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September 1999

September 4 Source: Hans Hockx (jcm.hockx@hccnet.nl)

The OS/2 Switchboard has moved to a new location. From now on you can find this website at URL:


The OS/2 Switchboard, a large collection of more than 700 links to OS/2 related sites, found its new home on the server of Mensys, Holland's leading OS/2 software vendor. Many thanks to those friendly people from Mensys for their offer to make use of there server!

Please update your bookmarks and keep visiting the Switchboard on its new location!

September 3 Source: Randell Flint (randell@sundialsystems.com)

Going to be at Warp Expo West in Orange and/or Warpstock '99 in Atlanta?

Be sure to have your "questions" ready when Sundial Systems hosts Warped Jeopardy! -- an exciting live game show of "answers" with an OS/2 theme.

Featuring both "celebrity" players and audience participation, this "warped" version of the ever popular TV show will be an event not to be missed.

Watch for updates to the Warp Expo West (www.scoug.com/warpexpowest) and Warpstock '99 (www.warpstock.org) event schedules for details on exact locations and times.

Seating my be limited so be sure to pick up your admission tickets early at the Sundial Systems exhibit at either show!

September 3 Source: Lee Aroner (leea@psynet.net)

The services division of a large, blue, well known multi-national company is looking for OS/2 client server engineers to work (long term) on projects for an expanding Seattle area banking industry customer.

You need a background in OS/2, networking, and some programming (REXX could be sufficient).

Interested? Give a call to Kym Nyyssela or Tony Ottaviano at CNC Global in Bellevue @ 425-990-5588.

September 3 Source: Bob St.John (BStJohn@Serenity-Systems.com)

PR Newswire has an article on Serenity Systems.

See http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/09-01-1999/0001013881&EDATE=

September 3 Source: Andreas Linde (andreas.linde@os2.org)

The webserver has finally moved to a new ISP on Wednesday. One of the biggest and fastest ISP of Germany is sponsoring this. Hopefully all problems related to speed and reachability are solved now.

Also there is new server hardware running OS/2, Apache 1.3.9 and PHP3.0.12. This server is dedicated to host only OS2.org!


Besides of a restructuring of the pages you will find some new features:

- Forums are no longer divided by language - but still provide a language flag
http://en.OS2.org/forum/ The overview sections are reorganized and therefor easier and faster to read.

- Calendar! This calendar for OS/2 related dates is NEW. We hope you will enjoy this one and you are encouraged to submit new dates to it. Make it a perfect place to watch out for upcoming OS/2 events for you and other OS/2 users around the world.

Hopefully the recent changes will give you a more useable OS2.org infoserver.

If you want get always recent news do not hesitate to send us NEWS to news@OS2.org

Further you could (and should) support other OS/2 users with more submits to the "Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)" and put your favorite software package to "SoftWhere!?":


If you are in need of help, contact the HelpDesk on http://en.OS2.org/forum/helpdesk/ to get help or just GIVE help to other users.

Any suggestion, hint or problem report is welcome. Send it to webteam@OS2.org or use the feedback page http://en.OS2.org/feedback/.

Enjoy it. And do not miss OS/2. Andreas Linde and Philipp Buehler
Webteam OS2.org

September 2 Source: Andrew Alexeyenko (andrew@attik.transts.ru)

I've ported to OS/2 the latest stable version of bladeenc mpeg encoder (by Tord Jansson, tord.jansson@swipnet.se, http://www.bladeenc.cjb.net).

It can be found on hobbes:



and eventually:


September 2 Source: Timur Tabi (timur@tabi.org)


Sm@rt Reseller reports that the OS/2 client has sold 34% more copies than expected over the past five quarters.

September 2 Source: Andrew Alexeyenko (andrew@attik.transts.ru)

New version of mpg123 0.59r port is available.

added equalizer off/on key
added GUI equalizer file editor
compiled with -DPENTIUM_OPT



September 2 Source: Steve Wendt (stevew@hartnell.cc.ca.us)

XFree86.org finally announced version 3.3.5, so Holger Veit released the OS/2 version. From the What's New list:

Thousands of bugfixes
New support for Matrox G400 (SVGA server)
New support for Riva TNT2 (SVGA server)
New support for S3 Savage (SVGA server)
New support for ATI Rage (SVGA server)

Get it here:


September 2 Source: Marty (mamodeo@stny.rr.com)

A new release of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) for OS/2 is available. MAME runs over 1200 classic and some not so classic arcade games from the comfort of your OS/2 desktop.

The current OS/2 version is .35 beta 11 (final). This replaces the previous "prerelease" version and fixes just about every bug I knew about (and hopefully many I didn't know about).

For more information and to download the latest version, visit http://emuos2.davesvgc.com. There is a Pentium optimized as well as a 486 optimized version available.

September 2 Source: David Richard (drichard@mmcable.com)

Visit http://www6.software.ibm.com/dl/db2pde/db2pde-p/ to register for and download a complimentary copy of DB2 Universal Database Version 6.1 Personal Developer's Edition for OS/2 (or one of those _other_ platforms).

You'll need to be registered on the website to complete the download. (I've been registered for about 10 months, and am happy to report that IBM hasn't used the information to spam me).

September 2 Source: Judy McDermott (judy@moon-scape.com)

Robert Rosenwald
Phone: (480) 945-2001
FAX: (480) 949-1707
Email: sales@perfectniche.com

Scottsdale, Arizona, September 2, 1999 - Perfect Niche Software, Inc., developers of labeling software for OS/2, Macintosh, DOS and Windows, announced today that they have registered for the Warp Expo West Vendor100 opportunity which will take place on September 18, 1999, in Southern California.

The Vendor100 exhibit provides an opportunity for those that are unable to physically attend this years event to have their product or service demonstrated to the attendees at Warp Expo West and as one of the Vendor100 participants, Perfect Niche's SMACK! v. 1.01 for OS/2 Warp will be one of the products demonstrated.

SMACK! is the world's first labeling program for OS/2 Warp. With SMACK! you get the functionality of a desktop publishing system and the power of OS/2. That means you can design and print great looking labels at "Warp" speed.

Designed and developed by master programmer Bill Schindler and marketed by Perfect Niche Software, SMACK! is a simple, cost-effective way for you to get the professional looking labels you need for mailings, diskettes, name badges, business cards, inserts, dividers, and more.

SMACK! v. 2.0 is due to be released by year end, yet new features continue to be added to SMACK! v. 1.01. Support for the Seiko Smart Label Printer is the latest added feature.

Visit http://www.perfectniche.com for SMACK! v. 1.01 details and a list of new features that will appear in SMACK! v. 2.0.

Perfect Niche Software, Inc., extends a gracious "Thank you" to SCOUG, Southern California OS/2 User Group, for providing this opportunity to reach out to users of OS/2 through the Vendor100 plan.

September 2 Source: Mark Dodel (madodel@ptdprolog.net)

TrueSpectra ceased all updates/sales of PhotoGraphics (both OS/2 and windows versions) as of January 1, 1999 to concentrate on server side image applications. For TrueSpectra's explanation see http://www.truespectra.com/photographics_letter.html

The good news is that there is a downloadable version of TrueSpectra's PhotoGraphics Pro 2.02S at their support site - http://www.truespectra.com/support.html

The site states that "Photo>Graphics download available only until December 31st, 1999." which is when all support is scheduled to stop as well. It is an unregistered 30 Day trial copy, but if you send email to support@truespectra.com they will send you a registration key to unlock it. From what I can see it just lacks the STI twain drivers from the commercial package. As sad as I am to lose yet another OS/2 ISV, this is certainly a demonstration of class on TrueSpectra's part and I have sent them a note saying so.

September 2 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

Six Internet Seminars At Warp Expo West

These six free Internet seminars have been carefully scheduled so none are at the same time. If your interest, your job or your business revolves around the Internet, you'll get the knowledge you need at Warp Expo West.

Web Server Performance and Scalability

Presented by Robert Chapman, Institute of Advanced Development Strategies and SCOUG Member.

Mr. Chapman will lecture on intranet and internet response times, file I/O bottlenecks, communication bottlenecks, operating system constraints, platform issues and the use of programs, Active Server Pages and Dynamic HTML and the effect they have on performance, and the new Application Server architectures and their current and future ramifications. Be prepared with your own questions about your current or planned Internet servers, because Mr. Chapman will take questions from the floor.

Quick Start for Netscape Composer

Presented by Virginia R. Hetrick, Ph.D., Senior Consultant for CIBER Custom Solutions Group and SCOUG Member.

Dr. Hetrick will demonstrate how to design award-winning web pages using the Composer portion of Netscape Communicator, including all of its tools and capabilities, the tricks that add "the look" to your pages, how to properly organize your page information for maximum impact, color selection, designing for the multiple resolutions that visitors may use, layout styles, and headlining. Bring printouts of your favorite web pages and learn how their look and impact can be further improved.

Technology Overview: Why XML Is Important

Presented by Bill Schindler, Editor In Chief of Extended Attributes, the award-winning OS/2 magazine published by POSSI.

Mr. Schindler will present the reasons that XML is important to web businesses, web designers and web users, the history of web languages, the relationship between XML and the alternatives, the purpose of XML in web page design, and the business and casual considerations that must be analyzed when deciding on its usage. All persons who manage or design web pages should attend this seminar.

Managing Your Website

Presented by Virginia R. Hetrick, Ph.D., Senior Consultant for CIBER Custom Solutions Group and SCOUG Member.

Dr. Hetrick's background in managing web sites for UCLA and other organizations has led to a successful overall strategy for designing and running any web site, from avoiding the "web wall" to planning your expansion, handling traffic, tracking usage, what to look for when analyzing server logs, reorganizing the web site, budgeting the resources, and handling each of the certain problems as they occur. Web site administrators and future administrators need the training and insights included in this lecture.

Internet Communication Methods

Presented by Dave Watson, SCOUG Member and Internet SIG Leader.

Mr. Watson will cover the full complement of Internet communication methods, from traditional asynchronous protocols to live interactive sessions, email, mail lists, newsgroups, Internet relay chat, instant messaging, CUSeeMe, sending to many individuals simultaneously, the programs which supply these functionalities, the current OS/2 resources, the importance these capabilities will have in our everyday lives as bandwidth and processing power increase, and a changed future as connectivity becomes truly universal. Most web users have heard of these capabilities but are unaware of many of the business and personal uses, and this presentation will give all attendees the major new insights into how these technologies are just beginning to affect our lives and our pocketbooks.

An Introduction to XML Basics

Presented by Bill Schindler, Editor In Chief of Extended Attributes, the award-winning OS/2 magazine published by POSSI.

Mr. Schindler will present a somewhat technical introduction to XML (eXtensible Markup Language), including how XML is different from HTML, how to create a well-formed XML document, parsing and validating an XML document, creating your own "tags", using DTDs, vector graphics, data transformations, fast XML design, and design considerations. XML is the new future language of the web and those who control web sites need this information to stay ahead of the competition.

You'll learn a _lot_ about the Internet when you attend Warp Expo West!

- - -

Warp Expo West is free. The show will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

September 1 Source: Timur Tabi (timur@tabi.org)

As a follow-up to my previous post about Netfinity 5.2 for OS/2 being available for a free download, a similar product called SystemView Agent is also available for download at http://www.tivoli.com/support/sva/shaos2.html.

SVA provides some DMI (desktop management interface) support, namely DMI 1.1. The latest version is DMI 2.0, but that's also old since SMBIOS has replaced DMI as a means of querying information about your computer from the BIOS. Supposedly, Netfinity can use SVA as it's "DMI Service Layer", although I haven't gotten that part to work yet.

Anyway, if you're looking for a means to manage the clients on your LAN, or just query information about your system, and you don't have any money to spend, this is one option.

September 1 Source: Timothy Sipples (tsipple@us.ibm.com)

ECHO Certifies Theta Band's WarpCharge Software

AGOURA HILLS, Calif.--Aug. 31, 1999--Electronic Clearing House Inc. (NASDAQ:ECHO - news) announced the certification of WarpCharge software written by Theta Band Software LLC.

WarpCharge, a new online payment program for IBM OS/2 that works exclusively with ECHONLINE(SM) service, enables Web sites to securely process credit card transactions directly over the Internet. ECHO is the only processor that has certified WarpCharge to date.

WarpCharge uses SSL technology to securely transmit transactions to ECHO over the Internet, rather than requiring the use of a modem to establish a dial-up connection to a bank for each transaction. This yields a substantial improvement in processing time over the traditional dial-up approach.

``Several software houses have built NT-based and UNIX-based credit card processing interfaces for use on the Internet but WarpCharge is the first program ECHO has seen that has addressed the needs of the largely untapped IBM OS/2 marketplace of users,'' stated Larry Brown, vice president and chief technical officer of ECHO.

``We're pleased to be working with such technically accomplished people as we see at Theta Band Software LLC.''

``I'm pleased that Theta Band has introduced WarpCharge to the marketplace,'' said Timothy Sipples, senior technical specialist, IBM Network Computing Software. ``WarpCharge should prove to be a popular revenue-generating tool for IBM's Web-savvy customers, particularly those enjoying the benefits of IBM's new OS/2 Warp Server for e-business.''

Theta Band Software, with headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., was founded in 1997 and develops Internet and multimedia software products for IBM OS/2 Warp that are marketed and sold on the World Wide Web.

Electronic Clearing House is an electronic payment processor that serves more than 19,000 retail merchants and U-Haul dealers nationwide and processes all major credit cards; check conversion, truncation, verification and guarantee; inventory tracking; and Internet-based transactions.

ECHO is also a systems integrator and designer of both software and/or hardware systems that are presently being used as credit card processing terminals, inventory tracking devices, automated money order dispensers and casino cash advance systems.

To take advantage of the new ``safe harbor'' provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, readers are hereby cautioned that this release contains forward-looking statements that are based upon current expectations and involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual operations and results may differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements made by the company.


Electronic Clearing House Inc., Agoura Hills
Donna Camras, 818/706-8999, ext. 3033


Theta Band Software LLC, Santa Clara
Julien Pierre

August 31 Source: Judy McDermott (judy@moon-scape.com)

Contact: Benny Ormson
Telephone: (405) 359-0079

Edmond, Oklahoma, August 30, 1999 - GammaTech, Inc., software developer, announced today that "The Surprise" will be revealed at Warp Expo West on September 18, 1999.

GammaTech, Inc., has been developing OS/2 software since 1991 and although unable to attend SCOUG's annual event, has registered as one of the Vendor100's. By doing so, GammaTech's products will be demonstrated to the Warp Expo West attendees.

GammaTech's OS/2 product line includes GammaTech Utilities v. 4.0 and GammaTech IRC, GTIRC.

GammaTech Utilities is a package of utilities which adds enhanced data optimization, manipulation and recovery capabilities to your mission critical OS/2 work station or OS/2 server.

GTIRC v. 3.0 is a multichannel chat program which allows users to engage in real time conversations with people all over the world using the Internet.

GammaTech, Inc., has provided printed literature which will be available in the Vendor100 area. "The Surprise" and details will be included in that literature.

For those not attending Warp Expo West, "The Surprise" will be posted on September 18, 1999 at http://www.gt-online.com/html/news.html.

August 31 Source: Timur Tabi (Timur_Tabi@Dell.com)

First off, I want to impress on people the significance of this announcement. StarOffice 5.1 for OS/2 is available for free (like it always was), but now the source code will be similarly available. This means that Star Office will never suffer the fate of some other OS/2 products like DeScribe and Lotus SmartSuite. With the source code available, OS/2 programmers can fix bugs and add features as they see fit. This is a great day for OS/2.

Now for some real news. To download the Sun version of Star Office (it's probably the same as the Star Division version), go to http://www.sun.com/products/staroffice/get.html. You can also order a CD for $16 that contains all English or all German versions (yes, including OS/2). The press seems to be ignoring the OS/2 version, but Sun isn't.

The source code is apparently not yet available. I personally am very interested to see what tools they use to compile it. It's quite possible that the OS/2 version is built on a different OS.

One thing that some people are missing is that the source code will (most likely?) be released under the Sun Community Source License, which is a far cry from the GPL. For an overview of the SCSL, see http://www.sun.com/software/communitysource/faq.html. Basically, there are some severe restrictions on the distribution (even internally) of modified source code.

August 31 Source: Christopher B. Wright (wrightc@dtcweb.com)

Santa Clara, Calif. - Theta Band Software LLC released WarpCharge, a new product that enables web sites to securely process credit card orders directly over the Internet.

WarpCharge is the first credit card processing software available for the OS/2 platform. WarpCharge provides the missing piece in your OS/2 e-commerce solution : the payment system.

"Until now, merchants running secure web sites on IBM OS/2 Warp Server for E-business had no means to process payments online. They could accept online orders, but had to process the payment manually." said Julien Pierre, President of Theta Band Software. "Shoppers like to get their purchase immediately, and by processing credit card payments automatically and in real-time, WarpCharge enables that sort of instant gratification."

WarpCharge is not just for e-commerce - it can be used for nearly all types of businesses : whether you are taking credit card orders by mail, over the phone or real-time over the Internet, WarpCharge is the perfect solution.

WarpCharge comes with sample CGI scripts for use on any secure OS/2 web server, so that you can start taking Internet orders immediately.

WarpCharge also comes with an extensive REXX interface that lets developers integrate credit card processing facility into any REXX-enabled OS/2 application, or into custom applications.

There are two editions of WarpCharge :

WarpCharge Business

WarpCharge Business is for any business that needs to process credit cards over the phone, web, or in custom REXX applications.

WarpCharge for Internet Service Providers

WarpCharge for ISPs lets Internet Service Providers offer credit card processing capability to all their customers.


WarpCharge is available for purchase from the Theta Band Software web site at http://www.thetaband.com. WarpCharge Business requires a PC running IBM OS/2 Warp 4, OS/2 Warp Server or OS/2 Warp Server for E-Business. In addition, WarpCharge for ISPs requires an OS/2 secure web server program.


Theta Band Software, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, was founded in 1997 and develops Internet and multimedia software products for IBM OS/2 Warp that are marketed and sold on the world wide web.

August 31 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

Vendor100 Goes "Full Enterprise" At Warp Expo West

Network Platform To Be WiseManager On OS/2

Vendor100 has grown to "Full Enterprise" size and Warp Expo West is upgrading the entire Vendor100 exhibitor space to a new technology managed client network.

"You'll be able to walk up to any client system on the network and run any Vendor100 application," said Rollin White, Chairman of Warp Expo West. "No guest will have to wait in line for a chance to use a single dedicated system running a single vendor's software. Everything will run everywhere."

The entire Vendor100 suite of software from dozens of developers will be hosted on the newly engineered network, and guests will have the unique experience of not being restricted to a particular vendor's machine in order to try their software. The network servers will use WiseManager from Serenity Systems to manage all the clients.

"WiseManager doesn't use the hard disk in your system," explained Kim Cheung, Executive Director for Serenity. "You install each application once at the server, and every client system then uses that copy. And it's totally configurable for each user. You still have your own configuration files, your own data files. But it's all stored on the server."

"There's a big savings here. Most of an application's files never change, so we only need one server copy. The few small files that do, such as configuration files, are stored in the user's personal file space. WiseManager uses the personal file if it exists, or uses the common file otherwise."

Every network administrator should carefully go over the Vendor100 network that will run continuously during Warp Expo West. The network build team will be available for questions.

"It's great for us because, if a client machine breaks, we just replace it, turn on the new one, and boot from the network. We don't have to install anything, and we're up and running again instantly," commented White.

Cheung himself supervised the installation of the dozens of different software applications on the servers. "It went fast, not much different from a single client install, and when one vendor sent an upgrade we only had to upgrade one machine - the server - not every client," said Cheung. "Suppose we had 50 machines! We'd have to install the upgrade 50 times if we didn't have a managed client network. WiseManager handles any size network -- up to 64,000 clients."

"We're also going to show how to install this new type of network, and discuss the cost and security benefits of using diskless workstations," Cheung said.

Managed client networks are a bold new technology for OS/2 network administrators, and every businessman and every OS/2 user with an interest in networking should make a point of studying and discussing the Vendor100 network - at Warp Expo West!

- - -

Warp Expo West is free. It will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

August 31 Source: Fernando Cassia (cassiaf@netscape.net)

OS/2 StarOffice users should abandon all fear. In a News.com story, Marco Boerries, founder and former owner of Star Division, speaks on the future of StarOffice.

The main announcement is that the current native code, and future thin-client java editions of the software will be given away for free to all users, not just the educational and home users (as has been the previous policy).

In addition to giving the software away for free, Sun will make the original programming instructions, or "source code," available under the Sun Community Source License.

Sun plans to make money selling services such as installation and technical support for the software.

A new "thin" version, StarPortal, due by the end of the year, is handled by a central server (like the current StarOffice for Java version). Coming from Sun, and being 100% java, I think we have NO reason to fear if StarPortal will run in OS/2 :).

Sun is expected to announce the Star Division acquisition today in New York, where the company will demonstrate the use of StarPortal on a Java-enabled PalmPilot, which is connected to a server.

Read the full version of the story at:


August 31 Source: Erico Mendonca (slaughter@malaconet.org)

It seems more drivers were updated recently:

Printers section:
- OMNI printer drivers were updated on Aug 19th;

Multimedia audio section:
- There's a new driver for Ensoniq ES1371 PCI Audio Controller as of Aug 20th;

- There's a new driver for Yamaha's YMF724 (DS=AD1) as of Aug 20th;

The Device Driver Repository is located at http://service.software.ibm.com/os2ddpak/html/index.htm

August 31 Source: Erico Mendonca (slaughter@malaconet.org)

There's a new package on the Device Driver Pack for USB Removable Media drives (beta), dated Aug 26th.

Here's the long description:

"This USBFLPPY.EXE driver package provides you with IBM's most current support for Universal Serial Bus (USB) Removable Media devices on the OS/2 Operating System.

This driver package supports standard removable-media I/O operations with the following exceptions:

The USBFLPPY.EXE package supports the following removable-media USB devices and compatibles:

Floppy Diskette Drives

LS120 Drives

External Drive

ZIP Drives

Note: The USBBASIC.EXE package is a PRE-REQUISITE for the USBAUDIO.EXE package. USBBASIC.EXE must be installed prior to installing USBAUDIO.EXE. "

These drivers may be found at:


Look under "Universal Serial Bus", then select the brand (Iomega, Imation, etc). They all point to the same package.

August 31 Source: Mark Dodel (madodel@ptdprolog.net)

Just saw this on the Aurora Beta list (thanks Steve) if anyone is running the JFS (or would like to but has been afraid up til now)here is a new (as of Aug 31) fix for it.


==================BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE==================
From: "Steve Wendt" <stevew@shocking.com>
To: "aurora-beta@os2ss.com" <aurora-beta@os2ss.com>

There is an update for the JFS in Aurora that fixes some major problems. ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/ps/products/os2/fixes/v4.5warp/

APAR= PJ26494

APAR= PJ26538

APAR= PJ26549

APAR= PJ26544 SER=

APAR= PJ26557

APAR= PJ26659

APAR= PJ26661

APAR= PJ26718

===================END FORWARDED MESSAGE===================

August 30 Source: Jules van den Doel (jvddoel@epo.nl)

There is a job opening for someone with OS/2 experience at the European Patent Office in The Hague, Netherlands. See:


for more details.

August 30 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

New Ideas For Your Business At Warp Expo West !!

You'll see plenty of business solutions while you're at Warp Expo West.

OS/2 running your office phones? Sure! Both Active Voice and Auto VoiceSystems will show you automated-attendant, voicemail, and interactive voice response systems running on OS/2, and how you can turn any office large-or-small into a business telecommunications center. Need specialty configurations such as Order Center or Help Desk? These two companies together offer a one-stop OS/2 solution to help you expand your phone center quickly.

Online sales need a boost? WarpCharge from Theta Band Software runs on OS/2 and automatically processes credit card orders over the 'net, plus handles your phone and mail orders - the first OS/2 software to do so. Your transactions are cleared securely over your existing internet connection. And WarpCharge comes with an extensive REXX interface so it neatly fits into your own way of doing business.

Your office will hum smoothly with great OS/2 business applications from Sundial Systems and Phoenix Software. Sundial has the spreadsheet Mesa 2, the database frontend DBExpert, the word processor Clearlook, the time manager Relish, and the desktop companion Rover. Phoenix Software's Think Tool Pro is a graphical-development (no programming required) object database which can store structured data, compound documents, complex data such as videos, sounds and images, and knowledge databases -- and is a complete solution platform for sales, project management, product development, accounting, order entry, inventory, and all other business needs.

Upgrade your servers and keep them running with Demand Systems OS/2 servers, IBM's e-Business solutions, Serenity Systems managed OS/2 clients and Legato's Standby Server for OS/2 Warp. Demand Systems is an IBM Software Partner and can preinstall OS/2 servers, clients and applications so your new hardware simply plugs into the network and runs, and they handle custom requirements such as xDSL and fax servers too. IBM will show their entire suite of OS/2-based e-Business solutions -- the new Warp Server For e-Business, WorkSpace On-Demand, Java Server and Domino Server performance improvements, TCP/IP capacity enhancements, Services Offerings, and Remote Client Connection from the Rapid Deployment Team. Serenity Systems manages your entire network of diskless workstations with WiseManager, keeping your hardware costs down and giving you better control of your data. And Legato will make sure your network never goes down from server failure.

Photo-quality images from your desktop printer are the key to great presentations, and Klassic Specialties has the special materials that create them. Sales, contract proposals, point-of-sales, backlit displays -- all benefit from snappy images, and Klassic can have you printing them for instant use - even on fabric, plastic, metal or film.

These and dozens of other exhibitors, lecturers and Vendor100's are waiting for you on September 18.

Your business runs better on OS/2, and we'll show you how - at Warp Expo West!

- - -

Warp Expo West is free and will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

August 30 Source: Fernando Cassia (cassiaf@netscape.net)

Emtec software has released version ZOC version 3.13 for the OS/2 and Windows platforms.

ZOC is a shareware telnet client, SSH client, and terminal emulator.

V3.13 features:

...and much, much more.

The program's home page is at:


And you can download directly from:


August 29 Source: Kai Evers (kevers@s.netic.de)

As you probably know, I released over the years some hopefully usefull tools and utilities for OS/2 Warp.

The URL for the above was (until now): http://www1.stuttgart.netsurf.de/~kevers/

This is no longer valid. Please update your bookmarks. From now on, you can find



You can find the stuff directly by pointing to:
German version: http://www.s.netic.de/kevers/warp.html
English version: http://www.s.netic.de/kevers/warp_eng.html

BTW: I'm still working on the stuff, some beta versions are in the queue, but because of lacks of time things will not go on very fast in the future. Please be patient.

August 29 Source: Olaf Cichewicz (cichewicz@zew.ruhr-uni-bochum.de)

* WARPSTOCK Europa 99 *
01.-04. October
Bochum, Germany

Some hot news about:

IBM Rapid Deployment Team presence at WARPSTOCK Europa 99

Dennis Sposato (IBM Network Computing Services Division's Rapid Deployment Team, Austin/Texas) will speak on WSoD Remote Client Connection

Please have a look at our large and still expanding workshops and sessions program. If YOU want to do a workshop/session please contact us.

IBM Germany supports WARPSTOCK Europa 99 with several software licenses (Warp Server for e-biz and Warp4).

If you're interested in our experimental physics tours (DTL particle accelerator and solid state physics applied research) please register at www.warpstock.de

If you plan to come to WARPSTOCK Europa 99 and you are still not registered please do this as soon as possible.


August 29 Source: Platon Fomichev (pla@cland.ru)

The page at http://www.os2.spb.ru/technology/xfree86/xmms/ is dedicated to upcoming port of XMMS under OS/2. XMMS is a Xwindows player of MP3,CD,MOD,STM, etc. I think authors of PM123,WarpAmp and free programmers may consider helping with audio part of the XMMS. Already you can download GUI test version for XFree86/2. With upcoming EverBlue project XMMS may help OS/2 community and become a great PM player too. I myself will not do audio part as I am too busy.

(If you do not know anything about EverBlue visit Netlabs)

Platon Fomichev
GNOME/2 Coordinator

August 29 Source: Carsten Arnold (C.Arnold@transnet.de)

today I have uploded a new version of CopyWave on my homepage.:


The program copies parts from an existing PCM-Wave file starting from an indicated place in an indicated length into a new Wave file. The files can be very big.

The program ist Freeware.
Direct URL is:


August 29 Source: Thomas Billert (Thomas.Billert@rz.uni-jena.de)

After a long beta period fPrint UK released version 2.0 of Virtual Pascal/2 some days ago. This great Pascal development environment supports OS/2, Win32 and a number of 32bit DOS extenders, with Linux support underway.

Have a look at:


August 29 Source: Dan Casey (dcasey@iquest.net)

I just came across this post in Warpcast, and thought I'd pass it along. It's sad to see another OS/2 ISV dropping out, but business is business, as they say.

Personally, I applaud their decision to release these applications for free, along with the code to unlock them. They could have just pulled them, and they would have, eventually, disappeared. POst Road Mailer is a very nice E-Mail client for OS/2. If anyone is still using Ultimail Lite, or Netscape to retrieve their e-mail, I'd recommend that you give Post Road Mailer a try.


Effective immediately, InnoVal Systems Solutions, Inc. is withdrawing the following products from marketing and support.

Post Road Mailer for OS/2
J Street Mailer for Java
Web Willy Watch for OS/2

Anyone may download free copies of these products from our online store at http://stores.yahoo.com/innoval. In addition, anyone may freely distribute executable copies of the software through online software repositories and websites. You are encouraged to do so because we will only be able to keep them in our online store for a limited time. If you distribute the Post Road Mailer you must also distribute a serial number to allow a user to activate the product. You may use a serial number you received from us in the past (for release 3.0), or you may use serial number 31571728. You may also post serial numbers in newsgroups and websites. Online orders, for these specific products, placed with us during the last sixty days, have not been processed and customers' credit cards have not been charged. These orders will be cancelled and customers are free to keep and use the downloaded code that they received when they placed their order.

For me, personally, this is a sad day. Our company tried to hang in as long as possible with OS/2. OS/2 is still my favorite platform and OS/2 customers are the best customers our company ever had. I have made many good friends through my associations with all of you. You'll still see me popping in at OS/2 users group meetings throughout the country when my travels coincide with a meeting.

Our company continues to do very well. The consulting side of the business has always been strong. The most exciting area of business, however, is Iceptur. Iceptur is our new Internet filtering software for the Windows 95/98/NT platform. Despite the fact that there are over two hundred competitors in this market niche, we are experiencing phenomenal success. This is partly because of the unique technology we developed and partly because there is a strong demand for high quality Internet filtering solutions (release 2.0 will hit the streets by September 5th). We have entered into a number of strategic alliances with several companies to market Iceptur and license the underlying technology for use in other products.

I need, now, to focus all of InnoVal's resources on Iceptur and our consulting business. I tried, during the past year, to juggle resources but in doing so was not doing the right kind of job for our customers, the OS/2 community at-large, InnoVal's employees, or InnoVal's owners. You made the Post Road Mailer into the number one email client for OS/2. You worked with us on J Street Mailer as we tried to negotiate a platform independent course with Java. You have my thanks and the thanks of everyone at InnoVal.

We are moving on to bigger things, but not better. OS/2 was better and (oh, how I wish) it could have been big.

Thanks again,

Dan Porter, President
InnoVal Systems Solutions, Inc.

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