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November 2003

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October 29

New Acrobat Reader 4.05R2 release

Innotek has released a new version of their Acrobat 4.0 for OS/2.

This version loads MUCH faster.

There are a number of other fixes (from the readme):

"2003-10-20: Release 2 (Build 21)

- implemented direct PostScript pass-through printing for PostScript printers

- changed printing method from OS/2 metafile spooling to raw printer data spooling for better printing performance, smaller print jobs and improved reliability

- several printing bugfixes

- several installer bugfixes"

October 29

eZIP 0.98

eZIP version 0.98 has been relaised.

"integrates zip files into your WorkPlaceShell"

Get more information, screenshots and downloadlinks from:

October 28

Warpstock 2003 presentations updated

The Warpstock File Library page has been updated with some more Warpstock 2003 Presentation files.

We've recently added Stan Sidlov's "Networking for Non-Geeks", Robert Henschel's "Virtual Machine presentation", Chuck McKinnis' "eCSMT, eComStation Maintence" and a Freelance version of the Stalker Software presentation.

Warpstock 2003 Presentations available so far:

eCSMT, eComStation Maintence - Chuck McKinnis (PRZ)
Networking for Non-Geeks - Stan Sidlov (PRZ)
Novell and OS/2 - Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA (PRZ)
REXX PARSE Exposed - Chip Davis (PRZ)
Stalker Software - CommuniGate Pro Messaging Server - Phillip Slater (Original PPT)
Stalker Software - CommuniGate Pro Messaging Server - Phillip Slater (PRZ)
Themes and UI Customization in eComStation - Taylor (PRZ)
Virtual Machines - Robert Henschel (PDF)
Wireless with OS/2 - Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA (PRZ)

We will post more as we receive them.

October 26

Warpstock 2003 Photos Update

As announced two days ago we have posted some photos from this past weekends Warpstock event in San Francisco.

We have now added a framed version that should load faster then the original above for those using a frames capable browser (ie. Netscape 4.61, Mozilla or the IBM Web Browser).

October 26

eBayWatch/2 Ver 1.09q1

Hello All,

Well, this one didn't take too long.

I have uploaded ver 1.09q1 to -

"eBayWatch/2 is an auction management tool for OS/2 users. It works solely with the eBay auction site. It is meant to aid the user in searching for, monitoring and bidding on auction items. eBayWatch/2 is copyright freeware."

From the readme -

- fix for 100% cpu after failed bid attempt

As usual, any feedback of things strange or broken is appreciated.

October 26

CDRWSel 2.12.4 out


CDRWSel 2.12.4 is out.

* Removed available drive letter range limitation (now, all unused drive letters are elligible for attach except C: )
* Other functions = same as 2.12.3


CDRWSel is a GUI to RSJ comand line mode command. It allow you to use nice options only available as command line. Most interresting is to attach more than one drive simultaneously. (Access to cdattach, cdview, finalize with comments like copyright, RSJ daemon parameter change...)

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