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September 2000

How I Installed OS/2 on a Large IDE Disk (40GB)

By Wilson Jones ©September 2000

Maxtor Corporation: http://www.maxtor.com
IBM1S506 IDE Driver: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/ps/products/os2/os2ddpak/idedasd.exe
DANIS506 Replacement IDE Driver: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=DANIS506

Indelible Blue's Warpup: http://service.indelible-blue.com/warpup

Recently, my 4GB tape drive broke and I couldn't replace it (too old) and didn't want to go through what it took to get a new tape drive to work. I built this new system to use as a backup for three other OS/2 machines on my network. I added four 9.5GB HPFS partitions, that allowed me to backup up to four copies of my three other OS/2 machines across the network on a single 40GB disk. I plan to buy two or three more 40GB drives, clone them and use hard disks for backup instead of tape. I am currently backing up about 6GB from the three other machines and it is taking about 3 hours. That's about two hours faster than using my old tape drive. I'm a happy camper! And, I offer my most heartfelt thanks to Daniela Engert and her DANIS506 drivers! They are everything IBM's should be!

Installed system:

IBM 300GL, 350mhz Pentium III
The drive is a Maxstor 54098H8 40GB

You will need the following:

Original Warp 4 Install Diskette
Absolutely CURRENT Install Diskettes 1 and 2
Latest IDEDASD.EXE from IBM (fix for >8GB or higher)
DANIS506 disk drivers

Make copies of your ORIGINAL Warp install diskettes (3 of them) or create them from a current Warp 4 system (FP 6 or greater) using the "Create Utility Diskettes" icon in the "System" folder or create Disks 1 and 2 from Warpup (May 2000 edition).

Follow the instructions in the IDEDASD.EXE's readme file and copy the patched drivers to disk 1. Missing from the instructions is that OS2CDROM.DMD from the IDEDASD fix needs to be copied to Disk 2. Be sure to copy this new driver to Disk 2.

Edit CONFIG.SYS and add the line SET COPYFROMFLOPPY=1 If you have to add it, the first line is a good place. This setting will cause the modified drivers from Disk 1 to be installed to the hard disk, but NOT the OS2CDROM.DMD driver from Disk 2. More on this later.

Assuming you have no BIOS or hardware conflicts with the new hard disk, this should allow you to boot with the three installation diskettes and press F3 to exit to a command prompt when prompted, after it processes Disk 2.

First run FDISK /NEWMBR to write a new master boot record onto the disk.

Then run FDISK and create your primary partition. I created a small (1GB) partition and rebooted to an IBM DOS 7.1 diskette and formatted it with DOS so I could dual-boot later on and so I could boot from a DOS diskette and change things on it without having to boot through 3 disks to get to an OS/2 command prompt. THINGS do have to be changed during Warp install's reboot processes.

My install of Warp finally worked when I initially had only the single, primary partition on the disk. YMMV! It appears that IBM1S506.ADD on the boot diskettes gets a little confused if partitions exist during install beyond 32GB and maybe beyond the cylinder 1023 barrier.

Reboot using the 3 Warp install disks and install Warp 4.

At the first reboot during the install, get to a command prompt some way. Either insert a DOS diskette or the Warp Install diskette and F3 after Disk 2. DO NOT try to use Alt+F1 to get to a command prompt. It probably won't ever get that far because the IBM1S506 drivers used during install are good for ONLY that.

Copy the DANIS506.ADD driver to \OS2\BOOT on the hard disk and modify CONFIG.SYS per the instructions that are included with the DANIS506 driver (substitute DANIS506 for IBM1S506). I was lucky and needed NO parameters to DANIS506 for my controller/drive combo. I added /W, though, so I could see what it was doing, (as if I knew). Also, I REM'ed out the SET COPYFROMFLOPPY=1 line, but I had to add it back again later, so I don't know whether it was really necessary to do this.

Diskinfo /v (which is a utility included with the DANIS506 driver) reports:

0/m: Maxstor 54098H8
Port 1F0/ 3F6, IRQ 14, DMA busmaster, PI04, UltraDMA2

You may also want to copy OS2CDROM.DMD from Disk 2 to \OS2\BOOT because the initial install process did not copy it for you. My CDROM didn't die completely using the older version, but I did have problems intermittently with very slow access and ejection problems until I discovered the newer version hadn't been copied. I refreshed the version and the problems disappeared.

Reboot from hard disk, and, if you are as lucky as I was, you can complete the installation process with the DANIS506 drivers controlling your new large disk.

When installation has completed, open an OS/2 window and use FDISK to allocate the additional partitions you want on the large disk. Reboot and format them as desired.

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary.

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