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October 2000

September 16

The September issue of OS/2 eZine is now online! In this issue, we have some Warpstock coverage (which will be added to as our writers recover from the event), a look at ICQ clients for the OS/2 platform, a review of FURI, an article on synchronizing your Palm Pilot with the OS/2 operating system, more from Simon Gronlund's Into Java series, and more...

Also, as of this release all problems with the eZine archives should be resolved, and you should be able to download each issue as a zipped file.

OS/2 eZine

September 16

For some time I was unable to access my account at the OS/2 SuperSite to update the Notebook/2 Site. For about two months now, access has been restored, and I have updated the site considerably. It now lists over 300 Pentium and higher notebooks and gives a lot of driver links as well as information on installing OS/2, which may be relevant to many, not only notebook users.

The site is at:


September 16

Pretty Pop Software released Jasmine 3.00, today.

Jasmine is the ftp front-end using of the OS/2 WARP genuine part for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for the maintainances of your web pages. And Jasmine can copy local files to destination directory with same functions of FTP Mode. Jasmine will put/copy the files and directories, only which are changed or altered from the last put/copy. You can also select if you want to put/copy this time such automatically selected files and folders. You may record the logs of uploaded files by either daily or monthly, too. And you can remove remote files that uploaded/copied and managed by Jasmine.

This OS/2 application require Watcom VX-REXX runtime module (VROBJ.DLL).

Update topics are...

Version 3.00 (16.Sep.2000)
a.Add `Log Viewer'.
b.Change specification of log file name.
c.Reinforce `Language Support'.
d.Include `deutsch.lng' file.
e.Other minor parts were also modified.

You can get a copy from...


September 15

Cinema/2 - V0.2.5 - FREEWARE
TV-Application for OS/2. Needs Hauppauge Win-TV Card and wcast (www.os2tv.com) driver Author: Carsten Tenbrink EMail: Cinema@CTLab.de

Get it at http://www.ctlab.de

September 15

There is a new update (09/11/2000) of Java 1.3 preview at the Software Choice page.


This is a "reserved" feature for Software Choice subscribers.

September 15

Rick Papo has updated the Memsize 4.0 beta Changes since 25 July 2000:

(1) The display of Gigabytes is now configurable, much as the display of Megabytes or Kilobytes.
(2) Fixed conflict with RSJ Software's CD-Writer program.
(3) Added , and buttons to the e-mail server and user definition page. This page no longer passes its changes directly to the running application (that caused problems).


September 15

TEAM OS/2 Russia ported to OS/2 libstocks-0.5 client, which is a stock quotes retrieval tool.

Please read README file for more info.


You can download it from:

http://teamos2.ru/files/libstocks-0.5.0-emx.zip (51048 bytes)

September 15

>From a post by Alex Taylor on comp.os.os2.bugs:

Given how so many people, myself included, constantly have trouble running up against all recent versions of UNZIP.EXE, which can't handle 'Shrink' compressed files -- which includes FIRUNPKG.ZIP (Feature Install) and parts of Java 1.1.8 -- I finally decided to do something about it.

I've recompiled UNZIP v5.41 (the latest version, from April 2000) with UnShrink support re-enabled. This being the newest version, dating after some U.S. government decision regarding cryptography, this binary also has 'crypt' support.

I checked with the InfoZip people and they had no objection to my uploading this to Hobbes. (I was told that it was my risk, as regards UniSys's questionable patent, and thus my call.)

So, the new UnShrink-capable UNZIP -- self-extracting archive named UZS541X2.EXE is in the 'incoming' directory of Hobbes:


This is the 32-bit binary version only. (Not many OS/2 1.x users out there likely to need this, I hope?) It was compiled statically with emx-gcc v0.9dfix3, and should not require emx libraries to run.

For those wondering about the odd legal issues which caused UnShrink support to be removed from InfoZip's default UNZIP binaries, check the InfoZip license documentation. Bottom line is, however, that these new binaries are exactly as legal as the old UNZIP v5.31 is, so if you were willing to use that, then no problem.

September 15

The following information was provided by Steve Wendt (of OS/2 Warp News and Rumour Page fame http://www.os2bbs.com/os2news/), in regard to the just released Device Driver Fixpak 2.

1) mouse.sys doesn't work on all mice (like my 3-button Logitech) The same was true with DD01, although that had a good mouse.sys hidden away in a different directory. If you have a wheel mouse, or 2 button mouse, then you probably have nothing to worry about.

2) aic7870.add is the same broken one from DD01, with long chkdsks at boot

3) os2cdrom.dmd screws up on some drives (not mine, as far as I know) I think it messes up on audio CDs? Not sure about details, I think there was someone on Usenet complaining about it recently

September 14

I put in a request to TUCOWS to add OS/2 to the OS "Channels". Here is their response:

**from TUCOWS Helpdesk <helpdesk@mail.tucows.com>
**on Wed, 13 Sep 2000 12:59:54 -0400 (EDT)

It's in the works, not sure on a debut date, but we are working on bringing it back...

September 14

Thanks to Serge Sterck the PDFLIB 3.02 has been ported to OS/2. The package also includes zlib 1.1.3, tifflib 3.5.5, and lpng 1.0.8.

It is available for download at:


later at:


Hope we're gonna see lots of PDF-enabled software soon.

September 13

IBM has released Fixpak 2 for the Warp 4 Device Drivers (DDPAK)



While I've not, yet, had a chance to test it, the Fixpak Installation Instructions at http://www.warpdoctor.org should work fine with this release.

This FixPak applies to:

XR_3005 Warp Server
XR_3006 Warp Server SMP
XR_4000 Warp v4
XR_4010 WSOD Rel 1
XR_4010 WSOD Rel 2
XR_4500 WSeB SMP
XR_4500 WSeB UNI

Requires Corrective Service Facility release F.143 or later

September 13

The sibling software merge utilities of the Complite File Comparison Family consists of SibDeux for OS/2, SibSerf for NT, and CompSib for DOS. These utilities are used when you are maintaining two different but related sets of source code, and you wish to apply improvements from one set to another.

Saving bounced lines in the 'Sib' demos is now fully functional. This means the demos on the web site can now be used for real work.

Some scenarios where SibDeux is useful are:

1. Vendor Supplied Source - You've purchased software and source code from a large vendor, and have made changes to the source code. Now the vendor comes out with a new version of their software. SibDeux lets you apply the changes in the new version of the vendor software while maintaining your local modifications.

2. Cloned Application - You began by cloning, or copying, a working application as the basis for a related application. Sometime later you wish to apply changes in the original application to the clone.

3. Back Level Maintenance - You are supporting several different revisions of software. In rev4 you make a series of emergency fixes to rev3. Now you have to apply these fixes all the way back to rev 0. SibDeux lets you view, and merge, the changes from rev3 to rev4 as they apply to rev0, while suppressing the changes made in rev1, 2, and 3.

Descriptions and demonstration versions are on my web page.


September 13

SysInfo/2 project (http://www.os2.ru/projects/sysinfo/indexeng.shtml) updated up to ver. 0.60. Here is a list of corrected errors:

- On Network page an error was corrected in determine multiple protocols for one card. ;-))
- On Network page - now an IP address and Net Mask are shown in tree view for all adapters if TCP/IP is bound to them.
- If IP address is obtaining over DHCP - now it will be shown (experimental - will work only if TCPIP 32 bit stack is installed. The information is received via TCPIP32.DLL ioctl() call )
- "EListError" during startup on some systems - corrected, now if SysInfo/2 is unable to open NIF or Protocol description file - user will be prompted about it.
- ETC, IBMCOM and MPTN path detection algorithm improved.
- FixPak level corrected for KERNEL ver. 14.045 and higher.
- New Video adapters are added (almost all known S3 chips).
- And also many, many bugs and some misspelling are corrected too.



September 13

Today I have uploded version 1.04 of NewCalls on my home page:


English home page:


NewCalls is a patch for the pmmerge.dll. Its increase the perfomance for INI-write-actions. This reduce the blockade of WPS while INI-write.

There was again a correction at the installer. While patch of pmmerge.dll so far the file date was not maintained, i.e. it was updated by the system. That can have the consequence that with installation of a Fixpack this DLL is not updated, since its date is too new. Now the file date is back set to its old value.

Additionally with a Upgrade the installation was aborted with to copy the new call DLL, since this was still closed. Now it is unlocked.

The program is Freeware. Direct URL is:


September 13

Daniel Valot has released DSK4PM 1.61

DSK4PM is a PM-Utility to build disks from images (e.g. the *.dsk format of the FixPaks).

Version 1.61 fixes a problem I've had with Matrox 2.36 drivers and FP12/14 for Warp 4 (other FP's didn't show the error).


September 13

Jungo has released (not sure when) 4.40 version of Windriver for OS/2.


Windriver is a device driver development tool (ISA/PCI) that is OS portable. A driver made with Windriver can easyly be ported to any of the supported plataforms. "One code - Any platform!"

get a trial version at:


September 12

Russian Team OS/2 are glad to anounce the first release of UDMSearch OS/2 binaries by Platon Fomichev (pla@cland.ru). Stable and devel version are available on our FTP.

UDMSearch is a full-featured SQL based web search engine. You can read about it on UDMSearch home page:



Searcher requires MySQL!

September 11

Dragen FTP v1.2 is now available for download at:


Additions/changes to the program since version 1.0 include:

- added paypal registration through the dragen web site
- improved sticky site command. The sticky site feature sends a site command to the designate host each time dragen contacts the server.
- fixed some continuous polling problems with the Get To option in the remote menu.
- added Get All command. This is not finished. It is the beginning of a recursive routine to download an entire directory tree. Currently, all it does is get all the files in the current directory for a unix server.
- improved support for os/2 ftpd - added mouse double click change directory
- improved support for Windows_NT ftpd - added mouse double click change directory
- upgraded get2 to v1.32, several bug fixes

Please send suggestions for improvement to:


September 11

I have placed version 3.11 of Digitizer2 in the incoming of Hobbes:


It will eventually move to:


Two DLLs were missing in the previous release and syntax that gave some interpreters problems has also been removed. There is also a new icon.

Digitize2 lets you digitize and measure distances from an image using your mouse. You can zoom in and pan around the expanded image. I use it to convert old technical data published in journals to a digital form as well as digitize maps. The output is ASCII. A DXF and IDRISI export facility is also provided.

Again, thanks to those who help debug this program!

September 10

There are pictures available from Warpstock 2000 at:


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