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OS/2 eCS Developers Workshop 2007
Developer workshop 2007

Supporting Warpstock 2007 Toronto Supporting Warpstock 2007

Warpstock Europe 2006 Supporting Warpstock Europe 2006

Warpstock Czech Republic 2005

Meeting Information

What? When?
- Check out the Events Calendar for information on upcoming meetings and events. - General meetings are held on the first and third Saturday of each month at 3:00PM Eastern (20:00GMT; 19:00GMT during summer in US) [time zone help].
Where? How?
- Meetings are held on WEBBnet IRC network in the #VOICE channel. For a list of current WEBBnet IRC servers please refer to - If you're unfamiliar with IRC, visit Judy's Warped World's IRC Clients page. There you'll find a list of available IRC clients with descriptions and a link to a chart that compares features of each. If you need further assistance contact VOICE.
How (Continued)
  • Use the web interface provided by WEBBnet.


  • Download one of the following IRC clients, follow the instructions for each client, to automatically log onto a WeBBNet server and join the #voice channel.
    • GTIRC 3.01 - Unzip into an appropriate directory (C:\GTIRC), run MakeIcon.cmd, then run GTIRC using the icon created on your desktop.

    • EZIRC 1.2 - Unzip into a temp directory, run setup.cmd. Once EZirc is installed, extract the to the base directory (the one with "ezirc.ini" in it) and run EZVoice.cmd. Then run EZIrc.

    • If you'd like to learn more about IRC, read Wayne Swanson's, "Getting Started on IRC."

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