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September 2000

August 19

This year's Warpstock 2000 conference will offer a multitude of presentations, guaranteed to satisfy every OS/2 user. To help make it even better, we want you to answer a survey.

OS2.org (http://www.os2.org) is joining forces with Warpstock by providing a survey which asks you to select your top five Warpstock presentations. By casting your vote, you'll be able to influence the presentation schedule.

Once the results are in, the schedule will be updated so that the most popular presentations do not overlap. This will allow the most number of people to see the presentations they want.

So please visit the survey at http://en.OS2.org/forum/survey/special.php3 and cast your vote for the five presentations that you definitely want to see.

A tentative presentation schedule for Warpstock 2000 is available at http://www.warpstock.org/2000/presentations.html

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2000 web site:


or its mirror site:


August 19

lSwitcher 2.5 Spanish has been uploaded to Hobbes. You can find it at:


lSwitcher is a convenient, feature-rich Alt-Tab (Ctrl-Tab hotkey can also be used)Presentation Manager and full screen task switcher for OS/2.

The English version of the program can be found at:


August 19

A new GRADD driver (0.83) has been released:


August 19

IBM has released a new TCP/IP 4.3 fix:


This fix solves the following problem:

Sending username/password followed immediately by up to 1k of data when connecting to FTP via Telnet, can cause a trap.

August 19

Only 3 Weeks Left Until Warpstock 2000!

Warpstock, Inc. (Internet)
Contact: David Ameiss, Secretary david@ameissnet.com

Attention all OS/2 users! The biggest OS/2 event of the year is approaching fast, and if you don't act soon, you might miss it!

Warpstock 2000 will be the premier OS/2 conference to attend this year.

If you've never been to Warpstock before, this is definitely the year to go, because it will be the biggest and best Warpstock ever.

OS/2 experts from around the world will be there to impart their wisdom and experiences during the many presentations. Several vendors will also be there to demonstrate and sell their OS/2-compatible and native OS/2 products. But the best part of Warpstock is that you'll be able to spend an entire weekend with hundreds of other people who share your vision of today's best computing environment.

So how much time do you have? Not much! Warpstock 2000 will be in Philadelphia on September 9 and 10. That means you have only 3 weeks left. Special discounts on flights and the hotel are still available. See the web site for details.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock web site at http://www.ibmforum.com/warpstock/.

David Ameiss [VOICE] [POSSI] [SCOUG]
Secretary, Warpstock Inc. - http://www.warpstock.org/

August 18

There's a TRAP in the installation procedure for the latest postfix (krnl0809.zip) for FixPak 14. Step 12 in krnl0809.txt:


can also affect the x:\OS2 directory, causing it to disappear from your Desktop.

Either ignore this step, or set the flags for each file using separate commands. Do NOT use the asterisk wild card.

**Moderator's Note: There does not appear to be any step 12 in the URL referenced above; it skips from step 10 to step 14. Possibly IBM realized the error and removed a few steps. We post this announcement just in case people saw and saved older versions of these instructions.

August 18

Sslurp! 2.6 WWW mirroring tool retrieves Web pages from an HTTP (WWW) server. It can be configured to follow all hyperlinks leading to other pages. Images and Java applets can be retrieved as well. Retrieved data is stored on disk for later viewing. Now with internal filtering proxy!

It is now at:


It will eventually be at:


August 18

Showsess allows you to list active sessions, list number of active sessions, make the current session foreground, switch to sessionId n (default is DOS), minimize current session on switching, maximize the session being switched to, send WM_CLOSE to window being switched to, dosKillProcess Process associated with session, switch to session with "Subtitle" in the title, use a quoted string for multiple words ~switch to session with process ID #.

Showsess is now at:


It will eventually be at:


August 18

Unpost, an advanced uudecode program used to extract binary files from multi-segment uuencoded USENET postings or Email is now at:


It will eventually be at:


August 18

A new file finder (with source code), rh2os2, has been released on Hobbes. It is now at:


It will eventually be at:


August 18

Connect/2 7.6 beta4 was released today.

It is a Borland-style integrated environment application:
- Multi-window text editor capable of processing files;
- Multi-window HEX editor;
- Text viewer and HEX viewer;
- File Manager which looks much like the Norton Commander but is at least twice as powerful;
- External application executor which is able to run various programming tools such as cross-assemblers, compilers etc. with the user-defined parameters depending on currently active window, or currently focused file name;
- Keyboard macro editor and player;
- Clipboard window. One can copy/paste data from/to any of the program windows and input lines, including external program screens (Snipper);
- Miscellaneous tools (programmer's calculator, alarm clock, ASCII table, calendar);
- Context-sensitive help system;
- Customizable program setup (colors, work directories, keyboard, mouse, country settings, confirmations, log file etc.);
- Local menu (pop-up) called from almost every program window by pressing Alt+F10 keys, or right mouse button click.

This project is being developed by Russian Team OS/2.


August 18

There is a new update (08/16/2000) to the Java 1.3 Preview Edition (aka the IBM OS/2(R) Warp Developer Kit, Java 2 Technology Preview Edition). This is a reserved feature of the Software Choice program.


August 18

The Philadelphia Area Computer Society OS/2 SIG web site at:


has just been updated. Stop in for these new features:


Details on the next meeting, August 23, featuring David Moskowitz speaking on Internet security.


With Warpstock set to take place next month in our own Philadelphia back yard, we have posted information on early registration and on volunteering to help out.

August 17

UpdCD 0.6 with support for Feature Installer 1.25, Netscape Communicator 4.61, Java 1.1.x and TCP/IP 4.x is out. With UpdCD you can integrate fixes and updates into the original Warp CD.


August 16

Systray/2 alpha4 with English documentation was released yesterday.

Systray/2 - Team OS/2 Russian project. This is what we deal with when we work with operating systems like Windows '95/98/NT. Actually, besides being a task switcher, it is also a convenient utility called system tray.


August 16

I have created a new page (in English) on Russian/2 about SSH (with worked ssh daemon!) for OS/2 by Andrew Zabolotny.


August 15

World Clock is freeware, configurable clock with Daylight Savings Time, Stopwatch, Alarm, Program launcher, Calendar and World Map for 1 to 9 cities from more than 1000 cities in the provided City list.

Language support for: English, Croatian, German, Swedish, Polish, Spanish

New in version 1.20:

- SPANISH Language support
- Find city in the city list
- Reorder selected cities
- Display or not Time Zone descriptor
- Fixed bug in Country, City order
- Easy selection of year and month in Calendar
- Moon phases for selected month in Calendar
- Julian date in date display
- Julian day
- 300 new cities

- Display for each selected city, country, time, date, Universal Time difference, Time Zone descriptor, latitude, longitude, sunrise, sunset, day length ...
- Horizontal or vertical arrangement of selected cities
- Minimized or banner view (only cities and time)
- World time (Standard time in Time Zones) and World map,
- UTC (GMT) Universal date ~time (UDT), Julian day and/or Internet time ("Swatch beat") in Title bar
- Easy calculating the TZ environment variable
- Selectable position, size, font and fontsize
- Calendar
- Alarm and Program launcher for each city
- Stopwatch
- Add new cities (your own if not in the list)
- Install/UnInstall program

To download World Clock 1.20, visit:


August 15

TCP/IP Tweaks Link added to the Bay Area OS/2 Page:


Check out OS/2 Hings ~Tips.

August 15

This version is necessary to align the unix version and OS/2 version. Some improvements and updates.


August 15

lSwitcher 2.5 German has been uploaded to Hobbes. You can find it at:


lSwitcher is a convenient feature-rich Alt-Tab (Ctrl-Tab hotkey can also be used) Presentation Manager and full screen task switcher for OS/2.

The English version of the program can be found at:


August 14

Tyra/2 1.91 has been updated. For those who have downloaded Tyra/2 1.91 there is a patch available which replaces the Tyra2.EXE-file. Those who have not downloaded the v1.91 can download the complete package which includes the patch already.


- FixPak 14 will be detected correctly

The version 1.92 will be shown on the Warpstock Europe 2000 and will be released in October 2000.



August 14

Hello everybody!

Just a quick note to readers from (South) Africa: OS/2 Express (http://www.os2.co.za/) is considering distributing eCS and requests an e-mail message from anyone who is interested. E-mail can be sent to: os2express@mweb.co.za


Pieter Kruger

Information Technology Department
Technikon Free State
South Africa

August 13

... finally! ;-)

The new release of Minta is available now! Minta is a very powerful MP3 tagging, listing and information PM-utility for OS/2 (says the author ;-) As due to my limited time the next "big" release may still take a while, I decided to do a small one that fixes some bugs and adds some tiny features.

Other features of Minta include:

* Displays lots of information about MP3 files
* Adding, editing and removing of ID3 (v1.x) tags
* Can output all files with selectable information to list
* Easy handling (editing, tagging, etc.) of multiple files (even in different directories)
* Easy tagging of whole albums or similar
* WPS (Drag'n'Drop) support
* Extensive online help ~documentation
* Lots of configuration options
* etc.

Minta is mailware.

For more info and download, visit either the home page:


or get it from Hobbes:


http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/mmedia/sound/util/minta245.zip (later)

Minta 2.45 is of course also available on the "Team Trier Collection" CDROM for OS/2 (see http://www.teamos2.ipcon.de/en-cdrom.htm for more info)

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