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September 1999

August 28 Source: Tom Nadeau (os2headquarters@mindspring.com)

The September edition of "The Warped Perspective" has been posted at OS/2 Headquarters (http://www.os2hq.com/). This edition focuses on the ho-hum attitude toward Y2K that is present among most PC users.

August 28 Source: Robert Mauro (rmauro@cei.nu)

Apparently, there are no working drivers for OS/2 Warp for the Orb Drives at this time. According to Engineers at Castlewood Systems, they cite problems with getting the drive to work without locking up using the IBM IDE Drivers that successfully work with Zip, Syquest and other removable media. The only method they can get it to work is by using the drive as fixed, non-removable media. Release on the drivers is currently suspended until they can find a solution to the problem. They currently have a call or email in to Sam Detweiller in the hopes of finding assistance to solve their issues.

***NOTE: Though the boxes and the website claim OS/2 Support, at this time, they are incorrect. Not even beta drivers are available for download at this time.

If anyone has tried an internal IDE drive using IBM's newer ATAPI drivers, or used the MAC SCSI drive with Warp and found success, I am sure that the team at Castlewood would be grateful to hear from you... their website is http://www.castlewoodsystems.com/

August 28 Source: Bob St.John (BStJohn@Serenity-Systems.com)

Serenity Systems International, with its development partner, TouchVoice Incorporated, is announcing WiseAlert Server. This product surpasses other alert servers in functionality and messaging capabilities. It is targeted at mission critical application ISVs and users, as well as consultants and service providers supporting mission critical applications.

WiseAlert Server monitors mission critical applications, systems, and components running in a TCP/IP environment, including Windows, OS/2, Linux, Unix, AS/400, RS/6000 -AIX, and MVS. When a failure is reported, a text message and action code are sent to the user, and possible corrective actions can be taken. WiseAlert can accept error messages and can query systems to determine if the system is operating properly. When failures are reported, WiseAlert can spring into action by contacting authorized personnel and even executing corrective actions.

These messages can be network messages, e.mail, fax including broadcast fax capability, calling designated parties, providing voice prompts and accepting responses for execution. For example, WiseAlert can call a user and request a PIN. On receiving the correct PIN, WiseAlert can use voice prompts to inform the user of the error condition and can provide possible corrective actions. For example, "... is reporting a SYS3175 access violation. Press 1 to reboot this system, press 2 to set off the systems audio alarm", or blinking lights, or some indicator of which machine is failing, and so forth.

WiseAlert Server may be provided completely as a service, or sold as product with appropriate installation and customization services. For more information, contact Serenity Systems as Info@Serenity-Systems.com, or call Bob St.John at 972 966-8072, ext 101, in US call 888 299-6483, ext 101.

August 28 Source: Fernando Cassia (cassiaf@netscape.net)

IBM released an update to the IBM1S506 ide driver. This version adds ATA66 support.


August 28 Source: Timur Tabi (timur@tabi.org)

Maybe I'm imagining things, but it appears that Netfinity 5.2 for OS/2 is available for a free download. At least, parts of it are.

To see what's available, first go to http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/netfinity/, then click on "Support" at the left, then click on "Downloadable files" and then "Netfinity Manager". Below, you'll find: "Client Services for Netfinity Manager for OS/2 version 5.20.1 & 5.20.4" and "Netfinity Manager for OS/2 (English) version 5.20.4". Click on "OS/2" and you'll see a bunch of other OS/2 related files.

Netfinity is a family of distributed applications designed to enhance the system monitoring and management capabilities of a network. The client software is pretty useful for examine your system (BIOS, peripherals, etc).

August 28 Source: Walter Metcalf (os2.guide@about.com)

This week's edition of Focus on OS/2 is now online.

Special Note: Netlinks section now contains OVER 1000 LINKS! This makes Focus on OS/2 one of the very largest OS/2 sites on the the 'Net.

Part 1. Are system-wide backups really necessary? How does OS/2 help?

This feature can be accessed at:


Over 38 links and several news items have also been added. These can all be read at:


August 28 Source: Timur Tabi (timur@tabi.org)

It's amazing what you can find out by doing a search for "OS/2" on www.prnewswire.com.

Command Software Systems has an OS/2 version of their anti-virus software. I don't know how good it is, but you learn more about it and download a demo from http://www.commandcom.com/html/products/os2.html

One tidbit that suprised me is that CSS now owns the GEAR CD-R recording software that _used to_ be available for OS/2.

August 28 Source: Isaac Leung (isaacl@ee.ubc.ca)

It appears that 3dfx has a new line of cards that includes OS/2 drivers. The Velocity 100 and Velocity 200 cards support OS/2. See here: http://www.3dfx.com/view.asp?IOID=283

(Note: These appear to be a new line of cards targetted towards business users, but it may be carry over from when they bought out STB. However, there is a separate section for STB legacy cards).

August 28 Source: Goran Ivankovic (duga1@pu.tel.hr)

World Clock is a configurable clock with Daylight Savings Time, Stopwatch, Alarm and Program launcher for 1 and 9 cities from 370+ cities in the provided City list.

New in version 0.98: - set TZ variable using city properties.

- display for each selected city, country, time, date, Universal Time deviation, Time Zone descriptor
- horizontal or vertical arrangement of selected cities
- minimized or banner view (only cities and time)
- World time, UTC (GMT) and Internet time ("Swatch beat")
- set TZ (Time Zone) environment variable using city properties
- selectable font and fontsize
- Alarm and Program launcher for each city
- stopwatch
- add new cities (e.g your own if not in the list), change properties
- improved Install/UnInstall program
- documentation in INF format.

To download World Clock 0.98, visit :


World Clock is Freeware.

August 28 Source: Joerg Sievers (jogi@warpsite.de)

"The Warpsite" is now available in ENGLISH, that means:

Menus in ENGLISH
StarOffice-Tips&Tricks in ENGLISH e.g. storing mails in subfolders, Connect to mySQL with StarOffice etc.

Just have a look under http://www.warpsite.de.

August 28 Source: Craig Benbow (benbowc@ibm.net)

Magician, the awesome Java based access to the OpenGL libraries is back in business and is still supporting OS/2. Support them by visiting their site and taking a look at what can be achieved with OpenGL on OS/2.


You can download Magician for OS/2 and also get a copy of Philosophus if you so desire.

August 28 Source: Michael Shillingford (mshill@elkvalley.net)

A Swedish version of X-it is/will be available at BMT Micro:

ftp.bmtmicro.com /bmtmicro/xitdesve.zip

Thanks to Bjorn Soderstrom for providing the translation.

X-it is a Desktop enhancer that adds titlebar buttons and clock, mouse and keyboard shortcuts, mouse snap, and many more features. Available in a dozen languages. For details:


August 28 Source: Clark Tompsett (ctompset@7cities.net)

IBM has updated the usb audio driver. The new driver is installed using mminstl and should now work with usb speakers. They have also updated the ide driver and print drivers.

August 28 Source: Dehua Yang (yangdh@online.sh.cn)

I have built ApacheSSL basing on Apache 1.3.9 with support of OpenSSL 0.94, JServ 1.0, PHP 3.0.12 (supports MySQL and GD), Cocoon 1.3.1, JSP 1.0b, GSP 0.86 and SSI 1.2. The build contains both SSL version and non-SSL version. I would like to uploaded it to Hobbes, but someone mailed me that it was illegal to put it there, while the site is in USA. So i uploaded it to dir /incoming/os2 of ftp.leo.org instead. Late it would go in dir /pub/comp/os/os2/tcpip/www of LEO.

August 28 Source: Maike Budelmann (maike@warpsite.de)

Under http://www.warpsite.de/en/sides/channel/warp.cdf the INTERNATIONAL CDF-Channel is now available. If you don't know how to use the channel, visit http://www.warpsite.de/en/sides/office/cdf.htm and you will see that all users of StarOffice 5.x can use it (OS/2, SUN solaris & x86, Win32, Linux).

The channel contents:

August 28 Source: Sergey (Sergey@os2.ru)

Here is an article on Notes 5 client for OS/2. Look it to see what it about.


August 28 Source: Paulo Dias (pcd@wwd.ppg.br)

Greetings... i recently send a mail to net computing.de, the makers of AnyJ (100% pure java GUI development tool) and enquired why they didn't release a OS/2 version of the prog since it's a 100% pure java build, this is the answer (very good indeed:) http://www.medidata.de/servlet/FeedbackServlet/?action=writeShowMsg&msgid=00285

August 28 Source: Christopher Pratt (cdpratt@ibm.net)

Lotus has released today, and made available for download on their notes.net web site, the GOLD version of Domino server for OS/2.

http://www.notes.net for more information.

August 28 Source: John J. Urbaniak (jjurban@ibm.net)

Aviar launches "KidStuff for OS/2."

Are you tired of switching to Windows when young children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews want to play on your computer?

Switch no more!

Aviar has released a native OS/2 suite of "edu-tainment" programs for children, ages 3 - 7.

"KidStuff for OS/2" combines music, sounds, graphical images and animation to help your kids learn spelling, math and computer concepts in a pleasant learning environment.

You can find details, as well as an order form to download, at Aviar's web site.

IMPORTANT: the URL is ***case-sensitive***




August 28 Source: Eric Bentley (eric_bentley@iname.com)

I just placed Beta 3 of the Lucent Technologies modem driver 5.55 at hobbes:


August 28 Source: Jan van Wijk; Author of LPT (lpt@fsys.demon.nl)

I just released version 2.04 of the LPTool utility, wich has some windowing enhancements, performance improvements and some fixes in the remote-execution part.

The text-based windowing system implements a command-line with a history buffer so previous commands can be recalled and edited easily. Also, the output goes to a large scrollable window so you can page back and forth.

For those of you that don't know LPTool yet, its main purpose is file-transfer using a standard LapLink parallel cable connection (same cable as LapLink, MS Windows INTRSRV etc)

It is being used mainly for synchronization of laptops that do not have network connectivity.

It also supports remote execution of commands over the cable, including redirection of output. (similar to TCP/IP REXEC)

At the moment, only an OS/2 version exists, so you cannot exchange files with a Windows or Linux machine.

You can get LPTool from my web-site: http://www.fsys.demon.nl

There is a nice screen-shot with some additional usage information there as well.

August 28 Source: Eric W. Burgin (cgsoft@ibm.net)

Source: http://www.computerworld.com/home/news.nsf/CWFlash/9908231gad

A German data-processing center for a cooperative network of banks, called GAD, has ordered 12,500 IBM network stations...[that] will be used with IBM OS/2 Warp servers...

August 28 Source: Paul Wirtz (pwirtz@apc.net)

There is a poll on Wonko.com that asks what your primary OS is.


OS/2 had only 6 votes. :-{

August 28 Source: Yuri Dario (mc6530@mclink.it)

mSQL 2.0.11 build 1 for OS/2 is now ready for download. My homepage has moved, the new address is:


As usual, look in the software pages.

mSQL is a light weight relational database management system. It is available on many platforms, OS/2 included.


Known bugs:

August 28 Source: Thorsten Thielen (thth@gmx.net)

Having no time for being funny right now ;-) I'll just want to tell you in the plain boring way that Gotcha!, the wellknown screencapture program for OS/2 has just gotten a new release, v1.65

New features:

For more info and download, visit either the homepage

or get it from Hobbes
http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/graphics/scrncapt (later)

August 28 Source: Dana Hartsock (hartsoc@ibm.net)

Volunteer for Warpstock 99 Atlanta!

Warpstock 99 Atlanta, the best Warpstock ever, is only two months away! The Volunteer Team members are helping anywhere they can to make October 16-17 two unforgettable days of OS/2 extravaganza for every Warpstock attendee.

While registrations keep coming in and presentations are being scheduled, there are still a lot of other important things to take care of. This is where the Volunteer Team comes in. It is our job to handle those many little things that just need to be done to assure that the Warpstock event runs smooth from start to finish.

Maybe you've already booked your flight to Atlanta, or maybe you won't be able to attend this years event. In either case you might still be interested to contribute to the succes of OS/2 and this event. The Volunteer Team gladly excepts your help. You're welcome, wether you're good with multimedia, graphics, internet or wether you just have too much of that genuin OS/2 spirit and energy waiting to come out.

Let us know if you think you can be of any help to us. Visit the Warpstock web site at http://www.warpstock.org/99/volunteer_form.html or send a message to Luc Van Bogaert luc.vanbogaert@pandora.be.

August 28 Source: Bob St.John (BStJohn@Serenity-Systems.com)

Serenity Systems International has announced an agreement with the Warped Code Cellar, publisher of HOUSE/2, Entity Systems Ltd of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Hauppauge Computer Works, to develop a new OS/2 product for use in businesses.

The new product will use technologies from HOUSE/2 to control electric appliances, including climate control and motion sensors, using X10 controllers. Entity is developing security camera monitoring software, which will detect movement in the camera view and allow users or monitoring agencies to view camera feeds over the network, dailing in, or over the Internet. This software will be supported by Hauppauge video equipment.

Serenity Systems will market this software as part of the Managed Client network. The first release will be targeted at consultants supporting small businesses. Future releases will scale up, supporting larger facilities with a distributed building automation implementation.

More information is available on the Serenity Systems web site, http://www.serenity-systems.com, in the Managed Client Product Catalog. The application will be previewed at Warp Expo West and general availability is planned for Warpstock.

The application will be made available to qualified consultants participating in the WiseManager Evaluation Program. To inquire contact Bob St.John, 888 299-6483, ext 101, outside the US, 972 966-8072, ext 101, or email at BStJohn@serenity-systems.com

August 28 Source: Andrew Alexeyenko (andrew@attik.transts.ru)

You can download new bugfixed (and improved) version of my mpg123 0.59r port.


- fixed bug with -s and -w options;
- enabled http support;
- enabled keyboard control support (limited);
see changes.os2 for more info.

Feel free to send me bugreports.

August 28 Source: Chris wohlgemuth (chris.wohlgemuth@cityweb.de)

CDRecord/2 is a port of the free CD recording utility from *nix released under the GPL.

New with V1.8a24:

-FIFO implemented
-Fixed a bug in the SCSI-interface causing system hangs

Everybody should upgrade to this version, esp. those who experienced traps or hangs.

For more information visit:


August 28 Source: Ken Kinoshita (kinop@sakura.email.ne.jp)

Pretty Pop Software released Beat/2 2.02, today.

Beat/2 2.02

Beat/2 is Swatch Beat, Internet Time Indicator. Beat is new unit of time means `No Time Zones' and `No Geographical Borders'. Beat is proposed by Swatch.

Update topics are...

Version 2.02 (28.Aug.1999)
a.Fixed startup problem.

If you have no problem with 2.01, it is not neccessary to download.

You can get a copy from...

Pretty Pop Music and Software

August 27 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

Bill Schindler XML Double-Session At Warp Expo West !!

XML is the new, future language of the web, and Warp Expo West presents you with two XML lectures to put you ahead of the competition and save you hours of study time.

Bill Schindler is a renowned computer language and compiler code optimization expert. In these two lectures he will show you what XML can do, discuss the web applications that XML will allow you to create, and demonstrate how you can write XML quickly to make your web pages come alive in ways that HTML simply is not capable.

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is dynamic. It allows you to create your own "tags" so you aren't restricted to the ones defined in some specification. These new tags are included in your web documents, and the new browsers (he'll present the OS/2 XML browsers and tools in the lectures) use these tags to put your web pages on the screen. Sets of predefined XML tags called DTDs are already being created for your use, including SVG (vector graphics), business-oriented data exchange, new word processor formats, XSLT (data transformations), RDF (web-based metadata), even technical arenas such as mathematics and molecule descriptions.

Schindler is well-versed in language development and optimization, and in these two XML lectures will show and teach you exactly what you need to start writing XML. "And I'll show real examples," he says, "such as how XML can give OS/2's drag-and-drop a major increase in intelligence."

In session one, "Why XML Is Important", you'll be given the new goals that your web pages can now attain by using XML. You'll see how XML can give you better web pages faster, you'll be given ways to organize your information for better displays, and you'll get ideas to convince management that you and XML can deliver a web presence that beats the competition.

In session two, "An Introduction To XML", you'll learn the technical aspects of coding web pages using XML, what decisions you'll have to make for fast XML designs, the tricks you'll need for organizing the pages, and how to parse and validate your XML documents so there won't be surprises later.

Bill Schindler is a well-recognized OS/2 contributor. He's the Editor In Chief of _Extended Attributes_ (the award-winning OS/2 magazine from POSSI, the Phoenix OS/2 Society), author of Teach Yourself REXX In 21 Days, programmer of the Smack! OS/2 labeling program, and has a wide background in compilers and code optimization. Bill is currently incorporating XML into Smack! as its standard file format.

XML is the future and you _will_ need this information to stay up-to-date as OS/2 grows. Join us and learn the future -- at Warp Expo West!

- - -

Warp Expo West is free and will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

August 26 Source: Jason Malstrom (malstrom@emily.oit.umass.edu)

People interested in the original ties of OS/2 and NT may wish to read this:


And their is a slashdot discussion about it at:


August 26 Source: Tom Nadeau (os2headquarters@mindspring.com)

OS/2 Headquarters (http://www.os2hq.com/) is pleased to announce the "Operation Rock Soup" initiative to promote OS/2 marketing. The "Rock Soup" article on OS/2 Headquarters details the elements of Phase I of this campaign. For Phase II, HQ is looking for 50 volunteers for an educational activity (one per state).

August 25 Source: Mark Dodel (madodel@ptdprolog.net)

Are you going to Warpstock '99? (If not, why not?) Want some free OS/2 software in exchange for a few hours of your time?

I am working on a project to have more smaller ISVs and shareware authors represented at this years show. For the authors that can not make the trip. We are combining up to four author's applications in one booth. I need some more volunteers to help demonstrate and show the products.

I am planning on 4 or 5 volunteers per booth,so everyone can get to the presentations they want to see. In exchange for a couple hours time, the people manning the booth will get a full registered copy of all the products displayed there.

In most cases this software will be worth an excess of $100.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact me directly at: stevic@ibm.net

This project has no connection to volunteering to help out with Warpstock itself. It has no connection to Warpstock, Inc, or the Atlanta team. You can do both. Register to be an official Warpstock volunteer at


(You can get a really nifty shirt that can't be purchased anywhere, plus a lot of good karma :)

We are trying very hard to reach all of the smaller ISVs and shareware authors we can, but if you are, or know of one we have not yet contacted, please let me know.

Thank You and see 'ya all at the show.

Tom Stevic

August 25 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

IBM Bringing Rapid Deployment Team To Warp Expo West

"Pre Execution Services", "Remote Client Connection" Now On Lecture Schedule

IBM is sending Rapid Deployment Team presence to Warp Expo West.

Dennis Sposato of IBM's Network Computing Software Division will speak on Pre Execution Services. Sposato is on that division's Rapid Deployment Team, developer of these new services.

Pre Execution Services allow for Dynamic MAC Addressing (which bypasses the hardware MAC address), Remotely Controlled Boot Manager, Pre-Execution Logon, Remote Client Connection (boot from LAN without a NIC BOOT-ROM chip) for WorkSpace On-Demand, and Personalized Local Data Drive.

This new IBM seminar is in addition to IBM's previously announced lectures by Steven King, Senior Manager for IBM's Network Computing Software Division. King will present Services Offerings For The OS/2 Platforms in one session and Warp Server For e-Business And WorkSpace On-Demand in the other.

OS/2 users should not miss these three IBM presentations. OS/2 is advancing with new technologies and new services, and you _must_ stay up-to-date as these changes are made.

- - -

Warp Expo West will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. Admission is free.

All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

August 24 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

Esther Schindler, Peter Coffee, Alan Zeichick
To Speak At Warp Expo West !!

Three of the most insightful OS/2 minds on the continent are scheduled speakers at Warp Expo West, and every OS/2 user should attend for this one event alone.

These three OS/2 experts and industry journalists will be onstage together, speaking their minds, taking questions, hosting a roundtable discussion of IBM's new strength and growing presence on the corporate desktop -- a presence based on new IBM products centered around OS/2.

"IBM: The New Strategy To Control The Worldwide Desktop" will combine the collective knowledge of these three industry stars:

Esther Schindler -- currently Technology Editor at Sm@rt Reseller, the major channel newsweekly from Ziff-Davis. Previously Senior Contributing Editor at OS/2 Magazine. Writer of OS/2 product reviews for PC Magazine, Computerworld, Computer Shopper and other publications. Author of ten computer books. Program Chair for the Phoenix OS/2 Society (POSSI), the world's largest OS/2 user group.

Peter Coffee -- Technology Editor, columnist and internal consultant at industry giant PC Week. Full-time OS/2 user for many years. First recipient of OS/2 Professional magazine's annual Media Excellence award. Author of the books How To Program Java and Peter Coffee Teaches PCs. Author of numerous technical critiques of competing operating systems, technical analyses and product reviews. PC Week's first Director of Corporate Labs. Formed PC Week's Corporate Partner advisory panel and serves there as technical liaison. Regularly featured speaker at industry trade shows and technical conferences. Appears frequently on ZDTV programs.

Alan Zeichick -- launched OS/2 Magazine (it was his idea) at Miller Freeman in mid-1993 and was Editor-In-Chief until early 1997. Speaker at many trade shows including Spring Comdex, Fall Comdex, PC Expo, The OS/2 World Conference and Exhibition, and the IBM Technical Interchange. Conference Chairman of The OS/2 World Conference and Exhibition in 1994 and 1995. Designed test laboratories for International Data Group (IDG). Writer of more than 575 published articles. Currently President of Camden Associates.

You _will_ learn the future thinking of these OS/2 luminaries when you attend Warp Expo West!

- - -

Warp Expo West will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

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