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August 2000

July 08

IBM has released the FixPak 13 in French, Spanis and Italian. This also means that there will sooner or later be other languages for FixPak 13 and we don't have to wait until FixPak 14 arrives.


July 08

Helge von hagen has released precompiled Binaries of Ghostscript 6.01 with an optimized Hewlett Packard printer driver for DJ 670/90, DJ 800 Series and DJ 932/970, 1600. These drivers are left out in the official OS/2 binaries, although they are in the source:


July 08

Rick Papo has updated Memsize 4.0 beta (4.July 2000):


Although it is tstated as beta it works quite well on my system

July 08

I am trying to maintain the Notebook/2 site, but I have had a lot of problems lately due to the fact that I cannot access my account at the OS/2 SuperSite [due to the restructuring at BMT Micro, which hosts the Supersite]. My attempts to get the problem solved with the help of Chris B. Wright weren't successful so far.

I have therefore decided to upload the Notebook/2 site to a different place. There you'll find many new pages and info which I was unable to upload during the last weeks. So check it out here:



Dr. Martinus

**Moderator's Note: comments in [] brackets above are mine. (Trevor Smith, from WarpCast)

July 07

Unit Converter is freeware PM utility which enables "on-the-fly" unit conversions. User can add, change or delete groups and units, conversion factors and prefixes. Language support: English, Croatian, German, Swedish and French.

New in version 0.91:
- French lanugage support.
- Selectable size of program's window.
- New units.

To download Unit Converter 0.91, visit:


July 07

The ZIP file of CDR/RW Wizard 0.9.91 is wrong. It refers at 0.9.9 beta16 version!

Please download the WarpIN format (*.WPI). Excuse all for this!


July 07

Because of the frustration with scarcity of information on running Sendmail on OS/2, I've decided to set up a mailing list dedicated to the subject. The mailing list is run using Majordomo and IBM's Sendmail, all under OS/2.

Anyone interested can subscribe by sending an email to:-


with the first line of the msg containing:-

subscribe os2-sendmail

- --

July 06

Robert Marcano robmv@promca.com has begun a movement to persuade IBM to provide enhanced versions of some of its software. Details are as follows:


I want to start to collect information about people really interested in a WebSphere for OS/2. all we now that via Software Choice there will be a Standard version of WebSphere, but lot of us that are trying to tranform our OS/2 applications to Java, requires at least a WebSphere Advanced Edition 3.0 or better to be able to develop using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). If IBM want us to go platform neutral, we require tools to do that on OS/2 Servers in order to not need to trash away an excelent platform like OS/2.

So.. people can send me and email with the following information in order to submit a formal request to IBM for and Advanced version of WebSphere and probably new version of VisualAge for Java (3.5 will not be in OS/2): Name, Company Name, number of installed OS/2 platform servers and workstations, application(s) to be EJB migrated, Company URL, contact email address.

Please... be real with your request in order to have a real response from IBM

send it to robmv@promca.com


July 06

On Monday, July 3rd, at 1:00PM EDT, VOICE (Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education) held a Live IRC Chat Session (aka Speakup) on the subject of eComStation .. the new Managed OS/2 Warp Client from Serenity Systems.

A complete logfile of the session is now available on the VOICE web site at:


This was "Round 1" of the Live Chat Sessions with Serenity Systems.

Round 2 is next Monday, July 10th, at 8:00PM EDT (0:00 GMT Tuesday) in WEBBnet IRC, #voice Channel.

Please join us in what promises to be a very informative and enlightening chat session with Bob St. John of Serenity Systems. And, who knows ... you might just be present for a Major announcement

For more information on VOICE IRC Meetings, IRC Information, and links to the list of current WEBBnet IRC Servers, point your browser to:


Cya July 10th at 8:00PM EDT!!!

July 06

Serguei Trouchelle compiled OS/2 and EMX versions of the UnIMP unpacking utility. It is useful to unpack .IMP files, which are made with the IMP archiver for Win32/Dos32.





July 06

The new version CDR/RW Wizard 0.9.91 is just released.

- NEW! Support of bootable CD (via my new version BootWizard 1.0.0) also WPS boot (in VGA mode)
- other changes (see readme file) at my home page:


CDR/RW Wizard is a GUI Wizard interface to CDRECORD/2 for burning CD-R / CD-RW (data, audio, etc) discs.

July 05

It has come to my attention that many people believe PMMail/2 v2.10.1999 is the latest version of PMMail/2. In reality, Blueprint Software Works released a newer version of PMMail/2 some time ago, but since it was only a minor update, we did not advertise the fact.

The latest version of PMMail/2 is v2.10.2010 and it can be found at:


No major bugs were fixed with this release so if your current copy is working properly, there is no need to upgrade.

If you do choose to upgrade though, it is as simple as installing directly over your current PMMail/2 (unless you are using a very old version of PMMail -- please read the documentation before upgrading). All your settings and accounts will remain intact. (As always, PLEASE BACK UP BEFORE UPGRADING.)

PMMail/2 v2.10.2010 is a free upgrade for any registered users of v2.x. For users of v1.x, affordable upgrade pricing is available. For complete info see:


July 05

Lately, we found out that the last releases (from ver. 0.78 to ver.0.84) of FTPServ contain a serious security bug. This bug allows any person that has a write permission to one directory on the server to view any file from your physical disk.


Accordingly, Peter Moylan was released FTPServ 0.85. It can be found at his WWW site:


July 05

Lame MP3 encoder v3.84 for OS/2 is released.


Lame is one of, if not *the* best MP3 encoders available on any platform. It is a command line program but worth the effort.

And it's freeware!

July 05

There is a new Papyrus discussion forum at http://www.comm-talk.de/rom - it is international, mixed English and German. Every English mail will be answered in English, of course.

It is for all who are interested in the "Papyrus" wordprocessor, database and office package, customers, interests, people who have questions about Papyrus and those who want to discuss the further development of Papyrus with the developers.

I will be there, frequently, for example, but it is NOT run by R.O.M. itself, but by other people who make a forum portal at commTalk (Carsten Mueller et. al.).


Ulli Ramps

(papyrus Support + GF)
R.O.M. logicware GmbH, Berlin

July 05

After 2 years, PM123 finally gets an update. PM123 is mainly an audio MPEG player for OS/2, but can now be extended with the new plug-in API.

What's new:

- Fixed file with spaces in pipe commands.
- execmode -sp executed on pm123.exe so it now runs in Warp Server 4 SMP
- Patched notebook loading problem with Default display settings.
- Adjusted equalizer dialog frequencies to correspond with new mpg123 values.
- Fixed auto-play on load when another stream is playing.
- Implemented new decoder, filter and output plugins. For this beta, very little plug-ins are fully functional.
- Playback of playlist does not close the output plug-in between playback of the entries anymore.
- "Use this playlist" and next/previous now loads the ID3 Tag.
- "Default display" now works everywhere.
- Playlist now continues playing after selecting a song from the playlist.
- Drag and drop from the playlist to main window now works properly.
- Random button does random playback again, not sorting. Random is also much faster than it was in beta 2. Use "Random" in the Sort submenu if you want to do playlist shuffling.
- Repeat and Random playback state are now reloaded after launch.
- Fixed random crash when adding with recurse, I hope...
- Repeat now works in all conditions.
- Adding to a playlist before the current loaded song now updates its index.
- Deleting from a playlist before the current loaded song now also updates its index.
- Directories can now be added from the "Add to list" file dialog. This is basically a hack in the file dialog. Unless you manually type the path, the directory will have to be selected in the directory listbox AND it must be the current directory listed in the file listbox AND the filename entry field must be empty, or "*" or the default "*.*".
- HUGE playlist (~900 songs and more) are now able to load.
- pm123 doesn't crash when loading playlist from the command line for an already opened instance. This includes .m3u since they are now loaded as playlists.
- Fixed problem when loading playlist and a song from the unloaded playlist was already playing.
- Deleting entries from a playlist doesn't auto-use use it anymore.
- Sorting by size and time is now much faster. - Loading entries from the playlist now actually loads the right entry, not just the one with the same exact filename. but this basically makes it faster...
- Added support for WinAmp style .pls playlist files including SHOUTcast. Titles for SHOUTcast servers are loaded from the .pls so you see all the neat stuff like the load of the servers when you load the playlist.
- Fixed problem loading HTTP URLs with no path like on SHOUTcast.
- Included procedure in netscape.html to properly configure pm123 as a Netscape Navigator helper application.
- Fixed memory leak when removing entries from the playlist.
- Streaming buffer now works properly and continues playing buffered stream even if read operations are stalled.
- Broken HTTP connections are now properly canceled and closed on stop.
- Added workaround for timing problem in DART for setting volume right after the device is opened.
- HTTP URL with no filename like SHOUTcast now show the complete host instead of interpreting it as a filename. Title streaming is on its way...
mpg123.dll 1.09 in pm123 1.1 beta 1

- Fixed streaming audio by adding two in a row header checking.
- Implements new pm123 decoder plug-in interface.


Skin, Visual, Decoder, Output and Filter Plug-in support allowing for major extendibility.

Play, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind, seek to position
State-of-the-art dynamic priority system
Uses OS/2's DART
Supports 8-bit sound cards and sound device sharing
Supports mixing both channels together and downmixing 2:1
HTTP Streaming Support, including SHOUTcast and icecast
Stream Buffer Support
Graphical Sound Equalizer
A Real 32 bands 1/3 octave Graphical Equalizer


Supports drag'n'drop of files and directories (non-recursive and recursive)
Loads PM123 playlists (LST), WarpAMP playlists (MPL), Internet playlists (M3U) and WinAmp (PLS) including SHOUTcast
URL (streaming HTTP) support
Sorting: size, playing time, filename, songname and random
Recall 10 last playlists
Playlist Manager for easy playlist browsing and managing

User interface:

ID3 tag support, including an editor for tags
Recall 10 last songs
2 fonts, plus a smooth scroller using system fonts
3 sizes: regular, small and tiny
Float on top
Skin support, supports PM123 and WinAmp skins
"Remote Control" support through pipes
Included Visual Plugins: Spectrum Analyzer and Oscilloscope

Plug-in Developer's Kit Available
Throughout User's


More information at:

July 03

IBM announced Visual Age for JAVA 3.5 on June 28, 2000. It will be available for various Windows operating systems and eventually for Linux but, the announcement did not mention availability for OS/2.


July 03

IBM has updated (on 27/5/2000) the OS/2 installation disks. They are intended for several Thinkpads (namely the T20) but can also used with other PC's. For more information and the download see:


July 03

I will be relocating to sunny Florida on July 10, 2000. My IRC server, irc.mi.webbnet.org, is no longer available. The following servers which reside on the WEBBnet server are available for your convenience:

Main International Hub
irc.webbnet.org ports 6660 thru 6669

Australia irc.au.webbnet.org 6667

Germany irc.de.webbnet.org 6667

Sweden irc.se.webbnet.org 6667

Main United States Hub
irc.us.webbnet.org ports 6660 thru 6669

irc.ca.webbnet.org 6667
irc.ca2.webbnet.org 6667

irc.in2.webbnet.org 6667

irc.md2.webbnet.org 6667

North Carolina
irc.nc.webbnet.org 6667
irc.nc2.webbnet.org 6667

irc.pa2.webbnet.org 6667

irc.tn.webbnet.org 6667

irc.tx.webbnet.org 6667

irc.ut.webbnet.org 6667

Judy McDermott
Moon Scape Designs

Judy's Warped World

July 02

The Kellergroup has silently updated PMFax /Pro and /Lite to Ver 3.2n.

New Pmfax.exe (date:06.06.200) and FxPrint.drv (date:06.03.2000)


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