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December 1998

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ROBOSAVE - the instant insanity saver program.

By: Rolly Green -

This program will save your butt and sanity, anytime that you have to use it to get back your desktop. It saved mine the other night, only 3 days after I installed, and USED it to do a backup. For you advanced users, you'll have to put up with what may appear as rudimentary instructions, but remember, as good as you now are, YOU were a newcomer once. And I always like to take the "Open box, unpack very carefully..." approach

The file is ROBOSV.ZIP and you can pick it up from the IBM EWS site, it is FREE and worth a hell-of-a-lot more.
One can use either a web browser, or an FTP app to d/l it. There is a text file just over 39k and the zip file of just over a 100k.

Unzip ROBOSAVE into a directory of your choice. That is all there is to the installation! Well, one has to configure a file, actually edit one file!

I chose to put mine on my maintenance drive. I selected this drive because it is not normally used in any of my operations at any time, thus with a bad shutdown it is -still clean-. (The system marks (flags), drives that it uses in it's course of operations, as =dirty= [i.e. used]). Thus on a bad shutdown I can boot to this drive without fear (or less fear), that something being corrupted.

Now open the file ROBOSAVE.SMP with your favourite editor, and scroll down.

Edit the line: save=a:\robosave

Put in the full path to where you want to SAVE the backup to, and then create that directory on the drive indicated. (Mine now reads: F:\ROBOBAK)

The next line reads: savenum=5

I left this at 5, you can change it to any number you wish, but I
wouldn't go less than 2 though.

Be warned though that backups can use a few megs each, so be sure to have at least 2 megs for each backup desired. In my case I would need at least 10 megs free. There are some of us that can remember asking, "How are we EVER going to fill up a 10 meg drive!"

The next line is: log=t

I changed this from the default. This keeps the log file in with the saved data. The default puts the log file in the directory that contains the file.

One other line to change is: robo=C:\ROBOSAVE.PRO

Change this to the directory where you have put your Mine is: F:\ROBOSAVE\ROBOSAVE.PRO

Now save this file as ROBOSAVE.PRO into your robosave directory. That's it! No need to reboot, it doesn't change any config.files, or anything else for that matter. She's ready to go!

Open up an OS/2 window, change to your robosave directory and type in:


Hit the enter key, and sit back.

To restore, is just as simple. Open a command prompt, goto the directory where the backup is, type at the prompt:


It does tell you during the restore, that a better restore is possible if you let robosave delete the Desktop directory. Let it do it, things are buggered anyway, nothing to lose at this stage! Roborest then deletes the desktop directory on C: (or where ever it made the backup from), and installs the backup. Reboot to a sight you'll be so happy to see!!

One other thing.

Robosave will not do a restore unless the system it is restoring FROM, is the same as the system it is restoring TO.

My maintenance drive is set up with Warp3, not Warp4. (I could never get the OS2BOOT prog to do a successful maintenance partition, so I just installed a minimum Warp3). When I went to do the restore, I booted to my maintenance drive, Warp3, and roborest told me that it couldn't do the install to my C: drive, (where Warp4 is), because they were not the same systems.

So I booted up Warp4, and brought it to a command line. <ALT><F1> at the OS/2 blob in the top left corner change directory to my F:\drive and directory with the ROBOBAK DIR on it. entered ROBOREST, and away she went. From the time I discovered my system was buggered until I was back running again, was less than 5 minutes!

One can also boot from floppies and get to the ROBOSAVE directory and then proceed.

Enjoy and be safe!

Editor note: From Dick Kurtz, the author of Robosave: "There is a Warp 4 update I just haven't had time to release that has a couple new parameters to support Warp 4's Maintenance Desktop (/m) and Archives directories (/a)."

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