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August 1997

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Aug 18, 1997 - At the VOICE bimonthly board meeting the following issues were addressed:

1) It was decided by unanimous vote that Judy be asked to pursue Credit Card registrations with BMT Micro. Peter can provide any info needed for the bank account, etc....

2) Also, it was decided that the online membership form should allow for entry of all info there (except CC info which will be through BMT via a link) if desired, or the member may request that a form be emailed to them for completion.

3) The form if filled out online, will be sent to Peter via email. If it is requested that they receive an email copy of the membership form to fill out, Peter will forward the form to them once confirmation from BMT of payment is received.

4) The three methods of payment officially accepted are Credit Card, Check, and International Money Order. Cash will not be refused, but will not be officially endorsed in anyway.

5) Pankaj will need to update the bylaws with the change in membership to reflect that it is valid for 12 months, and will not end on the first of Jan. The three methods of payment should be mentioned.

6) The questions to IBM that VOICE members have submitted have been forwarded to the appropriate parties ( and Mark (for possible inclusion in the newsletter)

7) Mark suggested that Judy (in her official position as liaison) sign up for an IBM Birthday Party for the possible addition of some door prizes.

Aug 17, 1997 - News from IBM:


"Are you ready to PARTY with IBM?"

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the OS/2 Warp operating system, IBM would like to set up a special party with your User Group. I mean a real party, with cake, balloons, and door prizes!

Check out for details.

Thanks to Sandy Mayo of for posting this to c.o.o.announce.

Aug 15, 1997 - Is Netscape Navigator for OS/2 starting to run sluggish? Try going into Options->Network Preferences-> cache tab and select the buttons to clear both the memory and disk cache. Then close down NS/2 and restart it. Should be considerably faster.

Aug 14, 1997 - Want to report a OS/2 problem to IBM or a feature you want to see added to OS/2 but you don't have a customer id or paid support contract. Try the following service available on the net:

There is a form to submit "Customer Requirements" for product enhancements. Go to URL:

There is also a way to submit code DEFECT reports to IBM. Instructions on how to do this are at URL: Select "Technical Assistance" and look at the instructions under "Email Service for Problem Defect Reporting".

The preceding tip complements of IBM Personal Software Services

Aug 11, 1997 - According to Judy McDermott, Volunteer Coordinator, the WarpStock committee now has an "IBM Suggestions" email address in place. Please use this for suggestions of questions to ask IBM at their WarpStock presentation, or for topics you would like to see IBM cover at WarpStock. This is not intended to be a discussion mailing list. Briefly post the topic that you would like IBM to present at Warpstock or suggestions for questions to be asked of IBM at Warpstock.

Suggestions/topics may be sent to

Aug 6, 1997 - The VOICE general meeting was held on WEBBnet on IRC. At the meeting it was announced that VOICE would be sponsoring an OS/2 Hardware Survey site to gather data on what hardware components are best supported under OS/2 Warp. In addition a clarification of the VOICE membership fee policy was made. The bylaws need to be corrected to reflect the fact that a VOICE membership is for 12 calendar months and does not expire on January 1st.

For more information on VOICE meetings, WEBBnet and IRC please go to

Aug 5, 1997 - I have seen many inquiries about support for 128 bit encryption in Netscape Navigator for OS/2. I have been told this exists, but that IBM has chosen to keep it internal and not release it to the general public. If you have an interest in this product please contact
Deborah Bandera -
Though I have never heard back from her, I have heard that if enough people request this, then IBM may release it.

Aug 3, 1997 - Felix Cruz, issued a press release stating that IBM has finally committed to a presence at WarpStock "(IBM) agreed to present their long term strategy for OS/2 at the 1997 OS/2 Warpstock convention."

For those unfamiliar with WarpStock - this is planned to be "a community event for the OS/2 users, developers and other support folks out there." It's an opportunity to get together with other folks who use and enjoy OS/2 and learn more about how OS/2 works and what applications are available now and in the future. The dates are October 25-26, 1997 and the place AQMD Headquarters, 21865 E. Copley Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765. For more information on WarpStock surf over to

August 1, 1997 - Well summer is here in North America. People are spending more time outside and less time online. To accommodate that trend the VOICE board has decided to forego the 2nd Saturday monthly meeting and the 4th Wednesday of the month meeting as well. Starting in July VOICE will only hold meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. These will be at the usual times (8PM EDT - 00:00GMT). Feel free to drop in and join our meetings.

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