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October 2000

September 09

Petr Mikulik has released precompiled binaries of the Current development version of Gnuplot 3.8c:


September 09

ConfigTool is CONFIG.SYS editor with searchable database which explains the entries, sort and checking routines, boot/recovery options and suggestions for optimization.

CFGTOOL.DAT database is based on OS2CFG11.DAT for ConfigInfo 4.0 by Rick Meigs. All entries from the CM2CFG.DAT for ConfigMaint/2 are also included, as some of the howto.dat.

New in version 0.96:

- Language: English, Croatian, German, Swedish
- drag ~drop fonts and colours
- expanded Cfgtool.dat (902 entries)
- expanded and corrected Cfgtool.chk

To download ConfigTool 0.96, visit:

Authors: Goran Ivankovic and Klaus Staedtler.


September 09

TEAM OS/2 Russia is proud to anounce the first release of conversion tool from Excel 95/97 [version] and PowerPoint 95/97 file to highly optimized HTML. It is ported from Unix and you need emx to run it.

You can download it for free at:

http://teamos2.ru/files/xlhtml- (~600kb)

September 08

IBM has released a refresh of Netscape 4.61 for English, French, German and Italian:


September 08

I have just uploaded beta 6 of MAMERun and the source code to the MAMERun home page:


You can also find it at Hobbes:


Final expected placement is:


Whats New Beta 6:

Added code to verify correct path for MAME.exe
Added checking for ROM Sets
Now asks user if they want clones listed in Hotlist
Updated About message and added mailto: button
Will now recreate MAMERun.cfg if it does not exist
MAMERun bitmaps are now embedded resources
Added error log viewing
Added readme viewing
Minor interface changes
Fixed some minor bugs
Checked for compatibility with latest release of MAME (v.37b7)
Checked for compatibility with OS/2 4.5 (FP13 and higher)


MAMERun is a FREEWARE PM front end for the DOS version of MAME (Multi. Arcade Machine Emulator). A front end is a program that makes it easier for the user to interface with his application, which usually has a command line interface. MAME is a very popular emulator that allows you to run thousands of classic arcade games on your PC (if you own the ROMs). You can find the MAME homepage at:


The Official (and very good) OS/2 PM port of MAME was done by Marty Amodeo and is at:



MAME for DOS (I used version .37 beta 7)
DOS Support installed
IBM joystick device driver (for joystick support, download from hobbes or DDPAK)
Use one of the enhanced joystick drivers for best performance (available at Hobbes)

September 07

There is an update for Warp 4 on IBM's Boulder FTP server.

09/05/2000 Warp 4 FP14 Kernel Fix:


Zip file, KRNL0905.ZIP, contains fixes to JR14866 (hang at the beginning of the boot process with the white blob still showing), PJ27341 (hangs, traps, and application problems using the DosQProcStatus/DosQuerySysState APIs), and JR14875 (trap/IPE on boot with pre-pentium systems). Also contains fixes to a couple of non-APARed items that caused problems in previous post-FP14 kernel releases.

This Kernel Update fixes a RESERVEDDRIVELETTER problem. (The previous FixPak 14 was showing incorrect ICONS for some drives in PMView. This new kernel appears to fix that problem.)

September 07

The latest supported version of the JFS file system for WSeB is at:


Readme only contains instructions on deploying this fix, no specifics about what is fixed. It does say the following also: "NOTE: ALL previous released JFS.IFS fixes are included in this release.

This fix will be supported until the next official WSeB fixpack is released."

September 07

PDFtoHTML utility (PDF to HTML and PostScript) version 0.22 and 0.30 has released by Dmitry Vereshaka (dmitry@rsl.ru). "Devel" version 0.30 (unix-port) is more unstable than 0.22.

Of course, You can use also ps2pdf and pdf2ps utilities from GSView.

P.S. Don't mistake "Team OS/2 Russia" with our "Russian Team OS/2" it's not the same.


September 07

The newest version of the PDFLIB (3.02) is optimized for OS/2 too (now only a porter is missing ):

Here the changes log:
V3.02 (August 22, 2000)

Bug fixes and enhancements

- Added state checks to the text functions (p_text.c).

- Refined the error handling in PDF_open_image (p_basic.c, p_image.c).

- Deactivated the default prefix entry in the UPR file because it could cause confusion with the ActiveX edition (pdflib.upr).

- Multi-strip TIFF images didn't work correctly when placed with a scaling factor != 1 (p_image.c).

- Implements a macro which aids in overcoming differences in libpng versions when it comes to accessing the setjmp buffer (p_png.c).

- Fine-tuned the OS/2 test in p_config.h.

- Allow negative box width and height in PDF_show_boxed() (p_text.c).

- Added the debug version of the C runtime library to the debug configuration of the MSVC test and pdflib projects (test/test.dsp, pdflib/pdflib.dsp).

- Under certain circumstances the GIF reader didn't work correctly due to missing variable initialization (p_gif.c).

- pdftest.c couldn't be compiled in strict ANSI mode by some compilers due to two misplaced statements (which actually only serve as warning preventers) (pdftest.c).

- Added an #if conditional because the Intel version of the Metrowerks compiler doesn't have setmode() (p_basic.c).

- PDF_open_fp() resulted in a crash or PDFlib exception because the file pointer got overwritten due to wrong initialization order (p_basic.c).

For more information go to http://www.pdflib.com/pdflib/index.html

September 07

In the September issue of "The Warped Perspective" at OS/2 Headquarters:


Tom Nadeau takes Microsoft and Intel to task for foisting inefficient, unreliable designs on the public. In particular, these systems use inordinate amounts of electric power, exacerbating the current critical power shortages around the country. OS/2 is among the recommended systems to reduce electric demand and save energy.

September 07

I am conducting a poll to see what other objects people would like to use with VisPro REXX.


September 07

Just to let everyone know that AnyJ 2.0.5, the best Java IDE, is available for download.

OS/2 version is at the same level of the others (2.0.5), so go get it:)


September 07

I'm happy to inform you that Team OS/2 Hungary is now running its own site:


The site has searchable archive of the Hungarian OS/2 mailing list (we'll be glad to provide this service to others, too!), a large FTP archive (Hobbes mirror, PowerUsers' BBS mirror, more to be added soon, the current 10GB HDD is almost full). Note: the whole site is currently in Hungarian.

September 07

A public beta of Virtual Pascal v2.1 is now available for download from the web site:


- and it's Free, just like the release version will eventually be

VirtualPascal is one of the best pascal compiler for OS/2, Win32, Dos32(DPMI) and Linux (coming). It's a great Tool for new projects (fast and lean code) and the best for porting DOS Turbo Pascal and Delphi Code. Try it.


September 06

OS2 World.Com has asked to get help to come up with a competition! Prize to be won is a copy of Warp Server for e-Business. Well, there is no prize just to come up with a suggestion for competition. But the winner of the suggested competition will get the Warp Server license!


September 06

Lotus has finished the Update 1.5.1 for the Smartsuite 1.5 now for all supported languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, Dutch).


September 05

Version 3.1 of Digitize2 has been placed in the upload area of hobbes. Many, many thanks to those who have helped with the debugging of this version.


It will eventually be moved to:


Digitize2 lets you digitize and measure distances from an image using your mouse. You can zoom in and pan around the expanded image. I use it to convert old technical data published in journals to a digital form as well as digitize maps. The output is ASCII. A DXF and IDRISI export facility is also provided.

Digitize2 addresses the special problems inherent in this type of work. First, it is rather easy to scan the printed material, but getting it aligned accurately is a nuisance. Second, many scanners and certainly most zerographic reproductions are not uniformly scaled. Therefore, Digitize2 by default corrects for rotated images and it does a linear correction for scale distortions. Finally, Digitize2 allows the user to also edit the image. This will be done automatically during digitizing or optionally using the various paint tools available. This can greatly simplify keeping track of progress when working on complex imagery.

There have been massive changes since the last public release. See the included documentation.

September 05

TEAM OS/2 Russia is proud to anounce the first release of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) to HyperText Markup Language (HTML) conversion tool.

You can download it for free at:


Sincerely yours,

TEAM OS/2 Russia

September 05

You can now download Java 2 Technology Preview Edition, Version 1.3.0 (Preview Developer Kit) for OS/2 from IBM's DevCon site. This is the same package as offered on Software Choice.

Go here:


You need 'Professional' level access (appearantly a merger from the previous 'Member' and 'Advanced' levels) or be a PartnerWorld member.

The formerly 'Premier' level is now called 'Enterprise'.

What's in a name...

September 05

PM123 1.1 beta 2 is now available for download:


More information is available at:


What's new!

- Song information from the decoder is now loaded in playlist.
- Server name and genre are now loaded in playlist.
- Streaming title is up and running!
- Fixed possible crash on corrupted playlists.
- Reduced flickering when resizing and moving playlist, playlist manager and other windows.
- Implemented bookmark system! Bookmarks are loaded in the main menu directly, making them easy to use.
- Root directories can now be loaded from the file dialog kludge.
- Loaded directories using the file dialog kludge are now saved.
- Defaults and Undo do not double plug-ins entries anymore, although they still do not do anything useful for plug-ins.
- Added "Save stream" in main menu to save data on disk before it is decoded.
- Comments from songs are now loaded in the main window.
- Fixed inconsistency problem when stopping song in playlist and pressing play again.
- Fixed tracking problems for plug-ins configure dialog.
- Added new wavout.dll plug-in.
- Different output plug-ins can now be activated.
- Increased stack size.
- Trying to open various dialogs now get focus when they are already opened.
- Fixed loading Songname in playlist.
- Fixed loading/playing songs using the pipe.
- Fixed annoying crash in OS2AUDIO.DLL.
- Fixed analyzer first and last band (although they don't really show)
- Changed pm123.ini format, now uses safe OS/2 INI APIs. ***DELETE YOUR OLD INI FILE!!***
- Last .EQ file loaded are now reloaded on startup.
- Changed .EQ file format. Now saves the gain in floating point value, instead of system dependent pixel slider values.
- It is now possible to open more than one instance of the PM123 process. Pipes created by the new processes will be \pipe\pm123_2 and \pipe\pm123pl_2, and successive instances will increment that number in their pipe names.
- Visual plug-ins with cx or cy smaller or equal to 0 will no longer be deinit and reinit when changing main window size (tiny, small, normal).
- Load Track dialog now keeps in memory last drive used and automatically refreshes.
- CD Tracks can now be loaded in the playlist.
- analyzer.dll does not crash anymore if DIVE cannot be allocated.
- Playlist entry emphasis is no longer changed on each entry added to the playlist.
- "*volume" pipe command now also returns the current volume.
- fixed +/- keyboard volume hotkeys
- relative paths to plug-ins in skins are now relative to pm123.exe

mpg123.dll 1.10 in pm123 1.1 beta 2

- Implemented title streaming code, and code for "Save stream".
- SHOUTcast and icecast server information now passed on to pm123 with decoder_fileinfo().
- Fixed problem with calculation of average bitrate, and of seeking, for VBR MP3s.
- Increased first MPEG header from 10K to 128K. I hope this is enough for all MP3s with bitmaps (yes images geez) before the MP3 itself.
- Should not crash on corrupted Xing VBR headers anymore.
- Read ahead buffer thread now runs at critical priority, so no more skip when read ahead buffer is activated.

September 04

Just getting back from a 5 month absence. I have made several changes to the MAMERun home page and contest. I have opensourced MAMERun at the current level. I have also set the end date for the current contest to September 9th. Unfortunately, this is due to a lack of activity. Because of the complexity of the contest, this was not totally unexpected. I want to thank the sponsors: Pillarsoft and Teijo. I am currently looking for new contest ideas.

You can get details at:


or email me at:


September 04

Blueprint Software Works is running a survey about PMMail usage and future enhancements. They ask your opinion about several features and they also ask if an OS/2 version of PMMail is important. So don't forget to vote for the OS/2 version if you are running PMMail as your mail client!

The survey is at:


September 04

NetRexx has been updated to version 2.0.

>From the web page:

The highlights of this release are:

The NetRexx interpreter, which allows programs and classes to be run without being compiled

The -prompt option, which allows sub-second compilation and interpretation of NetRexx programs

An expanded, reworked, and indexed User's Guide, available in both HTML and PDF formats

An updated Language Overview, available in both HTML and PDF formats

Revised packaging, including shell scripts for Linux, which makes installation and use easier.


NetRexx's home page is at:


NetRexx is a human-oriented programming language which makes writing and using Java classes quicker and easier than writing in Java.

September 03

Today I have uploded version 1.02 of NewCalls on my home page:


English home page:


NewCalls is a patch for the pmmerge.dll. It increases the perfomance for INI-write-actions. This reduces the blockade of WPS while INI-write.

The file PMMERGE.DLL opens the INI files with the flag OPEN_FLAGS_WRITE_THROUGH which has the consequence that these files are written uncached to the HD, so that the WPS is blocked partially quite a long while. IBM made for exaggerated safety reasons, in my opinion that is not necessary.

This Tool goes back on an idea from Peter Fitzsimmons.

At this the module entry DOSCALLS will replaced in pmmerge.dll by NEWCALLS. The NEWCALLS.DLL contains so-called Forwarder on all functions in DOSCALLS except DOS32OPEN, this function its by own _DOS32OPEN replaced. If opening files, _DOS32OPEN removes the flag OPEN_FLAGS_WRITE_THROUGH and calls then DOS32OPEN in DOSCALLS.

I wrote now a Installer and shortened the file NEWCALLS.DLL somewhat (no, there now nothing is missing;-)).

Supplementary product like DLLRNAME are more necessary.

In this version I have correct bugs in the installer again. On some, seemingly mainly on non-German systems, a SYS1808 occured while running install.exe.

The program is Freeware. Direct URL is:


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