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October 1998

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October 13, 1998

The Philadelphia OS/2 SIG web site at has just been updated. Details and suggestions for participants in the Computer Build-A-Thon scheduled for the October 28 meeting have now been posted.

October 13, 1998 Source: Aernoudt Bottemanne (

The OS/2 User Group The Netherlands, has a country-wide meeting in Maartensdijk. Henk Kelder will be one of the speakers, so that is quite interesting I would say.

Also several Hardware and Software special prices....

So come and (en)joy us, on the 24th of October in Maartensdijk !!

For detailed information see: or the Mensys site:

See you there !

Aernoudt Bottemanne
Voorzitter HCC OS/2 GG

October 12, 1998

The Philadelphia OS/2 SIG web site at has just been updated. Details and suggestions for participants in the Computer Build-A-Thon scheduled for the October 28 meeting have now been posted.


The web site of the PACS OS/2 SIG is created using HomePage Publisher, an OS/2 WYSIWYG web design application available at:

John Davey

October 7, 1998

Les Utilisateurs d'OS/2 de Montreal
The Montreal OS/2 Users Group

Ordre du jour de la reunion du 21 octobre 1998
Agenda of meeting of October 21st, 1998

19:00  Ouverture de l'assemblee / Meeting opening
  avec / with Gilbert Daigle

19:15  Lotus Smart Suite pour OS/2 (WordPro)
                 avec / with Gilbert Lefebvre

20:00  Netscape Communicator 4 GA pour OS/2 /
  avec / with Gilbert Daigle

20:15  Les produits de StartDock pour OS/2 StarDock products for OS/2
                avec / with Raymond Dagenais

20:30  Pause-sante / Coffee break

21:00  Nouvelles OS/2 News
                 avec / with Gerald Brosseau

21:15  La photo numerique avec la Sony Mavica FD-7
                 avec / with Gerald Brosseau et tirage / and drawings

21:45  Levee de l'assemblee / End of meeting

P.S.  Contribution d'entree est de 5.00$ par personne /
         Entrance contribution is $5.00 per person

      La reunion aura lieu a la / meeting's address
             TOUR IBM/MARATHON
             1250 Rene Levesque Ouest
             7ieme etage / 7th floor

N.B. N'oubliez pas de rapporter votre disquette d'enregistrement / Don't forget to bring back your registration diskette.

Disquette d'enregistrement remise aux nouveaux membres / Newcomers receive a registration diskette.

Notre site sur Internet / Our Web site on Internet
Courriel / Internet E-Mail

October 7, 1998

Toronto OS/2 User's Group - TO/2

Thursday, October 8th. 7:00PM
The IBM Canada Ltd. Building
3600 Steeles Avenue East in the Auditorium
(East of Hwy 404 on Steeles, on the North side)

Tech Support:

Ask Brian (and other users) about your OS/2 problems!

News & Info:

New Stuff on the Streets for OS/2

Speakers will include:

Derek Keoughan, Finnegan Software, Inc.

Object Desktop 2.0 (beta) demo

This upcoming version will be demonstrated and abused, all on the new hardware the group has purchased for demonstrations. (Yaaaay!)

More info is available at

Y2K - discussion, tips

Discussion will focus on the Y2K issue as it exists for OS/2 users, how to check the BIOS of your system to make sure it is compliant in time for the big rollover to 2000-01-01 - some 451 days from now... are you ready?

Netscape Communicator 4.04 for OS/2

Now that it's been released, we'll have a look at the wee beastie and see what makes it tick...


Yes, we had so much fun in January finding out from out members what they wanted to see at upcoming meetings, that we're going to do it again, in the second half of the meeting.


Visual Age for Java for OS/2, v2 hit the streets this week (83MB download), as did a new Beta for Notes Server v5 for OS/2 (a mere 51MB)... perhaps these will make it to the November agenda if there's enough interest...

Member Presentation, YOU!

If you have a piece of Software or Shareware that is just FANTASTIC and want to show it off please just ask!

TO/2 Information

Hardcopy of our TO/2 Newsletter. (Free for Members)

FREE ADMISSION FOR EVERYONE! . . . New, Old, Future OS/2 users!

November Meeting:


December Meeting:

Games on OS/2 Night - Entrepreneur, Galactic Civilizations Gold, Avarice, Links Golf for OS/2, MAME... as many as we can fit into the meeting.

Garage Sale (?) - we're looking into the possibility of having an organized meet to bring in all the OS/2 software, books, and other paraphenalia you might not be using any more, to get it out of your closet and into someone else's! :) More details to follow... but start dusting off your stuff now.

That's it for now... see you Thursday night!!

October 7, 1998

K-W OS/2 Users Group

Serving Kitchener-Waterloo and area

October Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, October 13, 1998

TIME: From 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Room DC1316, Davis Centre, University of Waterloo Meeting facilities provided courtesy of Institute for Computer Research, University of Waterloo.

Please note the room change to DC1316!

Everyone is Welcome to Attend!
There is no admission charge.

OS/2 Round Table

Bring your problems, hints, tips, new programs or questions relating to OS/2 to share with the rest of the group.

OS/2 User Forum -- Sharing OS/2 Ideas -- What's New with OS/2

Please indicate your interest by calling 519-669-5242 or leave a message for

For up-to-date information and directions check our homepage at:

The following meeting will take place November 10, 1998

October 6, 1998

The next meeting of the Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG) will be *this* coming Saturday, October 10, at 9 AM PDT, at the IBM facility at 600 Anton Bl., Costa Mesa, on the 2nd floor. (NOTE: special meeting date this month only).

Direct from "OZ" - Graham to Show His Tools to SCOUG!

Our October meeting has been moved up specially to accomodate a presentation from Chris Graham of Warpspeed Computers. The Australian company is famous in OS/2 circles for its' comprehensive set of OS/2 utilities. Chris, on his way to Warpstock in Chicago the following weekend, will treat attendees to a demonstration of the newest version of the Graham Utilities. This will be a great opportunity to meet Chris, and view the "master" at work in taming OS/2 with those useful items that only the Graham Utilities provide.

After the presentation, we'll have a raffle, Q&A, and then:

General Interest Group - President Terry Warren will be filling in for vice-president Paul Wirtz this month. He'll do a dress rehearsal of a SCOUG-supported CUSeeMe from Warpstock the following weekend.

Programming SIG - will continue work on their FTP project. They will review the design from August as well as changes to it and the initial code to support it.

Monday, Oct. 19th, 7 PM PDT at the OCIPUG Resource Center:

Internet SIG - As always, they'll discuss the latest Internet news, and "download" the best cookies anywhere.

OS/2 Help Desk - SCOUG's volunteers will be on hand to help you resolve your difficulties with problematic hardware and software.

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 7 PM PDT at the OCIPUG Resource Center:

Networking SIG - continues exploring the in's and out's of setting up a mail server for a small SOHO network.

When, where, and how to get there: SCOUG will be meeting on Saturday, October 10, at 9:00 AM (PDT) at the IBM offices located in Plaza Tower, 600 Anton Bl., Costa Mesa, CA, on the 2nd floor. From I-405, exit onto Bristol northbound (one exit NW of the I-405/Hwy 55 interchange). Turn right on Anton Blvd (the first signal north of I-405). Go east 2 signals and turn right (you will see a TGI Fridays' on your right). Park in the open-air lot to your left. Plaza Tower is on a diagonal from the open-air parking lot.

For our Internet SIG, SCOUG Help Desk, and Networking SIG: They meet at the OCIPUG Resource Center in Santa Ana. The Resource Center is located at 1520 Brookhollow Dr., #38, just off the 55 Freeway between Dyer Rd., Warner Ave., and Grand Ave. in Santa Ana. Exit Dyer Rd. east to Grand Ave. north. On the right hand side is the Brookhollow Office Park (adjacent to the Crazy Horse Steak House). Turn right at the first entrance.

Further information (including driving directions) can be found on the SCOUG web page at The driving directions also include maps for both the general meeting and the weeknight meetings that you can print off as needed. We hope to see you there!

October 5, 1998

The Philadelphia OS/2 SIG web site at has just been updated. Stop in for these new features:


Information on the Ocotber 28 meeting of the SIG featuring a hands-on computer build-a-thon.


SIG Leader Larry Lavins' October article for the PACS monthly publication Data Bus is now on-line. This month's article includes notes from David Moskowitz's Q&A session at the September meeting.


The New Software page has been updated with a list on new or upgraded OS/2 programs.


The web site of the PACS OS/2 SIG is created using HomePage Publisher, an OS/2 WYSIWYG web design application available at

October 1, 1998

Date: Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Place: The Long Island Trading Center, 2 Jericho Plaza in Jericho, NY. Take the Long Island Expressway (LIE, I-495) to exit 40. From the westbound LIE get off at exit 40 East. At the next traffic light bear right onto Jericho Turnpike heading east and turn right into the first driveway.

From the eastbound LIE get off at exit 40 West, it's easier than exit 40 East. Follow the signs to get onto Jericho Turnpike heading east, you'll end up going underneath the LIE. After going underneath the LIE, turn right into the first driveway.

The meeting room is on the second floor in the IBM wing.

Speaker: John Rodriguez, Hauppauge Computer Works.

Straight from IBM Offices in Austin, Texas. OS/2 and Java. John will tell us the latest news about IBM's future plans for OS/2 and Java, especially in the area of Multimedia. John may update us on the progress of WarpTV.

As usual, our meetings start with news and views on the latest of OS/2. If you have any OS/2 news bring it with you to the meeting. All are welcome!


Web Pages:

Joe Svitak, Jr.
Long Island OS/2 Users Group

September 24, 1998

The Mid-Atlantic OS/2 Users Group is meeting September 26th Saturday at our usual location: the Virginia Beach Public Library auditorium across from Loehmann's Plaza at 10:00 A.M. (Setup starts at 9:30) we'll be looking at Netscape Communicator/2 version 4.x beta. Especially, we'll cover newsgroups and how to use them in both Communicator and Navigator.

So come on out. We love visitors and if you decide to join, you'll get a free OS/2 T-shirt while the supply lasts. Sorry, renewals don't qualify for the free shirt. If the wealth of information at the meetings, heated "best hardware/software" discussions, and the savings at CompUSA aren't enough to keep you coming, nothing is!

See the MAOS2UG website for more info at:

September 24, 1998

Do you live on Long Island, N.Y. and use OS/2? There is an OS/2 Users Group in your backyard! The Long Island OS/2 Users Group. If your interested in becoming a member you can send e-mail to Joseph Svitak, Jr. at Here is the information about our meetings. Our meetings for the rest of the year are October 13, November 10, and December 8. Our Web site is at

Date: Second Tuesday of every month

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Long Island Trading Center, 2 Jericho Plaza, Jericho, N.Y.

Directions: Heading West on the Long Island Expressway (I-495), toward NYC, get off at exit 40 East. The white wedge shaped building on your right is 2 Jericho Plaza. At the next traffic light, turn right onto Jericho Turnpike heading East. Turn right into the first driveway. The meeting room is on the second floor in the IBM wing. Heading East on the Long Island Expressway (I-495), toward Riverhead, get off at exit 40 West. This is easier than exit 40 East. You'll travel along the service road following the signs for Jericho Turnpike heading East. You'll eventually go underneath the Long Island Expressway and see a white wedge shaped building, 2 Jericho Plaza, on the other side. Turn right into the first driveway. The meeting room is on the second floor in the IBM wing.

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