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September 2000

August 26

I have just installed a generic PCI audio card with the Cirrus Crystal 4280 chip. Since the price is very reasonable ($22), the installation very easy and the result excellent, I thought I'd just share the info with other OS/2 users who may have, as I did, installed OS/2 on a generic motherboard with imbedded extensions, including an audio chip with no (known) OS/2 drivers.

The generic CS 4280 sound card can be found at:


(Search for Crystal 4280 and it should be the first in the list.) The OS/2 drivers are at:


August 26

Attention all OS/2 users! The biggest OS/2 event of the year is approaching fast, and if you don't act soon, you might miss it!

Warpstock 2000 will be the premier OS/2 conference to attend this year.

If you've never been to Warpstock before, this is definitely the year to go, because it will be the biggest and best Warpstock ever.

OS/2 experts from around the world will be there to impart their wisdom and experiences during the many presentations. Several vendors will also be there to demonstrate and sell their OS/2-compatible and native OS/2 products. But the best part of Warpstock is that you'll be able to spend an entire weekend with hundreds of other people who share your vision of today's best computing environment.

So how much time do you have? Not much! Warpstock 2000 will be in Philadelphia on September 9 and 10. That means you have only two weeks left. Special discounts on flights and the hotel are still available. See the web site for details.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock web site at:


August 26

A new Java 1.1.8 build (20000823) appeared today on the hursley site.


August 25

WIDI is the music recognition system (WAV -> MIDI converter).

There is an OS/2 binary at the project's home page:


New in version 2.6

- MP3 support added.
- Possibility to use intermediate files for faster calculations added.
- One minor bug with MIDI file writing fixed.

August 25

Andrew Zabolotny has released ssh 1.2.30 with VIO support. You can get the new ssh and read about it on OS2.ru's SSH/2 page:


August 25

OS/2 Musclemen Prep New OS/2 Columns, Online OS/2 Videos

"Our presentation list keeps getting bigger" says Mark Abramowitz of the upcoming OS/2 Musclemen series of OS/2 columns and OS/2 online video presentations. "We want to make sure we cover all the categories that OS/2 users are interested in, such as programming, multimedia, networking and server setup, and we'll soon have these new columns and conference quality videos on your desktop."

The OS/2 Musclemen series debuts this fall. "We're already in preproduction" says Mark. "We began creating the content this week."

The video presentations run on your desktop and are a "Virtual OS/2 Conference" for viewing at any time. There will be technology sessions, new software product sessions and a mix of sessions on other OS/2 topics -- all available at your convenience and without having to travel to a distant city.

Also online will be a new series of OS/2 columns. "The columns and videos complement each other," adds Mark. "We're doing both."

New OS/2 columns and Virtual OS/2 Conference Presentations, coming to you this fall from Mark Abramowitz, SCOUG, and The OS/2 Musclemen.

August 24

I've released the new version of Account Manager (v. 0.16).

I've corrected a couple of minor bugs and I've added three new buttons to let users copy fields' contents directly to OS/2 clipboard.

Account Manager is a utility to store multiple accounts/passwords.

This is an emailware program, i.e. it's freeware and if you like it you are kindly requested to send an e-mail to me. It is now at:


August 24

Sponsor Netlabs!

Netlabs is a non profit OS/2 organisation that developes free software for OS/2. ODIN and GIMP/2 are two of the great examples. It's all a lot of work. Most of the work is done in spare time of developers that also have a job. If enough sponsor money comes in developers can spend more time on projects. (Hey people need to eat also...)

If you are a company and use OS/2, Netlabs could help with getting Windows applications going under OS/2. Goto odin.netlabs.org for more info.

As a private user how can you sponsor netlabs!?!?

Go here:


At Mensys you can buy 1 or more sponsor units for Netlabs. They cost 10 Euro, about 9 U.S. dollars. 100% of your donation will go to the Netlabs organization.

And if you are a developer? Look at:


Maybe there is project that your interested in. Got some knowledge and you want to give your contribution, go ahead contact somebody at Netlabs!

August 24

OS2 World.Com is proud to announce the OS2 World.Com Award Event!

Part of the unwritten mission for OS2 World.Com site is to show that the OS2 Community is highly active. One way of doing this is to support and encourage the hard working individuals for quality work! This also include companies and developers and not only the OS2 community itself.

The OS2 World.Com award is a cooperation between people working behind OS2 World.Com and companies who are sponsoring with prizes for this event. We would encourage entire OS2 community to submit their nominations of their favorite OS2 event, person, site, software or any other category that you might think are missing on OS2 World.Com (http://www.os2world.com/award.shtml).

The date of the final voting will be announced over the next couple of weeks together with a list of all the nominations made. If You have any questions regarding this event, please send comments to award@os2world.com.


August 24

Today I have uploded a new version of CopyWave on my home page.


English home page:


The program copies parts from an existing PCM-Wave file starting from an indicated place in an indicated length into a new Wave file. The files can be very big.

New features are fade in and out.

The program is Freeware. Direct URL is:


August 23

Sybase, Inc. (NASDAQ-SYBS) today announced that it will release the source code to its Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compilers under an Open Source license, thus enabling Watcom users to continue to use the products and evolve them to meet the changing needs of the Watcom community.

[Note: this project is maintained by Kendall Bennett, who we all know from Scitech Software!]


When asked for a comment on the relevancy to the OS/2 community of this announcement, Mr. Bennett replied:

It is very relevant to all OS/2 users. The Watcom compiler fully supports OS/2 development (both 16-bit and 32-bit), and we have a number of OS/2 developers on the core team (Timur Tabi is one of them). Hence we expect the OS/2 version will improve markedly as many of us want to see some of the major OS/2 bugs fixed (like support for multi-threading in the debugger etc). Also given that IBM recently canned VAC++, the OS/2 version will become even more important in the future.

I am actually going to be giving a presentation on the Open Watcom compilers at Warpstock. The presentation will focus on exactly what will be included, and how this will affect the OS/2 community.

August 23

Support for PCMCIA socket services has been added for two Dell laptops. Big change: you can use these drivers on other laptops with the same chipset. For the rest, new systems from IBM have been added, some network cards added. Also the IBM1S506 has been updated to support ATA100. And some IOMEGA stuff has been updated.


August 23

Unit Converter is freeware PM utility which enables "on-the-fly" unit conversions. Users can add, change or delete groups and units, conversion factors and prefixes.

Language support:

English, Croatian, German, Swedish and French.

New in version 0.92:
- Convert selected unit to all units in the group
- New units (including shoe sizes).

To download Unit Converter 0.92, visit:


August 23

The scrollmouse driver has been updated in respect to the Logitech Cordless Wheel mouse:


August 23

Thanks to Kendall Bennett and SciTech Software


"The Open Watcom Project is an effort to take the commercial Watcom compilers, and turn them into an Open Source Project. When Sybase realised that the Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compilers were no longer commercially viable, they searched around to find a solution for their existing customers. SciTech Software, a long time user of Watcom compiler products contacted Sybase about turning the compilers into an Open Source project, and hence the Open Watcom Project was born."

August 22

Just a short note to let you know that the OS/2 Switchboard has been updated again. Several weeks went by without changes because I was enjoying a nice, long holiday. But now I'm 'back in business'.

Please visit the OS/2 Switchboard at URL:


August 22

22/08/00 (GUxx0234.CSD - CSD 16 - V2.10.6)

The sixteenth CSD for The Graham Utilities for OS/2, V2 has been made available. These CSD's are cumulative, ie you only need to download and keep the last one.

The sixteenth CSD takes The Graham Utilities for OS/2, V2.00 to V2.10.6.

NOTE: The application of this CSD requires a new/updated CSDINST.EXE.

This new CSD program (NewCSD16.Zip, NewCSD32.Zip and NewCSDPP.Zip) can be found at:


To retrieve and install this CSD you have a number of options at your disposal. There are three methods of installation: RSU, Manual and Automatic. RSU is the preferred method, as it is all on autopilot.


RSU (or Remote Software Updates) is the newest method that IBM is using to distribute fixpacks. Using this method, you open a web page and select a RSU file by clicking on it. This downloads a small .RSU file to your browser, and if your web browser is correctly configured to recognise the MIME type "application/rsu", passes it onto RSUInst.Exe which then logs via FTP onto a specified server, downloads the file(s) and then runs any specified installation program.

The latest RSU install program, V1.94, is available from the URL below.

Further instructions and information on RSU (and links to the IBM page to get it all, as well as a local copy) can be found on the WarpSpeed Computers Updates page that can be accessed via the following URL:



The manual method involves downloading the CSD zip file, extracting it and then running the CSDInst.Exe program. The zip file also has a CMD file in it to do this for you (UPDINST.CMD).

To retrive the file, you have a number of options and methods available to you. They are FTP, Gopher or Telnet.


To use FTP, log on using the following details:
Host ftp.warpspeed.com.au User ID Updates Password Updates

Make sure that your transfer mode is set to BINARY and then GET the appropriate file.

To use a web browser for ftp, you may enter a URL of:



To Use Gopher, you can connect using one of two ports (70 or 77). For example:

Gopher -p 70 -h updates.warpspeed.com.au


Gopher -p 77 -h updates.warpspeed.com.au


The telnet methods allows you to log onto the BBS. Enter:

Telnet bbs.warpspeed.com.au


The automatic method is to use the retrieve software updates program provided by IBM. There are two different versions of the retrieve software updates program. The first which was supplied with Warp 3 (not Warp 4), used a gopher server on port 77. If you are using Warp 3 then enter:

Update -h updates.warpspeed.com.au -t C:\GU20

(assuming that C:\GU20 was where you installed the utilities).

(These pages also have FTP links as well).

August 22

Today I have uploded version 1.01 of NewCalls on my home page.


English home page:


NewCalls is a patch for the pmmerge.dll. It increases the perfomance for INI-write-actions. This reduces the blockade of WPS during INI-writes.

The file PMMERGE.DLL opens the INI files with the flag OPEN_FLAGS_WRITE_THROUGH which has the consequence that these files are written uncached to the HD, so that the WPS is blocked partially quite a long while. IBM made for exaggerated safety reasons, in my opinion that is not necessary.

This Tool goes back on an idea from Peter Fitzsimmons.

At this the module entry DOSCALLS will replaced in pmmerge.dll by NEWCALLS. The NEWCALLS.DLL contains so-called Forwarder on all functions in DOSCALLS except DOS32OPEN, this function its by own _DOS32OPEN replaced. If opening files, _DOS32OPEN removes the flag OPEN_FLAGS_WRITE_THROUGH and calls then DOS32OPEN in DOSCALLS.

I wrote now a Installer and shortened the file NEWCALLS.DLL somewhat (no, there now nothing is missing;-)).

Supplementary product like DLLRNAME are more necessary.

In this version is a bug in the installer removed. If newcalls.dll already exist (e.g. after FP), the installation breaks.

The program ist Freeware. Direct URL is:


August 22

Today I have uploded a the first beta of PlayRec on my home page.


English home page:


PlayRec is a command line player and recorder for very big wave files. The recording can be started to a adjustable time, the duration and/or end time is adjustable also.

Further can now set a minimum pegel for recording.

The program is Freeware. Direct URL is:


August 22

Today I have uploded a the first version of MVA30M on my home page.


English home page:


MVA30M is a add on for Visual Age 3.0 to correct a Menu-Bug in VA.

The program is Freeware. Direct URL is:


August 22

OS2.ru has temporary moved to:


owing to routing problems on site's host.

August 22

Oops time has passed. I received the new joystick driver at the end of July but only processed now. Sorry for this.

You can find it here:


I would also like to point to out that there is a Mamerun contest running! Look here for details:


Wayne Swanson from Pillarsoft has donated two prizes for the contest!

So code....

August 22

You can now download a new beta 3D animated fly-over button object for VisPro REXX.

It is released as a beta, the testing of it has been minimal but it should work fine. The object gives Rexx programmers an animated button.


The new object can be downloaded from our company site at:


go to the download page.

August 21

Since some drivers of Trident9680 don't recognize some cards of this type, I uploaded to Hobbes a flavor of driver that works (ie, recognize my card at install) with my Trident9680.


Get ISOFS from here:


August 21

ISOFS is an installable file system for OS/2 to access ISO rawfiles suitable for burning on CD. It allows transparent access to the contents of the raw file. Currently only Joliet filenames and single session image files are supported but this may change in the future.

To learn more about it you may have a look at the documentation avaiable online:


Get ISOFS from here:


August 21

Peter Moylan has released Weasel 0.99 and new "sendq" utility (ftp://eepjm.newcastle.edu.au/weasel/tools/sendq.zip). This is a "send the queued mail now" utility that should be useful for people with a dial-up connection.


August 21

I've uploaded today to the Hobbes archive a tutorial for the Common LISP language, compiled as an OS/2 information book (.inf file).

This Tutorial is not a complete language reference by any means, but it does cover the basics, and is a convenient searchable, printable, PM reference which you can use on the desktop while writing LISP code. It is also a useful reference when writing AUTOLisp code though the AUTOCAD extensions are not documented in this reference.


It will eventually be at:


August 21

SNES9x is an emulator for Nintendo's 16 bit home gaming console, the Super Nintendo. It featured sequels to most of the games that the 8 bit Nintendo made famous, as well as having some new gems of its own. Through the magic of Scitech's Multiplatform Graphics Library (MGL), this gaming experience can now be brought natively to OS/2 users.

Retrocade is an emulator which specializes in arcade classics. It has an attractive and futuristic user interface built in, and boasts well-optimized assembly code for maximum emulation performance with minimal performance impact to other concurrently running applications.

Both of these emulators have been updated as follows:

SNES9x changes:
* Updated to work with SDD beta 32

Retrocade changes:
* Updated to work with SDD beta 32
* Changed audio buffer size up to 2K rather than 1K. This may work better for people who previously had audio problems.

Both SNES9x and Retrocade may be downloaded from:


An MGL full screen version of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is nearing completion.

August 21

The OS/2 Musclemen

Coming soon to your system: Many new OS/2 columns plus full-motion-video OS/2 conference presentations, courtesy of The OS/2 Musclemen and hosted by The Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG).

"We did a full-motion video broadcast over the Internet during our Warp Expo West OS/2 conference last year," says Mark Abramowitz, a long-time SCOUG member and OS/2 activist. "The hit rate was incredible and we proved it could be done. Now we're taking the next step and bringing all of the conference presentations directly to your computer screen." Abramowitz was part of the core team that brought the original Warpstock to fruition in 1997 and served for many years on the SCOUG Board Of Directors. He currently works closely with OS/2 vendors as SCOUG's Program Chairman.

"You'll see the presentations -- the presenter plus his screen -- just as if you were at a conference" continues Mark. "And the screen will be clearer and the sound will be better. We're taking a new step forward with this ongoing 'Virtual OS/2 Conference' to increase OS/2 communication and knowledge transfer."

Coupled with the online Virtual OS/2 presentations will be new monthly columns on a wide variety of OS/2 topics. "We're lining up the authors now," adds Mark, "and we already have an editorial staff to help them make an impact. We want to cover every product, every technology and every topic that bears interest for OS/2 users."

The benefits of Virtual Conferences are significant. No airline tickets, no hotel reservations, no missing out on a presentation because several are scheduled at the same time. "You can watch them online," says Mark, "or download them for later viewing, or even get them on CD-ROM. And we'll be tied in with all the vendors so you can still get 'show-special' pricing on new software. All from your favorite comfortable chair, and at a time that's best for you."

New OS/2 columns and Virtual OS/2 Conference Presentations, coming to you this fall from Mark Abramowitz, SCOUG, and The OS/2 Musclemen.

August 20

Get the BEST TV application available for OS/2 based on the wcast.sys (http://www.os2tv.com) driver:


Currently readme and program is only available in German, but I think it no problem to use this program for all other Warp-ers around the world.

August 20

I've uploaded today to Hobbes archive the new version of Account Manager (v. 0.15).

Account Manager is a utility to store multiple accounts/passwords.

This is an emailware program, i.e. it's freeware and if you like it you are kindly requested to send an e-mail to me. It is now at:


It will eventually be at:


August 20

Warp City invites all OS/2 users to take advantage of our free offer to post your OS/2 hard/software and services items at the Warp City Auction or within the Warp City Classified Ads.

We offer a variety of Auction styles: Featured, Bold, Dutch and Regular. Sellers can set minimums and reserve bids while buyers can use proxy bids (the system will bid on your behalf to your set limit). Set your time limit and let the auction begin! Photos or graphics can accompany each item!

The first ten auctions and/or classified ads are free and only a $1 after that. Let's move some of that great OS/2 native software around to those who want and need it!

Visit Warp City today:


August 20

Are you a procrastinator? Did you forget to make your hotel reservation for Warpstock 2000? Are you thinking now that you might not be able to go because the hotel will cost too much? Well, don't worry! The deadline for the hotel discount has been extended by one week!

The official hotel for Warpstock 2000 is the Independence Mall Holiday Inn, which provided a discount to Warpstock attendees of $124/night for single occupancy at $129/night for double. This deadline was supposed to end on the 18th, but the Warpstock Committee negotiated an extension. You now have until August 25 to save money on the hotel, and you still have until August 31 to save money of registration!

To obtain the Warpstock hotel discount, call 1-800-THEBELL (1-800-843-2355) and use the code "WARPSTOCK". Using another number may not work.

To register for Warpstock at the low price of $79, go to http://www.warpstock.org/2000/registration/registration.html

The Warpstock Committee strongly recommends that attendees stay at the Holiday Inn Independence Mall, the same hotel in which the convention will be held. Warpstock is not just about presentations and vendor areas. It's about networking with other OS/2 users to get the most out of OS/2, and that can happen any hour of the day. It would be a shame if you found yourself engrossed in an enlightening conversation with a number of OS/2 experts, only to have to leave early to make it back to your hotel on the other side of town.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2000 web site:


or its mirror site:


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