every year, these hundreds of hungry minds cry out for more presentations.

The Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. hereby formally calls out to computer specialists far and wide to submit their proposals for presentations to be given at Warpstock 2000. If you have a specific knowledge in some of the below categories and you whish to share that in support of the OS/2 community, now is the time to step forward!

Presentations on any OS/2-related topic are more than welcome, regardless of the technical level. Topic categories include programming (Java, PM, device drivers, ...), software demonstrations (how-to's, tips and tricks), internet, networking, e-business and anything else of interest to OS/2 users.

Interested individuals should email Luc Van Bogaert at:


or visit:


There, you will find example presentations from previous years, templates in various formats for use in overheads, and a list of suggested deadlines.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2000 website, http://www.warpstock.org.

David Ameiss [VOICE] [POSSI] [SCOUG]
Secretary, Warpstock Inc. - www.warpstock.org

July 10

I released CDR/RW Wizard 0.9.92 beta. This is only a service release in which are fixed some bugs I found.

Please download ONLY the executable CDRWIZ.EXE (only this at version 0.9.92) at my home page:




July 10

It seems that IBM Japan is going to release a Japanese version of Desktop On-Call 4 for OS/2, Windows95-98-NT-2000, Mac, Linux.


The web site I found is in Japanese. When version 3 and 2.5 were released, English versions were also available so presumably there will also be an English version 4.

July 10

F/X Communications signed today a non-exclusive reseller and distribution agreement with Canadian based Vertical Industry Technology Ltd (VIT).


Vertical Industry Technology will, via its North American sales alliance with channel vendors such as Cisco, Intel and HP, offer businesses a comprehensive solution for developing and deploying interoperable and multi-platform IPSec based VPN solutions.

"By working with F/X Communications, we are able to fully service those of our customers that require VPN interoperability with OS/2 based clients. With the easy deployment, proven interoperability and the robustness offered by the InJoy products, we are able to target the customers in our traditional business segment", said John Tat, CEO and co-founder of VIT.

VIT works with a number of prominent businesses, including Royal Bank Dominion Securities, MDS Laboratory, McMaster, Afton Food Group, GCI Group, Bell Canada, Ministry of Health, CIBC, and ManuLife.

July 10

Akira Hatakeama has ported the iconv library to OS/2.

What is libiconv?

In some UNIXes, there is 'iconv' library, as generic multi-lingual character code, encoding coversion. If you are handling UTF-8, UTF-16, it is nearly standard library for handling such code.

For more information, download of binaries and sources see:


July 10

I have added English installation instructions to the binary zip files of Ghostscript 6.01. The English installation instructions can also be downloaded separately:


July 09

I did some upgrades to my Trials of Battle server. It should be pretty interesting to play now.

See you in the Arena (unless you are old and weak!):


Trials of Battle is a 1st person shooter for OS/2 published by Stardock Systems http://www.stardock.com/.

July 09

Sun has updated Staroffice 5.1a:


The file contains all old patches and some new (all languages)

SD#68619 Gradient on non-blank backgrounds cause 'fuzzy' borders
SD#68747 If addresses are deleted StarOffice may crash.
SD#68804 IMAP: Third party unsubscribing of folders will be ignored.
SD#68866 Capital letters cannot be used when logging in to the IMAP Server.
SD#68957 Incomprehensible error messages have been replaced.
SD#69113 IMAP: New / Folder reports 'Invalid Name'
SD#69552 Some of the Presentation documents crash when opened.
SD#69567 Files can no longer be loaded after a template update.
SD#69583 Some presentation documents crash after loading / saving / reloading
SD#72704 Graphics missing after restoring and saving after a crash.
SD#72722 Linked graphics no longer exist after restoring document.
SD#72774 General input/output error when loading some presentations
SD#73110 Files will become larger if graphic bullets are used.
SD#68783 Problems occur when editing DBF databases. The data record to be edited will not always be changed.
SD#68522 Wrong server settings if replying to a Newsgroup posting when 'User-defined Settings...' are being used
SD#68620 Data synchronization with PalmPilot under OS/2 not possible.



July 09

Magnus Olsson, the developer of WarpCalc and Astrolog, has updated Magnum to v1.1.


Magnum is a numerology calculator which can be used to derive Chaldean, Hebraic, Pythagorean and Common numbers from alphanumerical text.

July 09

R.O.M. logicware announced today a new support forum for their word processor "papyrus" and "papyrus OFFICE". This web-based forum contains discussion groups, where papyrus users can get support from and discuss with the developers.

The new papyrus forum is located at:


and it's part of the commTalk.de community, where you can find large forums for OS/2, Linux, Java and a variety of other topics. The membership of commTalk.de and commTalk.de/rom is free.


July 09

Today I have uploded a new version of CopyWave on my home page:


English home page:


The program copies parts from an existing PCM-Wave file starting from an indicated place in an indicated length into a new Wave file. The files can be very big.

Now can the program copying more as one file in a file. New is also appending file to existing files.

The program is Freeware. Direct URL is:


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