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November 2003

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Letters, Addenda, Errata

Translation: Christian Hennecke

If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

October 2, 2003 - Our first letter of the month is from Hanno Sedlmayr in reference to last month's editorial by Mark Dodel - Time for some advocacy:
Excellent article! Congratulations!

Hanno Sedlmayr

I guess he liked it. ;-)

October 2, 2003 - Next letter is from Derrick Price:
IMHO it is essential to have an office suite on a PC capable of the usual WP, Spreadsheet, presentation and database capabilities. Today SmartSuite provides this but there is never any mention of this product in your Voice newsletter, let alone where it might be going. From postings in xpertss, for example, there seems to be real concern about IBM's intentions.

From the OS/2 point of view, with Serenity so close to IBM, it should be possible to get a view of what is happening to SmartSuite from someone like Bob St. John if he could be persuaded to contribute a few words.

Derrick Price

Mark Dodel responds:


Perhaps IBM will clarify the status of Smart Suite at Warpstock, I will be sure to ask about it, but its my understanding that IBM has pretty much killed it off. 1.7.1 was the last update, and 1.7 the last installable version. Right now that is a real problem if one has to reinstall Smart Suite on a machine where 1.7.1 is already installed, since you have to install 1.7 into a new directory as it refuses to install over 1.7.1 and the 1.7.1 update will only install if 1.7 is already installed. Its a mess.

Any future pretty much revolves around unless Sundial Systems decides to bring its excellent, though now somewhat outdated, productivity applications together into an office suite.


October 4, 2003 - Our final letter is from Tony Cheong:
Many Thanks, and oh, a *big* thank you for all your efforts past and present in making Voice such an important magazine which is part of every eCs/Os2 users life. Your contributions is very highly appreciated.
Best Wishes/Regards,

Tony Cheong

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