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August 2000

If you have OS/2 employment opportunities to announce, please send a message to editor@os2voice.org to get them into the next issue of the VOICE Newsletter.

July 22

I have found the following (Dutch) vacancy for OS/2-sysadmins:


A little catch, though: you must be knowledgable and willing to migrate to an NT-environment.

(But maybe you can graduate to become a Unix or mini/mainframe admin!)

July 13

My name is Chet Balzer, and I work for IT ThInc Solutions in Schaumburg, IL. I hope you can help me. I have 5 openings for OS/2 Warp Administrators for a firm in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL. The projects are slated to last for 6 plus Months. I know the OS/2 community is a very select group. If you know of anyone in the OS/2 community looking for a position, could you please forward this e-mail to them.


Strong working back ground in OS2/ Warp 4.0. Administrations skills, working knowledge of Lan Manager/Server, Com Manager, TCP/IP, REXX and SNA.
Chet Balzer
IT ThInc Solutions
National Plaza Three
999 Plaza Drive, Suite 240
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Tel 847-290-8775 ex 121

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