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August 2000

July 27


Gwen L. Veneskey
(412) 488-9730 glvenes@ibm.net


Friday, July 29, 2000

Oz of Prevention CMMS accessible through the internet, intranet or any assigned TCP/IP address. Pittsburgh, PA - Ounce of Prevention Software, division of Aviar, Inc. announced today that it is now possible for their CMMS, Oz of Prevention System to be accessed and run through use of the internet, intranet or assigned TCP/IP addresses.

The Oz. of Prevention System, a native OS/2 application, can now be accessed and run through use of the internet, intranet or any assigned TCP/IP address regardless of what operating platform is in use.

In the past, in order to run Oz, it was necessary to have the OS/2 operating system installed on every computer from which the software would be run. With this new breakthrough, a customer can purchase the turnkey system and be able to run the system from other desktops as long as they are equiped with a java-enabled browser. Virtually all browsers on the market today are java-enabled. This allows the customer to do such things as run the Oz system from their home machine, from a second machine in a different part of the facility or plant or from a second location, maybe to check inventory or history, complete a work order or run and view, or perhaps print a report. It also allows supervisory personnel to have access to the system even if they are running a Windows, or some other non-OS/2 platform.

John Urbaniak, President of the company stated "This is a real breakthrough - we are hearing more and more from customers that they want multiple users to have access to the system - not really in a network situation, but just access - the ability to go into the system, get some information and then go on with their jobs. In today's world customers do not want to be tied to one workstation."

He went on to say "They also want the ability to check and see if a second plant has a part in stock. Companies are always trying to find ways to be more cost-effective and it makes sense if Plant A needs a part and Plant B has five sitting on the shelf, because they got a very good deal on them, Plant A should be able to get one from Plant B."

Mr. Urbaniak concluded "The ability to access and run the system from remote workstations gives customers the best of both worlds - they get the power and stability of OS/2 and the freedom and flexibility of access that most people want and have come to expect in this fast-paced world . . . and all at a very affordable price."

Oz. is sold directly through Aviar's Sales Office, as a turnkey, network site license. All modules are included in the one package and they are all interconnected. This makes it very easy to have several screens, not only open, but active at the same time. This system was designed to take full advantage of the true multitasking capabilities available through OS/2.

Aviar has been in business since 1983 and has been developing and selling CMMS systems since 1987.

Aviar's webpage: http://www.oops-web.com

PRESS ONLY: For interviews with John J. Urbaniak, please contact Gwen L. Veneskey at 412 367-6177 or glvenes@ibm.net

July 27

Using OS/2 is the best way to save time while computing, but you'll be wasting your time if you don't go to Warpstock 2000 this September. And time is definitely running out to make your reservations.br>

OS/2 users who want to go to Warpstock need to make sure they don't miss key deadlines. They are:

- July 31: Early Registration. Registration is $79 per person through July 31. That's only one week away! Beginning August 1, registration is $99 per person.

- Hotel Room Availability. The Warpstock Committee recommends that you stay at the Holiday Inn Indepedence Mall. This is the hotel where the conference will be held. The special rate of $124 per night ($129 for double occupancy) is only for a limited number of rooms, so don't wait until the last minute! More information about the hotel, including pictures of the facilities, can be found on the Warpstock web site at:


- September 9: Warpstock 2000. That's only six weeks away!

These deadlines are approaching fast, and you won't want to miss them. If you haven't made your reservations yet, then now is the time to do it! If, for some reason, you still haven't made up your mind, take a look at the list of presentations currently scheduled at:


You will undoubtedly find at least two presentations that you absolutely must see. Convinced now? Good! Point your browser to:


and follow the instructions. See you in September!

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2000 web site:


July 27

SCOUG (Southern California OS/2 User Group) member Gary Granat is in the process of writing a multi-part series on seeking alternatives to Object Desktop that will consume less system resources.

You can view his series (3 parts so far) and other articles at:


Other articles of interest:

1) A mini-review of Netlabs' WarpIN
2) Tony Butka's Ink column (focusing on printing and scanning under OS/2)
3) Mr. Know-It-All (how to install RealPlayer 7 under OS/2 using Odin)
4) Download! columns by Gary Wong

And more...

July 27

Jan van Wijk has relased DFSEE 3.32. One of the most fascinating new features is W2KBM which will protect an IBM Boot Manager against aggressive Windows 2000 CHKDSK operations that could damage the Boot Manager data sectors.


Display File Systems (DFSee) is a generic partition and filesystem browser/analyser. DFSee supports partition-tables (FDISK), (V)FAT, FAT-32, HPFS-structures, some NTFS stuff and it might support different file-systems like JFS and EXT2 in the future.

July 27

Peter Moylan has released Major Major. Major Major is a mailing list manager for OS/2. It lets you create multiple mailing lists on your machine. People subscribe to these lists by mailing a "subscribe" command to Major Major. (There is also an "unsubscribe" command.) You can also subscribe/unsubscribe people in your role as system manager.


July 27

The new and improved commTalk.de software libraries now provide the following new features:

- fast and comfortable fulltext search engine
- Every forum (OS/2, Windows, Linux, Java, Palm, ...) got its own library
- Rate It Feature (Vote for your favorite files)
- Upload application form
- Exclusively for registered commTalk.de Users (but registration is free!)

The commTalk.de forum libraries currently contain about 800 files (about 450 files for OS/2 Warp!), with a total size of about 1 GB. And that's just the beginning.

Check it out - and join commTalk.de for free!


July 27

A new version (v1.3.2) of NewView (replacement of standart inf/hlp viewer) can be found on Hobbes:


July 27

There is a version of WebSphere 3.02 for OS/2 at the Software Choice program (updated July 24th, 2000). It's a reserved feature, but this is great news for e-business under Warp Server.


July 27

I have released UpdCD 0.5 with PEER and TC/IP fixpak support.

With UpdCD you can incorporate public FixPaks into your Warp 4 installation CD. Then you you will be able to install a Year 2000 compliant OS/2 Warp on systems with large hard disks right from this CD.



July 26

I am making available alpha test versions of my latest creation, Warpster, a Napster client for OS/2 PM. While it is currently under development it has enough functionality to be useful so I'm releasing it into the wild for people to use and to provide feedback.


Napster is a system for the sharing of MP3 music files. See http://www.napster.com/ for more information.

July 26

The New York Times has an online article on the future of software and the web. Quite favorable words are given to OS/2, but the future is clearly platform independant!


July 26

The Larsen Commander has been upgraded to version 1.1.7. You can download it and find more information at:


For a list of what is fixed in this release, take a look at:


This update is just a temporary fix, before a completely new version (which has been in work for some months) is released later this year.

Larsen Commander is a powerful, flexible and user friendly GUI File Manager and Command Processor that has a look and feel inspired by the classic Norton Commander.

July 26

When we contacted APC in regards to how many copies of the magazine we can purchase, this the is the reply we received (note: we are a U.S.A. based company):

From: asuzuki@acptech.net
To: winnovations@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: July 2000 Issue
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 17:58:58 +1000

APC has an exclusive deal with IBM Australia that states that we can only sell the product to Australian customers. International branches of IBM have not agreed that the CD be distributed regionally. APC would therefore be in breach of contract (effectively committing piracy) if we distributed the product


Australian PC Magazine (APC), as previously reported here, included a "free" CD in their July/2000 issue which contained OS/2 Warp and other operating systems.

July 26

I have just uploaded NOCTIS version 1.0.0 to both:


It will probably be moved to:


NOCTIS is freeware tool for doing astronomy. NOCTIS provides an optimized FITS format images viewer with simple photometrical capabilities to allow quick look of astronomical images. NOCTIS also features a finding charts creation tool that works on many databases including: GSC, USNO, NGC2000 and others.

Editors note: as far as I know it was only placed at hobbes, no other location was given in the annoucement, despite that fact that the both indicates there was more then one.

July 25

AMD Zone is running a poll on its intro page asking users what their primary operating system is. OS/2 is specifically listed.


July 25

GOGO, the best MP3 encoder (the fastest for ALL platforms) has an updated version for OS/2. This makes the OS/2 version the same level as the other ones.


July 25

Software Withdrawal: Remaining Features for IBM and Tivoli ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager for AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, OS/2, and AS/400, Version 3.1 or earlier.


July 25

Since there seem to problems again with www.warpstock.org, especially in the last week of early registration (ending on July 31), I just wanted to let everyone know that the Warpstock 2000 mirror site is still available at:


Go there for the latest news and updates in the Presentation Schedule and for registration.

July 24

Say goodbye to download problems on OS/2! PM Download Center Beta has been released by Fudeba Software and gives you total control on all downloads that you will perform. At this time this fine release is a secret Beta, but we tested it on our Warp 4.5 Client (Warp 4 + FP13) and it is running just fine! We are just publishing an exclusive review about this software on our web site. Check it out at:


@Macarlo, Inc. Internet Services Associated with CNET, Inc.

July 24

Crystal has updated the three soundcard drivers for OS/2.

CWOS2306.ZIP for the CS4280, 4614, and 4624 chipsets.
OS2209FM.ZIP for CS4235, 4236B, 4237B, 4238B, and 4239.
OS2209WT.ZIP for the same as the earlier one, only this is for those cards with the wave table on the card.
CWOS2176.ZIP for the older CS4231, 4232, and 4236 cards.


July 23

The OS/2 port of World Wide Web Consortium's HTML Tidy utility has been updated to the July 8, 2000 version.



for the OS/2 port:


for a Java port; and


for general information.

HTML Tidy checks and repairs HTML and XHTML in conformance with current W3C standards.

July 23

RXSem 1.03 has been released, and is available both on Hobbes where it will eventually migrate to:


and on the author's home page:


RXSem is a well-documented REXX extension DLL providing nearly direct access to OS/2's native semaphores, both 16-bit and 32-bit mutex semaphores, and to 32-bit event semaphores. It has a few extras, including the ability to use DDE to Netscape (OpenNetscapeWindow), set the current window's title (RxWinSetTitle), query ~set the process's priority (PriorityQuery/PrioritySet), find the process ID(s) of an executable (ProcessIDsOf), and even the ability to kill processes based on their process ID (KillProcess).

New to this release include some window-list handling, querying what is showing (and what isn't!), as well as toggling entries between visible and invisible.

For more information, see the RXSem home page:


--- Disclaimer: unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, I do not speak for the company I work for.

July 23

lSwitcher 2.5 Spanish has been uploaded to Hobbes. You can find it at:


and eventually at:


The English version of the program can be found at:


lSwitcher is a convenient feature-rich Alt-Tab (or Ctrl-Tab) Presentation Manager and full screen task switcher for OS/2.

July 23

Astrolog for OS/2 has been updated as of today (2000-07-23). This update has a working aspect list, sine function for orb power, and sign summary taking placement, personalization and aspect power into account. It also includes a few minor fixes.

Astrolog for OS/2 is a port of the freeware Astrolog by Walter D Pullen. It is probably the best known astrological calculation software there is.

You can get the update from the Astrolog for OS/2 home page:


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