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December 2002

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Letters, Addenda, Errata

If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

Oct 27, 2002 - First we have a comment from Randy N. Osborne about VOICE and the VOICE web site:
To Whom it may concern;

I discovered OS2 during 1995 and had joined with IBM to promote this operating system, but between personal problems including the death of my father, and later my sister, and IBM's failure to surpass Windows. I became disconnected from the OS2 movement. I recently discovered your web sight which I am excited about. I have always believed that OS2 was quite possibly the best operating system, and hope that I can continue now to work with promoting it. At my retirement, I returned home to an area of unbelievable Federal Statics including a 54% adult illiteracy group, a 22% unemployment level, and where there is a wide open field for the development of computer and Internet technology. A location barely touched by Microsoft, or any other technology corporation.

Thank you for establishing the VOICE web site.

R. Osborne
King Arthur and the Cyber Knights

Mark Dodel responds:
On behalf of VOICE we welcome you back to the OS/2 community. Glad to hear you appreciate the web site (and hopefully the Newsletter as well). We are always looking for help with both. There is also the Warp Doctor project which is a project of VOICE to develop and maintain an OS/2 user support site -


Nov 4, 2002 - Next we have a letter from Jeramie Samphere regarding Manfred Agne's article Using a Palm m105 with eComStation in last month's newsletter:
Just a little note that I'd like to include in reference to the November Article: "Using a Palm m105 with eComStation". I'm sucessfully running the same apps as refered to by the article, but on a Handspring Visor Deluxe. The Handsprings have an optional Serial Craddle that can be purchased at Target and other Retailers. Just thought this would be helpful for those considering purchasing a PDA for use with eComStation. The newer Handspring Prism requires a different Serial Craddle than the Handspring Visor its important to make sure you get the right craddle for your Handspring!

Best Regards,

Jeramie Samphere

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