Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education

October 1998

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September 16, 1998 -
Thank you. This was the very reason I unsubscribed to the list (The Communicator for OS/2 Mail List). I was sick and tired of listening to the whining over a "BETA" test. I thought the BETA was remarkably well done and even the "bugs" were minor in nature. It was so stable on my system I almost made it my default, except for the expiration date. If you have the email addresses of the people doing the work please let them know how much many of us appreciate and respect the hard work they have been doing and are still doing.

virgil hammontree

Dear Sirs,

I am a Japanese OS/2 user and live in Japan.

I'm very interested in your ariticle "Some OS/2 users step over the line!" in September 1998 issue of Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education.

So, I think that it is very worthy to translate this article to Japanese, and I ask you permission to translate to Japanese and put up to my web site (under .

May I execute this plan?

Best regards,

"Kaz SHIMZ" is Kazuyoshi SHIMIZU, Team OS/2 & Team Warp Server

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